"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



  1. Having an obligation to do something as part of a job or role.
  2. Being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it.
I woke up this morning not feeling so good. I started sneezing yesterday. This morning my throat was itchy, my head was pounding and I just wanted to put the covers back over my head. 
Do you ever have those days when you just do not want to do all the things that you HAVE to do?

Today I HAD to do 17 miles. I Had to get my long run in.
But I really didn't want to. I really didn't feel like it. I really didn't feel like doing anything but crawling back in bed.

RESPONSIBILITY: There are those things in life we just have to do. We procrastinate, postpone or even make excuses to why we don't have to do them.
But when we do them..IT feels SOO good. We feel productive and responsible.

I just had to get those shoes laced up. I had to get up and get moving. 17 miles, 2 1/2 hours of running. Does that sound like something you look forward to doing?? Some of you may get all geeky about running that long. NOT ME. Especially when I am running that alone!

But I did. I got it done. I dressed up, laced up, fueled up and SUCKED IT UP!

"We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are - that is the fact."Jean-Paul Sartre
Wisdom from God guides us in health.  
“Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body. Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” – Proverbs 4:21-23

Be careful with FEELINGS. Feelings will steer  your HEART and sink your ship! You often hear people say "Follow Your HEART". I am not a believer in that. This morning my heart wanted to stay  in BED! Last week my heart wanted to trip that girl running when she cut me off around the curb. And tomorrow my heart will want me to do or say something that might not be so wise yet again. 
There are things we HAVE to do regardless of what our feelings say about it. 
I am so glad I ignored my feelings and did what I knew I had to do and that was get that 17 miles DONE!
Guard your Heart. Check it, protect it and connect it with His WORD. 


Pace: 8:47

How responsible were you today? Did you get your RUN IN??? Did you have excuses? 
Let's hear about it! What is your favorite Excuse?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Beat up but not Knocked Down!

 . "We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth." 
Andrew Murray

My entire body feels like it went through the "Tumble Dry" cycle. I am wiped. Tired and sore. Beaten,bruised and scraped.
But surprisingly through all my whines my knees are not cursing me. Maybe it was that last ice pack I put on them at 9pm. Or maybe it was hydrating good or the Motrin or maybe it was just answered PRAYERS.
 If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Mathew 21:22
I was sending a lot of prayers out yesterday!

I did not feel like a million dollars this morning but I did get up at 6:30am wide eyed. I was thankful my ankle and knee were not sending out stress calls. But the rest of my body reminded me of the torture I put it through the last couple days.
My back was sore, my arms were heavy, and my calves and legs were tight and achy.
But I felt good enough to run with "Courtney" despite my throbbing conditions. "It would probably be good to loosen up the body and do a few miles" I told myself. I felt pretty beat up but I was not down for the count.

She met me at my street. "Courtney" was running 11. I was going to do 7miles with her. Somewhere I should have turned around  sooner but instead I ended up doing 9.5 miles with her.
We did not run hard. We ran at a conversational pace and even added in some walk breaks. Just because I run does not mean I can THINK. If you follow my blogs enough there are countless stories of me getting lost, adding to many miles or not enough miles because I have calculated wrong on the run.  I have even given wrong directions to strangers because the my heart rate blocked the brain activity or something.
It is like my brains are left on the pavement or they just fell out and I trampled over them on the run.
But today I did it again.
Poor "Courtney" she was the victim this time of my bird brain calculations! I turned her long run of 11 into over 12 miles!  
I felt horrible. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out what I had done. It was like as soon as my heart rate came down my brain turned on. I felt so bad all morning.

Funny thing how God answers your unspokens. I was getting my errands done with the boys directly after our run and cleaning up. I had grocery shopping, and school shopping to do. I thought we should maybe go into MC Sports. I had a good excuse at the time to go in there and it wasn't to buy milk! The boys would had flagged me on that one.
And LO and BEHOLD..guess who comes up behind me as I am shopping on the clearance rack..."Courtney"!
She was walking without a limp and looking really cute and chipper. HA..God was answering a prayer with a picture! She was good. Oh the relief.
“Prayer is where the action is." John Wesley

I believe in the power of prayer. I believe God cares for every detail of my life. Every hour, every moment ,anywhere and everywhere I am. 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Detroit Merrell Down and Dirty 2012

I did not sleep hardly a wink all night. The clock ticked painfully minute to hour. At 2 am I got up and took 3 Ibuprofin and 4 Juice Plus hoping this may help. Running the 10 miles at the Crim did not leave my body feeling too prepared for another race.
Before MUD!

In just a few hours I was going to be doing the Merrell Down and Dirty 10K obstacle race at Kensington Metro park. I knew as I counted down how many hours till I had to officially get up I should have not gotten that Vanilla Latte at Starbucks.  I just folded to the fact that I was going to do a double race with no sleep and I was going to have to suck it up and sleep later.

With all my gear and clothes laid out I left the house at 5:30am sharp. The only thing that I was leaving behind was my family. Team Harless was going to sit this one out. Andy knew I was meeting "Sarah" out there and asked if it was OK if he went to church.  "I am a big girl, I will be fine hunny." I responded with a some reserve.

Stopping at Tim Hortons I got my coffee and was getting pretty pumped.

It was still dark outside as I pulled into the parking lot where the volunteers motioned for us to go.
In my big girl pants I headed down to find registration. I was hoping "Sarah" would be there early but she looked like she was going to be getting there closer to the race starting. "Sarah" asked  this guy to sign up and it was looking more like they were going to be hanging together.

My name wasn't in the roster but the race coordinator typed in my info and quickly found me.
BIB 534.

After pinning my bib on I just stood around, alone and feeling kinda awkward.

I tried to look confident as I looked around for someone I might know. And after some time I did find someone...FRITZ! The guy I had just met at the CRIM from DailyMile yesterday. Even though I had barley spoke to him I made my way to say "HI". He was talking to a woman about 20 feet away.

It did not take long for me to get introduced to his new friend "Jackie" who also ran the Crim and was coming out here to conquer yet another race less than 24 hours later!

