"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, April 30, 2012

Who or What RUNS your life?

"Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable" 1 Cor 9:25
I was on the Dreadmill at the gym this afternoon. I know I needed to run more repeats and hills and with the rain outside I also knew this was the perfect opportunity to grind it out. I love to have Andy there with me at the track but since I didn't have him the TM is always the next best option for me. I can keep track of my pace better on the TM. It is easier for me to control my speed.
As I started out I went on a standard TM. I did a mile warm up at a 9 minute pace. Nice and steady. No hurry. After I completed that I moved over to the TM that is suposed to duplicate running on a track. This was where I had to get my head in the game. This is where I was going to be experiencing pain, fatigue and my unreasonable voices of defeat and doubt. Those to love two show up and crash the party!

As I got going I had read something about shoes running your life. Well that was not actually what it said but because I was running that is how it appeared to me. It was a K-SWISS advertisement that actually read "THIS SHOE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE."

But at the time I had "RUN YOUR LIFE" stuck in my head.
It got me thinking.
What do you let "RUN YOUR LIFE"
Do You let other people RUN your life?
Do you let your past mistakes RUN your life?
Do you let your insecurities RUN your life?
I did a little self reflecting.
I have let ALL those things from one time or another RUN my life. But I find my LIFE RUNS better when I focus my eyes on GOD.
"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you"Isaiah 26:3
When I am RUNNING my life for him. When I am doing the best I can for him. I really am doing the best I can for everything and everyone.
It is at that point that I do not have to let others expectations of me run me down.
When I do the right thing I no longer focus on my past mistakes letting them dictate my future outcomes. I do not have to be constantly in recovery mode from  the past years bad habits and mishaps.
I can learn how to run with  forgiveness and also how to apologize and move on. Words do not always fix things but actions speak louder than words.
 "Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth"Col 3:2
There are compartments in my life that I run away from and there others that I run towards. Running away from things does not fix it -it merely prolongs things.
Sometimes it just isn't yours to run with though. I have a habit of taking things too personal when it is not about ME.
QTIP- Quit Taking It Personal.

As I ran painstakingly on the treadmill my mind was running as fast as my feet.I was doing 800 meter Repeats.  As I increased my speed I wanted to stop. I wanted to slow down. But I reminded myself.. "WHO IS RUNNING THIS SHOW ANYWAY, ANITA??" You run your goals, You own your mind, do not let your pain and fatigue RUN you. Get Control. 

Who do you let Run YOU?? 
Who or what RUNS Your LIFE?? 
What areas in life do you need to RUN down? 

"The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself"


Sunday, April 29, 2012

BAYSHORE 4 weeks Minus a day!

Marathon: Sold OUT! 2500 runners. Sold out 1 day!
1/2 Marathon: Sold OUT! 2300 Runners. Sold out in 6 hours
10k: OPEN! Less than 300 spots remaining.

My Training is at its PEAK. I ran 22 miles today. With an average of 50 miles for the week. 

PRO's of My Training this Winter/Spring
  •  I feel confident with my miles. 
  • My body feels like it is still open to the idea of me running this marathon.
  • I have had more company this year with training then past years, Thanks to Heidi, Andy, Danielle and Katie, my Running Angels.
  • I have gotten comfortable pounding the gravel versus pavement and loving those dirt roads..not the drivers so much that blow pass you kicking up dust, dirt and rocks.
CON's of My Training this Winter/Spring
  • Not enough SPEED work..gotta get more in
  • Not enough HILLS..gotta get more in
  • Loosing to much weight..I am constantly hungry?!!

Weather: Temperature 60' Sunny
First 9 miles with Andy. Average pace 9:38
Next 8 miles with Heidi. Average pace 9:22
Last 5 miles with myself. Average pace 8:31

LSD- Long Slow Distance.
Today was not about pace, speed or running like a cheetah. It was about distance. Feeling my feet hit the ground mile after mile. Andy and I actually ran a 11 and 1. I looked forward to the walking breaks. It was so nice to talk to my husband. He has been a bit on the silent side the last few days. I enjoy listening to him. You should be able to carry on a conversation on a long run. If you can't then you are running to fast.

We met up with Heidi. Her and I separated from Andy. He BEGGED me to not follow him. Heidi said it best. He probably didn't want to run and listen to 2 chicks yip yapping! Heidi NEVER stops smiling. I love it. Even in crisis she smiles. You never know if she is pooping out cause she has such a great attitude and smile. We ran almost 8 miles together. We too did a little stop and going but again it was great.

When I dropped Heidi off I looked at my Garmin and had about 6 miles to go. With ear buds in my ears I let the music direct me. I took some time out to pray and ask God for strength and safety. Thankful that God had gotten me this far I felt a little guilty asking God for a few more miles. But I KNOW He had already given it to me. I just had to run with faith and "Press for the Mark." 

With BAYSHORE less than 4 weeks away. Here are some Goals I have for next few weeks:
  • One more 20miler
  • Hills/repeats once a week till week of.
  • Purchace race Chomps, 
  • Purchase NEW OUTFIT!!
  • Get back to Kensington to Run!
Who is Training for a Spring Run..What am I missing. Do you have any training advice for me these last few weeks??? Is anyone out there running Bayshore Marathon??


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Loosing Air!!

"Any idiot can face a crisis  it's the day-to-day living that wears you out."  Anton Chekhov

The Rundown today went kinda like this:
Got up easy.
Katie left me a message she was not going to make it running this morning. With that information I  let Danielle know and she asked if I would like to go some where different. I quickly replied  back "YES!"
.We decided that Kensington Metropark would be a great place to meet. I had not trained there once this year. It is pretty hilly and challenging but a awesome place to train. Many bikers and runners go out there.

It was a perfect run..very challenging. Hill after hill...hidden by another mound who was best friends with another elevation and neighbors with decline and incline!
But the scenery was so glorious I was mesmerized by the beauty, the greenery  and the lake that we ran around. And my company was top notch. Danielle has the best smile. When she smiles she has the brightest eyes and genuineness that would make anyone feel accepted and loved by her.

We had a great run till we get back towards the car and Danielle says "Anita, I think you got a ticket." I laughed. Yup, I sure did, sitting on my windshield. Actually I am long overdue. I have been going to Indian springs now for 8 months with out a sticker. And my ticket was only 5$.

