"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's all a bit Scary.

This morning as I ran around the track and was unpleasantly passed multiple times, I reminded myself of how much TRAINING 2016 was going to require.
I entered the track missing the memo that it would be welcoming sub 7min milers.
My head literally spun and my hair blew as these 4 speed demons continued to blow pass me. I was sweating, trying to catch my breath and struggling with my podunk tempo run. I thought I was going to be a rockstar until I watched these guys pass me multiple times stealing my thunder.
I could see them on this one side of the track coming up behind me. I decided if they were going to pass me I would at least have the prettiest running form I could muster!

Distance: 7mile Tempo Run (1mile warm up, 5miles 10k race pace, 1 mile cool down)
Time: 56 minutes.
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire: My first run in them and they were GREAT.

As I read my Christmas gift, an Ultrarunning training book, my heart did a double skip. I think I actually tasted vomit in the back of my throat. And I may have even peed my pants a little in fear of the extreme training and discipline I am going to need for 2016.

I decided to begin disciplining myself this week.
  • I stretched and rolled at home
  • I was more intentional about eating. Andy said if I lost 2 lbs he wouldn't support me..He is just blowing smoke but trying to get his point across.
  • I an intentionally trying to drink more water. The only water I like is hot over coffee beans!
  • My Nutrition: Juice PLUS and Protein smoothies
  • Cold plunge and icing
  • More weights and core

I ordered a new pair of trail shoes today, Pearl Izumi Em trail shoes. I will share them with you when I get them in. I also need to order a hydration pack. I have been looking at them for awhile now. I borrowed Rachels back in the summer on a long run and I hated it. She runs in all the time without a struggle. But for me it was heavy, hot and floppy. I actually got a nasty blister on my back. This part is going to SUCK, I hope I can learn to train with one.

HERE IS MY LAST GIVEAWAY for 2015!! Keep in EYE out for it!

GUESS MY MILES for 2015. CLOSEST WINS!!! Remember I am going to the running store tomorrow...


The prize will have some of my FAVORITES. Like Items from Honey Stinger, Cliff and Burts Bee.
So Far if you are following me...JOAN is the closest!


Monday, December 28, 2015

Take Your Breath Away

LIFE is moving forward regardless of whether we are or not. 2015 is coming to a close.

It was a year of great distance but not great speed.
It was a year of healing and recovery, emotionally and physically.
It was a year of new friendships and running partners.

It was NOT a year of PR's.
It was not a YEAR of Complacency.

  • March: Rock CF  Half Marathon POT O GOLD 4MILER
  • May: Bayshore Marathon
  • June: Wings Of Mercy5K
  • August: Crim10M
  • September: Woodstock 50M
  • October: Det.Freepress Marathon/ Headless Horseman 10K
  • November: Clarkston Backroads Half Marathon
REGRETS, yeah maybe a few. I ran a lot on fear. Injury is like the black shadow of doom.
It literally hoovers over you, taunting you. It is teasing you to add a couple more hills, increase you pace and tack on just a few more miles. I always play it safe. Scared to push my luck.Maybe I am a bigger wuss than I think I am.  I find a happy medium that pushes just enough to know I am not a slacker but not to much that I could possibly get hurt.
The Reality: I could have pushed it harder.

At the end of the day or the year as it approaches just days away, I am grateful for an entire year of recovery from the dreaded IT Band injury I had in 2014.

I ran another Ultra. I had a love affair with the trails.
Running the trails took me out of my comfort zone. Running in the woods birthed a passion in me. There was a lot of fear running alone. Overcoming that fear to experience the beauty that lies hidden from the pollution of the world is LIVING.
I would find myself singing and dancing to the foliage and the creatures hidden. My heart would skip beats like a first kiss. The morning air touched my skin leaving me breathless and wanting more. It was love. The trails romanced me. My skin was silky from the perspiration but it was dewy and welcomed.  I would daydream how soon I could play in its paths. I wasn't very graceful but the trails were forgiving, gently teaching me with each step.
This was living for me.

Time is moving.  Days to weeks. Live life Intentionally. This world has so much to experience. By doing nothing that is exactly what you are going to get, NOTHING.

Step out of the box. Do something that scares you. Chase your  dreams, create incredible memories.
Believe in yourself. Take Your Breath Away.

Went to Genesys at 8am. I slept like totally crap last night. 6am came and WENT!
I am tapering for my Disney Marathon. I had big plans to run 10-12 miles today, however I had a brain fart. "WHY? I am tapering."
I ran on the TM for hill repeats and speed drills. It is always a good run when your shins are sweating after only 4 miles!
As much fun as beating myself up on a 6% incline was I knew I had more in me.  I took my socks off to throw some kicks into the heavy bag. I didn't quit till I was out of breath and the tops of my feet were beet red.
The ICING on the cake was 10 minutes in the cold plunge to recover. Fresh legs.

After leaving I GOT NEW SHOES at Baumans!
Mizuno Wave Inspire, I usually run in Brooks but they didn't have mine in. I have ran in Mizunos and didn't have any issues. They are just a little PURPLE!!

Can't wait to see what memories these new shoes give me. I am sure they will take my breath away, make me want to puke and leave me sore! Worth it!

Baumans is having a huge sale, since my shoes were on sale it made perfect sense I needed to own the windbreaker that was on sale too!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Running gifts: Spoiled

It has been a few days. A few days of crazy for me.
I have been more disciplined at getting my miles in over my writing.

December isn't my favorite month. It is busy. It is emotional. It is chaotic. I refrained from doing several posts just because of the unstable emotions I was undergoing.

But I didn't miss a run. My love of running is enough to drag me out of a pit. It is my safe place.

This month I ran with Claudia, Jeff and I had treadmill wars, Lacey, Danielle and today I ran 12 miles with Joan at Genesys.

Christmas I received lots of running goodies. My favorite gifts.

