"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Time to get Serious: Reviews

Quantity has the edge over quality." Hal Koerner

There has been a method to my madness. I had picked 3 marathons to run between the winter and the summer to keep me conditioned to transition into my ultra training.

Disney Goofy Challenge; Half marathon followed by a full marathon.
The Goal was to have fun, run a moderate marathon and knock this off my bucket list! You can tell by my times I was having a lot of fun!
Half Marathon: 2:06
Marathon Time: 4:04:28

Martian Marathon
The Goal to pace Joan for her first marathon at a faster pace. To try a new marathon
Marathon Time: 3:50:24

Cleveland Marathon
The Goal to qualify for Boston. To run a marathon in a new state.
Marathon Time: 3:41:54

Truth be told I am scared to death to run the Cloudsplitter 100k. I have gone back and forth on it. I have come up with a million excuses why it is just not a good idea.
However; I have one reason why I should.
Because I am so scared.

Well now it is time to start grinding my training out. Only one problem, I have a pain in my butt. LITERALLY.

I took this whole week off after Cleveland marathon hoping I would feel like the bionic woman.  
My first official run was this morning.
We were in Mt. Pleasant for my kids basketball tournament. I drove up separately. Andy was watching my oldest son play and I was watching my youngest son in different locations. I asked our hotel for a late checkout and after a disappointing loss Alec and I returned back to the hotel.
I dressed quickly, legs twitching and heart racing with anticipation. I wanted to see if my body forgave me. I wanted to feel the warm sun wrap its rays around me. I was most excited to run somewhere new, I was going to explore Central Michigan campus.

Distance: 4.5
Pace: 8:24
It was a beautiful run. My legs forgave me, my calf snuck in a couple reminders at mile 3. But everything felt good.

The problem wasn't running, it was sitting.
The 2 hour drive home was a real PAIN IN THE BUTT. My right butt cheek tightened up and I almost lost my footage getting out of my truck.
I was still dressed in my running clothes. It was just too lovely out to go home and do laundry. I got back in the truck and picked Lacey up for a second run at Holdridge.

I thought I would try and romance Lacey into running Woodstock in September with a nice trail run.
We took it super easy. I giggled looking back on the trails. She was so focused with a very serious look as she tip toed around the roots and rocks. We laughed at how our brains hurt more than our legs from thinking so hard trying not to fall.
It was so fun but my butt!
Distance: 4.7miles
Pace: 13.04

I purchased this outfit for Cleveland. Too BAD Mother Nature punished us with rain, sleet and hail and I never took the tags off the shorts.
THE HAT however, LOVE LOVE. The bill collaspes and folds perfectly around my head. Unfortunely I have a smurf head and I still had to safety pin the back of it to fit snuggly around my head.

Washington DC was planned before my marathon. With all the miles I would be walking I HAD to have good walking shoes.
I just didn't think I was going to get away with another pair of shoes. The hubby actually took a picture of all my running shoes a few months ago and my CC runners joke around how I have a new pair all the time.
I went into REDFOX OUTFITTERS in FENTON. The guys that own it are awesome. They actually gave me 20% off for coaching! The new location of their business is very hip. The store is a MUST see.
I purchased The Cloud. These are shoes I have never owned before. I wanted to look semi fashionable and still have good functionality. My foot fell in LOVE the moment it entered these shoes. I never had any problems with my feet in Washington DC and we walked almost 25 miles in 3 days.

MOTHERS Day, Andy must have felt really bad not being able to go to church or brunch. He spoiled me with a new Garmin Forerunner 230. I LOVE it.
  • 8hr battery life
  • receives text,emails phone call and other alerts from my phone.
  • Alerts me to help find my phone!
  • tracks my steps, sleep.
And a multitude of other fun things!

When it comes to shopping I love shopping on POSHMARK. Today, Lacey had the CUTEST capris on with an attached skirt. She nonchalantly mentions she purchased them on POSHMARK. I said "NOOO!" WE are the same size and now will be competing for items!
She had a great find, that could have been mine!

So from this day forward I need to get my head in the game. My number of fears outweigh my faith in my abilities. The best way to conquer fear is to be prepared.
However, if anyone wants to go to Kentucky the beginning of October and run 100k with me let me know!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cleveland Marathon Recap.

This Last Week was been CRAZY.