I said my goodbyes and headed into my truck. I was going to head to the office and get a year pass. As I was leaving the parking lot I was thinking  "Wow, I made it here so good, I hope I do not get lost going home." I was so proud of myself for not getting lost. As I headed out I noticed my car was acting up..I KNEW THAT sound..the sound of lumpy bumpy jarring vehicle...YUP..FLAT TIRE!!
Danielle is such and angel. She came over to me and said "Well I haven't changed a tire in a while but I think we can figure it out." I was like "What?!"  I have no idea how to change a tire, I haven't changed a tire since high school and even then I think I was flirting more than learning. A class with mostly boys...Yeah, I was not changing tires. I knew at this point I should have learned!

Danielle got the directions out and went to town..I found a Metro park Police officer and asked for assistance!

I tried to look like I knew what I was doing or that I was even a good assistant but Danielle was doing all the work until the "Maintenance men showed up!

They were so sweet. The "Officer" was there overseeing things. Everyone held a good attitude and laughs. I actually made the comment "Yeah, I just got done with a great run and saw a ticket on my car..." Then the "Officer" interrupts and finishes "Yeah, I just gave her a ticket and then she comes to her car and has a flat tire!" I think he secretly felt bad. But it was kinda funny. And something that would happen to me!

Well, got my truck on the road again. I didn't get lost going home. And was still smiling knowing I was going home to clean!
It was such a good day. Very Very busy but very productive.

I came home Cranked up the radio.  I danced to a little Adele and cleaned house! I was a cleaning dancing machine. Music is so fun and motivating.

I actually ran TWICE! I am helping out with my sons CC team and ran with the kids a couple miles. They are so fun. I love it. I try to remember I am not a 13 year old kid. I am Old, Breakable, and I do not recover the way they do. So I run with caution and disciple.
After running I quickly made dinner for the family. It was unfortunately one of those dinners Andy said "You can throw the left overs away." That is in close relation to the other statement that he says "Hunny, I love you but can this be one of those dinners you don't make again?"
Sometimes change is not always good!

But that "Change" was nothing as good as my changing locations today with Danielle for our 8 mile run. Even though I was having some unfortunate circumstances I was at the point that it was almost just plain comical. Like a sitcom. Right down to the two guys helping me.
They asked me to follow them after putting my spare on to put air in it. I asked for their picture. The one guys says "You don't know, we could be wanted..." I replied. "And you never know..I could be wanted also!!!"


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another one Bites the dust..in more ways than one!

WHAT a crazy day. It all started out with a all day 4th grade field trip to Michigan State...WE are NOT State fans! My husband is University of Michigan Alumni. But even that was not that bad. The weather was great out and the kids were actually really good.
But being gone ALL day meant my house was not cared for and dinner was not prepared for.
I no more than got home at 3:30 and had to quickly change clothes and catch up to Andy.
Today was Andy long run. I don't know how he works all day on his feet and does a long run after working 10 hours.
I was trying to hurry to be there for him so I didn't hardly even stretched..Not good. I blew out the front door to find Andy. I was running without a warm up and could hardly catch my breath. Somewhere around mile 1 my ankle twisted. It was so clear.."Ohhh Crappp.."..."Make the best fall, use your hands, protect your knees...Your GOING DOWN!" Because I was moving pretty fast it was not a pavement STOP..it was more like ANTI-Lock breaks. I just bounced and bumped across the pavement. My ego was bruised and beaten just as bad as the road rash across my palms. In embarrassment I collected myself and my broken ego. I acted like it was good. I looked around and didn't notice anyone staring to bad. But then I saw a car moving real slow heading in my direction. I waved her off and gave her hand signals indicating I was fine. She pulled up to me and I was about to say "Thank you I am OK."  But she says "Do you know where Holly High school is?"
OK..Second most embarrassing thing. She didn't know I was damaged and bleeding. She wasn't offering assistance she was in need of assistance.
I caught up with Andy at about mile 4-- after I climbed the biggest hill in HOLLY! I get almost to the top and there is Andy coming down!
Andy was having a hard run today. It was mostly mental. He was so negative and distressed that he couldn't think about anything good. He felt like crap, He wanted to quit. His back was seizing up and his hips were aching. And he was running with the Pity Pot attached to him weighing him down mentally and physically.
 We did a walk/run. Run for 11 minutes walk for 1. The closer to home the better he got.
 Got home..changed and tried to camouflage my stinky body make it to the kids Youth Group..where I am a leader for girls.
All the while today I wondered...Did I make it into NYC Marathon??  How will I handle it? Will I be OK with the outcome no matter what?
Drumm role......that sounds like me biffing it today...
NOPE..Didn't get it. It is what it is. I a surprisingly Ok with it. there is a nerdy smile across my face. So that must mean I am ok. I nerdy smile is better than grieving tears!

I believe God cares about the big things and the little things. I believe God hurts when I hurt and laughs when I laugh. He is bigger than me and sees everything I do not. He cares more about my Character than my Comfort...He knows what is best for me ALL the time. So NYC is out..but that is because my Father God didn't have it in my schedule. I have peace in his decision.
Be' very careful, then, how you live--not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is." Eph 5:15-17


Monday, April 23, 2012

Running of my MOUTH..Busted...

"Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble." Proverbs 21:23

Have you ever said something and it came back and BIT you???
Have you ever wished you could swallow your words??
I have always been a firm believer that you should not say something behind someones back unless you could say it to their face.
But even that does not mean it is RIGHT to say.

I have been on the other end of this many times. Peoples words hurt. It hurts when you find out you are the topic of someone else's conversation in a negative manner.
My son just recently came to me and told me something someone said about me..It hurts.
People say negative things about others for All kinds of reasons :
Jealousy, insecurity,resentments, ignorance, anger and I am missing a few to say the least.