  1. Camelback H2O container
  2. Sports bra/tank
  3. Brooks 5inch running shorts (Lacey spoiled me)
  4. Brooks beanie
  5. Nike running long sleeve/neck warmer running shirt
  6. HONEY STINGER waffles and chews
  7. Hal Koerner's Field guide to Ultrarunning
  8. Nike running pants
  9. Sealskinz running socks, officially the most expensive running socks I own $42!
  10. Balega running socks.
  11. Fleet feet STUART Fl running teeshirt

This week I will add a new pair of running shoes to the list. Tomorrow it is on my "To do list", I am in dire need. I also need to invest in a new pair of trail shoes.

It is dangerous for me going into any running or sporting goods store. My endorphins start firing in the parking lot upon arrival! I am like a kid in a candy store. I want to touch everything. I hold it, put it up to me, smell it and try to sneak it to the cash register.

Well, I am getting a little caught up. Before the end of the year I will post my 2015 miles. My races accomplished and my 2016 Goals.

HERE IS MY LAST GIVEAWAY for 2015!! Keep in EYE out for it!

GUESS MY MILES for 2015. CLOSEST WINS!!! Remember I am going to the running store tomorrow...

That's all for now. I am going to read what Hal has to say and go to bed with anxiety!


Monday, December 21, 2015

A bowl of Suck: Forgivness

Yesterday was my birthday. Yesterday was my long run. Yesterday was a big bowl of SUCK.

Quite possibly the worst birthday in years.
I share a lot with you. But the details are so bad I think it would be better not to disclose them.

I had 22 miles to run. I decided I would run until my legs fell off. Then I would crawl. Then I would die. It was a perfect plan.

My first 5 miles, I cried so hard I had to stop because I couldn't even breath. My eyes were swollen and my make-up was smeared across my face.
I HATE CRYING. I feel like I should be able to control myself. I don't like being out of control.
I ran with my head down to avoid any eye contact with the locals. I didn't want anyone to see me in my pathetic state.

I was meeting Lacey to run. I told her I needed a few miles to recover before I ran with her. She calmed me down and kept me from running in front of any cars.

22 miles shockingly got misjudged and turned into 23 miles. 23 miles on my 42nd birthday. It literally took that many miles, good counsel and company to settle me down.
My tear stained cheeks dried up. I was able to dig myself out of a black pit.  I could think clearly, calmly.
I felt forgiveness.
My Goofy Challenge is coming up in less then 3 weeks. With a sore body I knew I still needed to get some miles in today.
I wanted to run first thing in the morning, However, 35' degrees and rain just made me snuggle deeper into the cotton sheets.

I was supposed to run with Lacey again, I knew she wasn't going to make it.
The rain paused between 3-5 this afternoon. I gave Claudia a call to see if she wanted to join me. I miss running with her. She showed up a little after 3 and together we had a great 6 miler.


FORGIVENESS: Holding a grudge hurts you more than the person your upset with. It is the worst feeling living with angst and bitterness. I have NO ROOM for that. I have enough of my own demons that I battle with, I don't like to battle with bitterness and anger.
I have had some disgusting and hurtful things intentionally done to me. Seriously, things done that I don't speak of. Things that make my skin crawl, my stomach turn and vomit rise. I have let it all go. I have done things myself that make me even sick to my stomach. I have hurt myself and I have hurt others. You have to let go of the bondage that holds you in the UGLY PLACE.
Most of my forgiveness NEVER came with an apology. NEVER came with even acknowledgment.  And often they point the finger at YOU.
It's OK.
FORGIVENESS isn't a gift to them. It is a GIFT to YOU.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Isaiah 40:31 
"But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."

I have been giving 100% effort to push out 75% productivity.

I actually made a Dr.s appointment for today to find out why I am not sleeping. I had a few other issues that I addressed and forgot to ask about my sleep issues.
I got poked enough that I thought I might start leaking.
No news until my blood work comes back. HOWEVER, Good news, I weighed in at 105 LBS! It must be that Peanut Brittle my client Bill makes me every year. AMAZING and worth every pound.

My last few runs it has taken EVERYTHING in me to lace up. I am normally taking December down a few notches and running for the FUN of it.
RUNNING is fun, that's what I know best. Its what I like the most. I am a runner, that's what we do.
I am tired of the training part.
I am tired of that VOICE saying "GET OUT THERE."

This morning I was a total mess. I couldn't finish a sentence without interrupting myself. As I went to check on the eggs on the stove I realized I left the refrigerator door open. "Hmm, what was I getting in the fridge?" Back to the eggs. I heard the dog whining, I forgot to let her out. "OH CRAP the eggs." My coffee sat on the counter forgotten about and getting cold. And then the kids came into the kitchen to add more voices to the ones that were already chaos in my mind.

No matter what I knew I needed to hear Gods Voice above my own. I needed to run. Even though I didn't want to do anything other that crawl back in bed and try the morning all over again, I knew I needed to run.
I was scatterbrained and discouraged by my mistakes and behavior. I was mad at myself that I couldn't just flip a switch and have it "ALL together".
I felt broken.
I felt like a lemon. I had so much wrong with me, could we just turn my mind in for a new model.

I could hear a still small voice.
"DON'T quit"
"Pull it together, lace up your shoes, calm down and RUN Anita."

I lost my keys, then I lost my phone. Alec was patiently waiting in the car for me. I lost the charger to my Garmin. This is charger #2.  I wanted to hit myself over the head. I was supposed to be going to the gym. Frantically searching my mind and the house, I found everything BUT my charger.

I dropped Alec off at school and came home to run. I was to frazzled.

My body fought me for 3 miles. The chatter in my mind slowly dissolved. The fog started to lift.
I instantly gave thanks to God.

This time of year many of us struggle. We have lost loved ones. We suffer from grief, heart break, confusion, finances and relationships.
Our hormones are out of whack and the dreary days suck the leftover life right out of us.
It might take EVERYTHING you have to get out of bed.
It might take EVERYTHING you have to LACE up your shoes and run.
It might even take EVERTHING you have to SMILE.

BUT don't give up. Don't quit trying.

Distance: 7 miles
Pace: 8:25
I was fueled by a runner friend of mine, ERIN'S husband. He honked his horn and shared the BIGGEST smile as he drove by.
And when I got home I found my charger, I went directly to it, it was right where I left it!


