"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Alec is sitting next to me as I type. I said "Alec, what should I talk about?"
Alec points at the box of cookies next to me "You should talk about those cookies" I had just went down memory lane trying to make my memories more appetizing for him to eat the gingery cookie I gave him.

Windmill cookies. When I was a kid my grandma would give us these as a treat. My grandma was a very healthy lady, She did live to be almost as old as Moses, 99, Moses was way older but I  always say that.

Today, I was at the grocery store getting all the fixens for dads Taco dinner. (Tuesday was his birthday.)
I saw these cookies and had to have them. I actually wanted everything down the cookie isle. I had just finished my run and I was starving.
Krogers gives you the first slice of Boars Head lunch meat they slice for you. I gobbled down the Chipotle Gouda and the Turkey I purchased. But the cookies, all the cookies were shouting my name. Some screamed, some whistled but I wanting them all..until I saw the Archway Windmill. Then my heart got sentimental taking over my urgency to throw in the Chips Ahoy.

Eating the cookie was nostalgic, but cuddling with Alec and trying to convince him they were delicious was even more special.

Distance: 9 miles.
2 miles easy peasy- 10x400m repeats 2 miles C/D with Jeff. He was just starting when I was finished with the dreaded speed work, which isn't that speedy.
I was only going to go 1 mile with him but with him talking and me not adding I knew we exceeded my mile. So lets just go for 2!

My legs felt like butter. I got out of the gym about 10:30.I had the rest of the afternoon to recover. Not to necessarily put my feet up but no other pressing appointments.  It was such a quiet day.
This week I have really camped inside my head a lot. It really wasn't as bad in there as it usually is. I actually enjoyed it~


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


My Blog is almost at 100,000 views. Who reads this ridiculous stuff anyway?

Last week Lacey asked me "So..Why did you ever start a blog..."

The story goes like this...

It was around the time I ran Boston for the 1st time. 2011.

I ran Chicago in 2010 for my first marathon and qualifying marathon. It was so far out of my league that I knew it was a God Thing.
Have you ever had your wildest dream come true, a dream that was so wild that you would not have even dreamed it?
A dream that just seemed reach.

Running a marathon was a wild enough dream, trying to qualify for Boston was OUT of the Park.

With every run that I trained, my thoughts were vivid and clear, to me they were borderline brilliant.
Like anything new, my thoughts were fresh. They were transparent, filled with virgin like emotion.
I discovered ideas and emotions that were so consuming I wanted to never stop feeling them.
I felt wiser than Solomon. Of course we know that nothing new is under the sun!

I found myself with pen and paper on the TM. When I had a idea, I would quickly right it down.

My mind never shuts off. It is a dangerous place, You never want to go in there alone.

The idea came from being a pipsqueak. A nobody in the grand scheme of things.

I would find myself wondering why God cared about Me. I didn't have anything to offer. I didn't come with any great package, no legacy, no inheritance, no title, a nobody.

Actually I came with baggage, I came broken, handicapped and burdened.
How or why would God use me?

But he DID..And he continued to. He even allowed me to be broken. It was part of his process. He was training me. He was conditioning me for Great and Mighty things.

These discoveries came with pain and passion, they were so intense that I had to pen them. I wanted God and others to know how grateful I was.

I began writing to Glorify God in the process of His training.

I always thought of my past as shameful and embarrassing.
Through Running, God showed me that I didn't need to be ashamed.
I always thought I was a NOBODY.
Through Running, I was reminded that I am a Somebody.
I always thought I could never be forgiven for all my ugly demons.
Through Running, I discovered God has forgiven me and that is ALL that matters. I doesn't matter if people forgive you.
I always thought my pain growing up was a punishment.
Through Running, I learned that God was actually protecting me and preparing me.

God gave me a voice through my writing. An outlet. He has given me a past, a passion and a purpose.
He has provided me with the vision to see Him in all of it.

