"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, October 8, 2012

Manic Monday.

North Holly road is very dangerous. This is the road that I have almost gotten hit and the same road I have seen accidents with my own eyes. Andy totaled a car after hitting a small group of deer by Mitchel farms the same place just 4 weeks ago there was a fatality. There is hardly a shoulder and the cars go about 55 mph down the curvy road.
Driving the road with Sheba I was confused at what my eyes had saw. The truck in front of me looked like it hit a animal. I saw this animal flop in the air doing somersaults. The brown animal looked smaller than a deer but larger than a rodent. The truck pulled off the side of the road. My heart was tugged, I turned my Explorer around to see what I could do.
I pulled my truck into a driveway off the road. I cautiously walked toward the animal seeing the older man walking towards it too.
He came over to me with another guy with him. They both looked burdened. There he lay, someones pet. He looked like a lab mix, lifeless. It looked like he died on impact there was no blood, no tags but I felt a lot of sadness for the family.
The two guys looked at me with confusion. I suggested we start knocking on the nearby doors. Splitting up we went to the houses. I knocked on my house but after no response I headed to the next house. As I was walking I heard a loud noise "WHAT?!"  I thought maybe I had misheard so I knocked on the next house. But as the older gentlemen came to the door of my house he confirmed the dog belonged to the house I heard the scream.
I quickly hurried over in that direction. The two men were walking away from the house. They said the woman was younger and very upset. I looked over to the house and after a couple minutes a woman came to the door sobbing. Without thought I walked over to her and put my arms around her. "I am so sorry." She cried on my shoulder and said "I do not know what to do."  I replied " Do not do anything, If you could bring me a blanket we will bring you your dog." A little blond haired boy appeared and the young lady cried harder "That was his dog." I hugged her harder.
As the three of us covered her family dog I saw Andy pull up.
Andy walked over to me and looked visibly shaken.
When Andy pulled up unto the scene he went to my car and it was running with Sheba in it and NO ANITA in sight. His stomach turned. He looked all over and could not find me only my empty vehicle on the side of the road.
When I approached him he tried to compose himself but his knees were weak as he described the emotion he was feeling. He thought someone had taken me.
I had left him just minutes ago on Center Rd in Flint. Andy had a blow out on 475.  I had to pick him up at Belle Tire where his work mate dropped him off. From there I took him back to his car. I was about 10 minutes ahead of him.

What a DAY!
I spent the morning at the hospital with my father in law. He had his surgery and it went well. But I did not get to see him come out of surgery because I had a 1:20 meeting at the school. I stayed at the hospital till they came out and said they were finished. Once I got that message I felt I could leave.

I have been asked to help direct a 5k race for my sons school. But when I got to the meeting I was also asked to start a Wellness Program for to school.  This program would also include helping to train people for a 5k!
While I love all this kinda stuff I really am pretty quiet other than my blog about my running and my health. I love to help and encourage people but haven't taken it past this level.
This was a honor and a step out of my box.

In all this writing you may be wondering if I even got to run. I did. In between bringing the kids home from school and helping Andy I had an hour I got to go for a run. I did a fun run with my son Alec.
He did so good. We ran a mile to the track, 4x 400meter repeats there and then a mile home. All together we ran a little over 4 miles. Alec did so good. He is a lot like me and enjoyed the steady running much better than the repeats.

Distance: 4.25 miles
Pace: 9:33
Time: 41 minutes

I think God will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness. If it takes my dog being there [in Heaven], I believe he'll be there.
Rev. Billy Graham


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