"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finishing with BOOM BOOM BOOM.. Gods sense of Humor

My Dreaded run is ignited by a series of questions. My Dread was birthed by questions like, " What is my IT Band begins to give me trouble?",  " My bad knee has been sore the last couple weeks I wonder if it will give me problems?, " I hope I can find a route that will not have to many hills."  and "I think that my cold is going to my chest, I hope I will be ok.". These are just a few of the thoughts that run through my head. But I knew I just had to DO IT.
Gods promises far out number my insecurities and fears. I saturate my mind with these promises to overtake my fears and insecurities.
  • He gives strength to the weary Isa 40:29
  • He will keep me from harm Psalm 121:7-8
  • He provides me with tools and instruction Psalms 32:8
  • He restores my health and heals my wounds Jere 30:17
  • He wants me to have an abundant life John 10-10
I stuck to the plan. To a tee. I was parked at Dunhams since that is where I bought my "Chomps" and took that last bathroom stop. 
Smiling with confidence I put my ear buds in and headed to Silver Lake Rd and beyond! I had no idea where to go but I knew this..NO HILLS. I don;t know Fenton well enough to map out a hill-less route.  But I had an hour and a half to find one. I was meeting my partner at Tim Hortons at 12:30. 
Lo and behold I found North Road, straight, smooth and simple. 
Then at mile 8 I heard it, Unfamiliar yet intriquing..."BOOM BOOM BOOM"!! What was this jazzy little tune that had come through my ear buds? The more I listened the more I giggled. I could not hear all the words but I was falling in love with the catchy little blues beat. I loved this deep voice and its rhythmical chime. I enjoyed it so much I listened to it AGAIN. Now even the words were putting a hop in my step. 
"Boom boom boom boom
I'm gonna shoot you right down,
right offa your feet
Take you home with me,
put you in my house
Boom boom boom boom
A-haw haw haw haw
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm"
I was unfamiliar to where this song came from or who purchased it. It was not even my genre of music. BUT I liked it, It made me smile and laugh.
I made it through and dropped off my partner with 5 miles to go to reach my 20..and I miscalculated, somewhat deliberately and was now looking at my Ford 500 meters away..and then..."BOOM BOOM BOOM"!!!  I embraced that little dittty with the same smile and chuckle as I had almost 2 hours prior. "You Knocks me out right offa my feet..". 
Tell me God does not have a sense of HUMOR!! Who would have thought 22 miles could be soo stinking fun!!
For all those that remembered me in prayer..I am so grateful!! Thank you, Thank you~ This was the Best long run I have EVER had!
I wanted to share this with you, I hope you find a smile as I did~


Hello Dread I beleive we have met..

Are there appointments in your life that you just dread? Things you have to do and can not put off or postpone? Are there things you know are beneficial but yet you are dreading. I have my fare share of these when it comes to life on life's terms. But today it is "The Long Run".  3 Hours plus of running. And as great as you feel when you have accomplished your "Dread" it is still like an "UGH" in your belly. 
"Dread" is introduced more when unprepared. I will head out about 11 today.After doubling up on my vitamins, rolling my IT Band, stretching, praying, eating well and hydrating. It is suposed to be 44degrees. But not by 11. So I will have to layer. I will have to leave a little early to get some power gel, pack my water with Chia, gum, charged Ipod, chapstick and off.

I am meeting my partner at 12:30. So I will get to meet her when I am falling apart. Support. "Dread" is best attacked with support. Someone who encourages, motivates and can help carry you through the end.
As nervous as I get about this run, I know that it is almost all mental. So why do I worry myself into such anxiety?  I know that I can do it. It is crazy the things we KNOW. Yet engage in thoughts that are birthed from fear.  Wish me luck...I will check back in this evening and let you know..
Psalm 27:1
The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Physical Therapy with Team Clint Verran