Tuesday, I worked until 3. I rushed to school to sign out the kids I coach for the CC meet in Brighton. Quickly, I left the meet at 6:10 to head home to PACK for Washington DC. I was one of the chaperones for the 8th grade trip. We were on a coach bus leaving at 10pm, driving through the night.

The 3 nights in DC we visited, Arlington Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, the Changing of the Guards, The Capital Building and the White House and the Smithsonian's. We also visited several memorials, to name a few, the Lincoln Memorial, the MLK Memorial, WW2 Memorial, the Pentagon Memorial and we finished our trip off on a dinner dancing cruise that would take us up and down the Potomac.
Needless to say, I was exhausted.  We had walked over 25 miles in 3 days.  I had to ride that bus back home with all the smelly teenagers for 10 hours, in a single seat through the night.  

Yeah, I didn't sleep. It was terrible. We arrived back to the school at 8:15AM.
That gave me 4 hours to try and sleep and pack another bag for my marathon. I had to be over Laceys to pick her up by 12:30 for another 3 hour drive to Ohio.

I was wiped out and living on adrenaline.

We made great time and didn't get a ticket in Ohio, BONUS!

OUR HOTEL. The Hyatt Regency. The main hotel for the Marathon. It was BEAUTIFUL! It was also 3 blocks from the marathon and a 5 minute walk to the expo.

THE EXPO. It was very organized. Not to big that you were overwhelmed. The set up was a little confusing but then I am easily confused.

We settled in for the night about 7:30pm.

39' at the starting line. Sunshine at 8am, with a high of 48.

We couldn't figure out what we should wear. Total girl thing! Between the two of us, we had enough clothes for a cross country team. Weeks earlier, I had actually bought these super cute shorts from Patagonia with a matching hat to wear for the marathon. The tags stayed on the shorts!
We had shorts, compression socks, hats, jackets, vests, regular socks, tank tops and even arm bands. I chickened out with my capris and borrowed Laceys running pants. I wore a hat in case it rained along with one long sleeve shirt, a lightweight pullover and a windbreaker vest.

I was tired and sore. I was not starting out with "Fresh Legs". My shin splints were not an issue. My butt was angry though, my Piriformis had been a real struggle for a few weeks. I stretched, rolled and KT taped my injured areas.  We signed up for a 3:40 pacing group, the butterfies in my stomach were spasming.

We woke up at 5:30am. Coffee, stretching, rolling and a lot of praying.

I loved the way we just had a 5 minute walk to the starting line. This was so nice!

Lacey and I knew that this marathon was going to hurt Really Bad. We knew we were capable of our 3:40 marathon time, only we also knew we were going to need to focus and run no matter what our body was saying. I was scared.

The pavement was wet and large pools of water covered the roads. We were excited to see that it had rained, with hopes the skies would open up and the sun would keep us in good spirits.

Over 12,000 runners came together, both marathoners, half marathoners and 10K runners.

We arrived 10 minutes before the start, with no problems locating out 3:40 pacer.

All smiles we snapped a couple pictures and prayed. I was more like begging and praying.

I hit the START button on my new Garmin Forerunner Andy got me for Mothers Day and run into a small world of HELL.

Lacey and I stayed close to the pacer. Lacey had the pacer band on. For the first few miles she kept looking at her watch, confused. I tried to convince her "Let him do the work, just trust him." Then at about mile 7 she says "We just need to let him do the work, he is right on!"
I wanted to chuckle, even laugh, I wanted to at least smile, and I may have, but I wasn't feeling it.
I felt fatigued from the chute. "Get me to mile 10." I said to Lacey.
Finally, I got a break at mile 9. My body was no longer fighting it. I was back in the saddle, footloose and fancy. That lasted 2 WHOLE MILES!

The sun never came out! The weather was blasting us with all kinds of ugly. From mile 6, the sleet started. Winds attacked us with cold pellets to the face. Mother nature took a change of heart and decided to give us mercy with RAIN! We just couldn't catch a break.
Close to the pacers, I would catch my breath and try to relax. My mind was a battlefield.