That is why I started this Blog. To share my Heart for Running. My Love of Christ. To Inspire, to Encourage just one person to Persevere. To Challenge others to Great and Mighty things.
The Rundown:
Distance: 15 miles
We switched our long run from Thursday to today due to the extreme climate change tomorrow. Lacey, did Awesome. I was so proud of her.
I want to say Congrats to Paige tonight on a incredible basketball game against Grand Blanc for the WIN!
Also, Funny how I really have no idea who reads this. Brianna, one of my youth students told me the other night that she has read almost all my posts.
I just want to say, "Bri, I love you. I believe in you and I hope you always trust God."

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Quick Question...

The Letter X
eXamine yourself. be an eXample. eXpress greatness.
I received this text from my niece Becca a couple days ago:

Ok quick question
What do you do when a dog comes out of know where and up to you when your running............
A. speed up
B. slow down
C. stop, drop, and roll
D. scream
E. all of the above

I replied;
F. look for large trees and run like a squirrel

My niece Becca has been running now for a few weeks. I am proud of her. I have had most all my nieces attempt to run or exercise.

Who do you INFLUENCE? Do you INSPIRE?

Monday, I was on the track scheduled to run 10 miles. I was HIT. Wiped out, tired. I have been dealing with some girly issues.
I just was not in the mood to get it done.


There he was. A little guy running at a good clip passed me.
"Hmm, I think I can do that."

I snuck up behind him about 20 feet back.
After a mile, I checked my pace, 8:09. "Yeah, I can do this."

That little TURD. No, he decided he was going to give me a RUN for my money.

I saw him sneak a peak over his shoulder, it was over. He was going to make me work for that spot in his shadow.
He shaved off 20-25 seconds.
I started to get a side stitch at mile 5. "7:40?! He is trying to kill me."
I was not throwing in the towel quite yet. I noticed he wiped the sweat off his brow. He started to slow down. He bowed out at mile 6.

I was so proud of myself. "HA! Take THAT! I stayed with you!" I had a party in my head.
I even thanked him, with a THUMBS UP as I caught his eyes on the other side of the track.
He looked at me like I was NUTS!

The party was coming to a abrupt halt, as mile 7 came, so did the nasty sided stitch.
It is like a rubber band slinging you back to reality. My legs suddenly felt heavy, my breathing was labored, and fatigue suffocated me.
"You suck it up, think of those who aren't whining, Kathy, Matt, Danielle, Austin, Kris, Karyn..."
I thought of those who inspired me, those who had no idea that they were a ghost of encouragement and motivation.

I finished. 11 miles total. I dropped my pace the last 3 miles. Recovery. Whiner miles, but finished miles.

eXamine yourself. be an eXample. eXpress greatness.
I don't just live this life for myself. How could I? How is that Living?
I see people and I see a seed of something special in them. I want them to see that. I want to help them to harvest that seed. I want to be on their team and help them to dig deep, work hard and be more than then they thought they could be,
I have made so many mistakes. I will make more. I made mistakes today, and I will make them tomorrow.
I can look at my yesterday and forgive myself and others.
I can see the person I want to be and try to aim higher.
I then take my yesterdays, as a learning tool, my todays, as a gauge and my tomorrows, as inspiration to Not Quit.
SO...What do YOU do when you see a DOG??!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Keep it Simple Thursday

First of all I forgot "my letter" yesterday.  The Letter was "W"

 WALK with Sheba
Wilderness Zoo

Next up, a couple quick points on RECOVERY. Not addiction, not after a run, rather, RECOVERY after REPEATS.

Here is a couple things I have learned:
  1. Don't STOP after a fast repeat into a recovery repeat. It hurts, you should be huffing air and struggling. However, try to go into a shuffle jog. It is bad for the heart and your ability to get back into your next fast repeat.
  2. I do my repeats WRONG. I go too fast on the recovery. By doing this it does not give me proper recovery to have the speed and endurance I need for my fast repeat.
  3. Rule of thumb for proper recovery on repeats: Jog the same distance as your speed session.  If your doing the workout based on time, then do recovery jogs that last 50 percent as long as your fast runs; 80 seconds speed followed by 2 minutes of shuffle jog.
  4. Doing these at a track where it is flat and marked it most ideal.

The Rundown:
Distance: 12 miles
We lost count of our miles. Lacey went to the track at GAC with me. We chatted a little too much.
We sure had fun though.