Merrell Hamster Wheel..Where I fell in love with their Shoes!
It was nice to know that we had our own little "Crazy Club" going on running back to back races!

The race started at 7:30am. By the time we headed to our corral we had met up with 2 others that they knew.  Now I am totally a people person and I was in my element. I was not sure if we were all running together or what we were doing. I decided to just see how it went.

The gun shot and I jumped from the sting of the boom in my ears.
This was a trail run. It was hot and steamy out and we were all smiles not sure what to expect.

The course was intense to say the least. If the "Bradleys" did not kill me at the Crim this course was gonna send me to near death!
The obstacles were similar to the Warrior Dash. We climbed walls, Rope challenges, Balance beam, water and of course mud crawling.
I stayed with them till the balance beam and then I slowly moved out on my own.

There were so many steep hills to climb down and back up. running solo I had to listen to my own voices. As I approached mile 3 I came on a steep decline with trenches and rocks. I thought about something "Fritz" had said. "You can't run it afraid." Well that seemed easy enough.  So down I went. I tried to relax my body and legs and not be afraid. My knee started yelling at me. "Be afraid, Be Afraid!"  But it was my ankle that decided to hate me as it twisted and cracked coming down that evil mound of insanity.
No time to stop, I can assess the damage on the run. Catching my breath I thanked God that I was not hobbling. I asked God to give me strength in my legs and power in my steps. I needed him to plant my feet on solid ground and help me run with power and safety.

That was just one of many of those hills. The trails were covered in sand, rocks, trenches and even horse crap! Dodging horse dung was an obstacle in itself!

I came to one obstacle where you have a Army guy making you stop and do 20 SOLID push ups. Down I went. I rocked out the first 10 but had to put my arms on pause. These two guys came in right behind me. As I was struggling with number 15 they got up to go. "WHAT, the crap is that?" I thought! I heard the one guy say, "I don't know how many I did, I lost count." I thought " You lost count?...Like to 5?!" UGH. I knew I was going to hunt these to countless dudes down if it was the last thing I did!

Out of breath and feeling like Jello I got up and tracked those two knuckle heads down. If they run like they count I could "COUNT" on catching them!
Now this was fun, my own little game. It wasn't to far before I found them. SEE YA, You just got passed by not only a chick but a chick that did more Push Ups then you AND knows how to count past 5! Boo YA!

About mile 4 I was feeling pretty warmed up. MR. Tye Dye yells in my ear, " I don't want to pass you because I promised myself I was not going to run this and have anyone pass me." He stayed behind my shoulder cautiously waiting to make his move then he did it, He passed me with his Tye dye shirt wrapped around his neck.
I laughed to myself and yelled "Go Get em, Tye Dye, but keep looking behind your back I am coming for you."

We came out of the woods and made a couple turns then like a Giant looming over us was a massive hill. It was grassy and steep. I saw "Tye Dye" up ahead struggling. I attempted to run up but it was in vain. People were running a little and walking alot. I followed slowly closing the gap between me and "Tye Dye". At the top I came up on his right. "Here I come Tye Dye, Don't let me pass YOU!" I yelled.

What comes up must go down! And down we went. I could hear him yelling at me and making his way back again. Our path ended in the water where we had to do a lap through the water then bog in the mud. He caught up here and passed me again!

The water was refreshing but really slowed me down. My shoes were heavy and sloshing. I could really feel my quads rebelling against me. I had mud weighing me down and slapping me in the face from my hair.

 A little over 1 mile and we were done. I was having so much fun.  I hunkered down and made my legs move. Through the signs I made my way along the path. The Race was very well marked and had many volunteers guiding you and assisting you with all the obstacles.

I might be small and to some look "fragile"  but I can hold my own. I did those obstacles like the big guys. The Army guys would come to help me but motivated by a combination of pride and endorphins I would conquer the obstacles solo and probably stupidly!

The end was there. There were several signs motioning where to go. It looked like a lot of walls. Good Grief. The first wall challenge I tackled with little dificulty. But the second wall challenge was going to be the gonna bury me.  The wall was sloped and about 15 feet high with a rope hanging over. The rope had knots every couple feet. I thought I got this, we just climb up the wall... NOPE!!! You could not use your legs! You had to PULL yourself up on your belly or your knees. My hands were wet and sweaty and so was the rope.  I went up on my knees and was praying I was not going to loose my grip and fall back down. Up Up and over I went and searching for the FINISH in between heavy panty and loose arms..

People were everywhere. The music was ringing in my ears and there was the final mud pit. "DOWN, Down, You have to get on your belly and crawl under the ropes in the mud." They yelled.
 I nuzzled into the mud and crawled my way through. By the final rope I had mud dripping in my eyes and saturating every strand of my hair.

Even though I knew I was done I could not see where I was going there was so much mud in my face. Patiently waiting for my sight to return I had the urge to spit. With masculinity I spit and was as  mortified as the people next to me by the thick chocolate spit ball that escaped my mouth. "UGH"

This was a great race. One I would do again. I found "Fritz" and the rest of the clan. We all looked filthy but it made our teeth even whiter as we were all smiles!

We took pictures, filled out drawings and got in the Hamster Cage. I have never tried on a Pair of Merrell's. I tried them on and FELL in LOVE! I have been asking for a pair for a couple years. They were light weight yet snug. They just hugged your feet in all the right places. A little touch of Love.

I really wanted to get home to my family. I looked everywhere for "Sarah" I kept checking my phone. She never called. I gave my "Burger" tag away to one of the people we met. I looked at this guy sitting down with the huge burger with ALL the fixing. INDIAN GIVER! I turned back around and said "Never mind, I change my mind I want my burger!" Laughing He gave it back and we all got in line. They had fruit bowls, several different bags of chips, and soda or water and green tea. They also had hamburgers or Veggie burgers. I was so impressed! I never stick around for my free food. I couldn't pass this up.
With my new friends we sat on the ground still covered in mud with my muddy shoes and socks as a centerpiece and we ate, laughing and talking about running another race together.