MY body really turned inside out at mile 14. I have no clue what happened. I suddenly couldn't focus on anything. I got very dizzy and disoriented. I whispered to Lacey, "Lacey, I am really dizzy." Her eyes got as big as saucers. I didn't want to panic her but I was panicking. My body felt like it was going to collapse, I wanted to stop in fear I would pass out.
"Nita, do you need to stop or slow down?" Lacey asked with concern.
Trying to calm down I replied "No, I just need to get to 20, then I will figure things out."
I just started praying. "Dear God, I know I am a knot head, I know I ask more from you for stupid things like running, but GOD, PLEASE, PLEASE supply me with what I am lacking, which is everything right now!"
Around mile 15-16, OPHELIA came on through my earbuds. Austin my 16 year old and I both love this song. I thought of him, his strength, his commitment, his dedication to basketball. I thought of how much he is always putting in. I laughed as I thought how this song came on around the same mile of his age. I was inspired by my 16 year old to keep my feet on the ground and keep moving forward.
I quit drinking water and drank Gatorade at every station.
I saved my energy and didn't talk much. I ran with one earbud in trying to get motivated by music.
Mother Nature continued to saturate us with hail, sleet and rain. The winds were in our faces. We were looking forward to the turn around in hopes the wind would push us.

I was walking right next to him staring at the water tower "City of Cleveland."

The miles didn't get easier. My hands were clinched in tight balls trying to stay warm. Determination was dwindling. Pain was the screaming conversation in my head. My Piriformis was triggered as I tried to adjust my run.
One of our pacers was talking about her 100 mile ultra. I so badly tried to listen, but straining to hear seemed to deplete precious energy. I was with the crowd but feeling like an island. Alone, isolated by fatigue and discouraged.
I saw the 20 mile marker. "Lacey, GO, meet me at the finish, I cant hold this."
Generously Lacey replied "No, I will stay with you."
I knew she was being nice, I would never ask her to stay with me. She was running so well. This was my 3rd marathon this year. I was initially using this as part of my training for my ultra. This was Lacey big marathon, she was trying to qualify for Boston. I had 5 minutes more to qualify.
"Lacey, Run, Run your own race, Meet me at the end." And peacefully I fell back.

The Last Six miles of SUCK. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP.
"Anita, 6 miles, relax, pace yourself" I talked to myself. I tried to control my thoughts with positivity. Except, the only thing I was positive about was the fact that my body hated me with a guttural passion.  
I knew even if I stopped, the pain would not stop, therefore I had to keep running. I told myself water station to water station. I would walk through the stations, grab a drink, take a few steps and go again.
I came too far to stop. I could actually see Laceys blue compression socks about 2/10 of a mile in front of me.
"Keep your eyes on her socks."
I made it to 22, I could still see Lacey.
I made it 23 and I could still see Lacey.
Then 24 came like a lion. It was the dreaded overpass Kris and Rachel had warned me about. It was a high way ramp. A slow dreadful incline. I saw so many runners walking. I couldn't see Lacey anymore. I looked at my watch and wanted to cry. I wasn't going to make 3:45 at this rate. This was my Boston Qualifying time. I wanted to just throw in the towel.
I ran as far as my legs would take me. When I couldn't go any more I walked and counted. "10 seconds Nita, then get up and go." I needed to have an organized plan of suck.
Suddenly this girl came out of no where. She was like a beast as she yelled "COME ON, LETS GO, 2 MILES!" I was stunned as she barked it with such power. As she ran pass me like a Gladiator I was shocked again. "Miss tough as nails" had an accident all down the back of her shorts, dripping down her legs and I didn't have the strength to catch her. I then thought, she is rocking this out, I don't think she cares. Good for her.
The higher I ran up the ramp the worse the weather got. The wind knocked my body around like a rag doll. I looked drunk trying to run. Discouragement brought friends. I glanced up only to see I still had to run over the BRIDGE.
I had a mile left. I looked back at my watch. I looked again, confused I tried to focus on the numbers.
I got excited. I must have read it wrong. I had a mile to go and according to my time it was 3:33. I was not that far behind the 3:40 goal time I had originally planned.
I prayed again. "Lord, I know I can do this, with you, Please give me the strength to fight through."
"I can do this, I can do this" I whispered. I took a deep breath and tried to get control of my broken body. "You are what you think you are."
The last half mile was DOWN the bridge. Turn em' over. I could hear the crowds. Then I could see the finish. I NEVER took my eyes off the finish line. I had no family waiting for me. But I had me. I HAD to Finish for me, I dug deep and pulled out a smile. I smiled with gratitude, "THANK YOU JESUS, I AM FINISHED!"