What Repeats are your favorite, least favorite?
How do you like them??

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


When I am on the track I have to stay point focused.
If I am just willy nilly-ing it then whatever. But as of late, I have been more intentional about my runs.

When I am on the TM, the machine does all the thinking for you. The digits are smack square in your face like the devil himself.
On the Track, I have all these digits floating around.
  • My target pace
  • What lap I am on
  • What lap I need to get to one mile
  • How many overall laps I need to do.
  • My pace per lap, per mile.
It is way to hard to think about anything interpersonal. Maybe this is why I enjoy running on the track. I haven't got the time or the energy to think deeper that the moment I am running in.
I have to stay so focused on the goal.
The big picture isn't decorated in primary colors. It is designed with many degrees and variation of color.
The Big picture is my Marathon in 12 weeks. That marathon  is made up of hard runs, long runs, proper diet, sleep, recovery and of course, blood, sweat and tears.

My mind wandered a bit this morning. I was questioning the purpose of my mornings target pace I set and its effectiveness.
I wanted junk miles. I wanted to go easy peasey.

 I thought of a lady that was in my addiction group the other night.
Overcome by grief and sorrow she shared her story of the deck of cards she had been dealt with. Her story was tragic.
As a small child, she was abused and abandoned. She had a series of unfortunate events happen to her throughout her life.
After 8 years of counseling, the counselor asked her this "After everything that has happened to you, many of my clients have never gone through a quarter of what you have, how come you have never become a alcoholic or an addict? What did you do to cope with all that tragedy?
She Replied "I never quit praying to God."

I Never QUIT praying to God.

I thought of myself, my story, my history. I had days I was self destructive. As a child, I begged God in prayer and tears to die. Even as a teenager, I continued to pray this prayer almost every day and night.
When the pain was so overwhelming I didn't seek alcohol or drugs as my family had used to cope with, it just seemed too easy.
Their CHOICES effected me. I didn't want the same choices to hurt someone else.

Around the track, I thought of those who have judged me. Those who know my name but not my story as one of my high schoolers always says.

In my confidence I recited:

I Choose to Survive. I will not quit, I may come up crawling and broken, but I will persevere.

I Choose to Live Clean. Garbage in Garbage out. Drugs and Alcohol. These elements destroys families, destroys lives, they confuse, manipulate and deceive. I have 1 body God blessed me with, his word tells me to stay SOBER. Being Sober helps me to stay FOCUSED.
In case you haven't noticed..I am EASILY distracted.
(This is where it gets tricky...People think if I make these choices than I am judging them. Walk in my shoes, Live the life I did...I have to look at myself in the mirror everyday, I don't have the time or energy to look at your profile. I will love you for you, not what you do or don't do.)

I Choose Myself. I don't mind being with myself day after day. I am not a social butterfly. I love people and being around people, but..I don't talk on the phone a lot. Most of the phone calls I get are from people hurting in some way. I will pray for them, try to encourage them and love on them. I LOVE these calls, being an ear and an encouragement to others has always been a love of mine.

I Choose LIFE. To live to the limits comes heartache, hardships, sweetness and victory. There is so much life out there to live. But it is going to cost you. You will have love and you will have hate. You will have friends and you will have enemies. You will have pleasure and you will have pain.

I Choose Not to Fit In. My whole life I wanted to FIT IN. I wanted to be part of something, be part of someone.
I wanted what everyone else had. I always wanted my dad to think I was a princess. I wanted him to love me as much as I loved him. I begged for my mothers love. But to a child, we take addiction so personal, I never thought my mother loved me like I loved her. As and adult, I know she did. Losing both my parents before I was 18 leaves you feeling abandoned and alone, isolated.
At 41, I am just not figuring out I don't have to fit it. I don't have to try so hard.
My heavenly Father has never left me. He was there in all my pain and all my successes.
He saw a purpose in me.
He fills the void I wanted everyone else to fill and never could.