SOOO...I got busted!! A few days ago I became friends with Austins CC coach on Facebook. I have had the privileged to help on Mondays and Thursdays with the students...Unlike what I had posted...
Well...She started reading my Blog. When I realized it I was like.."OHH NOO"
I had made a bratty comment or two on my Five Points. post.
I QUICKLY erased it.....but it was too late!!
I lay prey to foot in the mouth.
Today after CC finished she kindly pulled me aside.."Kay" brought up the post!! I thought I was going to throw up...I felt SOO bad. I didn't erase it fast enough!! I even responded to her saying "When I saw you  were reading them I went back and erased." I apologized for my comments. I never want to hurt someone.
IGNORANCE...I didn't know "Kay". She had really big shoes to fill taking on this years Cross Country Team. And she has done an exceptional job. Austin and I really are thrilled at how awesome she is. She puts a lot of work into the kids.

I am so sorry. "Kay" is the kind of person I love though. She is such a good communicator. She didn't hold a grudge, She didn't retaliate, She didn't do anything but come to me with a smile and a soft answer. She actually showed me a lot of grace.
"And you know, when you've experienced grace and you feel like you've been forgiven, you're a lot more forgiving of other people. You're a lot more gracious to others." Rick Warren

I really love that. Grace. It is a rare action. As totally awkward as it was I did not deny I wrote it, I didn't make excuses for being a bonehead and I knew I should apologize. And I did.
"Kay" there is a good chance you are reading this...If so..Thank you for your perfect reaction to my imperfect actions.

Thomas Edison
"You will have many opportunities in life to keep your mouth shut: You should take advantage of every one of them."

Have you ever gotten busted thinking something that you felt at that time but as you got to know the person or circumstance your feeling changed?

When is the last time YOU had to eat your Words??/


Sunday, April 22, 2012

5 more weeks minus a DAY!

BAYSHORE 5 weeks minus a DAY! Cheezy picture..from a totally DORK..what would you expect?!

Soo today's training consisted of 18 miles. I just did 22 - 4 days ago. I took 2 days to rest those legs and eat everything in sight. 
I checked  the weather a couple days ago and knew today I had to get the long run in. Tomorrow the "Weather Bug" said HIGH WINDS and GUSTS up to 40MPH...NO thanks. That sounds like a blizzard without snow. One thing you can count on is me NOT running for 2 and a half hours AGAINST the WIND! UGH. So today we will knock it out.

I was just not in the mood. I have been feeling a bit burnt out.  I thought a nap even sounded like a good idea-way better than running 18 miles.  
But by the time we got out of church, ate breakfast at moms and played 2 hands of Euchre it was closing in on 2pm! I was delaying things because I was supposed to run with "Heidi" in the afternoon. She was gonna run a leg of my long run with me.
But with a big ole belly stuffed with waffles, quiche, coffee, fruit and homemade donuts I was going into a Carb Coma and without a call yet from "Hiedi"!
I got home still with no reply from "Heidi" so I took that as a sign to get a power nap in hopes she would respond.
I was gone to the world..I slowly started to stir after about 45 minutes, trying to convince myself it was now or never. I was not gonna be able to run in the wind tomorrow, I would rather put my foot in a blender than fight the wind and 18 miles. 
I grabbed my phone and scrolled through Facebook to wake up and see if "Hiedi" responded...and instead I got a picture which not only helped me WAKE UP  but ALSO Get UP and GO! Thank you "I <3 to run" for giving me a SIGN!. 

The Best part of my run...After running almost 10 miles, mostly into the wind..I see Andy (the hubby) running towards me on Grange Hall RD. Like my knight and shining armor he was coming to help me with my run. He ran yesterday and a couple weeks ago  pulled muscles in his chest causing him difficulty breathing AND YET...He came out to help me push through. This made my Day!!! 
(Of course there was a lil note on the table I left telling him where I would be if he wanted to join me....!)

A couple hours later....
"Tomorrow is a big day Andy, Do you know why?" I yell from the bathroom towards the bedroom where all the boys were hanging out.  Andy replies "Uh..I have no Idea." 
Alec yells "It's your birthday!"
"No ALEC..And I am a little disappointed you don't know my birthday!"
Then Andy says "Its the day your mom died?"
"NOO ANDY! That's the same month as my birthday!"  I yell from the tub. I was taking a eucalyptus lavender bath.
I add, "It is a big day that I have been waiting for -for over 6 months."
Then Austin, my oldest and also my deep thinker says with full confidence " It the New York Marathon drawing!"
"YES,YES,YES Austin..you Rock!" I say so excited.

BUT I AM WRONG!! It is actually Wednesday! lol..So you have 2 days to keep me in your prayers!!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Memories of heat..Boston 2012 numbers

Here are the number for the 2012 Boston Marathon. 
I found this incredibly interesting.

  • Number who registered- 26,716
  • Number who ran in Boston Marathon-22,426
  • Number who never picked up their bib-3,863 (about 14% of field)
  •  Number who dropped out-932 
  • Number who picked up their bib and never showed up- 328
  • Six of the 17 elite women's runners did not finish, while 4 of the 20 elite men's runners did not finish!
  • Mutai, who broke the world record with his 2011 run, gave the 26.2 mile course a try, but succumbed to cramps from the heat at mile and dropped out at mile 18.

 My Memories of my run through heat and hell...Chicago 10-10-10 Temp-92'
The temperatures were in the 80's for the Boston Marathon this year. It brought me memories of my BQ-ing race...My first Marathon..The Chicago Marathon. 10-10-10.
The temperature this year soared to 92degrees.
The difference between the Chicago and the Boston was that the Chicago started t 7:30 am not 10am! And the Chicago Marathon is quite flatunlike Boston which is mostly all decline with the gruesome Heartbreak hill.  .
Running the Chicago Marathon to qualify for Boston was the HARDEST thing I have EVER done physically to my body. HANDS DOWN.
I had a 3:40 Pace Team to support me. My qualifying time to meet was 3:45. The Chicago Marathon had actually closed when I went to register so I ran it for TEAM IN TRAINING. To support Leukemia Lymphoma. Andy had a second cousin who has gone now to be with the Lord from this horrible cancer.

