"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Practice what I Preach.

Last week I met a girlfriend for coffee to talk about her training. She is running her first marathon.
I am no professional. Not even close. But she wanted some of my thoughts.

Those thoughts came into play with me this week when planning training run.

Lacey and I have continually increased our long run every week.
Regardless of getting sick, bad weather, small body nuisances we continue to plug along.

Last week, I got my teeth knocked out from the never ending cold. Lacey was annoyed with a knee issue, we knew this was the week to scale back.
The same advice I had just given my sweet friend earlier this week, I too was chewing on it.
It was tough to swallow, but a entre that was good for both Lacey and I.

Rather than run 17 miles, we scaled back to 14 miles.
Last week we were in shorts, this week we were back to our Michigan winter wear.
I picked the route. Flat, out and back. I had us doing a loop, Lacey did not want to end up trying to add miles or subtract miles.
When we reached a very easy 6.65 miles she had us turn around to guarantee our mileage. Two airheads running in the cold and wind are not the best at navigating mileage.

The first 6 miles went by like cake. We removed and hid our buffs we got so warm. I have no idea what we both drank but we tinkled multiple times. I almost peed my pants laughing at Lacey trying to pull her britches up in the ditch as a car was approaching. Lacey got her paybacks when I squatted behind a tree the said "NO TRESSPASSING." I quickly discovered I was peeing in what appeared to be a dead deer cemetery. A pelvis bone, a leg bone, a whole leg all connected, it literally scared the pee out of me. GROSS.

Nothing was easy on the turn around back into town where I parked. The wind hit us in the face like the devil himself. I was thankful I had us running a very flat route, making the beating a little less intense.
Our fun conversations came to a screeching halt on the way home. It was all mental, all the way back.
I kept checking our pace thinking we were running too fast. OH no, we were keeping pace and it was keeping us feeling like death, a death crawl. "LSD, this doesn't feel like a LONG SLOW DISTANCE, this wind is sucking the life out of me." I thought, and even my thinking felt like work.

Distance: 14.01
Pace: 8:57

Week 9 Glass City Marathon training.

Practice What I Preach.
Yeah, I did good this time. I chuckled to myself when Lacey suggested we bring our miles down and then kick the back up next week.
I secretly patted myself on the back as I remembered my little coffee conversation I had last week. I took my own advice.
The reality is, I am far from perfect. I don't always to this. I am not picture perfect by any means. I do say things and completely do the opposite.
But today, I got it right!


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Keep it Simple Thursday: THE Hard Things.

"I love life. I think it's fantastic. Sometimes it deals hard things, and when it deals great things, you have to seize them." Sam Taylor 

THURSDAY with the girls.
This morning we ran Holdridge, the East Loop for 11 miles.

I was so excited to put on shorts and compression socks on.
It was full sun and 55' degrees out when we started running.

We were full of conversation, chatty and in full spirit.

I rarely take the lead when running trails but the girls let me lead when we run Holdridge.
This is good training for me. It helps me pace better and locate obstacles on the trail.
In full "ANITA" mode I was having fun yelling "ROOT, ROCK ROCK ROCK!"
Being in the lead also helps me to learn the trail better. Because I am usually at least 2 people back on the trail, I never pay attention to anything but the persons feet ahead of me.

Holdridge is full of switchbacks, this makes it both difficult and entertaining. I love the adventure in it.
We didn't push the pace but we enjoyed running the downhills with a lighthearted squeal and our hands in the air.
We took a few minutes for some pictures. The sun was coming up over the trees as we were climbing up a incline. It was so beautiful.

We did run into a Asian man with a large gun wearing a ORANGE hat. He was smiling and pointing at us as we giggled down a hill towards him. I have NO idea what he was saying to us but I am pretty sure he was getting a kick out of watching us having so much fun.

We made it out of the trails with our water bottles drained but we conquered the HARD THINGS.
Poor Rachel got peer pressured into jumping off a stump and having her knee pop out of place. WHO would pressure someone to do something so juvenile?? Kris and I quickly came to her side in prayer. God is SOO good. She was able to run the next 4 miles out of there with little pain. She is a tough cookie. BUT that girl made me run the hard things reminding me of her little leap of faith she took for me. It was the perfect motivation.

