"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, September 29, 2014

No Unnatural Sweetner.

What makes a Good DAY?

  • The Sun was out.
  • The warm air was lovely.
  • I had my quiet time with the Lord.
  • I had a partner to run my 18 miler with.
  • The route we ran was magnificent.
  • I had my day balanced very well.
  • Everything fell into place without any injury.
This makes a girl Smile at the end of the day. It could also be the honey tickling my throat from my tea, but I am pretty sure it is a smile of gratitude.

Today, was one of those days that could go REALLY bad at any time. Except that today only got better with each hour.

I will share simple moments of greatness that continued to fill me.

"Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary."
Isaiah 40:31
This is one of my FAVORITE verses. I LOVE looking at the birds in the sky. I have almost been hit a couple times watching the birds and not paying attention to where I am running.

This verse has been instrumental in my training this time around. I have had to be very patient with my body. As I have been waiting for the Lord to heal my body, I have been noticing how much stronger I am getting. It is slow but it has also been very noticeable. It has not been only my body that has healing, I have also noticed God doing a work in other areas of my life.
As Lacy and I made the turn onto Belford Rd, I showed her the empty trees where I usually see the eagles perched on the dead branches.
I was disappointed I could not share their majestic beauty with her. This is a route that I know like the back of my hand. I love sharing its secret beauty with others.
We came up on a patch of dead trees. We both gasped at the branches filled with Eagles! It was not just a couple, there were about 5. The were amazing. I could have stared forever.
I was trying to get the STOP sign in the PIC! Great 18 with Lacy!

I thought of that verse at mile 15 when I was beginning to get tired. They will RUN and not Grow Weary.
Well, I was weary after my 18 miler. But I finished it. I finished it well. We walked every mile and it gave me new strength. Even with walk breaks we finished with an average pace of 9:37. 
I was "Flying High"!

I made it home in time to get a shower, grab lunch and get a Coffee at Time Hortons.

"BEA Blessed"
Andy has a co-worker that has adopted our family as one her own. Bea is one of Andy's co-workers. She is beautiful, African American and makes me laugh, cry and not want her to leave. She has as much energy as I do, plus a little more. When Bea laughs she is contagious. You are not just giggling, you are gut wrenching, tears crying and peeing your pants laughing.
This woman loves my Andy, She loves all of us. She is forever sending me gifts and flowers. She is like another mother to me.

"Drop BY"
While Bea and I were raising the roof with our conversation the door bell rang. I love company. It was Aunt Lois, Maw Maw Smith and my sister in law Deb. We had a short but sweet visit. We all sat around the table eating coffee cake and laughing yet some more.

"Laughter Really is medicine to the soul"
I had a lot of laughter today. Lacy has a beautiful smile. Bea makes me hurt we laugh so hard. Our conversation is sweet and Godly. I feel like God is laughing right next to us as we discuss the amazing miracles He has performed in our life.
As I looked at my family mingling together with genuine laughter it made me so comfortable. It all was so real and comfortable. True laughter with No Unnatural Sweetner!
My niece Becca called and we laughed through the drama's of life.

Laughter is so sweet.

A Little about Post Run Recovery:
 We often do not feel like eating after a long run. Even a hard run can make you feel nauseous. Try not to gorge on carbs.  But carbohydrate rich calories are a smart idea for muscle and calorie recovery.  If your not feeling well try a sports drink to replenish your body until your feeling well again.
Recovery days are instrumental in getting stronger and faster. Your body will give you as much as it can, you can push it harder on difficult training days if you have time to recover and adapt to the strenuous training. Remember to eat and hydrate properly to heal faster and better.

Stadiums are for spectators.  We runners have nature and that is much better.
--Juha Vaatainen

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fighting to Win or Just Fighting

In this world we are beat up. I know I sure am. Yesterday, was my mothers birthday. She would be 75 today. It has been 22 years since she passed. I miss her. Emotionally challenged.