My pace team consisted of about 8 pacers and about 75 runners, most trying to qualify for Boston. I was one of the older ones in this pace group and was very shy about letting people know my goal and that it was my first marathon.  I got the LOOK....when I was asked..
Let me just say HOT..It was so horribly hot. The sun was blazing. I stuck with it till about mile 17.  blessed to see my family already twice on the course. At that point my body started shutting down. I was freezing cold and had skin prickles everywhere. By mile 20 75% of our group had dropped back. The Pacers were looking nervous. Although they were running effortlessly they had a look of panic for us runners. They were turning back and shouting at me."ANITA, Today is YOUR day." "Anita, Come on, you are doing good, Look at me, come on stay with me."
They continued to take turns yelling at me and keeping me on my toes. My mind was gone. I couldn't think. I was scared to death. There were sirens going off everywhere. My body was turning against me. My bladder just turned on like a faucet. I had NO control as warm liquid just ran down me legs. I wanted to cry. Just cry in pain and failure. I wanted so bad to give up. I would shake my head  and try to come to because I thought I had passed out. The heat had me dazed and confused. My pacers were now grabbing me water and passing it to me. I had no energy to even hold it. 
All I could think of was my honored hero struggling with cancer. He would give anything to be healthy enough to run this. I had to run it for him. Failure was not an option. I had worked to hard..I had to keep going or collapse trying and that is what I wanted to do. It hurt so bad. I felt like a zombie..Like I was running dead.
My Pacers NEVER gave up on me. I never gave up on me or my dream of Qualifying for Boston.
I am grateful for those Angels that kept me going, for their encouragement and motivation. I am grateful for prayers and God hearing them.As my body and mind began to shut down in the heat...The dream never burned out.
I finished.
My verse that helped keep me going...I knew where my strength was coming from.. Similar to this years Boston Marathon winner Wesley Korir, who rehearsed Christian songs gaining strength from Gods promises and words to get him to the finish line.
I had many say to me "Arent you so happy you DIDNT run Boston this year...But Oh I remembered my heat to get me there...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running on Prayers...

NO ONE. I had No one to do any leg of my 22 mile long run today.
22 miles for any runner is tough when you are alone. There is so much going on in that little brain of mine.
I just resigned to the fact I was going to be running for over 3 hours ALONE.
I rolled my ITBAND very good.
I stretched.
I was hydrated.
I prayed and had quiet time with God.
I ate a good breakfast.(Banana, coffee, W/W english muffin with Peanut butter and jelly)
Took my Juice plus.
Just one mile at a time. The weather was so beautiful I knew this was the day to conquer The Long Run.
Getting to and through the first few miles was easy. I let the elements drive me. I was running on GRATITUDE. I was so thankful for the the sun, a healthy body, the cloudless sky, the smell of lilacs, the greenery encompassing me that I was able to let that lead me for the first 7 miles.

I reminded myself as I was running the parallel of Running and Life. This is what was motivating me through my next segment of about 7-10 more miles. Running is like life. There are Easy runs, Hard runs and there are Long runs.
Easy Run:Some days we get up and do what has to be done with little to no effort at all. At the end of the day we feel accomplished and content.
Hard Run: These are the days when we have obstacles, challenges and difficulties. These are the days we have to make choices that are going to hurt. Hard runs make us question our self and our purpose. There is usually pain involved. It hurts. Life hurts. People hurt one another. This world will eat you up and spit you out..you have to FIGHT back. The more you persevere the stronger you get.These runs make you feel like a warrior, a conqueror.
Long Run: Steady and Consistent. There is such a lack of consistency anymore. This is the Integrity Run. This run HAS to get done to accomplish the goal  properly. This run is composed of portions of the other two runs. Just when you are running smooth you see your challenges, a hill, wind, rain, physical pain whatever the challenge is, it will arise you can count on it. The Long run is the run we dread. This is accomplished best with support and encouragement. Life lacks consistency, integrity, and stamina. We book too many easy runs in and play it safe never challenging ourselves or growing. We were not designed to be complacent and mediocre. You can't just postpone obstacles or deny that they are there! You have to OVERCOME them.  This run makes you feel more confident and hopeful.

At this point I was somewhere around mile19. My last phase consisted of 3 miles. I had been good at drinking my CHIA water and taking a GU Chomp every couple miles past mile 11. I had gotten very comfortable on the back roads. The tree covering was refreshing and left me not so vulnerable to the sun. Even though I did get sun burnt. I was counting down every time I heard the "mile alert' of my Garmin. 3 more miles=27 more minutes=8 more songs=2 more roads....I THINK I Can..I can. I can..
I thought of the quote I had made on my shirt. "FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION"
I felt pretty good. I could even smile and run. But this is the stage that I get really confused when I run. Where everything begins to poop out including my mind and my brain. I loose rational thinking. I had misjudged my turn around loop towards home and so quickly I attached to anxiety and fear. As soon as you let these emotions in you are on a direct route to discouragment. I say out loud "Anita, CALM DOWN, shh, Just calm down." At that exact moment Miley CYRUS sings through my earbuds "The Last time I Freaked out.....Feel like I couldnt breath.." Now comes..You guessed it right..The CRAZY LAUGH!
HA HA..Calm down Nita..Breath..You are almost there.
And with that I not only finished but because I screwed up my route...I finished with another mile..23 MILES!!!!
This is the farthest I have EVER ran on a training RUN.
IT was PRAYER. I was running on PRAYER. I not only had Andy praying but also Heidi praying for me. I actually felt guilty at the last few miles because it was here that I realized I should have asked others to pray for me. I know not everyone runs and to ask them to pray for my run- I think they might think it is a ridiculous prayer-so i don't ask. I was a bit ashamed of myself. But I will say for those 2 that did pray it was received. I had a great long run. Their prayer was probably better than even a partner today!
Little sheep..or lambs.Not real sure! But so cute

Beautiful scenery for a bathroom...!

I did stop 2 times on my run: I usually will see a DOG in a front yard but today I saw a Lamb!! It was sad because all the babies were behind a fence and this one was wanting in but was outside of it.

Also the dirt road run was beautiful. I got a little turned around and took a wrong road which made things a bit longer BUT it was beautiful and I found a pretty place to pee in between all the foliage!! lol!! I felt like a camper!

Bringing it together...I am tired and sore. But not as bad as usual. I got a text tonight from "Keena". It was so sweet. She just text to tell me she was thinking about me and praying for me. She didn't even know I needed prayer!! God is So Good. She made my day by telling me that. Next time you are thinking about someone or praying for someone that pops into your heart, Let them know. You will be surprised what an encouragement it is to someone else. Everyone likes to know that you are THINKING OF THEM.
"Hey just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you...Have a great day."
"I said a prayer for you today."
"You were on my heart and in my mind...love ya."..