Today I had a 10am apt. at Clint Verrans Sport Medicine..Physical therapy. I did not go last week because my It band has been doing much better. But then my last long run I was struggling about the 18 mile mark. Pretty bad too.
A few days ago when I was foam rolling my IT Band I felt a knot. I thought I will try and work this out myself. Soo that did not work out so well. So keeping PT was my idea of insurance in case something happened before Boston. Good thing!
Today when I went in to see the team, "Coach Jackie" the Cheetah receptionist, Lisa the assistant and Clint..Speed racer my Physical therapist were all open. All three of them are runners. Jackie and Clint are crazy fast and I love to listen to them. But there was a new guy there today. He was job shadowing I believe. How lucky..I wonder if he knew how jealous I was. Usually when I go in I feel pretty below average amongst these super athletes but today when Clint introduced me to the new guy I felt special. He described my injury. and explained that I am relatively Ok but that I qualified for Boston and wanted to maintain their services "just in case". But then I got to listen to HIM..Clint Verran narrate and define The Boston Marathon,
 "...One of the oldest marathons", "It is more than just a marathon because you have to qualify.." " Less than 10% of runn
ers are able to qualify for Boston..." , these were a few of his statements.  For those brief moments I felt like an athlete. The last few weeks I have felt weak, frustrated, broken and handicap. I have felt far from capable,confident or competent.  Here Clint was reminding me that despite my injury I had not giving up. He was not verabally saying that but that is what I heard.
During my 30 minute appointment my It band was manipulated, stretched and rolled and I left feeling refueled and reminded that this is a big accomplishment for a Nobody.  So I have a nagging injury, it is not the end all. I am still running a dream come true. I am still going to run a race that I never in a million years thought I was capable. This is have more than a race to run but an experience of a lifetime. And I choose how I am going to define this expereince. I was reminded of this by my physical therapy office..This was not part of my treatment nor were they even aware that they had given me this little bonus. But they did.

This is Clint Verrans website. If you are a runner or a biker this is a great Physical Therapist office.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011


On my way home today I got stopped by a train. When it finally passed something struck my eye. It was a little boy pulling his puppy on a homemade leash. The puppy full of energy wanted to go every which way but the way his young master wanted him to. Not sure why that vision was so intriguing to me.
But it makes me think...
Oh how we are like that puppy. We have all the energy to do all kinds of things but what we should be. We fight like that little puppy doing the things we know that we have to do. Pain and discipline are two things that we respond to. That leash represents a tool to help discipline and drive us. I am leashed by my Goals and by my Dreams. I know the path it takes but I do not always want to follow. Sometimes that path leads to pain and disappointment . Maybe my goals are harder than I thought, or more tiresome and haunting, Then like that puppy I  really have to be disciplined and obedient to the journey the path is leading. It is taking me in a direction that I may not want to go or maybe there are short cuts that I think may be better...Easier...
Everyday is a new day, Just get up and try again. But like that little puppy I am reminded to move forward, against the grain, across obstacles, just letting my focus be doing the right thing. Because that is what will bring greatness in all arenas of our lives.When we are disciplined and committed we will have days when we want to fight it but in the end it will produce strength and perseverance.


Monday, March 28, 2011

The Things that can Run you Down.

I felt it coming on a few days ago. So I doubled up on my alkaline water and Juice Plus. But last night it decided to show me who was boss. I took 1 Motrin PM to help me sleep, and gargled with salt water, as well as sleeping with cough drops in my mouth. Did I say sleeping. More like tossing, turning, sneezing, blowing my nose and a little sleeping. I know that I was sleeping a bit cause I was also drooling..Nice!
Today was going to be a long run. HA! RIGHT! I am not even that dumb. Not this time anyway. I ran 7 miles yesterday pretty moderately and knew I was in no shape to do 20 in 34 degree weather. It did not matter how sunny it was It was still cold and there was a head wind that dropped the temp by about 10 degrees.
When I woke up I felt worse than when I went to bed. I had already resigned to the long run but not to NO RUN.
After getting kids breakfast, making their lunch and seeing them off the school I went back to bed!  This is very out of character for me, but I knew I was going to have to rest up to get 10 miles in today.
I woke up around 10am. Not so much because I felt I was ready more because there were things that were running through my head that I could not dispose of. As sick as I was feeling I knew that the only thing that was going to to help me through my "Head Cold" and not the physical one was to try and run it out. It was like a plague in my head, It was consuming me more than my sniffles and sneezes.
I had a good run with my partner, I met my goal, we said our good byes, and I headed home.
Although I was home, I felt my symptoms come back. They were not as debilitating as before my run.("THEY" being the toxic thoughts) They were still there just achy but not agonizing. And for that matter my physical cold even felt a bit better.
You may ask" Why would you run if you are sick?" Here are the rules to running when you are sick according to Runners World.
"Neck Rule." Symptoms below the neck (chest cold, bronchial infection, body ache) require time off, while symptoms above the neck (runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing) don't pose a risk to runners continuing workouts.