I sat with about 7 girls this evening at small group. Trying to teach them to "Go and be Disciples" They are all so engaged in the study. I try to encourage them to be honest with me, that there is nothing they can say that I probably have not thought or felt myself.
We talked about the reasons that we struggle with sharing Jesus Christ. We talked about the obstacles that they face in their lives,
  1. Fear
  2. Insecurity
  3. Bullied
  4. Peer Pressure
  5. Family
  6. Alone
I shared with them those are the very same things that us adults struggle with too. It is crazy that it doesn't matter if you are 15 or 40 we all have similar battles.

Even in church this morning, I was begging God to take away an emotional battle that I was struggling with. It was like God used our pastor to speak directly into me. But it wasn't just me. 2 people down, I could hear Aunt Lois sniffling as our pastor urged us to Fight the Battle. It reminded Aunt Lois in her broken body, that has been hijacked by cancer, to Fight with everything she had. Uncle Rod sat next to me as we talked about every moment and every hour we didn't have time to do anything but FIGHT.
I had to remember that my battles are not with people, they are with myself. I have this debilitating need for people to love me. To fit in. To be accepted.
What a JOKE!
The battle isn't trying to get those people to like me anymore. It isn't trying to get them to accept me. It isn't anything more than me knowing the battle is with myself.

It isn't any of my business what others think about me!

What an arrogant thought to think everyone's going to like you.

I thought about all the fear that I have. The insecurity that beats me up trying to fit in. We are all struggling with emotional or mental battles. And like Aunt Lo some of us are battle physical battles that affect us in All the arenas.

I fought those nasty mental demons. I let go of broken relationships. I found so much healing being encircled with those who seek me to love them. I love loving on people.

Whatever battle you are in, Fight harder. Dig it in with everything you have. But whatever you do, don't quit.

Ask yourself what are you battling?
Is it relationships?
It is family?
Is it your past or your future?
Are you battling with fear or forgiveness?

Then ask yourself, "Have you been fighting the fight with everything you have and Seeking God for everything you do not have?
Have you REALLY been fighting to Win or just fighting??


Thursday, September 25, 2014

5 For 5..Tips, Reminders & Tidbits for the Newbie

I am seeing a lot of new runners on Facebook. I LOVE it too.

Here are some simple thoughts for the Newbie:

5 Basics for Running:
  1. New shoes (Cheaper than Physical Therapy)
  2. Start off Slow..Humble Beginnings
  3. Start off with Time not Miles
  4. Find a friend to run with.
  5. Make a Goal
5 Physical Reminders for Running:
  1. Things are going to hurt. Your body is all kinds of confused!
  2. Remember to BREATH!
  3. You are not going to DIE even though you feel like it!
  4. When your lungs are burning you are NOT in Hell!
  5. KISS: Keep it simple stupid (could do without the word Stupid)
5 Things to Help you RUN:
  1. Running Partner or Club
  2. Mantra
  3. A Great Playlist
  4. A Running Watch
  5. A Running journal or log
5 Power Foods for Running:
  1. Banana
  2. Smoothies
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Yogurt and fruit
  5. Peanut butter on English muffin.
These are just the basics. You will find these anywhere online or in a running book, they are not rocket science.

A whole lot of "SUCK".
As I ran this morning with Danielle, our traditional 8 miler was going so smooth. I reminded Danielle it was time to taste a healthy portion of "SUCK"! Sorry the word may offend. But that was my word. I needed to feel SUCKY. I needed to run through Sucky. At mile 5 Danielle asked how I was doing. I responded "UGH, I am doing good except I can see that stupid hill at mile 7"!  It was haunting me. I then added "I gotta feel it, I gotta push through the feeling of SUCK!" 
That hill came soon enough. "Danielle, I need you to push me to the end."
I am so grateful for a good running partner. I was huffing and puffing and at one point could feel the fluids coming up but she stayed one foot ahead of me coaxing me all the way through.
It hurt so good. I was out of breath but so excited to see how well we did. We were a few seconds faster than last week. It is like my body didn't want to jump start and now is slowing turning over.  Just seconds faster feels like an epic victory.
Thanking God for every second!