  •  A 140-pound woman running 10-minute miles will burn about 2,777 calories during a marathon!
  •  Paula Radcliffe, 37, holds the world record for fastest marathon, 2 hours, 15 minutes, and 25 seconds!
  •  Before a minimum age requirement of 18 was set for North American races, 8-year-old Wesley Paul set the record for youngest marathoner in the United States when he finished the New York City Marathon in 1977 in three hours, 37 seconds!
  • At 100 years old, Fauja Singh became the oldest person — and the first centenarian — to finish a marathon when he crossed the finish line at the 2011 Toronto Marathon. His final time: eight hours, 11 minutes, and 5.9 seconds.

BTW..Official results came in from BHBH..I actually got 4th place by 20 seconds..I feel guilty that they gave me the medal. Bummer....:(


Monday, April 16, 2012

A Runners Poem..Deep

 A dear friend of mine sent this to me, "Shawn". I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is very spiritual. 

The Runner
The runner stands alone,
facing the task that lay ahead.
Unaware of the possibilities of difficulty, hardship or victories to come.
He only knows he must run.
The opposition will do anything to impede the runner.
Even before the start he is assaulted, knocked down, unable to begin on his own strength.
The enemy is merciless,
hating the runner and defying the rules.
Alone, the runner seems defeated before he starts.
A Helper sees the runner, unable to bear the assault alone.
He lifts the runner to his feet.
The runner, off balance, begins.
The Goal, unseen, calls.
The direction of the goal need not be shown,
the runner knows it intuitively.
As the opposition bears down, always near, the Helper defends.
Sometimes tripping the opponent a split second before a powerful blow.
Sometimes pushing the runner at just the right time to remain upright or miss a devastating hit.
Unknown to the runner, a great multitude watches with great interest.
The runner cannot see or hear them.
The consuming task of the race and distraction of the opposition occupies all his energy and thought.
His Father watches also.
He brought the son to compete.
He knows victory is certain.
The witnesses anticipate the thrill of the assured victory.
Still pursued but not overcome, due to the skill of the Helper, the runner approaches the Goal.
Spiteful and furious the enemy descends upon the runner.
If not for the Helper, he would fall short.
Exhausted, the runner collapses across the goal.
The witnesses and the Father burst into applause.
The enemy has failed.
The runner victorious, and overcome with gratitude knows victory was impossible without the Helper's care and the Father's call to run.

I really missed running the Boston Marathon today. I qualified by 5 minutes ar last years Boston Marathon. There was a little hole in my heart today wishing I was on Hopkington all laced up. 
The conditions were quite warm today. They put out alerts a few days ago. They actually were allowing you to defer your Registration due to the heat. 
As I ran my 7.02 miles today I recollected my experience. What a powerful experience it was. I was "entertaining Angels unaware".
My  immediate goal was to try and run the pace that I would have to run to qualify for Boston. That qualifying time is 3:40 for women 35-39. That is a pace of 8:23!! 
SO I wanted to run that pace. I was still sore from yesterdays run but was going for it. This was my way of memorializing Boston 2011. My first mile was a warm up and I knew I had to bring it on to finish with that goal. The wind was wild today with gusts up to 27 miles an hour. There was dust and debris swirling around me. 
My mind was stronger than the last few days. But my body was sore. I reminded myself of the pain. I reminded myself of those hills and that wind I encountered last year running Boston. I was challenged again today by the wind and I embraced it as an invitation down memory lane.
As I felt the heavy lungs and sore hips I accepted my discomfort as a reminder of the VICTORY. Victory comes with hard work and pain. Victory comes through obstacles and challenges. I needed this run to remind me of that. My body was in distress and I was so thankful for the perseverance to not quit. I was so grateful that I had the strength to not only quit but also had enough in the tank to run FASTER! I finished my 7 miles with a 7:47 pace! I know that did not come from me..Thank you Lord!!

 "We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment."

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big House Big Heart Race

Roary the Lion and Detroit Tigers dude!
5:15AM came really quick. I was not moving fast with the sound of rain and thunderstorms beating against the house. I thought "This is the kind of weather that we should be sleeping in to NOT waking up to possibly go running in."

We were in the car all 6 of us heading to Ann Arbor by 6AM for The BIG HOUSE BIG HEART 10K AND 5K. The lightning was dancing across the sky and Andy was not in his happy place. Dad and I were remaining optimistic while the boys were half awake and mom wasn't much for conversation. I think mom was internalizing her thoughts.
Mom was really looking forward to walking her 5K. She had been working so hard for the last few months and was excited and all prepared to go and accomplish her goal.

Why Did Mother Nature have to ruin the fun?

I was bent. No way was I paying all this money, driving over an hour and NOT RUNNING. Rain or SHINE suck it up BUTTERCUP. Even the thunderstorms were not going to prevent me from running this race. This is one of my favorites. You actually finish on the 50 yard line of the Big House Stadium!! It is a BLAST!
NO! I was RUNNING and that was it.
There was NO ONE in the bathrooms B4 the race..This was a 1ST!!
We stayed under cover when we arrived at the stadium and picked up our shirts and bibs. We were all trying to stay as dry as possible. My boys, Austin and Alec decided they were going to sit it out. Dad was still wishy washy on his 5K and Mom...she was still quiet!
Andy and I were going to be taking off at 8AM for the 10K. As we were making our way to the starting line I was getting nervous because I couldn't get satellite for the GARMIN. I didn't even have time to get my prerace jitters because I was too busy fudging with the stupid watch. The National Anthem was finishing and I had no signal...CRAP it was a GO.. Oh Well..Go..
Before the Race..still dry!
And just like that I was crossing the starting mats to run with the cats and dogs!! But the beauty in it was that the temperatures were in the 60's. It really was a warm run..with a dash of thunder boomers!