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Not one of our smarter RUNS! Polly Ann Trail

Have you ever found yourself knee deep in what you thought was a good idea?

I had always bragged that Sky Diving was on my bucket list. Until I found myself in the Parking Lot of a surprise anniversary gift. I couldn't eat my words fast enough.
That memory is now on my list of "Favorite Moments" and I would totally do it again...I think!

This past weekend I had to get my long run in, 20 miles. Saturday night was really the only feasible option.
Lacey is the adventurer. She loves to run in different areas so when she suggested we run the Polly Ann trail in Lk. Orion it sounded brilliant. Flat, fast and virtually NO way of getting lost! The only down fall would be that we would be running in the dark.

From the shoot my body was fighting our grand plan.  When I removed my socks in front of Lacey we were both mortified by what we saw. After working all day, for 2 days, on my feet, no lunch, no break my ankles looked like sausages. The quilted pattern from my boots were actually pressed into my ankles and calves. "20 miles on these?" I panicked but finished getting dressed so we could get as much daylight as possible.

We parked the van a little after 4:30. It still seemed like a good idea.

It could have been when my legs were pulsing and we had only ran 2 miles.
It could have been when we saw a deer staring at us but because it was dusk I thought it was a car driving down the trail!
It could have been when we passed a guy with two dogs. One of the dogs had that deep guttural growl that clearly said "RUN FASTER.". Just a few feet from watching him grab his dog 3 feet IN THE air from eating us, we  heard him yell. We then realized one of his dogs got loose. Lacey and I FROZE. "UGH, please get your dog..." When it was safe Lacey and took off in the dark.
It could have been running in the dark with weird noises all around us. We began to get jittery and creeped out especially when a Razor was on the path and passed us twice!
It could have been when we realized we didn't even know what CITY we were running in.
It could have been when we didn't have cell phone service.
It could have been when we passed a trailer park and I remembered all my creepy neighbors I had as a kid.
It could have been when I started looking for places to hide or realizing people could be hiding on us.
It could have been when the car almost blew the stop sign almost hitting Lacey.

"Lacey, I think we should turn around...I am getting a little creeped out."
I had watched too many episodes of Forensic Files the night before. My mind was getting the best of me. I saw myself getting attacked by some social outcast. The police were scraping under my finger nails for DNA to find my murderer.
We turned around at 8 miles out.

With several miles under my belt my legs felt even worse. They were pulsing. My left Achilles was aching. My calf was following its lead.

It was as dark as the ace of spades. We hardly saw these 2 guys on the trail coming towards us. We did see their dog coming after us without a leash though.
"AHH" we halted frozen with fear as the owners tried to grab him. Hardly able to see even with our lights we began to move towards them. One guy was on a segue, the other guy was clutching his UNLEASHED PIT BULL! I seriously about died as we cautiously passed them.
"LACEY RUN FASTER" I whispered.
The one guy laughed "HEY, watch out for the WEREWOLVES!"
I yelled back "I'm more afraid of your dog then the WEREWOLVES!"

It was a perfect evening for Werewolves. There was a dense fog that hung thick. The air was wet and damp. You couldn't see the moon or the stars it was so foggy.

We couldn't have finished fast enough for our brilliant idea to be nothing more that a memory.

I got 18 miles in. I could have done 20. I let my mind own my mileage from the beginning. I was at peace with it!

Next time we run the Polly Ann trail, it will be an all together brilliant idea with DAYLIGHT and MACE!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Walking Billboard

"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light." Psalm 36:9

A couple weeks ago there was a Facebook post that shared a game  of sorts. The person who posted it allowed this "Page" to review their Facebook to discover that  persons top personality traits. I have seen several other games that discover what Disney Character you are, What kind of a parent you are, and so forth.
It made me think "What kind of a Billboard am I". My curiosity got me and I actually allowed this page to review my Facebook. I was pleased with the results. Of course I am not the Facebook user that puts all her flaws on Facebook, I usually use my Blog for that!

It said I was an "Encourager" amongst other things. I love to encourage people. I love people. Some people are harder to love that others, but I know I am hard to LOVE for some also.

But it also "encouraged" me to take a look at who I Display.
What do others see in me? I studied the posts that I have been tagged in. The posts I had shared.  I reviewed the pictures I shared and I read several of the comments.

"My Billboard" is the same as My Testimony.

The list of my important facets in my Life go in this Order:
  1. God
  2. Family/Friends
  3. Health/Running
  4. Work
Keeping God at the top helps me to try and keep my testimony in all the other areas.

I fail often.
I am FAR from perfect.
I struggle daily

But what I REALLY wanted to see was "Could you tell by my posts, comments, tags that I Loved the Lord, Or did I look like the rest of the World? Do I look different?

I Should LOOK different. Not in a freakish way. But I should be "Set Apart"

My Billboard advertises my crazy and imperfect family.
My Billboard advertises my passion for running.
And Yes, without being "In YOUR FACE" my billboard does advertise my Love for the Lord.
(I heard a great quote today " The fastest way to become a Pharisee is to hate a Pharisee." I want people to see LOVE on my billboard)

"What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?" Mark 8:36

The Question is What does YOUR Billboard say?? Who are you? If you are a Christian could people tell? Are you set Apart without being judgement? Are you Set Apart and yet still love those that are not always so lovable, or a little different than you? 

Wednesday: GYM 7 miles, Intervals and hill workout on the TM.
Thursday: INDIAN SPRINGS with Danielle 10 miles. Great RUN and so glad to run with Danielle, it was too long.

So I am doing something I have NEVER done before. I normally do not run very often on my work days. I am on my feet all day and I am a wuss.
The only way I could get my long run in this weekend was to run SATURDAY AFTER WORK!
Lacey and I are going to meet and do the PollyAnn trail Saturday after working all day. 20 miles! Lots of people do this run after working all day, I can do this. I keep trying to talk my self into this! It will NOT be a FAST 20 miler but it will be a FUN one considering we will be finishing it up in the DARK!
I am not real familiar with the trails. I will have us LOST for sure. If anyone has information on the best place to park PLEASE let me know!
We will also be looking for a good place to eat, Suggestions appreciated!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Happy Trails and Happy TAILS!