We finished with Girl Scout cookies waiting in my truck to share. I had filled a Stanley Thermos full of Chicken Noodle soup. I was excited to sit at the picnic table and eat with them...EXCEPT..
I shared my cookies and water with them!
I was about 15 feet in the air, "Hey, don't get any shots of my booty!"

Racehl..."NITA, you should climb up that tree..." I am such a sucker for climbing!

Pace: 12:10
Nutrition: Breakfast, Honey Stingers Vanilla waffle.
Honey Stingers chews ,water w/ Nuun electrolytes.  

I felt great when we finished. Love these girls.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know that God holds tomorrow, so it is exciting. Even when I have hard things happen, He loves me so big, so much. I come through it and I grow from it, because He has got me." Barbara Mandrel


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Temporary Condition

This is the worst sickness I have had in a while.
I was sick last week and lost a day of running.

I ran with the gang on Monday and it was a pathetic crawl. The first loop, at Holly Rec I knew I was up Sh!**$ Creek without a paddle. I purposely didn't eat breakfast because my poor belly was angry over something. Well, that backfired and kicked me hard. I was getting spotty about mile 4. I was on my way to the car thinking I could grab something to eat. However, Kris and Rachel met us on the trail about a half a mile in. I never made it back to the car, we headed into our second loop.
While they were all chatting it up, I was trailing in the back praying God keep me upright. I knew it was more than sugar issues I was battling with. Sweat was beading up, the energy was drained out of me like a kiss of death and then the nausea started. With less than a tenth of a mile things got real spotty, I panicked and asked to walk. I just needed to calm down, catch my breath and try to access the issues I was struggling with.
I couldn't get home soon enough. I started the bath, hot, soapy and like a coffin I crawled in. Within 10 minutes I was OUT COLD.
I was sick AGAIN!

I called off work on Tuesday. I didn't need the guilt of getting anyone else sick. But I wasn't the only one who got sick. My poor Alec vomited 6 times. Alec never gets sick. That poor kid looked like death and smelled like it too.

There was NO WAY I was cancelling on Jeff again. I asked if we could push our workout back to 8am. This would give me time to take care of Alec before school. That crazy boy wouldn't stay home. But then his crazy mom wasn't staying home either.
Alec went to school.
I went to GAC.

  • Core
  • Stretch, roll
  • TM wars with Jeff: I had 10X400M repeats to do with a 400M recovery to do.
  • Legs
  • Stretch, roll
  • Shower, sauna..

"Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent." Marilyn vos Savant
Problem 1.
I had not recovered my energy, as excited as I get to see Ole Jeffery, it is NOT enough excitement to get me through a hard W/O.
Problem 2.
Everything was a problem, I was scared I was going to FAIL miserably. I started wussing out. There was only a "Do it and DIE doing it" thought OR "You suck, you should have just stayed home you big baby."

This is why I love having Jeff coaching me. I need a voice BIGGER than mine. One with Wisdom.
"OK, Nita, what are you going to do?" Jeff asks before he heads to the locker to grab his headband and drop off his phone.
" I was thinking 1 mile warm up, then hit my 400's at 8.5 on the TM. I know I should be hitting them faster but I don't think I can even do that...."  
Jeff just stared at me, "OK, see how you feel...." then turned and left me punching numbers in the TM.
Sweat was dripping off me like I was running in Africa. A stinking warm up mile and I was baking in a inferno. I felt weak, I felt like I just wanted to give up.
Jeff startled me as he came up from behind. "ANITA, Wait! Let's do this.....Try this and see how you feel......" Jeff is a numbers guy. That man is made of numbers, he breaths and sweats numbers. He threw out a bunch of numbers and a new plan for my 400's. I suddenly had hope. It was a plan. One I felt confident I could do, Yes, it was still going to hurt and I was still going to have to gut it out. However, He didn't just throw a plan at me, He gave me the training tips to motivate me and encourage me to accomplish it. It made sense.