Lacey was waiting for me with a big hug. I was so glad to see her. She looked amazing. Not like she had just ran 26.2 miles in rain, sleet and hail, winds that sucked the life out of you and an incline that ripped your the muscles out of your legs without remorse.

The Results.

The Bling.

The Last Words.
At mile 14, I wanted to quit. I had 2 miles out of 26.2 miles that I had my rhythm.  I fought a good fight. And by the Grace of God Qualified for Boston. The weather was the WORST I have ever ran in.
Just minutes behind Lacey, we discovered that our pacer had actually banked time to help us with the bridge. This is why I was able to stay so close. They slowed down the last 5 miles.

I wish more people would step out of their comfort zone and experience things that never thought they were capable of. The is where the magic happens. I reminded myself I am stronger than I realize. It is in the mind. You are what you think you are.

Jer 33:3
"Call unto me and I will shew you GREAT and MIGHTY things thou knowest not."


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why is Quitting so Easy?

"Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize."
1 Cor. 9:24

It is just getting easier and easier to QUIT.
Everyone around us seem to quit, they quit before they even try.
And "TRY" what is that? It looks like empty words, verbal nonsense.
Mediocre goals.
A little effort, a lot less sweat.

If it hurts, STOP.
If its uncomfortable, Bow Out.
If its out of the box, crawl back in.

I get it. I have done it.

Work hard? Sweat? Sacrifice? Commit?


It has just gotten so easy to QUIT.
No one is going to say anything. They will enable you, because no one wants to hurt your little feelings and tell you to BUCK UP!

Wednesday this is how I felt. I WANTED TO QUIT.

Tempo RUN.
Simple in the days I trained shorter distances, TORTURE in this season of my running.
7 miles.
5 miles race pace.

My warm up mile was great, but that didn't last long.

"My God, WHY does this hurt so bad?"
I looked at my pace with discouragement. I was so much faster than this not so long ago.

"Just make it to the next mile, then maybe you will be warmed up.."
I was sucking air like a dying horse.

"Another hill, how can I maintain this pace on flat ground? Now I have to go up?"
My body was strong but my lungs wanted to explode.

"I DID it, 4 more miles at this pace, hmm, maybe I can slow down, or maybe I will just stop for a second and catch my breath...."
QUITTING rings louder than success when success can be altered.
It is so easy in the middle of pain to create a new plan, an easier goal..

"Why am I doing this anyway? What's the point? Is that another hill? How am I going to maintain this pace up that?"
"OH wait, I am almost through another mile, Come on, NITA..GOOO!"
Mini victories help you achieve the greatest of the victories. Keeping your eye on the goal but breaking it up into smaller ones helps you feel less discouraged.

"2 more miles at this pace? The storm is coming, it's starting to rain, my legs hurt, I'm so tired..."
I counted my limitations and grew more and more discouraged.

"SERIOUSLY? I DID IT! I STINKING DID it, another mile, I just have 1 more. I CAN DO THIS. I CAN...I CAN!"
The moment you realize that regret is worse than sweat.

That last mile, I was so exhausted, so thirsty, so tired, I literally went to spit and I spit all over my face. I didn't even have the energy to get my saliva to surge across the dirt road. It just drooled across my cheek.
Mailbox to Mailbox, Garbage can to Garbage can, I broke that last mile up, desperately trying to give my everything. I looked down at my pace and had slowed down. I screamed at myself to dig back in.
"2 minutes, hold on NITA, 2 MINUTES, GRIT IT OUT and GO"

Its just so EASY to quit. No one has to know. No one will ever see. And honestly NO ONE REALLY CARES.

BUT I DO. I CARE. I just can't cheat myself. I am worth the Sweat. I am worth the Effort, I am worth the Sacrifice, the Commitment. I AM WORTH IT.

"I DID IT!" I cried softly to myself. Breathless, I winced, this little cry escaped my lips. I smiled in my pain. "Thank YOU GOD, Thank you."

Last mile easy. It was at this point that I finally felt warmed up. My body was ready to roll. My legs were forgiving. My countenance was joyful. I was consumed with an overwhelming feeling of triumph.