"Sarah" text me half way through my burger. She and "Hayden" already left. They were eating breakfast at the "French Laundry". I hope they were eating outside. Even after my lil shower at the race I had mud  coming out my ears and smelled less than desirable.

Distance: 6.2 miles
Pace: 9:40
Time: 1hr.02
My knee were hurting, I twisted both ankles and the down hill really abused my knees. It sure was fun though!!!
Iced the knee, 2 hour nap and doubled up on my Juice Plus.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crim 10 miler 2012

I was on and ready at 5:45 this morning. I marched down stairs with a little grin as I felt the excitement waking me up. It was the CRIM!!  I was stoked.

Every part of me felt energized. It was a great morning, even my cup of coffee was perfect, it was going to be a good race day.

Team Harless pulled out of the driveway at 6:30am. The boys, mom and dad  were all ready to go and cheer us on.

Even Andy was in good spirits considering his disabilities. He  has been terribly injured for weeks now. His last run was 10 days ago and he had to walk the last mile home.
His work schedule has prevented him from going to the DRS.
He was running come hell or high water. I was so concerned but I know that place where you just say "Yes Dear." And this was it.

At a high of 88 degrees today I ran in my sports bra. It was going to be a hot one and there was no other option for me. I hate running hot.
After praying together Andy and I entered into our corral.
It was packed like sardines. People were already sweating. NASTY. I have a huge issue with sweat touching me. It totally freaks me out. As we squeezed in we had to move through hundreds of people to get to "B" corral. Andy left me at the "C" corral. I kept moving.  As I gently made my way though the labyrinth of people I realized I was leading 3 other people towards the front.

So Funny!
"Lori" It was not only her birthday it was also the day her son was coming home from over seas!! She had lots to smile about!
We arrived just minutes before the "A" corral departed. I hardly had time to even get nervous. My goal was under 80 minutes. Last year I ran the Crim having a PR and running 72 minutes. I really wanted to run a pace of 7:30.  I really hoped I could do it. Especially because I was running in a team and they were counting on my time.

2 minutes after the "A" corral moved out we were now invited to follow. You could hardly move. Because I am so short all I could see was the person right in front of me. It was very congested and tight but I saw the starting mats. With my finger on my "START" button I was ready to activate my Garmin.

Not sure what they are looking at?!
"BEEP" my Garmin signaled and I was off.  But not getting to far. "Come ON"!! Ugh. My legs wanted to move, my feet were coming out of their shoes and my heart was pounding out of my chest.  I just wanted to RUN and I could barely move.

The course was overcrowded, overfilled and overflowing with runners. And the mob scene stayed like that for over 4 miles.
I was just feeling my groove when the hills appeared. I just sucked it up and tackled them head on. The first one was a breeze, but by the 4th consecutive hill I was bottoming out. "Just make it to the top" I told myself. And when I arrived at the top I had to convince myself to BREATH, catch my breath, relax, settle in and BREATH.

"Paula" and I.
The water stations were incredible. I passed up the Beer stations, the Coffee stations and even the Donut stations, but I tried to hit almost every water station and sprinkler station. They had water almost every half a mile. The CRIM did super job keeping us hydrated.

My belly was getting a little queasy about mile 6. My Chomps were not digesting too good and the water was sloshing noisily in my belly. But other than that I was feeling great. I always have my favorite part of the race between 6 and 8 miles. My body feels swift and light.  I feel like I get "ACTIVATED" right here.
The Famous Flint Cheetah Runner!
But it doesn't usually last more than a couple miles.

The best way to keep me energized is to keep me animated. The more I high fives, encouraging words and smiles I give the faster I get.
I made it a point to cheer on every CRIM runner who had a 30 Year or more shirt on. I was stimulated by there dedication to the CRIM over all these year. These runners were a encouragement to me.

And just like that we were coming unto mile 9. I was almost there. I saw the runners in costumes, with handicaps, rainbow colored wigs, and the runner that was every shape and size.

I prayed for Andy and Paula who were both hurting. I prayed for them to have strength, stamina, healing and perseverance.

But now I was coming down the that last curve. The "Bricks" were in site and so was the finish line. The crowds were lined up on both sides and the sun was beating down on my bare skin. "Stay Strong, Anita."
Just like I told the guy at the beginning of mile 9  "Keep your head up and dig deep, you are almost there, finish strong." You need to keep your head up to conquer yourself and see your prize!

"GOO MOMMY Go" , "RUN NITA!" I look to my left a couple hundred feet from the finish and see "TEAM HARLESS". There was mom and dad and the boys. I waved at them with delight as I proceeded to cross the finish line.

I quickly hit "STOP" on my Garmin and saw that I had finished in 1hour 15 minutes. I had made my goal. 

But concern for Andy quickly replaced that victorious feeling.
I was given ice cold napkins to my surprise by "Raegen" and "Ken", two good friends of ours. I was delighted to see them but quickly grabbed some hellos and headed out to "Team Harless".

Hopping fences and scurrying through the crowds I made my way to my family. We feverishly waited for Andy. His time came and went and now we started thinking he may have DNF'ed.
And then I hear dad "There he is!!"
There Andy was. Running. Not  limping or even crawling. He was up on 2 feet running. He looked taxed, he was open mouthed, sweating and very flat.
I then ran back again to meet him, jumping over fences and hurdling over people. By the time I reached him he was sitting on the ground by our friends with the wet napkins.

Strength: mental power,force, or vigor.
ANDY may not be the fastest running or the strongest runner out there but he is HANDS DOWN the strongest runner I know. I was watched that man cross finish lines with man tears coming down his cheeks. When most would have never ran and when the rest would have at the very least not finished he fought all of hell to finish and finish with his feet moving. 

The highlight of the run was seeing some of my favorite people. 
"Ken K" one of the fastest runners I know. His great attitude is energizing and magnetic. 
Andy saw a co-worker from Hurley, Maureen with a bright smile, a constant Boston qualifier. 