"JEFF, NUMBER 6! YOU know Jeff, If you can do 6 you can do...." I giggled loudly waiting for him to finish my sentence.
"YOU CAN do 10!" Jeff responded in his own Suckfest.
"REALLY JEFF, I was thinking 8...."  I laughed loudly not caring who was listening to out ridiculousness.

I finished all 10. Not as hard as I wanted but each one I progressed. Each little progression gave me enough encouragement to keep that momentum going. Each repeat reminded me that I was still standing, I wasn't puking, dying or crying. And this gave me inspiration within MYSELF to keep going, One at a Time, Punching the buttons each time a little faster ending up where I originally wanted.  

Bringing this all together: What I learned today.
  • Do what you can do is MORE than NOT doing anything at all.
I was going to scratch all my speedwork with a million excuses. I was going to take the easy route. Who would say anything anyway? I mean, after all, I was sick. It was a bonus I was running anyway. NO!! You don't know what you can do until you really go TOE to TOE with yourself.
  • The power of a good running partner
Jeff doesn't just spout his mouth with training plans and numbers. He does not speak to speak. He puts ME into the equation and makes it personal. He has ran with me enough that he knows what I can do, what I will do and what I will whine about!
Its not all numbers, its a lot of silliness and laughter. He is a old man version of me, he may even be a little bit quirkier!

I love cooking, more when I have time. I was in the kitchen cooking for 2 1/2 hours today.
I made a big pot of Chicken Noodle soup.
I sautéed my veggies and fresh herbs. (garlic, carrots, onions, celery, rosemary, thyme, basil & a bay leaf.)
I add sea salt, white pepper, Wildtree Garlic Galore and Organic Chicken Stock.
I cheat and buy the rotisserie Simple Truth chicken and tear that apart. I used to do my own chicken but then I had kids and life got crazier. I like healthy short cuts.
I can NOT think of the last time I made soup with noodles. I stay away from noodles BUT I splurged. I was making the soup for Andys Maw maw. She like noodles.
REAMES.. The ONLY noodles I have ever used.
OH...and I don't measure.. sorry.

NOW, my family will NOT eat soup. So I have this big pot to share!
I made then Pork chops with cherry currant sauce, green beans and cous cous. I also made a package of bacon. They LOVE bacon. It was going to be for in the morning but they might have snacked on it until it was gone!

I tried a new Tea, Harney and Sons. They make a lovely Green Tea. But I tried their Vanilla Comoro Decaffeinated. The tea came in a sachet. It was very fragrant. The vanilla was a cozy smell. I added sugar cubes, (always reminds me of my grandma) and a little Vanilla creamer. It was very nice.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

In a Nutshell

The kids just pulled out of our house from small group about 15 minutes ago. It got over at 7pm!

I am tuckered out.
Sitting in bed with a hot cup of green tea and honey. My legs are thanking me for putting them up after a long day and a long run.

This week has been full of craziness.
  • I got sicker than snot on Tuesday, putting me out of commission all day Wednesday.
  • Austin played Fenton @ Fenton for Basketball...LOST ..BUT didn't leave without needing stitches from the game as well as a parent who followed him to the car taunting him. THIS went south very fast when Andy jumped in to defend his son. Next I hear, my husband saying "NOT my PROUDEST moment". My 43 year old husband, deacon at church, lost his mind and almost had a "Come to Jesus" meeting with this knucklehead from Fenton.
  • Saturday was Record Highs, 65' out.  After working in heels for 9 hours I was able to trade them in for my running shoes. I was able to make up my lost Wednesday run, IN SHORTS!
And that brings us to today..
Claudia joined Lacey and I for Sunday Runday at Indian Springs.
Another amazing day.
Lacey and I were in shorts and smiles. Claudia was waiting for us with her slim yoga body doing some crazy pose in the grass. I would trip over myself in a pose that she makes look like a ballerina.

I look at these two and giggle.
Claudia, tall slender, long brown hair and beautiful skin.
Lacey, legs like a gazelle, blonde hair, green eyes and breasts like they were bought, perfect.
Nita, pipsqueak, boring brown hair, barn as bark eyes, and a body that looks like a stinking 12 year old..BOY
I am running with rockstars.