I knew when Alec started vomiting at 10:30 it was going to be a LOONG night.

My body was sore and I was tired. Not the "Tired" you fall right to sleep, rather the "Tired" your legs and body are restless but your mind is begging for sleep.
I gave Lacey her early Christmas present! She like my hat and didn't know I purchased her one too!

It was 1:30am and I hadn't fell asleep yet. My legs were twitching from my 18 mile run with Lacey. Alec had finally feel asleep on an extra mattress he drug into our room.
I decided to get up and see what I could do to try and fall asleep. The Nyquil was empty, however, I found the bottle of Motrin and swallowed 3 with some warm faucet water. Half sleeping, I fought between Icy Hot and Dr Teals Lavender lotion with Epson salt to find some muscular relief.  I squeezed a handful of  Dr. Teals in my hands and massaged the cream deep into my legs. My legs looked like they went through a meat grinder I rubbed them so hard. My legs had instant relief.

My Monday consisted of me sleeping in until 8am. It was so foreign to still be in bed and Andy already gone. When I finally came alive, 6 hours of sleep was as good as it was going to get.  Alec was sleeping as I tip toed around him.

Drinking my coffee, my thoughts became more clear. I was able to make peace with the fact that my day was NOT going to be what I thought it was.
A two hour trail run was NOT going to happen. I knew I needed to run, I had a funeral at 11am. Funerals are always so emotionally depleting. It was an addiction related death. These really strike me hard.  I needed to run to sift through my emotions and balance me back out. December the 8th is the anniversary of my mothers death. I just really needed all the time I could get running.

After coming home from the funeral, I asked Alec "Alec, would it be OK if I went for a trail run, just a few miles?"  It was almost 2pm.

Alec moved his head from the TV and responded "YEAH, that's fine, BUT if you are not home by 3:30 I am calling dad!" He wasn't sick enough to NOT worry about his mother on the trails.

If your on Instagram I shared this pic with a mini devotion. What do YOU see??

HOLDRIDGE WEST LOOP. The West Loop is a 4 mile loop unless you:

1.     Add the technical loop

2.     GET lost.

Yup, I did it again. I got lost. At mile 3, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I saw two hikers out there and I wasn't lost then.  Coming through the trails, I saw a man in orange with his lab. His unleashed lab approached me with enthusiasm. I reached down to pet him. He licked my hands as his owner smalled talked. Then from licking my hands he must have decided he REALLY like me as he mounted my leg with a death grip. "OH" I giggled. It was an awkward response but it was all I could say. He quickly grabbed his frisky pooch and I never saw them again!

It wasn't far after that I took a wrong turn!

I ran 5 miles. The trails gave me so much peace. The air was crisp. There was a dense fog that saturated the woods. It was majestic. The woods were brown and lifeless but the moss glowed with this brilliance, it made the woods come alive. I could hear my feet tapping across the wet leaves, giving life to the stillness on the trails.

I was in my happy place.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Can Running make you SEXY?

My favorite TM at Genesys was open. Its a snap decision between the track and the TM. Only about 20 feet separate the two running tools.
My hands were full with all my running doo-hickies. I set my HoneyStinger waffle and chews in the cup holder on the left. I set my phone, water and gum in the cup holder on the right. I hung my hoodie up on the bar and I set my Runners World magazine up in front of me to hide the screen.

The GOAL: 7 miles @ a sub 8min/mi. Incline 1/2%
Nice Solid run. Get done and get out of the gym.

After punching in my digits in the TM I noticed the cover of the running magazine. A chubby Ultra runner in red briefs. He had a great smile and was sporting a very festive half naked look. Not my idea of Sexy I thought to myself. But then I thought "Neither am I" who am I to talk?!

Andy took my BMI a couple days ago and I am under weight. Skinny is NOT sexy. I know this. My Sexy days are over. I am a mom of two, in my 40's and happily married, striving to be SEXY hasn't been a thought for years.
I am forever getting people ask me if I eat. Even on the TM Jeff and another regular from the gym approached me at mile 2. The "Other Guy" smiling says "Girl, Do YOU EAT?"  I laughed and showed him my Honey Stinger waffles and chews. "Breakfast!"

After they left, I fixed my eyes back on Festive half naked Runner smiling at me.
Good for Him.
As I ran on the TM my body felt strong. My shoulders were back, my abs were tight and I felt kinda SEXY myself.
NOW, I am the farthest thing from Sexy.
BUT, ANDY thinks I am Sexy.
I look at these girls with beautiful curves. I can't compete even with a roll of Charmin. There isn't enough toilet paper to stuff my A Cup bra. I have the body of a pubescent BOY!
BUT, Andy thinks I am Sexy.

I still have a flat belly, one of Andys favorites. Andy has always been a "Butt man". Being Mexican has allowed me to still have a little bootie even being underweight.
I have been married almost 20 years. I still have a husband that compliments me EVERYDAY. It gets a little annoying when I am cooking dinner and he walks in with his coat and shoes still on to cop a feel. Or "Hey, whatcha wearing?" he giggles with a flirty look as he is looking down my pants. "UGH!"

I LOVE sweatpants. NOT very SEXY.  I roll the elastic down and wear a tank top to clean the house. I will look up and see Andy just staring at me. "UGH, Seriously Andy?"
He has this favorite response "HEY, You should be happy I still find you SEXY."
Even in sweatpants Andy finds me Sexy.

Running keeps me strong, agile and yes, I believe SEXY. I think that Guy on the cover of Runners World Felt SEXY. And good for HIM.
It feels good to be in your 40's and know you really aren't "SEXY material" but you can still turn your spouses head. You can still Feel Sexy!