So..This evening I feel pretty good. I did what I had to do. I recognized ALL my symptoms, then I  examined what I needed to do and what I needed Not to do. Now of course..I have to figure out when I AM GOING to get that dreaded long run in!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

By the Hair of my chinny chin chin!

By the hair of my chinny chin chin I got that last MILE IN!!.It is 10 pm at night and all I had to do to get my goal of 45 miles the week was run 1 MILE. But that last mile has haunted me for the last two days! It has  polluted my thoughts, and hijacked my sleep.

Sunday 20.01
Monday 5.02
Thursday 9.25
Weekly total..44.36
Weekly Goal..45miles
The mantra that runs through my head.
"The only one you are cheating is YOURSELF, Anita"
"It is only 1 mile..8 minutes..You can't find 8 min."
"Just Do IT"
But I just couldn't do it. Seriously could not stay up later and do it, and could not wake up earlier to just do it. What is wrong with me. It is called Burn out! I think anyway! I am tired of the cold, the wind, and the ice. It is harder to dig deep on days when there is no sunshine and it is freezing. I want so bad to just do it. I even begged my husband to make me get up and  run. But he didn't.
I am the one that ultimately has to do it.
It is MY goal, MY challenge, MY race to run. Right down to that last mile. It is mine. I have to own it. I have to live with it. I have to be dedicated to myself. It haunted me for 2 days. It sat in my head whispering to me morning noon and night. Convicting me. Be true to yourself. Do not cheat yourself. You can do it, SO DO IT.
So maybe it was 10pm at night and I had to run on a squeaky treadmill in a freezing cold basement, But I DID it.
Whatever your goal is, Big or small, One step at a time do not give up. We  set goals to accomplish. We set goals to better ourselves, We set goals to challenge ourselves..Meet those challenges and accomplish great things bettering ourselves all along the way!

Proverbs 27:1" Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Foods I enjoy..My Top 10!

I thought I would do something a bit different. I would share some of my foods that I enjoy. I am no Ultra Athlete who is going to share anything that seems Olympian..Just a Normal Girl who believes nutrition is important but it does not have to be rocket science. It can be done on a budget and can provide enjoyment for the taste buds as well!
  1. Grandma Murdocks Oatmeal 
  2. Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwhich on Whole Grain Bread
  3. Juice Plus. I take Vitamins and Protein Powder
  4. Oikos GREEK Yogurt
  5. Cottage Cheese
  6. Spinach.
  7. Fruit..ALL fruit
  8. Salad...ALL salads
  9. Lifeway Kefir Probiotic
  10. Leftovers Trail Mix
I will give a Brief description of the ones I would like to elaborate on.
  • Grandma Murdocks Oatmeal. That would be my Grandma, My hero. She used to make me eat this Oatmeal and she put all this WEIRD stuff in it. As a kid I thought it was weird but it tasted good and I now make it in rememberance of her..BTW..She lived to be 99..thats another post!
INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Irish Cut Oats, 1 Tbls Oat Bran, Walnuts, Raisins, cherries or Cranberries, 1Tbls Wheat Germ, 1 Tbls Flax seed, dash of salt,water- Butter, Brown Suger and Milk to top..You have to cook about 30 -45 minutes on stove top. Stir often on medium heat. The texture is more defined. I like thick textured oatmeal. I usually make a large amount and save leftovers. My boys LOVE this Oatmeal!