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”
I made these muffins this evening for Clean Eating magazine. The turned out great, Not too sweet. They were very moist and light.


What Tip do you like the best? If there a Tip I forgot that you were looking for?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brooks Transcend Review

The girls were running 8 miles. With the sun shining I really wanted to run the full 8 miles with them. You have to let logic trump emotion.
With me running back to back, I knew that I needed to run short and easy to better enjoy my 8 miles with Danielle tomorrow.
Running Intentional.
Most of the time us runners have a plan but follow a lot of our runs up with "I felt pretty good..." or "I just wasn't feeling it today."
In order for me to continue to heal and stay healthy EVERY run has to be intentional. I can't go by feeling "Good". Feeling Good can be my demise.
I would love to get out there and run on the track. I miss that feeling of rubber legs. I always feel so accomplished dry heaving in the bushes. And all the controversy about Motrin...Well I wish I was sore enough to use it!

Every Run is a Blessing. We ran a 4 mile loop, dropping me back off at the school parking lot. It was a bit slower than my normal slow but it was 4 miles! It was fun being with the gals on such a beautiful day doing my favorite thing.

New SHOES REVIEW: Brooks Transcend
I have been running in Mizuno Sayonara for the last year and a half. I love the light weight shoe that leaves me blisterless.  I just wish the shoes didn't fall apart so easy. The fabric breaks down very fast.
I believed my injury required a different shoe. A shoe with more cushion. I have a small pronation that I think needs to be addressed as well.
Without me telling the shoe guy about my pronation he saw it himself.
The Transcend is the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought. I will buy my work shoes off the clearance rack at DSW but didn't think twice about my 170$ running shoes.
Until I got in the car. Then I thought, "Andy is going to KILL me!"

I ran 16 miles on them 3 days after I bought them. I was concerned I was going to get blisters. One of the reasons we get blisters is from poor socks. I had tried the shoe out on the first day and could feel a blister on my outer toe. I had a thicker sock on with a heavy seam. Knowing this I wore my compression socks for my long run with great results.
The shoe is a little heavier. I found that I had a lighter feel with a sturdier shoe. The cushion in the shoe was great for the back roads that we ran on. I normally feel the stones and pebbles. I didn't notice any of the loose gravel on my run. The Transcend is more shoe for sure, only it didn't feel bulky or heavy. I was aware of the mechanics for my pronating on a comfortable level. It actually gave me a little more security when making turns or hitting sudden elevation or potholes.
So far I have over 24 miles in them and I am HAPPY.."Run Happy"

Finishing this up with a little Running and Life: Remembering that Strong Emotion has Potential to trump Logic.

Being injured produces some STRONG EMOTIONS. Feelings that can persuade a training run into the hurt locker.
Life can produce emotions double time. When we let our emotions steer our ship we are going to SINK.
Get Your feeling in CHECK!
Don't let your feelings become your reality.
Life presents a lot of reasons to behave badly. Quit making your Reasons an Excuse for your Actions or Inaction.
Andy and I got into a good debate today. He said that Perception is 90% Reality. I disagreed until I realized he was right on it being YOUR reality. The way you perceive things is different than the way I perceive things. There are many factors that go into how we individually perceive things.
This is why the bible says "The heart if deceptive above all things..." Jeremiah 17:9.

When your emotions are in check you are more capable of a healthier perception with circumstances and situations.

Austin ran 19:25 at his XC meet today. Proud mama.

What do you think about Andy's idea on Perception??


Monday, September 22, 2014

Hopeful. Detroit FreePress Marathon

The Detroit Free Press Marathon is less than 4 weeks away. Those who are training for the marathon just finished their 20 miler over the weekend. They will begin their taper in the next couple weeks allowing their body to recover from the last 16 weeks of strenuous training.

As for me, I was shouting off the roof tops today at my 16 miler! I am a few weeks behind my training for the marathon. Even though I have a lot I could be complaining about, I was so excited today that my body was strong enough to pull out not only 16 miles, but 16 miles at a 9:22 pace! That pace included walk breaks every mile
I was just shocked that God is healing me one mile at a time. It is like every run is a miracle. For that matter every mile is a miracle.