Distance: 8 Miles, 7 miles sub 8, last quarter of a mile @ sub 6min/mi. 1 mile cool down with Jeff on the track. Getting some coaching from him.
I gotta say the TM had me jamming. I was in such a groove. I was running a sub 8 minute mile and doing some dance moves on the TM. I found myself dropping my shoulders and throwing the guns in the air! I would skip a step with ease. I was having my own party on the TM to the music in my ears. And in my party, I was SEXY! Sweaty, make-upless, smelly but Sexy!


Monday, November 30, 2015

I Think Myself Happy. Trails.

"I think myself happy..." Acts 26.2
It took me a couple times to lunge my body into this crack in the trees. I was determined!

I remember the first time I heard this verse. It was right after I had ran the Boston Marathon in 2014. I was still flying high on emotions. I had ran the Boston marathon in 2013 the year of the bombing, taking my family with me. Coming home from that marathon was devastating. My youngest, Alec was 11 at the time. He still struggles with residual damage from the bombing. Going back in 2014 seemed like a great idea to get my family to learn to turn their fear to faith.
We all came back from the marathon in 2014 safe and secure. I came home overdosed on happiness. When I heard the verse then correlated the 26.2 with it, I Felt like God was talking directly to me.
"Yes, I am Happy, 26.2 miles of happiness.

Today, I ran the Wilderness trail out at Holly Rec. I met Kris and Rachel. The two of them were more familiar with the trails. Kris will run the trails alone, I am a little apprehensive to run alone.
We would still be in there had I led and not Kris!
This is where we started and finish.

  1. I get lost even with a map.
  2. I have trust issues. TRUST No ONE especially when you are a twirp.
During our 2nd loop, 11 mile run, I must have complimented how awesome the run was, the trails were, the weather was and how beautiful the woods were.
I was SO happy.

I had some concerns going into our run. Was my body going to be strong after my long run the day before? Did I dress properly? Could I leave the woods injury free?

"For as he thinks within himself, so he is..." Proverbs 23:7
To be totally honest with you. When I touched base with Kris to see if we were still running the trails this morning there was a small voice of fear that wanted her to back out. Fear that my body was going to be too sore to run. Fear that I wouldn't be able to keep up.
I began to question myself. Question my training. Question my strength, stamina and abilities.
I loved seeing the Sun coming through the trees. You cant get that in the gym,

When Kris responded the details of our run my mind did a 180'. 
Determined to make the most out of my run I knew I had to change my stinking thinking.
I love running trails. I had my own personal chauffeur to direct me around them. My body felt great, I wasn't sore at all.
I had to get over myself. I was getting more and more stoked.
Happiness does not come from a circumstance or a situation. It doesn't just show up at the mouth of the trail. It has to be coaxed. As much as I love running the trails I had myself backed into a corner based on fear. Fear that would have dismissed an epic trail run with no remorse.


The things we think about permeate in our every fiber. If we allow negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, insecure thoughts or defeating thoughts to absorb our Faith, Love, Security, they will have victory over us preventing us from experiencing life in its fullness.

The first loop with the girls went very smooth...too smooth. The second loop we were all feeling it. It was the second loop that we all tripped. We never ate the dirt but our gazelle like prancing had a few blunders. I twisted my ankle, jumping up trying to recover. There was no making it look pretty, it was an ugly twist, like when that chicks head turns around on the Exorcist. However, even with twisted ankles,  heavy breathing, tired legs we were filled with gratitude. We had taken time to pray together, laugh with each other and soak in the beauty all around us. Not for one minute taking our run for granted.

What are you allowing to have Victory over YOU? Are you choosing fear, insecurity, envy etc. over Love, Peace, Joy, etc. ?

Kris, Rachel and ME!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


"If you under-train, you may not finish, but if you over-train, you may not start."
Stan Jenson Ultra Runner Extrordinaire

I am still battling this head cold thing. It feels like I have rocks in my head. When I tip my head upside down, you know when I am head banging to Motley Crue or Bon Jovi, my head feels like it is going to explode.
I am trying to cut back on my 90's big hair bands, they make me wanna thrash, however, until this head cold passes I gotta put my pleather pants and Aquanet away!
Actually, my new FAVORITE running song is My House by Flo rida, no head banging there.

I wish I would have had it downloaded for my 16 miler this afternoon.

"Experienced runners learn to respect the changing needs of their bodies. That's the wisdom that comes with time, and for good or bad-with age." Fred Lebow
Distance: 16.33
Pace: 8:53
It was amazing out there today. The high was only 36' but I was shedding clothes. I wore black clothes to attract the sun and heat me up.
3 layers: sports bras, doesn't count, short sleeve tee-shirt, long sleeve jacket, black vest. I wore gloves, and a light weight hat that covers my ears.
I was actually wearing 3 items that I purchased from "POSHMARK". This is a site that sells new and used clothing.
My Blue LUCY jacket I purchased practically brand new for 20$: brand new 80$
My HEAD gloves I purchased NWT for 9$: new at 20$
My Saucony running shoes with just a few miles on them 19$: Regular $100. The running shoes I asked several questions before purchasing them. The way I looked at it, if I didn't like them I was only out 19$ and could use them as walking shoes. However, I ran over 16 miles in them without a blister! They are very PINK but oh well.
I picked Lacey up at her house at my 6 mile marker. Together we knocked out 10 miles together. Everything about the run was great. We were aiming for sub 9min/mi with a 20-30 second walk break. I wanted to add the walk break in there to balance me adding 2 miles this week to my run.
With Lacey just a couple months from recovering she was holding a strong pace.
I was pumping sunshine up her butt. She struggles with compliments similar to me. It must be a ACOA thing.
"Well, Anita, your the strong one, your running 15.5 miles going up at hill at a 8:35 pace." Lacey forwarded the compliment my way.
It just felt so good.
We had 3 more rollers to tackle towards home.
"So Anita, does running faster make it go by faster?" Lacey had noticed I picked up the pace. I just wanted to get to the end. It really seemed like it made sense, RUN FASTER, GET DONE FASTER. Brilliant concept!
Our last mile we ran at a 7:45min/mi. Even though my watch displayed over 16 miles, Lacey still had a little more to go. I wanted to FINISH her distance out but it was up hill. Lacey pulled the plug on it. "No Nita, your not running up that hill, your DONE, run smart."
The voice of reason. 
I am so blessed with good running partners.