  •  Juice Plus..IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT..ALL fruit and vegetable. It has a nutrition guide not a Supplement guide! Big Difference. I double up on these on long runs for recovery.
  • Greek Yogurt has more than 2 times the amont of protien, Needed for healing and recovery.
  • Cottage cheese goes great with everything..Instead of sour cream on a baked potato, with pineapple or mandarin oranges, it is a quick tasty way to get protein and keep the fat down.
  • Spinach-NOT JUST FOR POPEYE! I sneak it in everywhere! Cold salads, Pasta Salads,Omelets,  Meatloaf, Mostacholi, Spaghetti, Burgers, you name it!
  • Left Overs Trail mix. This is how I empty the left over cereal boxes! Kids always seem to leave a 1/4 cup of whatever in the container. So for cereal I make use of it. I put whatever cereal (favorites, Special K, Honey Nut Cheerios, Kashi), Nuts, Raisins, Cherries, or Cranberries, Dates, and whatever else might fit in the mix that is in the pantry!..Kids love this too!
Some of my other favorites are, CHIA Seeds, Chocolate Milk, POPCORN...Love love love it! I have a bit of a sweet tooth..lol..so of course this girls LOVES Dark Chocolate..Yum!
All this talk of food, Now I think I want a little snacky snack..


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When I didnt stand a chance...

I checked my email this afternoon and in my inbox was an email from the Boston Athletic Association. Titled
"26.2 days till the Boston Marathon" OH my...I felt my heart skip a beat! It is so close. I felt my nerves start to bubble like a lab experiment. "Wow, am I really here, am I really doing this?" "How did this even happen?"

This beautiful woman gave her testimony at church last night. She delivered a powerful and transparent illustration of how she has been transformed. And how amazing her life is since she gave everything to God then she sang a song. Her voice was strong and confident. Her voice was genuine and heartfelt. And her songs adhesed to every sense of my body. One in particular. The lyrics went like this:
I can not believe I am going to Boston. The Boston Marathon is only my SECOND marathon I have ever ran.
Approximately 10% of marathon participants ran BQ times if you don't include Boston. And from that stat almost all those marathoners ran multiple marathons!

If I could have taken a picture of how many heads turned when a runner in Chicago asked me what my goal was and I replied to qualify for Boston. And their reply was how many marathons had I ran? And I said. NONE, this is my first. People three and four deep started whispering in my corral. Some didn't even whisper instead they gave one of those encouraging statements with holes all shot through it like.."Ohhh, Good Luck.."

In the last 5 years I have had:
1 appendectomy
2 KNEE surgeries..ACL same leg twice 9 months apart
IT Band..currently..
And Qualified.
There are many times I felt like I did not stand a chance, That I was not good enough. I was not strong enough, or that maybe because of all these unfortunate events it was not what God had for me. Maybe God was trying to tell me something, like all the Drs had. "Running is not good for you, It is very hard on your body, you should look into the elliptical."
But through all the set backs and all my series of unfortunate events every time I got knocked down when I came back I got stronger and faster. It was as if through my Tragedy God was inviting me to the land of Triumph. Through my Pain I was also experiencing  Progress. When I did not think I stood a chance God was right there saying "Take the chance, If you stay committed and trust me I will lead you to amazing possibilities, things you never thought you could do." (Jer3:33)
 I could tell you story after story of his hand in mine, stories of him protecting me on runs, stories of him healing me, stories of him directing me, many miracles that shows he believed in me when I did not believe in myself..But I believed in HIM..