As you ran you could hear the distant booms of thunder. Everyone actually cheered it on with laughter. But no one ran away with their tale between their legs. The only thing that was wrapped around my legs were the nylon NIKE running shorts. My shorts were once light weight and aero-dynamic had now transformed into compression shorts glued to my thighs!
SPLASH puddle after puddle..Unavoidable. I chuckled as I passed these poor volunteers passing out water. I wondered if they just passed out rain water or actually filled the little 4 oz cups with bottled H2O.
They were all smiles and encouraging. I was so impressed for the conditions they were working under how light hearted and motivating they were. I even caught one worker with a High Five!! He was trying to catch runners to give him a clap but most of the runners were miserable and left the poor guy hangin! The worker lit up like a light bulb when I took his High Five invitation, I think that smile carried me another 2 miles!

Running this year with the rain got in my head a bit. I shadowed a guy most of the way keeping a couple feet behind him, Then there was a girl in Blue shorts who was going tit for tat with me. About mile 5 Blue Shorts girl started to fall back. I turned my head to her and yelled " You have been with me this whole time, don't get behind!"  She pulled back up running next to me another half a mile where she was breathing pretty hard and started to drop back again. So again I yelled to her, "You Got this, You are almost there, Bring it in!" Blue shorts girl then shook it off, she got her second wind and came foreword a few steps ahead of me. I thought "Good for you, you can do it, keep going.'

I saw the Big house, I was feeling the fatigue at this point. My shoes were like cement blocks and I was sweating in my layers. I knew I could run harder I just did not want to feel the pain in all my discomfort yet I knew I was a half of a mile from the finish and now was the time to turn the over.

As I entered the tunnel into the Big House all you could hear was their Victory song..."Hail to the Victors..." The walls shook with excitement and singing. I was running downward right onto the field. The light was shining at the end of the tunnel where I was running now a 6:30 pace coming out of the tunnel. I just let the momentum lead me to the light and carry me onto the turf. As I reached the opening I heard "GOO Anita!! Come On!" It was DAD!!  I also saw the girl in the blue shorts and was so proud of her just ahead of me making her way to the finish line. Taking that last turn to the straight away I was running on the 10 yard line..20 yards line..I saw my banner and felt the company of 2 male runners by my side. I looked at them and thought.."I got this...With my warrior like instincts I threw my body into High Gear leaving them behind I  crossed the finish line strong and victorious.

I soon joined Dad and the boys. I removed my timer off my bib to find Andy and run with him through the finish line. It was just a matter of minutes I spotted him coming down the tunnel. I jumped through the rope and joined Andy to the finish. It was so fun to finish AGAIN with him!!
Andy did so well. He ran 49:26. That was a 7:56 pace!!  He is so strong. There is never anything left in the tank when Andy runs, soo inspiring.

We caught up with dad to figure out what to do about mom.Dad decided not to walk. He really had not trained.  Mom was really wanting to walk her 5K. The rain looked like it was drying up. Dad decide to catch up on mom and get a game plan. Her race started at 9am, just 10 minutes away. Andy and I took the boys and headed back to the truck to get dry clothes.
That was hilarious, trying to change soaking wet on leather seats with all these people going to their cars. The seats were like a slip and slide. Poor Andy is so stinking tall he was so funny to watch trying to remove his wet garments without all his "stuff" advertising to Ann Arbor!

When we arrived back in the stadium we looked at the results. I heard Andy say "Anita You Came 3rd in you Division." I yelled back..Yeah, but how many were in my division,10?!"  I was shocked to find out
1. There were over 100 people in my division. 34-39.
2. I ran a 7:10 pace!!
3. 43:35..LAST YEARS! oops!

Mom decided to do her 5K!! She was so lucky..It STOPPED raining!!
Side by side to the finish line, my 3rd time crossing!
By the time we got back from our changing clothes side show mom was going to be coming down the tunnel with in just a few minutes. There she came with her head phones in and speed walking like a champ. I jumped through AGAIN and put my arms around her and headed to the finish.
We laughed together holding hands across those finish mats!! SOO Fun!

Throwing the football on the Field!
TEAM HARLESS! Rain or Shine.
Austin and Alec
It is done. I am not too sore. Which is good. I normally do my long run on Sunday. I hope I feel good enough to run tomorrow..it is 22 miles!

This is a great race. I wish the boys would have run it..that was 80$ down the drain..Oh well they got the tee shirt! And I got the Medal!!

Have a great night!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shin Splints..Oh How we Hate you!

"Shin Splints" is a catch all, general phrase used to describe pain in the anterior (front) or medial / posterior (inside facing the other leg) area of the lower leg between the knee and the ankle. Shin splints are a very common running injury that particularly afflicts new runners." According to Runners World

I have had a lot of injuries but never shin splints. This week I have had a few people contact me regarding the dreading Shin Splints!

Shin Splints are best acknowledged by doing TOO much TOO soon. Not only new runners are plagued by this pain but also runners who come off a break and even other athletes that are doing a lot of pounding on their legs.

Or like my niece "Sarah" who contacted me this week, she has been doing "Insanity" with a girlfriend and she is suffering. I began "Sleuthing" for answers to some questions trying to figure out what her pain might be from.
Here were some of the red flags:

  • Working out WITHOUT shoes! -Poor shoes can lead to shin Splints!! It cost more to recover than to invest in good shoes!! Your body needs good support, stability and cushioning.
  • Not hardly working out to diving into a workout like "INSANITY" which consists of a lot of jumping.
  • Poor Calf Muscles
It didnt take long before I was seeing direction into INJURY. 
Summer is right around the corner and a lot of us girls are wanting to have the bathing suit body ready! Or we are now just realizing that second piece of dessert really DID HURT! 

Race season is right around the corner also. Many runners suffer from Shin Splints around this time. They are jumping into running  too MUCH too SOON. 
I had another phone call this week from "ASHLEY".  "ASHLEY" is training for TOUGH MUDDER this week. She too is in the "Pain Locker". Her concern was the race was in a few days...
I explained to her WHATEVER training she had put into her race from this point is the best she is going to get. With the TOUGH MUDDER being the weekend coming up she should be tapering anyhow. 5 or six more days of cramming in training is not going to make your race ANY BETTER. It actually can hurt more than anything.
 This was a race Andy and I wanted to run together. We made a last minute decision not to. "ASHLEY" wanted to know if I had ever done it before. 
MY ScareDCat Response!