After I finish running outside in the cold, I really want a HOT Epson salt bath with Lavender. I crave it. The hot bath is a calorie free craving unlike every other craving I have had this Thanksgiving week!
I want to turn the jets on my sore muscles, go into the nothing box and try to warm up.

Funny the things you crave after a long run.

What Do YOU crave after a long run??


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Whats for Wednesday?!

WELL...its the day before Thanksgiving and I am JUST NOW sitting down at 9:55pm.

I made it to the gym to run a few easy miles with Jeff.  We ran 3 miles at a conversational pace. My conversation. Jeff kept asking me questions so I would do all the talking because he was struggling talking at our pace. Paula, a dear friend of mine was laughing at Jeff when he was stretching. He was whining about his body falling apart and I think I was making fun of him when she shared a great quote, "The older I get the better I thought I was." 

The day had to fall in place perfectly.

6:30am-7:30 Kids, breakfast school
8am-10am Gym, shower and get ready for day.
Grocery store for last minute items
10:30 am home, make White chicken chili for lunch
11:30-12:15 pick up Alec from school and bring him home, clean up and grab goods for PIE Day
12:15-5 PIE day at moms! Maw maw Smith and I taught my niece how to make homemade pie crust and buttermilk pie. We also made mini pumpkin pies.

From the time I came home I haven't stopped cleaning and cooking. I am hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow. I LOVE cooking but it is a lot of work. My boys do not like to cook. I would LOVE an extra hand in the kitchen.
I made Ham rolls.
The prep for Bread Pudding, I make a killer bread pudding with vanilla sauce.
2 buttermilk pies
A dozen mini pumpkin pies
Peeled 10lbs of potatoes
I did the prep work for the stuffing. Sautéing onions, parsley, sausage, carrots, garlic, apples and at the end I add a half cup of golden raisins. I love the sweet and savory thing. Tomorrow, I will add cornbread and whole wheat stuffing with eggs, heavy cream and broth.
Its not low fat but its portion control. I used to struggle so bad with eating issues, I am so grateful I have discovered I can enjoy rich foods, I just have to A: RUN MORE or B: EAT LESS!

I am getting up at the butt crack of dawn to get the bird in the oven so I can RUN! Its my Prozac!
Lacey and I attempted a group run in the morning but no one really bit. Looks like her and I will have our own little Turkey Trot!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. We all really have so much to be thankful for. Even on our worst days we are blessed.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Running on UGH.

If its in your Head,Get out of bed,
If its in your Chest, its best to rest.

A little rhyme that helps to remind me when to run, when to whine and when to just chill OUT!
I am going on a week of this nonsense. You know your sick when COFFEE doesn't even sound good.
I have removed sugar, processed food and have drank so much green tea I think I may turn green. I have gone through boxes of tissue, Chapstick, a bag of throat lozenges and think I may have to go to a 12 step program I have drank so much NyQuil.
I have gone from uncontrollable sneezing to coughing fits that trigger my gag reflex sending me grabbing myself and running to the toilet trying to not throw up bile. Unfortunately, I can hardly eat and really look emaciated.
Not feeling very feminine. There is just NOTHING cute about my overall sickly appearance. There isn't enough makeup to cover the dark circles or chapped nose. Not to mention, I cut my hair off and cant even style it pretty. I am winded trying to blow it dry.

To prepare for my long run this week, it seemed like a wise idea to rest yesterday. I was hoping I would be fresh and healthy when I woke up.
I woke up to Andy wanting to kick me out of bed I was coughing so bad.

I HAD to RUN 15 miles.   Come Hell or High water it had to get done.

Getting the boys ready for school and making breakfast, I started packing my bag for the gym.
Running outside WASN'T AN OPTION I was entertaining. We had just gotten out first snow and it came in like a lion, 12 inches.

I tried to eat some eggs and turkey sausage but struggled getting it down like I did my half a cup of coffee.
"Great, I'm running with no fuel, sick and long, this ought to be a complete disaster." I thought.

Dreadmill or Track?
I got to the gym without forgetting anything at 8am. I stretched and rolled. I brought the newest issue to Runnersworld to read on the treadmill. Over 2 hours on the dreadmill, then having to  turn it back on after it shuts down because you exceed the time limit sounded dreadful. Everything honestly sounded dreadful. I could literally HEAR myself whining about everything.
I ended up on the track.

GOAL: 15 miles between 9-9:15 min/mi
My first 2 miles I nailed , both at a 9:06. It felt awful. I could hardly breath and I felt drained.
Then I got distracted, I saw my favorite runner, JEFF! Jeff wasn't supposed to be back at the gym until December. I cheered up seeing the old timer and gave him a HIGH Five. I somehow found the energy to find out what he was running.
Jeff was running 3 miles at a 9:30min/mi. I came along side him, or maybe he came along side me because we were running MY PACE not his.
We didn't talk much, I could tell I was pushing him. Even with so few words shared I still managed to mess up my splits.
That 3 miles got me to 5 miles and I hated seeing him leave me. Alone to run in my own misery.
"Just make it to 10 miles."
Then I saw Bill Kahn. He was running faster than me, he usually does but it gave me a silent partner.
Bill didn't know it but he got me to my 10 miles then he too disappeared.
The last 5 miles were alone but not alone. The track was packed. I had plenty of people to run with. I tried to focus on runners ahead of me only they kept leaving. Maybe I was scaring them off. I was breathing like a zombie, my lips were dry and my throat was pasty. I had water and my Honeystinger chews but every time I took a drink I got a gut wrenching side stitch. I named my side stitch "Claudia" for comic relief.
I thought that if I ran maybe I could run my cold out of me. No such luck. I just had to finish. I was getting dizzy from my head hurting and I had a loogey stuck in my throat, disgusting. I decided to pick up the pace and just finish.
Counting my miles down, I discovered I was a numerical mess. Between the overhead clock, my splits, my pace, my clock on my old Timex I was so confused. I didn't want to run anymore than I wanted to think this hard.
I finished at what I thought was 15 miles....