It would have been so easy to quit.
Rather than thinking about your Limitations think about your ABILITIES.
It wasn't about trying to chase the pace I ran last year. It was about trying to push through defeat, discouragement and discomfort. I had a million reasons to justify quitting, slowing down, altering my goal. But when I thought about my abilities, I knew I could do it, I just had to push through.
I thought about my Cross Country kids. Their courage to race, to dig deep, I saw each one of them as they came to the finish line, pure grit. They look up at you and want nothing more than to make you happy. They cross the finishing line with sweat and tears.  
BY GOD, I needed to have that grit, they inspired me to not give up. When I came to a hill, a turn, loose gravel I saw those faces of determination and I chased them.

Sometimes, when you just don't have anything left in the tank you gotta draw out your inspiration from others.

Don't make Quitting so Easy. Your worth it.

Rather than focusing on your limitations Focus on your abilities.

Don't Give UP! There is no Victory there.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Yesterday, Today and somtime not so far off


It occurred to me very early that due to tapering I would not be running 3+ hours. I would have enough leftover time in my afternoon that I could pencil in a nap.
THE DISTANCE: 12 miles
THE BODY: struggling with I believe to be a slight case of shin splints and I think I may have a piriformis issue. Oh the joys of running.  I have been addressing these with Yoga moves  from Claudia, rolling and icing.

THE PREP: I rolled and stretched incorporating "Downward Dog" per Claudias suggestion for my piriformis issue. Turns out Andy started stretching too. Because our communication is so awesome I had no idea he too was running at the same time AND running 12 miles as well.  NOTE: YOGA moves, and husbands should not be in the same room. I looked up trying to really stretch my backside and Andy was smirking like a 13 year old. UGH!
THE RUN: Lacey met at my house after Andy had left solo. We both agreed we needed to really go easy. At mile 3 we came across ANDY by E Holly rd. Like 2 stray dogs we came up behind him. He tried not to laugh as we obnoxiously told him we would run with him.
"NO, NO, I am going really slow..."
We giggled, "OH good, so are we!"
We ran with Andy, annoying him the entire distance. He got a few jabs in at us. Mostly making fun of how we are both injured and it is probably do to our training plan. We tried to explain our theory, or are method to the madness. The more we defended our training the more annoying he got with his smarty pants statements. No one likes a know it all, Andy!
We actually ran intervals with Andy. 5:1. We finished at a 10min/mi.

My Niece Sarah and her sweet little man.
21 Day Fix
I met my niece Sarah at her new apartment. Together we did a workout video, that I am pretty sure she tried to kill me. I AM A RUNNER. My body was so confused on what I was doing to it. 5 minutes in, I was already sweating, whining and complaining, "SERIOUSLY Sarah?!! 20 more minutes??!"
I didn't give up, together we encouraged each other and even giggled at my incoordination. A couple times I tripped myself, getting tangled under my feet, it was pretty funny.
After leaving her, I was just a couple miles from Trader Joes so I headed there for groceries.
The day got away really fast.
I was left with 45 minutes to run.
As I was walking out the door, I heard a voice to give Noble, a friend of ours from church a call to run. Noble is in his early 20's, he asked me if I would help him run a half marathon.
I was shocked when he said he would leave right then to meet me at the track.
The RUN:
We ran strides. Shuffle jog on the curves and about 85% on the straights. We probably ran between 8-10 strides keeping our cadence @about 34-36. The last stride Nobles cadence was 31. I think he is going to do great!
DISTANCE: 5.1 miles
PACE: 9:01

Not So Far Off...
CLEVELAND MARATHON!! Less than 2 weeks away. I'm a little Beat up. But I am trying to Buck up. Very Excited.

LOVED this recovery powder. Mixed it was Stoneyfield organic superfruit yogurt, Pineapple coconut juice and ice.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Most Important Thing.

"Commit thy way unto the Lord:trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass." Psalm 37:5

I am not a perfectionist. To be very honest, I am too absent minded to be. I would live in the land of discouragement if I tried to do everything with perfection.
That does not mean I give a half A$$ JOB.

I forget my keys, my purse, where I put my money, my phone and if my brain wasn't enclosed I am pretty sure I would dance around singing "If I Only Had a BRAIN"!

I would love the idea of being great at everything I do. I work hard, I aim high, I dislike mediocracy, However, I am not great at everything and there are many things I am totally not good at. And I am TOTALLY fine with that.

I believe God has given us different talents and different skills. We are all unique in our own way.

I am a bit broken right now. My training is still moving forward but a lot more intentional.

Life is busy. I am being disassembled in many directions. Torn apart and trying to remain whole. Trying to have a great attitude and maintain balance.