But the funniest "RUN IN'S" at the CRIM was when I finished. 
"Anita?" I turned around and this guy was speaking to to me. I did not recognize him. "Anita, From Daily Mile?" I looked stunned and thought do I know this guy? "Yes" I responded. It was "Fritz" from Daily Mile. I was cracking up. And as I laughed with him for probably only a minute I hear "ANITA?" again. I look up and it is another guy I do not recognize. "Yes" I laugh still giggling. "Scott, from Daily Mile". OH, My goodness. HOW WEIRD. My name was on my bib but what are the odds. OH but wait...yup I hear it YET a 3rd time just a minute later, "Anita?" ..Now my head was spinning as we were all in a circle. It was "REBECCA" From Daily Mile!!! I wanted so bad to stick around and "Race Talk" but had to find Andy. What are the ODDS? I tell you there is always something out of the ORDINARY that happens to me at my races!!

"Paula" Ran a hard race with a calf injury.
Happy Birthday "Lori" and great Job on your 1st CRIM
"Clint Verran" came in 14th!!..My PT Guy.
"Ken K" Rocked out a PR and a SUB 70 minute 10 miler!
"Maureen" Jammed out a SUB 80 minute 10 miler
"Heidi" my running partner had the greatest smile after finishing her 10 miler.
"Fritz", "Scott", and "Rebecca" who finished with me and I finally got to meet!
"Dave" and "Karen" who ran the 8K and are Race Junkies.
"Jeff" our team Captiain for "Holly Road Runners"
And all those that I may be missing causing I am pooped out!

TIME:75:26  minutes
PLACE: 16th place in my division
So Thankful for loving and supportive parents who are always there to cheer us on!

Finished off my day having to Go back to work!
Dinner at Red Robin.
Low Fat Vanilla Latte at Starbucks for Dessert
And a double match game of KAN JAM with the boys
Gotta go to bed because we are doing it all over again at the;

 "If you wanna catch me, you got to be fast...if you wanna stay with me, you got to be good...if you wanna pass me...You've got to be kidding."

Thought that was cute.

Anyone out there have a CRIM experience they wanna share? I wanna read!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Crim Invite

Saturday August 24th
What to Bring:
  1. Garmin
  2. Ipod
  3. Bib
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Gum
  7. Camera
And Most importantly: Family!! 
Have a great Race, bring a good attitude, and your running partners Perseverance and Stamina. 
1 Corinthians 9:24 - Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! 
Good luck to my fellow runners: Jeff and our team "Holly Road Runners".
Also Paula, Heidi, Dave, My client Scott, Maureen, Beth, Sara, and Melissa.
Andy and I are running on a team this year. But most of our team is handicapped from injuries! Please Pray for Andy. He has not been able to run very much due to 50 and 60 hour work weeks.  But Andy has been injured and because work has been so busy he has not been able to see the doctor. 

Good night. 

Anyone out there running any races this weekend?? 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Keep It Simple Thursday!

WOWZa Am I exhausted. So I am going to keep it so simple I am going to do it in bullets!

  • I tried to balance everyone and everything today: Kids, Cleaning, Running and Misc. 
  • Kids, took them to the pool for an hour. 
  • Cleaning..did alot as usual though never enough!
  • Ran solo at Indian Springs. None of my running partners called me to run but the RUN must go on!
  • I am so behind on answering emails and messages. Ugh. 
  • I got my Run Massage for the CRIM Saturday. And she was one tough cookie. It was awesome. I had her work my IT Band. I actually felt it release under her fingers. She took her elbow and worked on a knot in there..That hurt. 
  • Thought about my Nieces today. I am so thankful for those special conversations I have had with each of them this summer. I always have my phone open for them and am so blessed that they consider me for conversation. 
  • No running for me till SATURDAY. I am running the CRIM, 10 miler. Andy and I are in a team but poor Andy is not going to be able to run. He is really injured. Aside from his body revolting against him he has been working 60 hour work weeks. Andy is ready to implode. I feel so terrible for him. He IS the hardest worker I know. I am so thankful for a husband that works and works hard. 
"My knees hurt, my back is killing me and my lungs are burning. Feels like progress.
"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face."

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you... "
“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
― Dean Karnazes
PACE: 8:36
TIME: 1:08

Whats Your favorite says, quotes, verses or any inspiration?? Please share!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday In a Nutshell

I was really excited to get up and go running this morning. More than normal. I am so blessed with Incredible friends. Remember the gal that I met at the beach with the boys a few weeks ago???
In case you do not know. Took the boys to a new beach at the last minute. As the boys played in the water I propped myself on my chair hiding my body underneath a wide rimmed sun hat and a over-sized pair of sunglasses. I also hid my body behind a "Runners World" magazine and settled into my "nothing box". It is a very empty beach so I felt well hidden in my bikini. And just as I got settled I heard a voice "Hello, Are you Austins mother?"  I was mortified as I covered up my skin with my paper products.  She was one of the local churches Pastors WIFES! AHHH!!
But here is the beauty in her response. She did not judge me. She did not make any comments about my immodesty something that I would expect and have gotten from us "Churchy Folks." Rather she just wanted to know me. Little ole imperfect me. I knew I like her from the minute I spoke to her.
I REALLY fell in love with her when I found out she was a RUNNER!!

Well today "Courtney" and I got to run together.  It was a glorious day. A beautiful morning. And her company made it even better. We ran very well together. Chatting and laughing and having a little devotional on the pavement.
If you want to be a better person than hang with Greatness. People you see qualities you would like to grow closer to. I look at the people God has put in my path just from my running partners and am soo totally blessed. I have NOT sought these people out. God truly has put them in my path. From "Heidi" to "Danielle" to "Katie", "Sarah" and now "Courtney".
I am so humbled and honored to give God the Glory. He continues to bless me with beautiful people.
"We entertain Angels unaware."
Today I asked myself after running 6 miles with "Courtney" "Why Me, God?"
"Why have you given me yet ANOTHER incredible person."
There are days when I have tear stained cheeks filled with insecurity and emptiness. There are days when I want to hide from people afraid to be hurt again.
There are days I want to hide from myself because I struggle with my heart issues.
But not many.
But those days can handicap you in a blink. They can put you in the pit and make you feel hopeless.
Then I am often reminded I have these awesome people around me. People that love me for little OLE ME with all my craziness, all my weirdness, all my hang ups. I just don't get it. But I am going to embrace it!! I am not going to return these gifts.