Monday, March 21, 2011

FEAR..False Evidence Appearing Real

"Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid nor dismayed for the Lord is with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:9
I strongly hate fear. I do not like the way it makes me feel. I do not like the way it messes with my head. I do not like the way that I respond to it. I do not like the memories associated with it..I Do Not Like Anything About IT!
I think I associate it with feeling weak. I feel hopeless when Fear shows up. When I invite fear in I feel as though he takes control of everything.
Yet, there are multiple things that I am afraid of. I am able to keep Fear at bay most of the time. It is like being able to see your enemy from a distance. You know Fear is at the end of the hall but He is not having lunch with you.
Last night Andy and I got into a heated discussion regarding our itinerary for Boston. He wanted to save money and stay at a hotel about 20 miles away. It threw me almost into a panic attack. I felt as if I was already there. And every possible thing that could go wrong was. My nerves are already a jumbled mess on a calm and smooth race morning. But this is the Mother of ALL races. One not to mess with. I got so worked up I was in tears. Then he got all worked up. We were both a mess. I took on his anxiety along with mine and he did the same with me. We eventually worked it out and enjoyed an evening watched "Catfish" and going to bed, but that last mouthful of anxiety was still there this morning..
This verse speaks volumes to me, here is my breakdown.
. "Be Strong..."  Anita take care of your body and mind. Be equipped, Be prepared, Work hard and stay committed to all you do.Whether I am training my mind or my body I have to remind myself there are not short cuts. There will be a day when all that training is going to have to prove itself. Training my body seems easier than training my heart and head. I feel like I come short here all the time. I fail in this arena often but I know though I fail, I am not a failure, "HE is not finished with me yet.."
"...And of good Courage..." You have to go for it Anita. You will not be able to experience all I(God) have to offer you if you do not Trust me. Courage usually leads me to amazing experiences. Skydiving, Roller coasters, Para sailing and there are many more. The key word is GOOD. We can have courage that leads up to bad places. That is the courage to me that is birthed from arrogance. Good courage leads to good things.
"...be not afraid nor dismayed.." There is that Fear again..FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is often associated with confusion. When I am fearful I look for an escape plan. I get flustered and loose myself. My head gets all cloudy. I can not find my way very well, It is like I am in a thick fog.
"...For the Lord is with you wherever you go." I LOVE this reminder...In the Thickest fog..all I have to do is know that God is right there, he is going to direct me, He is going to comfort me, He is going to give me security because WHY....
I have been training! I train my mind and my body, Yes, like yesterday there are days I feel weak and discouraged, but like today, I got back up and did it again..Yesterday was rough, and today I wondered what was in store for me. The beginning of my morning was training my mind and heart with HIM..He prepared me for the rest of the day and he never leaves me...


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beat up..

I am sitting on my bed with my legs up, my husband reading and my dog..Garmin Eater all resting. I am hurting for certain. After my 20 mile run diagnosed by my Nike plus..Lets not forget this weeks tragedy..The loss of our Garmin I am wiped out.
It all started before my day began, last night. I read the weather report and they were calling for 90% rain. So last night the voices of reason and procrastination began.
"Hmm, well I will just go to the treadmill at the gym and do half my miles and run long Wednesday."
"Yeah, that will be good. I should be careful anyway.."
"Blah Blah Blah"..My favorite line because half the time I do not make any sense out of what I am thinking anyway but it all seems like it is logical and reasonable. Hey don't think I am crazy I know you have this same line you just haven't realized it.
When I woke up my running partner text me right out of the gate, "Would luv 2 run w u 2day!"
Yeah, that pretty much sabotaged those voices in my heads' grand scheme of procrastination.
I quickly responded, "Count me in!!" before I had to reason with the voices again.
TEMPERATURE: 37 Degrees, head wind 15 mph, mostly cloudy
So with that being said off I went..first 5 miles feeling OK, feel a little sluggish, and pretty slow but we are moving.
Meet Heidi at 9.63 miles and I am soo happy I needed a body of encouragement.
We were not talking a whole lot. She wanted to do 8 miles. So we took another route but without a Garmin it is hard to navigate where to go. We went and let me tell you I paid the piper today. TOO many hills. It took it right out of me, by mile 15 I felt the knee start throbbing. Oh this is not good. I was already hurting, My hipflexor was giving me pain about mile 8, I just chalked it up to my hydration belt being to tight. The things we convince ourselves. We had to make a pit stop in the bowling alley for a bathroom break and that was at mile 16. At this point I realized a couple things.
1. I over did it with hills
2. I still had 4 more to do..I think I am gonna die.
3. I over mapped the course for Heidi. I felt bad because I do not want her to get injured.
I was going to have to dig deep for the last 4. Which the first mile was all uphill and against the wind. I went to mile 18.40 and turned around wishing her luck and reminding her to ice it and relax the rest of the day. The last mile and half I wanted to croak. I felt like Yertle the Turtle..I was moving but not like a gazelle. My IT Band was torqued and my knee was throbbing.
" Dear God release this pain, take this pain away." That's what I kept praying, This was what I heard responding..
"Anita, what part of not running hills did you NOT hear?"
"You get feeling good and you run a race& 3 days later run 20 miles with hills..Can you say NON COMPLIANT.."
I got it, But like always we get feeling good and take it all into our hands. We become our own voice blocking all the intelligent ones out! We start running and get the endorphins confused with divine wisdom.
So here I sit. Every muscle aching, Beating myself up mentally because I already beat myself up physically. And as far as socially I beat up my partner adding miles to her run..I beat myself up financially not putting my Garmin away ( Shebas $150 dollar beef jerkey)and even broke my Ipod case today.
Like Heidi said.."Every run is different, sometimes you have good ones and sometimes you don't"
With Christ all things are Possible...I am grateful to be able to run 20 miles today..And the rain held off, Against the wind, up hills, It band killing me, Beaten up..But NOT beaten down!