"RUNNING, RUNNING is the most important thing." Unless you are a runner you would take this simple fragmented sentence and run with it.

Before you run too far...Hear me out.

I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter. I am a follower of Christ, I am a employee, a friend, a Stylist, a youth leader, Support leader to families with loved ones addicted to drugs.

I am a RUNNER.

Running isn't my everything. But it is a who GOD made Me.
He gave me these legs, the passion, the heart to RUN. To Give HIM the Glory in every mile, In Every Victory, In Every Failure, Every injury, Every medal. HE GAVE it all too me. To Honor him, to Glorify him.


I do my best putting my Family and my Faith first. I work VERY hard to respond to both their NEEDS ands WANTS. 

But RUNNING is THEN the most important thing.

Running today with Lacey I was telling her how IMPORTANT it is to make sure I am getting my training in. It is the MOST important thing. She holds her hand up to stop me and tells me a story that had just happened to her. She responded to someone saying "RUNNING, RUNNING is EVERYTHING. She totally connected with what I was saying. The heart of a runner.

Training. It is intentional. It holds NO excuses. You can't squeeze training in. You get up early and you go to bed early. You don't spend 6 hours shopping on a long run day. You don't willy nilly your runs.
You plan your runs like you schedule a DR.s appointment.
You grit them out. Sometimes they SUCK and sometimes they ROCK. But you get it DONE!

I am not great at everything. But I am dedicated. I work HARD at the things that are important and give myself grace in the other areas.

AND I Fail OFTEN. Then I get back up and try again or realize it wasn't mine to try at all!

I Sacrifice A lot for my Running. I don't sacrifice my Family or my Faith.

Running is my Gift. It is something God has given me. I am not that great at it. I but give my all.
Running is Most Important because it is more than lacing up.

Running is Perseverance. It reminds me in life to NEVER give up.
Running is Grit. It reminds me sometimes life hurts, you have to learn to bear a little pain to see HIS purpose.
Running is Commitment. It reminds me of Integrity. Its following through what you say you are going to do.
Running is Humility. It is when you are completely empty, depleted, hurting, sore, broken that you know you are reminded you need God.

Running is the Most Important Thing. You commit, you dedicate, you persevere, You don't give up when it hurts or your discouraged. You pick it up, wipe away the pouty pants and finish what you started.

Distance: 8.01
Pace: 8:54
Concerned I may have SHIN SPLINTS! Yup, I said it. Prayers welcomed. If you think to pray for a runner..I'm your girl!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Suck-Fest: 21 miles

Mitchell Farms.

Sunday is Long RUN day.
21 miles on the books.

My son had a basketball tournament all weekend in Dearborn. My bad attitude may have begun last night. After getting scolded at work for not charging someone properly for their color, I headed to his tournament, trying to stay positive. Unfortunately, my GPS kept taking me to a Veterinary Clinic in a rough area giving room for my positive behavior to be sabotaged.

It all worked out, but we had to be back this morning. After a ugly loss I headed back home to run with Lacey.

My legs have been hurting this week. I brought my miles down as well as my pace this week to accommodate and "Listen to my body".

I had a lot of reservations about running today. I was praying my legs would miraculously be strong, pain free and I would rock out 21 miles.

Heading to Laceys at 12:10, I knew I was overdressed. This was the beginning of my whine-fest which lead to my Suck Fest.
At mile 2.3, with Lacey I dropped my jacket off on her porch.

Heading back towards our house I had to stop again.
At mile 5, I ran in to change my short sleeve shirt  for a tank top because I was overheating so fast.
One of the barns on the farm. This is off N. Holly rd.

At mile 10, we were running out of water. I didn't want to stop because it was getting harder to start back up again. We turned down Mitchell road. We asked a farmer watering his plants if he had a spicket we could refill out bottles.

We filled up and tried to calculate our miles we had to run and needed to run. Math is NOT my strong suit. Running and adding is a sure FAIL.  Lacey and I struggle calculating our runs and often need to add miles.

We headed up N.Holly road towards Belford RD. The WHINING was starting with the 1/2 mile incline.

My knee was hurting, the hill sucked and I was only half way there.

My mind started getting the best of me. As my body began to disperse aches and pains my confidence began to dwindle.

I wasn't much for conversation. My Garmin announced it was low on Battery and I felt the same.

The cars were really ticking me off as they flew by us engulfing us in a dust bomb.
Just another thing to whine about.