After our 7 am run, I was rushing home for a day at the ZOO!
I had made the boys a Scavenger hunt with prize $ for each "Picture" they took. They had 10 pictures to take with different exhibits and riddles.  
Example " You must get a picture with all your family in front of this popular fountain, And ask a stranger to take it."
It really was a ploy to have fun and get good photos with the boys because they hate taking pictures! And it worked!!
Well I am wiped. We ate dinner at 8pm! Thats when Andy got home from work today, 13 hour day.

Good Night all.
What angels has God put in your path? Do you have special people in your life that make you a better person?
Or are you like me where sometimes you are afraid of people? Afraid they are judging you, afraid they are making fun of you?
Hurting People Hurt People. Healing people help people.



Monday, August 20, 2012

Running Lingo and thier Meanings.

"Endorphins: Runners' drug of choice"

It was intended to be an easy recovery run. Take it easy, breath and just relax through 5 miles. I am not sure if a song made my pulse kick into gear or a thought did the trick. All I know was I was running just fine, feeling a little sore from yesterdays run when something put a little fire in my pants. Next thing I knew I was resting in between Fartleks. I was tackling the hills with power and relaxing on the way down. I was sprinting in between signs and catching my breath to the trees. I had made a game of it. Almost like a game of tag. Run:Rest:Run.

I thought I would share some Running Jargon with you. These are the definitions according to RUNNERS WORLD BIG BOOK OF MARATHON AND HALF MARATHON TRAINING.
  1. BANDIT: Someone who is participating in the race unofficially, without having registered or paid for an entry fee.
  2. FARTLEK: Speed Play, or "Fartlek" in Swedish (the concept originated in Sweden) is a speedwork format in which you run faster for however long or short you want.
  3. OVERPRONATION: Excessive inward roll of the foot, which can cause pain in the foot, shin and knee.
  4. RICE: Refers to REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATION. These measures can relieve pain, reduce swelling, and protect damaged tissues all of which speed healing. They're most effective when done immediately following an injury. RICE is the standard prescription for many aches and pains, such as strained hamstrings and twisted ankles.

  "A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once." P.D.
Phyllis Diller died this morning. My favorite cartoon in the whole wide world is and has always been Scooby Doo. And my favorite episodes where the ones she and Soupy Sales and other comedians would star in. I miss those old cartoons. They have remade Scooby Doo and it is full of romance drama and just not the same.
"Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room." P.D

Do you have a memory or a favorite Phyliss Diller thought you would like to share? I would love to hear if so. Please share it with me.

Distance: 5.04
Pace: 8:31
Time: 43 min.

 "I found my happy pace."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Confusion in Forgivenss.

 You can out-distance that which is running after you, but not what is running inside you.  ~Rwandan Proverb

You have to believe in yourself and your abilities.
You have to strive for not just good but greatness.
Never accept mediocrity.
Family Birthday. Cousins.
Do not settle, or get sucked into "just OK".

I have been concerned about not being able to run my 15 miles today.
I am nervous about running another marathon. But I know I can do it..It is just gonna take training, pain, and discipline. I could run the half marathon and do what I always do... doing what I am comfortable doing... Do what I am familiar with  doing...
OR..I can challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone, go Big and dig deep.

 "Heidi" text me this morning to join me on part of my running adventure. But our schedules were not matching and I was very disappointed I did not have her company for part of my run.  I love running with her.

I laced up my new Brooks shoes wondering if I was going to regret putting this many miles on them so new. I was concerned I may end up with some nasty blisters.
I was pretty pumped though because Andy surprised me and bought me a new Ipod. But it needed to be charged and my playlist needed to be downloaded.
I decided to do a "there and back" times two. This way I could trade the Iphone for the Ipod and stop home and get water.

My first 5 miles I fell right into a groove with no knee pain. It was 71 degrees and the stars were aligned for a perfect run.
I headed back towards home for my Ipod trade and a bathroom break.
As I ran into the house I kept moving. Quickly dropping into the bathroom, running upstairs to get IPOD, running back down stairs to get my water and without much thought like a obstacle course lining back up to the road for another 5 miles.

My second "there and back"  I wanted to go on the road where I was going to see Andy. We had a family birthday party to go to and Andy left without me. You have to take training serious. I am already behind in in my training and today's run was my catch up. You hope people will be understanding. Most of the time you can bend your runs but you sometimes have to juggle things and pray no one gets upset.

Sure enough as I got to mile 2 on my second leg of my run  (which was really mile12)I felt cold water spraying all over me. I look to my right and there Andy passed me showering me with a water bottle.  And just like that he was gone. As quick as he came and went, he left me with more than wet shorts, he also showered me with a smile and some emotional support that encouraged me to the rest of my run.

As I drew near to my 15 mile marker I assessed my body. Wow, no knee pain, hips feel strong, legs feel solid, my mind was steady and clear, and my feet....FELT exceptional! I am LOVING my BROOKS Glycerin! I could not get over how great, I felt especially my feet.

I just want to say again..I did it. I ramped up those mile to 15 and I am so excited. Cautious, but stoked. I feel so Grateful. Thank You knees, thank you mind, thank you feet, and THANK YOU GOD! GRATEFUL.

 Colossians 3:23
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.” 

Our Sermon today was on FORGIVENESS.  Boy, do I have a Masters in Forgiveness.
Father who was never around.
Mother who sold me out for a case of beer.
Uncles that beat the crap out of you for looking at them.
Grandma that let us go into foster homes.
And that does not even count marriage and children! 
I have forgiven all of them. I love all of them. I have held NO GRUDGES. 