In the twelfth hour, Jama responded to a cry out for a running partner today.  We met at the school where I would navigate her through the outskirts of Holly. We hit all the back roads of Holly.
Jama had to keep reminding me to slow down. My body and my mouth were moving at hyper speed!
The more Jama and I gabbed, the less I was paying attention to our pace. As each mile approached, we took a 30 second to 1 minute walk break. It was at this time we drank and checked out pace.
The walk breaks were wonderful. I was able to stretch out my legs, grab a breath and get motivated again.
The scenery and wild life was beautiful. The leaves are changing, leaving the outline of the fields colorful.
We did have one dog get closer than I like. I was ready to turn around and go back. Jama just looked at the dog and kept saying "Good girl, good doggy!"
Me.. I had my eye on all the rocks and was trying to figure out if I could scale the barb wire fence without too much injury!

In a nutshell, I am behind in my training.
But I am still grinning at my epic 16 miler today. Glory Be Gods.
Sorry you can not convince me I am not the Apple of His EYE!

As I lay here in bed finishing this post, I feel no pain. Well, other than my hip that I hit on the wall this evening.  WHERE the Heck did the wall come from??
 It seriously came out and HIT me like a 2 by 4.  I broke the vessels in my hip as I collapsed to the floor like a big baby. I squirmed and slithered trying to control the words that wanted to spew from my mouth.

Back on Track..Feeling Victorious and Hopeful.

Less than 4 weeks....


Sunday, September 21, 2014

There is no Coincidence; Ken K.

The closer you draw near to God,the closer you see God's handiwork. To many who can not explain the unexplainable they use the term "Coincidence"

Today, Andy and I attended a funeral of a running friend of mine. Ken Krausman.

Who was Ken to me?
It is No Coincidence that I knew Ken. I know that God aligns people for His purpose; that is part of the beauty of running. You are introduced to so many people from so many different facets of life. People you might never strike up a conversation with become your long running friends. You may never even know their last name or the county that they live in and yet you feel like you have known them forever. After sharing just a few miles on the pavement with them or meeting them at the finish line there is a intimate relationship that is sparked for life.

You  learn their pains, their strengths, and they learn yours. You share your vulnerabilities and passions out on the road or in a race. Runners bond one another's strengths and weaknesses together like a fine knit blanket. I didn't know Ken's street address or even where he worked. I never met his beautiful children,  I couldn't tell you if he liked coffee or tea or what his favorite color was....

This is what I could tell you: I know he was passionate about life and others. I know that he was a incredible runner. I knew his amazing wife, Jennifer. I knew that he was clean and sober from alcoholism. I knew that he  made me feel like he knew me more than he did. That is how he was. He made everyone feel special. He came into the salon a couple times and I cut his hair. I have also cut his wife's hair. They are carbon copies of one another. When they talk they glow. They are charismatic and lively.

One day Ken was talking to me and said "Anita, I read you blog at nighttime."
I replied with surprise, "You do?"
"Yeah, I read it at night, I read it to Jenny when she is going to bed."
 Laughing, I responded, "Yeah, my blog would put anyone to sleep!"

 He sometimes left comments on my posts signed Ken K. I loved to see when he left a comment. He was an elite! What would a nobody like me have to say that a elite like him would want to read?
We shared common bonds, Our love for running, our love for Christ and living a sober life.
All those together are passions that draw many close together when we feel so separate.

I sat to the side and looked at his son. He is a mirror image of his father. My heart melted as I thought of my own mom that I had lost at 18. His face was red as he tried to stay strong. I wanted to run to him and hug him. His daughter spoke of her father and his love for people. She choked back the tears with laughter as she shared the special details of his personality. Finally, there sat Jenny, his wife. This strong and amazing woman suddenly a widow. This is not they way it was supposed to be. I could hear the confusion she must be battling with as she sat there in the front seat trying to be strong.

I could only think one thing...