We had to add 3 different side streets for mileage because we kept miscalculating. We were a mile from my house but only at 19.5 miles.
I was DONE.
I was SORE.
My Garmin DIED.
I had a random SIDE STITCH
My legs HATED me.
I hated ME.
And I had to add distance PAST my street home. I had to buck up.
I pretended it was Mile 23 of my Marathon and I HAD to get through. "HEY! 8:25 min/mi, Slow down..." Lacey shared. Lacey has learned how I get on these long runs. I just wanted to be DONE.
I felt strong until that hill a half a mile from home. "I'M WALKING IT!"
Lacey was very encouraging but way stronger than I feeling. She so kindly let me walk it.
We ran that last mile in maintaining a 9min//mi.

Today was one of those runs you just struggle. Our average pace was 9:25, this was great. But it felt terrible most of the time.

Last week, I babied my body to allow me to be able to run this run. I think I need to baby my body some more!

Honey Stingers. LONG RUN Necessity!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Old Dog New Tricks: Consistency PRT 2

No Great Thing is Created Suddenly." Epictetus

The older I get the more my body is on high alert to the simplest change. I find that keeping up with my routine is my best route to prevent a barrage of issues.
  • If I don't continue to run regularly, it is harder for me to get back on my game.
  • If I do too much, too hard, I feel it for too long!
  • When I am not consistent, I find it easier to make excuses and slack more.
I think of the saying "It is hard to teach an OLD DOG new tricks." Well, This OLD BODY does better with Consistency, Repetition.
Being consistent in your running needs to start with HABIT. Not FINDING the time, rather MAKING the TIME.

Learning new habits takes Consistency. Then it takes Persistence. The longer you stay on the path of Consistency the more you will learn and grow from.
You will move from Persistence to Sacrifice. From Sacrifice to Commitment. From Commitment to Grit. From Grit to Victory.
You will watch your training go from beginner to beyond anything you thought you were capable of.
There are so many character gains as well as physical and mental challenges you will aspire to if you can make the first step: CONSISTENCY.

The only way to define your limits is to go beyond them. You don't know what you are capable of if you don't first learn how to RUN REPEAT RUN.

When I first started running, I ran 3-4 days a week. I didn't run with anyone. I didn't even know people ran together. I didn't have running shoes, a Garmin or even running clothes. My husband bought me a Nike+. He taught me how to calibrate it. I duck taped the sensor to my shoes because I couldn't afford the Nike Shoes with the pouch in the bottom.
Because life was getting consistently more stressful I found that it was easy to be consistent in my running. I could go when I wanted, all I had to do was lace up and the sidewalks never ended. I didn't have one of these fancy Jogger Strollers for my boys. I literally ran with them in a Red wagon, pulling them through town.
Each week, I would add another mile "For the Heck of it". I wasn't training for anything but it just became habit. Until one day, I realized I could run 20 miles. It wasn't until that day that I realized I was a RUNNER.

The more consistent you are in running the less you will struggle to maintain your athleticism. You should be able to reach your goals easier if you maintain a steady running routine.

I ran into a old running partner of mine at Krogers last week. "Heidi". She shared with me that she had put running on the back burner for a while but MAINTAINED her fitness in other areas.
When her sister asked her to run 6 easy miles "Heidi" agreed thinking she wouldn't have a hard time. She explained that she had to walk and had really tuckered out.
"Heidi" laughed as she said "There is NOTHING like RUNNING!"

Distance: 3 miles
* My body is pretty beat up. Sunday was 20 miles, Monday I ran between my run of over 14 miles and running with the XC kids I had closer to 17 miles. Tuesday would normally be a day of rest but due to coaching XC I had to run with the kids adding another 3+ miles. I played it smart and only ran 3 miles. I took my boxer to Sorenson park, unleashed her and let her run with me.
She took off like a racer. Sheba is very good about staying close. The only problem was she would come up from behind me and like a bat out of H*!! she would bolt past me. I could hear her coming up behind me full throttle. I couldn't get out of her way fast enough, with out knowing what side she would pass me I jumped to the right...So did she. SHE took me OUT! I went up 3 feet in the air and down sliding through the sand.
She knew what she did, coming back to check on me with her head down. She is too cute to bark at, I wasn't hurt, I just laughed at her.

"Disciplines weighs ounces, Regret weighs tons."