But this sermon today... I have one thorn in my side. I take it to the cross almost daily. I tearfully ask God to help me. I know I have forgiven this person yet I just have the hardest time forgetting. I could forget if the person changed towards me. But they are still so bitter. They have done some hurtful things to me and my family. 
I want to do the right thing. I just get so confused on what the right thing is. Doing the right thing is always hard when you have so many different forks in the road. It is always important to do the right thing no matter how many people are doing the wrong. It is the narrow path. The road less traveled. Often times with me the right thing has lead me back down the highway of hurt again. You turn the other cheek, you forgive seventy times seven and BAM..they do it all over again to you. 
I keep waiting for GOD to send me an email that is very detailed and direct. It hasn't came. Even in the Sermon there was one thing he said in the middle of all the forgivness talk. "You have to forget everything when you forgive, but you do not have to hang out with that person." 
I thought is that me? Was that God speaking directly to me? 
Doing the RIGHT thing is about taking ownership. Doing the Right thing takes courage and humility. Doing the Right thing takes direction and wisdom.
I just want to do the right thing....All the time. The best way to influence someone is with honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing. 

  Don't try to be different.  Just be good.  To be good is different enough.  ~Arthur Freed

LOL...This is what we do for fun..Austin with his cousin Brian. They saw this on UTUBE!  This is the first time they tried this! Crazy Boys.  

Ramping up your miles can lead to injury. You have to know your body, and be disciplined enough to slow down and change the game plan a little bit. Stretch, roll, ice and eat a diet filled with fruits, vegtables and protien to heal and help your body recover. Drink plenty of water after your run it helps your body recover also. 
I made a iced protien chocolate  latte.
  • 16 ounces lowfat milk
  • 1 tablespoon Hersheys Chocolate syrup 
  • 1 Starbucks Via instant coffee packet
Stir, add ice and and a straw and enjoy!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little of this and that.

I have worked at the same salon for 16 years. I have had the same schedule for close to that time as well. Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. These are usually my days off from running. I give so much credit to those runners out there that run after working all day. Andy is one of those people. Andy had 68 hours clocked this week. I do not know how he has the energy to run.
I am behind my miles so I really wanted to get a couple extra miles in today after work.
 I asked the boys to go biking with me for half an hour to put some miles on the pavement. Austin was game but Alec was whining a about it.
I promised them 3 miles.
We just ran around the neighborhood. It was more than enough for me today. My legs felt heavy and tired. I ran at an easy conversational pace. I chatted with Austin about the boys that spent the night and about him and his afternoon adventure with Hungry Howies. Austin call Hungry Howies and with his money, while I was at work he ordered a pizza and had it delivered. I was cracking up. I thought he was yanking my chain. But Alec piped in "I told him not to do it mom." Typical of Alec my little scaredy cat.
I thought it was hilarious. Austin thought he had reached a pivotal point in puberty! Especially because he even thought to tip them!

I love being a mom. It is the hardest job and it is the most humbling job. But every once in a while you get these little nuggets of pure joy that trumps all the tears and heartache.
Austin actually had his first major disappointment. He tried out for Soccer and did not make the team, he got cut. Austin knows nothing about Soccer. But he has been working out all summer and studying utube videos. The coach told Austin " You have such passion and heart but you have no experience."  This was tough for a mom to hear. You can teach most kids the game but you can't teach someone how to have Passion and Heart.
I believe it was a good experience for Austin. He handled it very good. It was a good mommy moment to watch him react to the let down.

Tomorrow I am going to try and ramp up my miles. Gonna try and do 15 miles slow and steady probably even incorporating walk breaks in there to prevent myself from getting injured. My knee was hurting a bit today so I pray it is better tomorrow.


Favorite people this week:
Ryan P..Funnest person to tease!
Amanda S..Great forgiver and going to be a beautiful Bride
Andy..My hunny. So thankful for his hard work and dedication to his family.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep it simple Thursday..Yeah right

I lost a running day. I probably walked more than I would have ran, I know I was on my feet a WHOLE lot more than running. I spent the day at Cedar Point with 140 kids and leaders. I love Ceder Point! I love higher, faster  and steeper. I love that blood pumping through my veins! But I lost a running day.
I lost more than that. I lost time, sleep and energy.
We got home from Cedar Point at almost 1am. We were chasing "Phantom Kids". The 3 buses left us looking for 2 kids. I have been doing this long enough that I knew that we were on a wild goose chase.  But you still have to take the necessary precautions to be safe.

6am came all to soon, and so did 7 and so did 8am!! I crawled out of bed at 9! I lost 3 hours. I could have totally used those 3 hours. There was just not enough time in the day. I was running around the house more than running outside today. Washing floors, dishes, laundry and just the regular house maintenance.
And my least favorite..grocery shopping. I think it is ridiculous.
You put the groceries into the cart.
You take the groceries out of the cart to put on the belt to pay for them.
You put the groceries BACK into the cart to take to the car.
You take them BACK out of the cart to put in the car.
Only to take the groceries BACK out of the car to put away!

I somehow squeezed a run in that mess. It looked like rain out but the only option was to run and run in the rain if need be. I asked the boys to go with me to run at the track. I wanted to do a little bit of track work and run back home. They actually agreed and took their bikes with me.
I did  a total of 7 miles, a little over 5 miles running and the rest I ran 200m repeats. UGH..I hate repeats.

Speedwork is the best and fastest way to improve but it is also the fastest way to get injured!
220 Yards (200 meters or 1/2 lap)
To train for short distances (5K and under) and to sharpen speed.
440 yards (400 meters or 1 lap)
To improve aerobic conditioning at slower paces and to improve speed in the last stages of preparation for short races (5K and under).
880 yards (800 meters or 2 laps)
To train for distances 10K and under for speed. For distances above 10K the distance helps sharpen your sense of pace and improve aerobic conditioning.
Mile (1600 meters or 4 laps)
To develop ability to hold onto a strong pace for significant distances, particularly for those training for longer races (10K and up, including the marathon).

"The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit."


Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Runday

I was dragging butt this morning. I wanted to run 15 miles today but I knew that was ridiculous! Especially after yesterdays 10k and 4 miler.
I bargained with sanity and decided I would do a easy 13 miler instead. My knee was a little sore so I knew I had to play this run smart. Smart usually means taking "Anita" out of the picture. I have to bury her and find her counter part, the more sensible one.