When I got home and fussed with the history on my watch I realized I ran 14.25 miles. I didn't grieve to hard over that lost mile. I didn't have the energy too.
Distance: 14.25
Time: 2:07:47
Average pace: 8:56
Fastest mile: 8:39
Even sick I nailed my goal, sorta. I worked hard, it hurt and yes, It SUCKED.
I took a super hot shower hoping I could bake the sickness out of me. Then I sat in the sauna hoping I could sweat it out, only to discover I was actually chilled in there. I just needed to go home.

Being a mom and hosting Thanksgiving doesn't give you much time to recover. I am living on a prayer at this point.

What is the Sickest YOU have been and thought RUNNING would heal you?


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stressing your Body.

Some days you have to just roll with it.
My day did not unfold in a way that was planned at all.

My routine Thursday run with Danielle was canceled, making me have to actually come up with a plan.

Last night, reality hit me that I will be running the Disney Goofy Challenge in 7 weeks. I have not ran more than a 13 mile long run since the Detroit Freep Marathon. Granted, the last 3 weeks I have had a 13 miler each week. But I need to step it up.
I shared this information this morning with Andy and he confidently replied "Anita, you are always Marathon ready, you will be fine."

"The purpose of training is to stress the body, so when you rest it will grow stronger and more tolerant of the demands of distance running."
David Costill professor of exercise science at Ball State University.

I didn't plan on running 13 miles today. Especially after yesterdays hill run and leg work out.
Wednesdays Rundown: 5 miles of rain, mud, backroad, trails and HILLS. My GOAL was to maintain an average pace until I approached the hills. At the base of the hills, I would run between a 7-7:30min/mi. up them.
When I run that hard it allows me to pick up the pace without it registering with my body. So my "Average" pace actually becomes better than average without realizing it due to the effort level I put in on the hill sprints.
That is a reason why intervals are so good for you, It allows you to program your body and mind for pain, it toughens you up. You think you are running easy because of your effort level, only to look down and see that you are running faster than you "FEEL".
Because I just wasn't hurting enough, when I came home I decide to beat myself up more. I started out just recovering with my foam roller and a yoga matt. Somehow, I ended up out of breath again doing squats, lunges and legs.
I wanted to do sit-ups and abs except I have a 2 inch scab on my tailbone from over doing it Sunday and Monday.
Thursdays Rundown: Unplanned and total last minute, Claudia text me to meet her at the Red Devil to run at 9am when she is out of yoga.  We were on for 8 miles.
I knew I needed to get in more than 8 miles. With the sun shining, I headed out to get 5 miles in beforehand.
I kept waiting for my body to loosen up. I thought maybe if the right song came on I would have more energy.
Or maybe I should have ate more than just a banana.
Maybe I should have rolled more..stretched more...PRAYED MORE...
My legs were screaming at me. I was grateful everything other than my pulverized muscles still loved me.
"Anita, sometimes you need to run on sore legs." I looked at my watch with only 4 miles on it and told myself  "You are what YOU THINK, I can do this, I can do this, 11 more to go.."
Meeting Claudia, was exactly what I needed. I slowed down a little more and enjoyed just listening to her stories. I quit managing my pace. The wind picked up and about knocked us back. It was all I had to barrel forward. There was no room to complain as I was running in November in SHORTS!
A FOX crossed in front of us, that was another highlight on our run. It gave me a few minutes of forgetting how bad my butt and legs hurt.

I am thinking next week I will have to have a 15 miler. Monday is looking like the only possible day. Maybe Sunday. I really wanted to get a run in on the trails. The trails scare me, my directionally challenged mind will  turn a 15 mile trail run into a 20 mile, 5 hour Amber Alert.

Anyone else out there signed up for a January Marathon???


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When you want to come out swinging

I am this twirpy,100lb pipsqueak. A middle child. I have always been told that what I lack in height I make up for in volume.
Growing up was never a quiet adventure. When you grow up in the chaos of addiction you are always in the ring.
You fight to be heard.
You fight to be loved.
You fight to love.
You fight to have faith.
You fight to forgive.
You fight to understand.
You fight to accept.
You fight to survive.

For me it is natural to want to fight.
By that statement alone, you may think I am a scrapper or maybe think I have a chip on my shoulder.

But in content, it means I don't accept things I don't agree with. I'm not confrontation or argumental. I'm just not a victim or someone's mental, physical or verbal abuse.
Most of the time the fight is internal.
Its an emotional dialogue that is interceded with fact, truth, pain or disappointment.

That "fight" has to be fought between "self" before presented outwardly or I believe it is a lost battle.
"Hurting people hurt people"

Recently, I have been suffering a silent battle.
The fight from the beginning never felt natural.

The battle of accusation is an offensive play. Us fighters want to defend ourselves. We want to get in the ring and fight back. No one likes to stand there taking verbal blows. It hurts.

I researched old memories. I tried to locate all the words, situations, circumstances to retaliate. But it  just hurt me more.
My thoughts and internal dialogue felt so counterproductive.
I don't fight that way. If someone is out to hurt me and bring up all my garbage, and trust me, I have a lot, It hurts.
Our mistakes hurt others, but for most of us, they hurt us as well.

The battle doesn't need to be fought throwing hurtful mistakes, words, accusations or assumptions back.

Your best weapon is sharpened out of LOVE not bitterness, wrath, vengeance, jealousy, insecurity or anger.

1Peter 3:9 "Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult..."
Psalms 34:14 "Depart from evil and do good."

So many of us will be seeing family members that we have avoided all year long. Over the next few weeks you may even find yourself in a battle. No one is perfect, Not me and not you. It can be difficult to listen to our loved ones share the things we have done wrong. But humble yourself. Seek forgiveness, and fight the battle with LOVE.
Remember to pray.
Rather than asking God to change the circumstance ask God to change your heart.
What wise nuggets could you add to this?


Monday, November 16, 2015

Ladders arent just for putting in light bulbs.