I Choose Love. So many tears. Some days I wonder if I will ever stop crying. I miss Ariel so terrible bad. I make that 2nd turn on the track and the tears explode from my eyes. The music sifts through the air at church, my skin gets prickles, I swallow, I pray, I drop my head as the warm tears drop on the seat in front of me. In my silence I grieve. Alone. Isolated and Shunned.

I CHOOSE CHRIST. In everything, I CHOOSE HIM. I breath his security, I seek his comfort, I crawl in his arms, My heart Trusts HIM. And Him Alone.

"The Lord is my Strength and my shield;
My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped;
Therefore my HEART exults,
And with my song I shall think Him."
Psalms 28:7


Monday, February 23, 2015

V is for Victory.

V is for Victory
How I felt today.
"Austin, you get everything you can out of school, you take every class, extra class and do all the sports you can, it is the ONLY thing in your life that will be free."
Andy and Austin laughed and me in my very serious moment.
"There's mom with her random statements.." Austin teasingly blurted from the back seat of the car.
"Yup, Nita-isms" Andy added to Austin's joke.

I say it all the time. Knowledge is one of the only things no one can EVER take from you. God gave us a brain, not to abuse, misuse or not use. It is a very powerful tool.

Both my boys have been honor role all year. They work hard. I'm constantly dropping these little one liners.."You get out of it what you put in."
"Austin you should be doing as many sports as you can, It would cost me 50$ a session for a good coach."

My Secret Coach:
I would love the extra cash to pay for a running coach. Someone to hold you accountable, push you to your limits, answer your questions, design running plans, teach you and encourage you to success.

I love to be this person for others. Although, I do not have anything other than a dozen running books and personal experience to offer. This year, I have been asked again to be a coach for our local runner club. I was also very excited to be asked to help coach this years CC team at my sons school.

I have a lot of great running friends that I learn from and Austin is always "Mr. Know It All" when it comes to running these days.

It is just not the same. When Andy didn't work so much he would meet me at the track and time my repeats.
But even Andy is struggling himself with running, listening to his wife's running ramblings isn't a place he is able to go.

I can not even remember how I met Old Timer Jeff. I think at Snap Fitness several years ago. He used to come in, go to the treadmill and talk to everyone. He was always cutting up with the manager, Yusef. I would pretend like I was minding my own business but I would be cracking up at them.
Yeah, as I think back, I think that is how I have gotten to know him.
Most people will see someone running on the TM and if curious at their speed will secretly try to see their digits.  Not Jeff, "Hey Nitagirl, What's your Pace?" He would just ask boldly.

The boys and I got to the gym at 9:30 this morning. I was walking to the track when I saw Jeff out of the corner of my eye. "Hey Old MAN, What's up?"
"Hey Nitagirl, Whatcha doin today?"
"I was thinking 2 miles W/U with 400m repeats and 2 miles C/D, I was hoping to get 8 miles in total."
Typical Jeff fashion, he spews all these numbers like a foreign language. I didn't even finish my coffee, I couldn't keep up.
"Ok, so you need to do 8X400m repeats with a 400m recovery in between..."
He walked me out to the track still sharing what my pace should be, what my recovery would be, what my target pace would equate to in a 5k, what my goal marathon time would be and what I had to do to achieve that.
I was trying to catch it all. So many numbers, so much pressure.
It meant a lot to me, I thought of myself like my boys, take everything he is giving you.
He gave me a target number to hit my 400's at.
"I'm going to jump rope, if I get down in time I will come back and watch your times."

"You can't flirt with the track, you must marry it." Bill Easton

I got my first 3 repeats in solo. It was horrible. I wanted to die. The pain was in my gut. My Egg White Delight was surfacing, in my grit I swallowed it down.
I Prayed, "OH, GOD, Make it not hurt so bad.."
Then I saw Jeff standing by the fence watching the big overhead clock.
"Buckle Down Anita, Turn them over." The voices in my head screamed. I was gasping for breath on a fast break to the end of my 400m.
I tried to smile but I couldn't even breath. I wanted to blow chunks. I tried to locate the garbage's.
He never left. He just kept watching the clock waiting for me suck up the pain and RUN.
On the 7th one, I went whining to him. "It's bad, I am so bad, It hurts...."
"Nita, your doing it, Don't stop, keep your legs moving.."  He pushed me back unto the track."

