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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Color RUN: Running the Mighty Mac

Andy's Dad: "Nita, You know cars fly off the Mackinaw bridge?"
ME:  "Thanks DAD!"
Dad laughing : "Really, it get so windy up there, You better be careful, you could just fly right off."
Me: "DAD!"

I was less concerned about flying off the Mighty Mac and more concerned about freezing my butt off.
42 degrees, rain and snow flurries.
I thought "I am not gonna De-thaw till the spring. I concluded that thought with "Hmm,  flying off the bridge might me a less punishment then the pain of 30 mph wind gusts mixed with snow and rain."

I must have been paranoid about freezing to death because the night before the race I woke up several times thinking I was in a burning inferno. I kept turning off the heat in our hotel room or at least attempting in the dark, half sleeping.
I slept with out covers, tossing and turning from the heat that continued to elevate after my attempts to turn it off.

Waking up was not a problem because I don't think I ever fell asleep it was so hot.
Regardless of how my body felt in our hotel room I knew I had better layer up.
1 long tank top, 1 short sleeve thick running short, 1 long sleeve running shirt and my running jacket.
No hat, No gloves, not ear muffs ..No WAY did I think this out real well.

On the way to the bus shuttle we stopped at a gas station and purchased some gloves.

The Fall Color Run:
This race was the first time I have ever ran a race where there was no gun start. The shuttles dropped runners off on the north end of the bridge from 7am till 8:30am. There were no corrals, no hordes of people, just run when you get there.
You didn't really get that flip in your stomach or anxiety as you sized up the runner next to you because there really wasn't one.

Laughing casually we walked over to the mat and non climatically started running.

The Mackinaw Bridge is 5 miles long. The wind was intense. But thankfully it was behind you pushing you up and down the bridge.
As we ran higher up  we saw both rain far in the distance and snow in another section of our visual canvas.
It was magnificent but our scenery was about to get even more spectacular.  Andy and I looked to our right and see the ending of a rainbow meeting the water, simply amazing. I have never seen where a rainbow meets its destination.  

We ran with a camera in our hands most of the time(Which cameras were not allowed). We didn't race this. Andy was struggling with his IT band and I just wanted him to have fun the best he could.

We finished with smiles. This race never felt like 5 miles. It was straight, smooth and scenic. I would do it again.
They even has a huge breakfast spread waiting for you at the local school where the finish line was.
Andy has never stopped for the food so this was a first too.

I really enjoyed stopping for the breakfast and the comrade-re of chatting with other runners.
 I did this at the "Get Down and Dirty" and got to meet some really cool people.

Running 5 miles was planned but biking another 9 miles on Mackinac Island was not! If the cold and wind didn't wipe me out the bike ride totally buried me. I could hardly ride the 3 speed grandma bike. I almost crashed about 10 times. Andy kept laughing at me as I tried to act athletic maneuvering this awkward bike into everything.  I think I was just cold and my limbs were not cooperating!

It is about 6pm. I have finally quit shivering. It is so nice to get away for a couple days with Andy,
It was a great day. I feel weird enjoying  just chill-axing in a hotel room at 5pm blogging for an hour without any agenda or kids or phones and everyday life routines. 
Well I think we are gonna get rolling and go out again.

Distance: 5.14
Pace: 8:27
Time: 43.28

There are a lot of races this weekend.
What races are you doing??

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  1. Peanut butter fudge!!

  2. Rocky road?

    That race sounds really fun. Is it hard to get registered for? I wonder why they said no cameras.

    1. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt!
      It is easy to register for, I did the mail in registry. I think the do not want cameras because they are afraid it will block traffic and be a nuisance.