2 Timothy 4:7-8  
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.

1 Corinthians 9:25
Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.
Ken was a runner. He knew how to run. He did everything with passion and zeal. He ran hard. He ran with a purpose.
Ken has finished the course. He kept the Faith. He has received the Ultimate Prize. A prize that far exceeds any earthly race that he registered for. That surpasses ANY medal that was placed around his neck. He has now received a Crown that will last forever. The CROWN of Everlasting Life.

Ken, you will be forever missed. Thank you for your heart, your passion and your genuine love for people. You have left your mark on me. I am truly inspired by the testimony you have left behind.

"You'll get through this. It wont be painless. It won't be quick. But God will use this mess for good. in the meantime don't be foolish or naïve. But don't despair either. With Gods help, you will through this!" Max Lucado.

Anita H

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable for 30 minutes is half the pain of being uncomfortable for over an hour.

Yesterday, I ran 4 miles at a sub 8 minute pace. I was struggling. My house it at the top of a hill. No matter what direction that you go towards you are descending a hill. My finish is always UPHILL.
"Finish STRONG" has always rang in my ears. This mantra makes my new home finish a pain fest.

8 miles with Danielle was on my training schedule for today.
It only took 2 miles for me to feel uncomfortable. My first emotion was a physical one. I was HOT.
I don't mean I looked hot! I mean I felt HOT..Not a HOT mess, rather like  physically roasting in a burning inferno! I way over dressed!

Uncomfortable didn't stop there. I blabbed for 3 miles about what a crap fest my week had been. Everyday presented a new form of hurt, heartbreak or a hang up I was struggling with. I had a whole lot of awesomeness too, however, the bad was really bad. It was like a dark cloud was following me around.
When I got done with my emotional vomit I said rather abruptly "OK! I am DONE!"
 I then wiped the verbal garbage off my chin and  moved on to enjoy my run with Danielle.

I enjoyed listening to Danielle and all the greatness she had this week. Her great moments became my great moments. When she looked at me and smiled with those high cheek bones I truly felt so happy.
The only problem with listening to her was I then heard something else. I heard my breathing! My heavy panting was reminding me how winded I was. How uncomfortable I was. How behind the gun I was.
I wanted to look at my watch to see if I had a reason to feel like such a weakling. But I was too scared that it would be worse than I thought.

I quietly reminded myself to feel the "yuck". I have to get reacquainted with shortness of breath, burning lungs, fatigue, sore and tired feeling in my legs. I have to learn to invite the Uncomfortable back into my life with the sole intention of knowing it is going to make me better.

Pain is part of the Process.
If you want to get stronger, faster, better you have to learn to push the limits of your mind and body. You have to send out invitations to Pain. Most of the time you have anxiety knowing you have made a date with Pain. The pain of a long run or a hard training run usually freaks me out days before.
However, the results show its purpose, leaving you feeling more confident and accomplished.

I have been reminded of this many times this week. There is Purpose in Pain. The pains of life are not always easy to invite. Often times we do not have to invite them, they come knocking all on their own.
2 Corinthians 12:9
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

I met a lady this afternoon for coffee. . As I was waiting for her to join me, I was writing this verse down to give to her.
It struck me that I needed this verse. This was what I was thinking this morning on my run. This aligned perfectly with me both in my running and in the experiences that I had trudged through this week.
God loves me when I am humble enough to admit "I am not Strong Enough". It is in my weakness He is Strong in me.
In my weakness, I call unto Him more. I need Him all the time but I really recognize my inadequacies more in my pain and broken state.

Sometimes, in our pain-filled state we can not see God delivering us because we quit right before He does something so incredible.
On my run,  I had to endure just a little more. I had to listen to my uncomfortableness and watch God bring me to the finish in my pain. When I didn't want to go another step-let alone a few more miles, I just persevered knowing God already saw me at the Finish. It was MINE. In my uncomfortableness I had to persevere to the end.

God refines us in the furnace. Life if tough. Our struggles and hurts can consume us. They can become so real we lose the big picture. When we disconnect for the emotional hijacking of our problems and get comfortable in the uncomfortableness  of pain we will see how God is doing a remarkable job at refining us.