Friday, March 18, 2011

My miles covered...Items lost...

I end my running week on Saturday. But I rarely run on Friday or Saturday. I like to keep track of my miles.

**Rule of thumb when increasing your miles is to  run  no more than 10% per week. So if you are running ten miles a week then you can add 1 mile.
So for this past week my schedule went as follows.
Sun 18 miles..Slow and steady
Mon 5miles Tempo
Wed Clint Verran PT 4 miles on anti gravity treadmill at 85% Body weight & 6miles outside=10miles
Thursday 4 miles treadmill slow and steady 4 miles Road Race= 8miles total.
Total Weekly miles=41
 Going to have to kick it up a notch next week..Soo feel free to remember me in your prayers. I am so  grateful for the entire week pain free. This is the first solid week of no pain. It makes a girl smile. It was a great week.
BUT...as good as my week was I had a set back. I had a huge bummer. I am going to grieve over this one for a while. I got a text message from my husband saying " I am soo sorry, I will get you another one" and there was a picture. It took me a a second to make out what it was and when I did I stared in unbelief. In shock, I thought I was gonna vomit right there...MY GARMIN...chewed to mulch. It was my boxer, Sheba's 8 hour chew toy. I am heart broken. After 2 plane tickets and hotel rooms and taking time off work for Boston I am not sure how he is going to get me another Garmin. They are not like any watches, They are like the Mercedes of running watches. Ugh..I am just sick over it. For me my Garmin is just one of those tools of the trade, right next to my shoes and my prayers. So I guess I am grateful to have my shoes now I am going to pray a little harder for a way to purchase another Garmin!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Beginnings..1st race of the season

Whether it is a new year, a new season or a new start...We make it our "New beginnings." Today, St Patricks Day marked the New racing season for me. It is the first race I do of the new year.
This year it was bittersweet. I am a pretty traditional person. I have ran this race..The Pot O Gold in Flint Michigan for 3 years now...WITH my husband. This year he met me there but did not get to race with me. As hard as it was on me..It was soo much harder for him. What marked my new beginning to my races also was a reminder for him his grief. His loss. He tore his Achilles tendon 6 months ago.
But beginnings are your choice. Beginnings can be anything you want you just have to START. We often wait for an event or a season or a date to start a beginning. Just as I marked this Race as my beginning. But what do you want for a beginning?
What Beginning do you want? What new start do you want? Any day can be a new start..and anything can be your goal. You just have to DO IT.
This race was not one that I was going to get a PR but it was my start. I didn't have to start out like an Olympian I just had to start.
Results 2011 Pot O Gold 
2nd in age group 29:28 pace 7:22




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The power of Knowledge..Clint Verran : BOSTON MARATHON INFO