The park was rocking. Cars were coming in like the second coming of Christ. It was awesome to see so many people taking advantage of the beautiful day.
Claudia ran 8 miles with us. Claudia is always fun to run with.

Those 8 miles helped break up our 16 mile long run.
Several times we had to jump over to dodge a dog, a biker or a rollerblader. We saw everything out there today. Skateboarders, families,  we saw 2 dudes and their babies in strollers, a couple both riding Elliptigo's and even a couple on a two seated bike, the gal in the second seat was totally just chilling while the guys was peddling like a champ. I was wanting to be that girl as we were finishing mile 14.

I was hoping for some tan lines out there today. But I still look like the palest Mexican you have ever seen.
Lacey had more color on her legs than I did!
The weather is supposed to stay this way for a few more days, maybe I still have a chance!

How was your day today? Did anyone do anything EPIC for the weekend of Aweome Weather?


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Laughter, good Medicine

          "Even in laughter the heart may be in pain, And the end of joy may be grief." Proverbs 14:13

Andy was still home while I was getting ready to run. Usually, I am home alone, but now I had to hear him jawing with me.
"NITA, I forbid you to run..." Andy said trying to be all dominating.
I just do my typical head tilt and giggle.
"REALLY ANDY, your so funny."
"NO Seriously, you are just getting over being sick, you are not running outside today." Andy says without a facial movement.
I laugh louder as I am slipping my 2nd layer on.
Its cute that after 21 years of marriage he still thinks this bullying tactic is going to work. I grew up with a single mom in a trailer park, bullying me is not effective. It makes me giggle.
Andy knows this. I think he just acts this out every once in a while to see if I have changed. NOPE, I am the same feisty, stubborn gal he has known since we were 15. Just a little more polished.

I still had some residual effects from being so sick yesterday but it was nothing a couple Tylenol and a strong cup of coffee couldn't cure.
The best cure at this point was for me to get out, enjoy the sun, laughter with the girls and RUN the trails.

We met at Holdridge. We had the location down, only we didn't know which trail we wanted to run.
Still uncertain we ended up on the West Loop.
The West loop is only about 4 miles. If you add the Tech loop you can make it 5 miles. This loop is not as technical as the East Loop and it is really much prettier in my opinion.
It is a fun loop, we decided to do it twice and add the Turtle loop.
Between all these loops we ended up with about 11miles.
The ruts were pretty nasty in several areas. The Technical loop was the smoothest and most fun. The trail had a lot of VERY large trees down. When I was a kid my mom always called me a monkey. I see these massive trees down and I want to climb them.
I haven't seen 10 years old in over 33 years but I am a 10 year old at heart. I took off my gloves, dropped my water bottle and I scurried up the tree until I realized how high I was, then I scooted the rest of the way. I wanted to go farther but I didn't think the girls were going to catch me if I fell.
Apparently I didn't take off my gloves according to this picture..I swear I did. Airhead Anita moment #236

The tree climbing was just the beginning. We found the lake and somehow ended up tip toeing on creaking ice towards its center. Again, I found a tree stretched way out in the water. I grabbed a hold of it like it was going to save me if I fell in. I made it about 30 feet out. Kris and I giddy with adrenaline, plopped on the ice and made snow angels.

Todays run, wasn't our fastest, it wasn't our hardest, but it was one of our funniest.

At one point, I shared a massive burden with them. Even through my joy, my laughter, my giggling, my heart still pains. The girls stopped our run, circled me, all holding one another, they prayed over me.
The earth went still. Not even a breeze whispered. Not a branch snapped or a leaf dropped. There was no bird that flew over head, the clouds didn't even move. The sun shone directly  over us keeping us oddly warm. The air that surrounded us was even pleasant. It was the "Peace that passes all understanding." We felt His Love.

Running with these girls is so fun. It might not be a training run I should be running, but it is a run I love, one that I am not willing to trade for Yasso 800's or a tempo run.
Someone left us a little love in the parking lot....Secret admirer?

I left this run smiling for hours...but there was still pain.
I had a funeral this afternoon. One of the ladies I do youth group with. 61 years old. High energy, healthy and full of life and smiles. She had 3 children, 2 of them I was their leader at church.
So sad.
She is in a beautiful place. I have peace knowing she is in Heaven. I am blessed to know her. Such an amazing lady.