I finished all of them. He was waiting for his wife so he walked unto the track to share his thoughts of my Suck.
"You did a fine job today, that was a hard work out..."

I thought 800's were hard, I was wrong. I know I am slower these days, I know I am older these days and I know I am even whinier, but that totally SUCKED.

But it Sucked in Such a Good way.
I was so grateful that Jeff took the time to coach me and share his knowledge and experience.

"The coaches main job is 20% technical, 80% inspirational." Franz Stampfl

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review of Athleta Running Vest

The Letter U
My One Hit Wonder, Hungerford Ultra 50 miler. My Greatest Victory. I have never pushed my body to those limits. I ran on adrenaline, I ran on faith, I ran in 80 degrees beating sun, I ran with my boys, I ran supported by my family, mom and dad and I ran scared. I have never ran where you had to stop to eat, drink and pray. I have never felt that much pain and pleasure all wrapped together.
Time is the only factor that has prevented me from running another. I absolutely LOVE the Ultra. It didn't hurt that I placed so high on my first "Run" at it either.
"Training is the opposite of Hoping." Nike
Sunday Long Runday
Lacey and I were checking all week trying to plan for our long run. We switched our run from Thursday to Sunday due to the frigid temperature.
Danielle rocked her long run out Thursday on the TM.
It was 19 degrees out but the sun was softening the blow of the coldness.
I am at the frustrated stage of these cold temps. I have said it before and I will say it again. I truly believe that everyone is deceived on what Hell is going to feel like. I think it is going to feel like below freezing temps. The cold that is so cold it BURNS. That is my idea of HELL.
However, I will not know, I am HEAVEN BOUND, I think it will be perfect running weather every day in Heaven!
I picked up Lacey. We drove to the local middle school to park and run. Lacey pulls out this funky looking blue fanny pack thing. "Ok, I got this for $7 dollars at Walmart, I'm just gonna try it.."
I just stared at it. She had 4 packs of chews, water and her phone in there. It could have fit my water and my smallest kid in it.
When we got out to start running I was laughing so hard at that backpack bobbing on her bottom.
She turned around "Ok, stop it, I know I know."  she laughed along with me.
At mile 2, Lacey chuckles, "Hey, I think I am getting used to this."
Before mile 3, Lacey didn't take much convincing to ditch it in the park at 7 Lakes.
I thought the park roads would be more cleared off then they were.  
About mile 5, I couldn't deny it any longer. "Lacey, I gotta pee."
She was relieved because she had to go too.
I was leading her to a outhouse about 2 miles away.
Before we arrived, my foot hit a hole and it was too late. I lost half my bladder.
Laughing, we stood outside the outhouse. I looked at her to take the lead. I always get creeped out by the goofy stories of men or snakes in the bottom of the toilet thingy.
Lacey peeped in and quickly came out.
"Lacey, I am good, I will just pee in the snow."
With our head back in the game, we headed towards the beginning of the park.
My  knee was getting irritated by the icy roads. "Come on knees, just a little more." I whispered to myself multiple times.
Another long run under the belt. We would have liked to go faster but it was a slip and slide out there.
13 weeks until Bayshore Marathon.
Danielle and I are both doing Rock CF Half Marathon on March 29th. This is a first for me.
They have a great website. If anyone has ran this race I would love to hear your pros and cons.
Athleta Running VEST: Jammin Run Vest/Lime/xxs = 31.99 
More than Half OFF
Great Fit. Light weight and I love the bright colors.
They also have free shipping on more than 50$
Kinda Dorky, I am doing this for Melissa, I think she would look great in it!

I purchased this water bottle from Gone for a Run and it was easier to carry then it was too look at. I Also purchased this Dress from there, It is the Solstice Cowl Dress in Sapphire. It is more fitted than I would normally buy. It too was more than 50% off. I wore it to church today. My new favorite dress. It is like a jersey material. Check it out.

Guess who is taking their fanny pack bootie pack back to Walmart!
I am still laughing over that one.
Have A great Night, Love to hear some Reviews on Rock CF.