I am a undiagnosed victim of ADHD.  And I say victim because it haunts me.
I am easily distracted, sleep terrible, I struggle focusing and here's the cherry on top, I am so forgetful.
We had a meeting last night in Lake Orion for work. It started at 5 and ended at 8. I was in the chair, out of the chair, back in the chair, on my right leg, switched to the left leg, sitting on both legs, then my legs fell asleep, it was almost too much.

The great thing about running outside is there is always something to distract me. Between my crazy thoughts that are constantly interrupting each other, the ever changing scenery and the tweaks my body undergoes I am rarely bored.

Sometimes, I don't always have the options to run outside. I am not a die hard winter runner. A running friend of mine, Andy J creates a winter running game to keep us runners active in the winter months. I did it one year, the first year, I came out strong like a lion but when the temps not only got colder and the wind kicked in, I jumped out! I am a wuss when it comes to being cold.

One of my favorite RUNNING WORKOUTS is The LADDER. I like the ladder because you can't get bored. It is fast, ever changing and fulfilling because it uses different distances. You have to be good at one of them right?! Another reason I like them is they get mentally easier when you are on the downward repeats.

The LADDER: You start short, get longer, then come back down. You can create any combination that you like.

This is what mine look like:
  • 1 mile warm up
  • 2X400m
  • 2X800m
  • 2Xmile
  • 2X800m
  • 2X400m
  • 1 mile cool down
  • I do an easy shuffle jog/walk in between all repeats.
  • Total miles: App 9.
My ladder workout is longer because I train for longer distances. If you are training for a half Marathon you might want to change your repeats. That is the beauty of a Ladder Workout, you can put in whatever combinations you like.
And for us easily distracted runners, it is wonderful because the degree of distance not only is changing but so it the degree of PAIN!

This time of year, I make a lot of soups. It is difficult for me too share the specific ingredients and measurements because I am the "Eyeball type". I just add a little of this and a little of that.
It is usually a freezer/fridge flush.
I spend a lot of money on my fruits and vegetables. I typically buy organic and HATE wasting. Soup is a great way to finish off those vegetables your family didn't finish or wouldn't touch!

Todays Fridge FLUSH: Turkey Vegetable Soup:

  • 1 Tablespoon Wildtree European Garlic dipping oil
  • 1Teaspoon Trader Joes Garlic Garlic grinder
  • 1 Teaspoon Wildtree rancher steak rub
  • 1 Teaspoon pepper
  • Leeks
  • Parsnips
  • Celery
  • Ground Turkey
  • Organic diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup Vegetable broth
  • 1/2 cup Pacific organic low sodium tomato soup
Slice Veg. Sauté vegetables in oil, substitute Grapeseed oil has a high flash point, just add some fresh garlic cloves and  parsley.  5-7 min.
Brown meat, add to veg, add seasonings, tomatoes, broth and soup.
Simmer on stove till vegetables are tender.
Serve with fresh Parmesan.

Give me some FEEDBACK: Has anyone tried the cookies??
What combination do YOU use for a LADDER WORKOUT??

Total Miles 7.5

  • 3.1 miles with Sheba, My boxer. I mentioned going to play outside with her but then couldn't find her collar. She is such a good girl. We ran the backroads and she stayed right beside me!
  • 4.4 miles with Lacey. We were running in shorts and tank tops! I think we may have even gotten TAN LINES!
We ran smart. Yesterday, Lacey ran 9 miles and I ran 11 miles. ALL HILLS. Todays run, was more of a recovery run. Or a FUN RUN!!!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

I DID it AGAIN...What it wrong with me?

This is just another AIRHEAD post, BUT the REAL treat is the Recipe I am sharing at the bottom. I get more raves about these chocolate chip cookie than ANYTHING I have made! You gotta try them!

Can You even GUESS what I did AGAIN this week? Seriously?

My phone chimed in notifying me I had a text. I had just finished getting dressed to run with Danielle before taking Alec to school.
7:19Am "Don't forget your running shoes :-D

And again I wore the same neon green slides right out the door forgetting my running shoes!

Because I have the most patient and loving running partner in the world she AGAIN waited for me getting 2.5 miles without me.
My adrenaline was pumping from trying to get to her as fast and careful as I could.
The weather forecast had excessive winds reaching 60mph. We started out in 50 degrees and hardly any wind. It was amazing we bragged for November.
Footloose and fancy we frolicked through Fenton. I even saw Mrs. Cox, one of the kids I coach, his mom waving at me.
We were all smiles.
Then mile 4 came like a bull. The wind practically stopped us in our tracks. Danielle was talking and I could hardly hear from the loudness of the wind. It was so crazy, all I could do was laugh and lunge my puney body forward. 
By mile 5, I couldn't even feel my bare legs.  Rain was spitting at us and the temps felt like they had dropped significantly. It is such a bizarre sensation to have complete numbness from the waist down. I told Danielle it literally felt like I was running naked. I had to look down a couple times to make sure my shorts were down and not up and in a embarrassing position.

By the time we finished mile 6, I threw in the towel. I had enough excitement for the day. Danielle was heading to work, The idea of  running another 2 miles in those conditions solo seemed pointless. Besides, my pipsqueak body was getting knocked all over. Sudden gusts just about pushed you right over and I wouldn't have Danielle to grab me if I got swept away.
Had I ran in these conditions a few days ago I would have been begging God to sweep me away.
But Here I AM!
I ran hard in the wind.
I came home working so hard cleaning and organizing I was sweating again. I worked so hard I decide I would keep the momentum going and make COOKIES! And if you were here I would share them with you, especially since they make over 6 dozen!
 Feeling really generous...Since I can't share them with you, I will share my RECIPE! If you try them PLEASE tell me what you think! If you take a picture and give me a review on my Facebook Page, Running against the Odds, I will send you some of my fall favorite treats!

MAW MAW'S Chocolate chip cookie recipe:

2cups butter (I use butter flavored crisco sticks)
1 1/2 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
4 eggs
2 tsp soda
2 tsp WARM water
4 Tbsp vanilla
6 cups flour
2 tsp salt
2 -12oz pkg chocolate chips


ENJOY and Don't forget your running shoes!