 Cost was another factor. Racing for one person can get expensive but Andy and I BOTH enjoy racing. It can get really costly. You find yourself giving race entries for everything...Valentines day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Ground Hogs day ect! 

Rabbit Trail..Back to SHIN Splints! How to Recover from them: 
  1. REST
  2. ICE
For greater detail on remedies for SHIN SPLINTS CHECK out LIVESTRONG.

Running Ramblings:
I was quite sore today with "Katie" out there at Indian Springs this morning. I have 45 miles in this week which included yesterdays 7 miles of hills. My bootie and quads were burning. Funny you feel sore and strong, These feelings are misdiagnosed as "FIRM" -like you could be a underwear model or something...Thats only How YOU FEEL though...the visual aid is SOO different from the Physical Reality that you are a 38 year old mom of two the only "modeling" you are doing is in the dark!


6 MORE WEEKS!!! Pre-Race JITTERS are surfacing. How do you know what PRE RACE JITTERS are? It is somewhere in between the feeling of Pooping  your Pants and wanting to THROW UP all while your heart is convulsing out of your chest....Thats my experience with the Jitters...that are coming more frequently now with 6 weeks left!

HAPPY RUNNING!!! IF you have any experience with SHIN SPLINTS PLLEEAASE SHARE!!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Five Points.

Just keeping it simple and fun!!

5 things that got me through my long run today:
  1. Prayer..lots of prayer. "God please give me the strength because I am depleted.
  2. Saw a Deer..I love wildlife. Took a second an "Awed"
  3. Chia water ...it was so refreshing, I drank all 20ozs.
  4. Reminding myself that 20 miles today was not 26 miles in 7 weeks. So suck it up, Nita!
  5. "Turn them over Nita, if you are still breathing then RUN."
 5 things I thought about on my RUN or related to my run:
  1. Ran 20 miles with out keeling over, puking or crying.
  2. Laughed when I was running up a hill at mile 18, I thought I was going slow so I looked at my pace and it said 9:11....AND I thought..AMEN...CALL FREAKING EMERGENCY I think I left my hips 2 miles back!!
  3. I was trying to figure out how I was going to pick up my miles to get to 20 without ANYMORE HILLS!
  4. Thought the weather would be great for the Bayshore Marathon..until I was coming back and felt the wind about blow me over. Changed my mind!
  5. I was thankful I am comfortable myself. For being a loner. I like not being busy. The busier I am the more misbehaved I have potential to be.
5 things about my Overall DAY:
  1. Austin was sick today. He got in the shower and got right back out and crawled in my bed. Soo sad to see him so sick. He is a tough cookie. He woke back up at 9:30 and asked me to take him to school so he wouldn't have any homework. Firstborns are often overachievers. I took him in after he begged me.
  2. Couldn't find my clone to get Alec to baseball practice and make Austins CC meeting. Somehow got it all done.
  3. Left Sheba in the house for 3 hours while I ran without crating her!! NO accidents..that I have found.
  4. Loved watching Alec practice at baseball. None of us play! It was his idea and he is pretty good at it!
  5. Austins Cross Country meeting was interesting.  I am going to remain positive. There is a new coach. I think she will be good ..I offered my help. She said she has a assistant who was running a Boston Qualifier...So they must be qualified?? I didn't tell her I qualified 2 times and ran it once -I just said I would help where she needed me. I don't think she is going to ask!
  1. "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." ~Colin Powel
  2. "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." ~Abraham Lincoln
  3. "God never made a promise that was too good to be true."~ Dwight L. Moody
  4. "Success is never final, and failure, never fatal. It's COURAGE that counts." ~George Tilton
  5. "One of the most miserable people in all of the world is the person who spends every waking hour trying to find something that will make "ME" happy." ~Lindsay Terry
Give me 5 things of yours???
5 Things you did today?
5 Things  you thought about today?
5 victories, obstacles, anything fun in 5!!!

Have a Great Night:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Run..Therapy Run.

1 Corinth 15:21 " For since by a man came death, by a man also came the resurrection of the dead."


  "The Truest end of Life is to know that life never ends."  William Penn

Most of us run for pace, or distance, or the love of running. We have a goal, a  challenge, a program that we are following. 
But sometimes we run for other reasons....
Today I ran for other reasons..Today I was not even planning on running. But today, tonight, I knew I NEEDED to run. 
I needed to think clearly. I was smiling but my stomach was turning. I needed to beat down the garbage others had put in my head. 
I needed to feel in control of myself, my emotions, my responses and reactions. 
As I ran I started out slow just finding gratitude for the legs to get out and go. With each leg turning over I embraced the chill of the air and the silence in my ears. 
No Distractions.
No Obstacles.
Just me and HIM,
I continued to move through the air slowly gaining speed and peace. I checked myself and my behavior from the day. I am not perfect. I had some challenges this afternoon at dinner but can honestly say I did not get into the "Sand box". 
 Running, I could feel my hands clench and my pace getting stronger and swifter. I am a fighter. I am going to fight with everything I have to not respond or react to someone elses insecurities or drama. I am not going to let it haunt me or own me.  God is my directer and acceptor.
Ariel my niece and I!
I was running to HIM. I needed quiet time with HIM. I needed him to heal me and comfort me. I needed HIM to remind me WHO I AM and WHO I AM NOT......and no one else to do that.
Brian and Andy
I was running only 2 miles. It was not a run that required physical pain rather spiritual fulfillment. I was running down the emotions and with each moment that passed I felt more stable and complete again. I am thankful for the self control HE gave me. I am thankful for a beautiful day with my family. I am thankful for the legs that God has given me..I am Thankful For Jesus dying on the cross for me...His grace is Sufficient..Happy Easter Everyone.
Andy and I and my MOO Moo Easter Dress!!
Mom and I
"The Tongue is the Greatest of blessings when Wisely and Lovingly used, but it becomes the greatest curse when it is Unkindly and Dishonestly used."


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Running on no sleep..