It was a good day for a run. The temps were cooler and the sun hid behind the clouds throughout most of my run. To guarentee my plan of  "Nice and Easy"..(we are not talking hair color) I made two other descisions before I hit the pavement:
1. I was not going to look at my pace, I was going to run by feel and feel good doing it.
2. I was going to incorporate walk breaks in every 2 miles.

Sounded like a plan I could stick to. And I did.

It is always a good day when you get a good run in..It is a better day when you achieve your goal on a MONDAY and it is the best day when you can top that run off with a new pair of running shoes!

  • When running the impact you put on your legs can be up to 8 times your body weight! 
  • Most quality running shoes last between 350 and 500 miles.
  • Minimalist shoes last roughly HALF the time your every day training shoes lasts.
  • Each of your shoes land on the ground about 800 times per mile.
  • When getting fit for running shoes it is best to go in the afternoon when your feet are a little more swollen.
I went to Hansons running shop in Lake Orion. I tried on 2 pairs: BROOKS Ghost3 and BROOKS Gycerin.
I put my foot in the Ghosts first. This was the shoe I wore running Boston 2011. I loved that shoe. But they are very light weight. The New Ghosts though have more cushion than they have in the past and were a little touch of heaven.
I was skeptical on the Glycerin. The sales guy said "This is a great shoe, one of the best but it is so expensive." 140$ WOW!! I thought.  But then when I put my foot in that shoe it felt like a whole lotta heaven! I was in love and thankful I had a coupon!!


"We run, not because we thing it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves." Roger Bannister


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Milford Memories: Following through.

    3rd place female overall:18th overall 45:23.1    
 “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes... but no plans.”

Some friends from church  last week asked us if we were running the Milford Memories race. The conversation was infectious. The more I listened to their enthusiasm the more drawn in I was. I was all in. This race was a race I had heard of but had never ran before. It sounded like fun and it was even more exciting when I knew it was in 1 week. I was SOLD.
I bottled that emotion waiting to see if it was really gonna happen.

A few days later I stopped at work in between rain runs to drop off something and "Christa" came up front where I was standing.  I was a bit of a conversational piece as I looked like a drowned rat and the girls I work with couldn't understand why I was going back out there to do it again. But "Christa" saw a open window to share with me her 5 miler that she had just finished. I was very impressed.  I saw my open window then to invite her to Milford days!!!

As I got ready this morning for this last minute race I wondered if "Christa" was going to make it out. She had a late night so I wasn't sure. After all, most people say they are going to do something and do not do it. As we got driving towards Milford I got a text confirming she was on her way!

"Christa" actually beat us there. She looked amazing after having hosted a "Mustache and Wig" shower the night before.
"Christa" was my running partner in California and she is a tough cookie. I loved seeing her. She has ran a couple races with my family.
As we got ready to start she wished me luck and told me to go big. I just was not feeling it. "I have a long run Monday that needs to get done." I told her as I cowered out of the pressure.
But when the "GO" was barked I went.
The morning was perfect running especially considering I was not prepared for a 6 mile course of all rolling hills!
I wanted to run hard but I also wanted to have fun. I enjoyed smiling and yelling at the runners passing me. "Great Job", "Looking Good" and "That's it, get up it!" I encouraged the runners. The course was a "There and back" so I got to see a lot of the runners pass me a couple times. They started smiling back at me by the second time I saw them.
At mile 2 a girl came up on me. She was my size, my build but very serious. We went back and forth passing each other and running side by side. Only she was not voicing many words like I was at the passing runners.
I saw"Christa" and Andy at mile 3. I got so pumped from seeing them I picked up my pace. As I picked up the pace I was also going up a hill. I never saw her again until we did a loop coming on 5 miles. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, she had dropped back a few hundred feet but was still going hard.
I was determined to maintain my 7 min pace to the end. I only had a mile. I told myself to hold on, move my legs and don't forget to breath!

I finished. And felt pretty good. I had 5 minutes to run to the car now and get the camera and "Christa's" phone before they got to the finish line! I was not done yet!

I patiently waited for "Christa" or Andy or 1 of the other 5 people I knew to come down the straight way towards the finish.

I had no idea who I was going to see first, and then there they were. "Christa" stayed with Andy and together they came!!! I was so proud of her. This was the farthest she had run this year, such an incredible achievement.

We caught our breaths, grabbed some food and checked our times. I had to recheck my time as Andy said I took 3rd place Overall Female. I thought, "No way" I ran hard but I could have ran harder. I mean I was having fun cheering other runners on most of the time. And you know what they say "If you can talk you are not running hard enough."

It was a great race. A lot of rollers. Up and down you ran for almost the entire 6 miles. But it was mostly on a paved trail. Definitely a race I would do again.

I had only one problem. My miles were down and today was supposed to be a long run. So after a power nap I snuck out of the house for another 4 miles before Andy knew I was gone.

Integrity: Doing what you say you are going to do.
Commitment: following through no matter what.
Two awesome qualities I love in people.
I loved seeing "Christa" there. I even said to her "I can't beleive that you are here after the night you had."
She replied "I said I was gonna be here, I had to be here..."

“Integrity is keeping a commitment even after circumstances have changed.”  ~ David Jeremiah 

Total weekly miles: 41 miles
Distance: 10 miles-10k and 4 miler


Thursday, August 9, 2012

You are as sick as your secrets.

It seriously breaks my heart when you see people you care about make terrible choices.
It pulls on your heart, makes your stomach do flip flops, brings tears to your eyes and rents space in your head.
I know there is nothing that I can do.
I am Helpless.
I feel like a nobody.
You want so bad to say.."Nooo, Do not do that. That is going to hurt really bad."
It does not matter how much influence you have tried to have on them, they are going to make their own decisions.
Do people seriously think that their choices affect only themselves?
It is time to wake up people! It is time we looked at someone other than ourselves and realized we affect others in everything we do or do not do!
We have gotten so self absorbed and consumed by ourselves, our feelings, our cares we could care less about anybody else.
Such a narcissistic thought pattern.