Distance: 11 miles

          "Even in laughter the heart may be in pain, And the end of joy may be grief."         
Remember, whatever you are going through, Find joy. It doesn't discount your hurt, your pain, it just helps you manage it and it not manage you.

Finishing my night with Tea Time. A friend of mine gave me this Wild Sweet Orange, Tazo. I have enjoyed them so much I bought a box. Perfect tea to end a good day.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


NO RUN DAY today.

For weeks, I have been coughed on and breathed all over. My clients have come into my work sick, co workers have been sick, it was just a matter of time that I was going to get it.
Woman will not miss a hair appointment to matter how sick they are. And they all have the same line "OH, its just a head cold, I'm not contagious."

By 3pm yesterday, I had sneezed more times than I have fingers and my nose was sore from blowing it a gazillion times.

I still had to work till 5:30 and Austin had a basketball game at Kearsley High School.

I got home with enough time to make a Valentines sign for Austin. But I was going down fast.
I was not going to miss Austins Game. No way.

The game had started early, I missed the first 3 minutes.
There was no energy to even be disappointed. The chills started. My belly was raging with deep stabbing pains.
AND yet, there is no place I would rather be then in the bleachers watching Boy Wonder.
I mustered a smile for Austin..But I was going down.

I canceled on  Jeff when I got home. I knew I was getting worse.

And I did.

I didn't crawl out of bed until after 1pm. I laid in a pile of drool and sweaty sheets. GROSS.
I drug my body to the tub with some Epson Salt then headed to the tea kettle.

No matter how sick a mom is, things have got to get down. I stripped the sheets waiting for my bath to fill and whined at the thought I couldn't run.

I honestly thought after a cup of green tea and a bath I would feel like a run.
But I didn't.

It was a day of rest.
The word got out that I was sick.
I was very blessed by all the calls and text messages I  received. Thank YOU everyone.

"TYLER" was one of my favorites. I was his coach for XC. He still checks in with me every once in a while.
He made my day. Such a great kid.

SOO, Gonna head to bed early, prayerfully. Hoping to see Kris and Rachel tomorrow on the trails! I love my girls!

OH yeah....
So. I have had a tough week. Emotionally a complete catastrophe. There is a lot to be said about being sad. This sadness that came over me from an ongoing situation that is out of my control took a toll on me.
It was another reminder how important it is to not stay in the "Pit" too long.
A dear friend of mine gave me these scriptures:
"Peace I leave you: my peace I give you. I do not give you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27

I am so blessed by a great crew of love and support. I was still today. Home to recover both physically and emotionally. I was right where God wanted me to be.


Monday, February 13, 2017


Just the thought of waking up to the sunshine makes me smile all over.

I didn't think I did any damage to my body on yesterdays long run.

But you would have thought I had ran a marathon at a BQ-ing pace the way my body responded on my run today.

I knew my run with Danielle was going to be special for multiple reasons. The sun started my day. As I was almost into Kensington Metro park Lacey called and she called as a half dozen deer came out in front of my truck. 3 of them turned back into the woods where they came from. I put Lacey on speaker phone as I snapped pictures. I love chatting with my friends and I LOVE seeing deer. 2 awesome moments as I headed to another adventure with Danielle.

Danielle suggested we run the loop backwards.

It didn't matter how sunny, how many deer, how awesome my company was, I was so fatigued.

Danielle was so gracious with my recovery run.

I hadn't felt this bad on a run in a long time. I had a million reasons why and I am sure they all played a part.
Distance: 9miles
Pace: 9:15.

I write. I try to dissect my thoughts.

The crappy part about being so "high energy" is when your not "HIGH".
YOU are LOW.

I will come out of this. But it has a hold on me. I will smile if I see you, laugh even. You may never detect it.
But I am seriously struggling. Tears are welling up, my heart is beating all over.
Its a pit.
emotional hauntings.
I want to escape for just a few days. I need to be away from even myself. I scare even myself. I don't recognize me. Its a constant anxiety attack.

Tomorrow is a new day. I am on day 3 of this pit. Hoping tomorrow will be better.