In peace I will both lie down and sleep;
for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalms 4:8

Yesterday I was leaving work to come home and flying high if you remember and "Gina" a co worker of mine leaves me with a little tidbit. "You know Anita that steriod shot you got, one of the problems with it is that it makes it difficult to sleep." "HUH??" I responded. I then added "You know Gina I already have a hard time sleeping." Her client in the shampoo bowl contributed to this little kill joy to my new found friend..The Steriod injection.
Yup confirmed..2am I was wide awake. I was flip dip and tripping in bed. I had prayed for everyone I knew and prayed for even those I did not. Finally I came down stairs and took a gulp of NyQuil and head back up stairs. Not sure what the hurry was because I just added time to my prayers, day dreams, and wacky conversations with self. And then as if  3am was not haunting enough my legs were getting restless. Back down stairs for another shot of NyQuil. This time I traded places with Austin. Austin,my 12 year old moved his mattress into our room and placed it at the side of the bed...my side. "Austin, come up here and sleep with daddy, let me down there." With heavy eyes he says "Why? Whats the matter?" I quietly reply. "I can't sleep and am afraid I am going to wake up your dad."  Sweetly..He says "Oh I hate that, I am sorry." He must have been half sleeping to be so sweet!
Somewhere around 4 ish I had enough, I went back down for the 3rd time. 1Motrin pm and a regular Mortin. I just wanted to sleep.
What if I can't wake up in the morning?
What if I am a sloth all day??

I got up at 6:30am. Yeah. Couldn't sleep!! Shocker!
I decided that if this was like what if felt like to be on crack you can have it BACK!
I was full of energy and depleted in sleep.

I ate a good breakfast. Banana, ww raisin English muffin, Baybel light cheese and a cup of coffee.
The sun was beaming and the temps were in the 50's.
Hello Running Shoes..
Physically I felt really good.Better than I had all week. I didn't even feel tired..yet.
I ran a 6 miler. I was going to do a 5 miler and thought I felt good enough to add 1 more in there.
I also decide on this run that I would run 4 miles at the track in the evening.
And that I did also.

But not before I crashed and crashed HARD around 1 pm. It wasn't sudden, slow and deliberate. I was picking Alec up at his cousins and as I was walking in I felt a wave of exhaustion and stress over take me.
I am very misunderstood with family. I try soo hard. But we are all soo different. Different is not wrong, it is just different. It is learning to be patient and respectful to each other even when do not understand one another. For me it was also recognizing my sleep depeveria as a possible pathway that could lead to chaos. I am usually more emotional and less controlled in this state. So I knew I needed to get back home to my safe place quick with little to no damage to anyone!

I came home and put my legs up and tried to take an hour nap. The kids kept running upstairs tattling, and yelling. There was no way I was gonna be able to lay down any longer. I wanted to lock everyone in thier rooms like when they were 3 years old again. God knows they were acting like it..and truth be told..I was too. I just wanted to sleep uninterrupted.

I got up and kept moving.I even felt good enough after dinner to throw down 4 more miles at the TRACK!! Just for the record I am not a fan of repeats! I was running on fumes but I did 1 mile warm up, 4-800 meter repeats and then 1 mile cool down. Crap shoot was my Garmin died on me. So I didn't know my pace or my distance. When doing repeats at the track I could keep track of my distance easy enough but not my pace. So I would run till it hurt then try to hold it there for 800 meters. No Pain No Gain.

Well I just finished off the last of the Nyquil, praying for the Sand Man to have favor with me. I am hoping that he just comes in with a 2by4 and knocks me out! Yeah..that would be great.

Good Night...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Day in Pictures...

Coming home from work to a lil Note from my Niece.
Jeremiah 30:17
"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," declares the LORD.
My alarm clock woke me up disguised as a nagging, pounding, irritating  headache. My body was sabotaged by a heaving cough. I was nervously waiting for Andy to kick my butt out of bed. Each time I went into a coughing spell it felt so good that I thought it was the LAST one.  But soon it was accompanied by more hacking and barking.

When I made my Dr.s appt Monday I could not get in till today at 9:55. I NEEDED to see the Dr...for more than one reason.
This is HUGE! I have gained 5 lbs! This is something I really struggle with. I know what weight for me is HEALTHY, this is a big victory to see this number. I could gain weight easier...But the Challenge is to NOT to do it eating Poorly..Rather to eat properly W/O high fat, processed or simple carbs.

1. Fear!!
  • I was now at the scared stage. Concerned that I may have waited to long. I had Pneumonia a few years back and ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung...IN AUGUST! This put a HUGE Wall up for my running.  And was mostly caused from avoiding the DRs. 
  • Also my RUNNING/TRAINING depend son my recovery...DID I wait too long??????????????????
2. My Thyroid
  • I needed to get my blood checked and prescription refilled. I have been off my meds the last couple months. I get fatigued & my blood sugars mess up, both these effect my training...and my health.
I arrived at the Drs and after getting all my vitals, Weight, Temp, Blood Pressure (112/70) I waited to see the DR. Dr Abraham suggested a steroid shot to "expedite" things. And we decided to draw blood for thyroid. I am not sure how that is going to turn out because my sugar dropped when I was in waiting room.
I got my pokes delivered by a FIRST TIMER!! She did pretty good..She got 1 out of 2 anyway!! The Nurse had to get my blood draw because First Timer Totally missed my vein and I have PIPES!
BUT here is the funny. I left for the DRS feeling like a wet noodle and by the time I got back to work and headed home at 4:30 the girls were all making fun of me. I was jumping off the walls. "That shot of steroid makes you feel like a CRACK Head" I told the girls, then I realized what it sounded like and told them "Not that I know what Crack does..I am just saying!"  "Katie", who I work with reminded me "even though you FEEL good, you still need to go home and relax." UGh...

FISH TACOS W/ Black Bean and Avocado Slaw : No Leftovers from Dinner tonight!!

Flonase, synthroid, and 10 day horse pill antibiotic
Feeling the LOVE from My Darling NIECE ARIEL!! She is the Best!!! The Lemon Ice is MY FAVORITE...And SO is ARIEL!!!

No running tonight...Praying for double digits tomorrow.

Top Of Prayer list:
Our family. Our Children
My health..my heart
Andys healing of his foot and Achilles 
Unspoken.for the healing of hearts, I can Not change others, only God can...
"Matt" to get a steady income for his family
The Robinson Family, loss of their child
There are many other prayers said...If you have a hard time sleeping I am sure you can find rest in praying..