I wish I would have had a mom or dad to hold me accountable. I wish I would have had someone out there that would have said to me "Anita, It really hurts me to see you living like that." or "Anita, I believe you are better than this, why are you going down this path, I love you and am praying you make better choices."

So many sleepless, tear stained nights I lay awake in bed recounting my bad descisions.
So many days I just got through empty, lonely, confused.
So many moments I hated who I was and who I was becoming.
For God is not the author of confusion but of peace ... 1 Corinthians 14:3

For the moment it felt good.
For the moment I convinced myself it was good.
For the moment I wasn't alone.
Because for that moment I was in the company of drama, lies, secrets, and many other adversaries.
I was dancing with the Devil.
The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again.Proverbs 24:16

But it was only for a moment everything felt good.
Them I had to deal with ME when that moment passed always too soon.
I danced with the Devil.  
And that moment lasted a lifetime, filling my closet with skeletons.

My heart is broken. I can continue to pray. I know more than I want, but that does not change the love that I have. I love you from a distance but always hold you close to my heart.

Indian Springs:
Distance:6 miles
RAIN RUN # 1. Awesome run solo. Started sprinkling and after 5 miles it was pouring. Park cleared out with the rain.
Independence Oaks:
Distance: 4.25
RAIN RUN #2. Well I figured I was already wet! Why not add a few more water logged miles to the day! Met Katie


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leave em' on the Pavement:

"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up."
Galatians 6:9 

I woke up to a sunny day. A good day by most standards for a run.
I saw Andy off for work and grabbed my cup of coffee to sit down and have a few minutes of quite time. By the time I got ready to run  something implanted itself in my head that was bugging me. I figured I would go out for 10 miles, I knew that would dispose of the mental mess circulating in my head.

I felt pretty good. The first few miles were composed of little aches and pains scattered about but nothing I was concerned about. And by mile 4 I traded in all those little aches and pains for sweat and exhaustion. So many times in that 10 miles I tried to convince myself to slow down, stop and get a drink or even not go as hard up the hills. But for every voice that tried to get me to not give 100% there were 5 more voices SCREAMING at me to Not Quit, GO GO Go!

The Crim is in 3 weeks. I have not trained for it other that putting in miles. Not very much speed work. Not a good thing. This year I made it the year of "Fun Run" and I really stuck to it. Houston we are gonna have a problem!!

Running Tip:
LESS is MORE when you want to increase your speed. It is not about quantity it is about quality.
You have to run hard. You have to make a date with pain.
If you want results you have to get serious and seriously mean it. 3 or 4 miles hard will make more of a difference than 7 or eight miles at conversational pace. 
As you set your foot unto the pavement you have to say to yourself  "This is gonna hurt". And YOU have to run NOT to PAIN rather THROUGH PAIN!
Embrace it like the love of your life.
You have to convince your body and your mind that your NOT afraid to overcome the work that it is going to take to make you victorious.
Believe in YOURSELF.
Believe in your abilities.
See yourself where you want to be and then Go For It!

As I ran across the road towards home I no longer remembered what had irritated me. I didn't even care. None of it mattered. What matted was I ran hard, I ran through pain, I was out of breathe, my legs were weak, and my head was light. Compiled together this meant EVERYTHING. This was my trophy for a job well done. 


Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
- Newt Gingrich

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday in a Nutshell

I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in GOD.

I have had the opportunity to see God perform miracles in my life that most of you would say were coincidental. Not me. Too many. Too awesome. Too perfectly molded to me and my life.
Today I had another "God-cidence"
I had planned on going to take the boys to the beach for a couple hours. We discussed going to Holly recreation. But at the last minute we ended up at a beach I have never even gone to before, Seven lakes beach. I have biked, hiked and ran through Seven Lakes but I have never been to the beach there.
As I laid in the sun catching up on last months "Runners World" magazine I heard a soft spoken voice above my head."HI, are you Austins mother?"  My first thought was "OH no, what did he do now?" But cautiously I responded "Yes, I am."
As I looked into the woman soft brown eyes that matched her warm brown hair I felt very relaxed. At ease. She introduced herself as the pastors wife at the local Nazarene church that my son goes to sometime with one of his friend "Cole".
As we engaged in conversation I discovered that we had a lot in common. We both had addiction running through our family, we both love God and.....She is a RUNNER!!!! The conversation was smooth and easy. I enjoyed listening to her and learning about her. She had many questions and I think we chatted for almost 30 minutes without a moment of awkwardness. I know God put me there for a reason. He wanted to introduce her to me.
NOTE TO SELF: Do not push hard on the pavement 20 minutes after eating Mexican for dinner!!!
I decided to do 7 miles. Alternating between 1mile easy and 1 mile race pace. After only mile 2 my stomach started to cramp up. They were not the cramps that annoy your obliques. No, these went from the right all the way around to the left. My stomach was bloated and tight. It was not a lady like run as I tried to swallow down the refried beans only to belch up Tabasco and spit it up on the side of the road. I grunted out loud begging for the race pace mile to be finished. I just wanted to get to the slower pace...But underneath it all I loved the pain. I wanted the torture of this run. I NEEDED it. This pain has been absent from my training this season. It was time to suck it up. Cry if your gonna cry, whine if your gonna whine and Puke If your gonna PUKE. And that is exactly what I did as I entered into my street. I was embarrassed as I got to the end of the street and started dry heaving. There was not holding it back. The kids all looked at me mortified, Austin ran into the house freaking out. I yelled "Don't get dad." I knew a little puke was not the end all. Only by the time I got into the house it came out projectile. I was glad my head made it to the toilet..It was not pretty!

Distance: 7.01
Time: 57.12
Mile 1-8:42
Mile 2-7:05
Mile 3-8:18
Mile 4-7:05
Mile 5-8:22
Mile 6-7:23
Mile 7- 7:52
Icing the KNEE!
Good Night..Gonna go find something to eat to replace my dinner!!