Today was a double digit day... I had physical therapy for my knee at 10am at Clint Verrans office. I was signed up to run on their Anti Gravity treadmill for an hour and then my running partner text me she wanted to run today!
Soo using my brains I decided only 4 miles at Clints office and 6 miles later on with her. I really embraced the idea of being outside today. Total sunshine and about 50 degrees..The invitation was an easy reply..ABSOLUTELY!
Clints office is small and designed for the  athlete. If you are a runner or a biker this is great for you and your injury. Clint himself works with you. He has one assistant, I think her name is Lisa. I am horrible with names. And the gal behind the counter.."The Coyote".. She ran a 5 min and something mile this morning....
When I walked in I smiled and said "hi" to them all. I receive a friendly hello back. Clint sprays down the table and I lay on the table. There he begins to ask me about how I did this past week. I excitedly tell them about my 18 mile pain free run on Sunday. I am so excited to share it with them I know that I sound like a little kid who comes running to tell you how high they jumped off the swings without getting hurt. As I am answering questions and sharing he is digging his elbow down my IT band..UGH...
I decide to just come out with it..What was really digging at me..."Clint I need all the info I can get on the Boston Marathon..." With out hesitation he says "OK..I will help you with everything I can"..Here are the main points...
  1. The First 16  miles is all slow decline
  2. Don't let the decline make you loose your pace..steady & smooth..Like your running on EGGSHELLS..
  3. At 16 there are a set of 4 hills called the Newton Hills..The fourth is the well know Heartbreak Hill
  4. These 4 hills go on for about 4 miles and are about a half a mile long a peice ...
  5. This is why you do not want to blaze out of the gate because the hills will kill your quads and hamstrings and you will need all you energy here. ( you will feel good but DON'T.)
  6. From mile 22 to the finish is goes back into a steady decline all the way in.
  7. There are no pacers at the Boston..Try very hard to keep your pace so you don't bottom out!
  8. The race doesn't start till 10am so be careful how you eat.
  9. Clint got a PR at Boston. He came in 10th place OVERALL in 2006!
I appreciated all this information. I got on the treadmill and set out to do an easy 4 miles. This older gentleman comesthe office in from the HANSONS Running group. I could not hear what they were talking about. But as I was finishing up noticed they were looking at me and I realized I was part of the conversation. This man was just informed I was running Boston. He walks over to me and starts asking questions. Clint told him I was asking questions and then he started answering some more..Here are a few of his facts and tidbits:
  1. Almost word for word mapped out the course the same as Clint.
  2. Said it is possible to see you more than once on the course but your family is going to have to Hustle!!
  3. You will go around a curve and then the HILLS start! This is one of the only curves in the race because it is a straight course.
Two people who have ran Boston more than once and what an encouragement. Knowledge is Power. I feel more adequate in my head. I can try and prepare my body but you also have to prepare your HEAD.
Us runners really play some head games when it comes to our running. I feel better equipped.
I left Clints office and ran a couple errands only to meet at 1pm for another 6 mile run.
No pain...
Today instead..Encouraged, educated, & more equipped..
4 weeks from today...Boston...


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A working day is my day of rest?!

Well about the only thing I run on Tuesdays is my mouth! It is a long day. I work at a salon, a fast paced upscale salon in Clarkston. I have been here for over 15 years. I talk a lot..Seriously. Sometimes I even tell myself to be quiet and I am for a bit. Actually I really enjoy asking questions. I love to hear about people and what they do. I love to hear anything that they tell me.
After I get out of work I always say ROUND 2.
Then it is my second part of the day: get kids to practice and to mom and dads only  to get back to church for ministry work. I  facilitate a group at our church  Families United By Faith. When that is over and I rush back to get kids by the time I actually get into the driveway it is about 10pm....LONG day...
But no running...Yes I run all over putting about 100 miles on my car in one day but no miles on the tread of my shoes...Hardly a day of rest!
Sometimes we have to take what we can get...I like to say, We can rest when we get to heaven...


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Mt Everest..

Today I got up like any other day. Same routines.
After I got the kids off I start adding my day up..It was a pretty long list so I knew I had better get this running thing out of the way first.
Today was gonna be an easy 5 miler day. No pain.. simple treadmill work out.
I get to the gym, roll the IT band, do my stretches and head towards the MACHINE...ugh.
I set my incline at .5 and get my earbuds in and my NIKE plus activated and hit the speed..
WOW..my heart is already exhausted and I havent even gone anywhere.
My feet feel like 5 gallon buckets and my heart is darting all over the place.
"Really...Really Anita..."
And so the voices begin..
"Maybe I should not be doing this.."
"Maybe I should just do part of the miles..."
"Oh my goodness this is aweful..."
" I feel like I am climbing stinking Mt Everest..How am I gonna finish a meazly 5 miles?"

I begin to go back through my morning trying to take my mind off the monotony of the treadmill churning when I realize something....
As I read and prayed today I prayed for God to help me with my heart and emotions..I forgot to ask him for my physical strength..You see I needed him to REALLY help me with  in my heart and my head this morning. 
All the while I forgot to ask him for my running. (While many might seem it is silly to ask God to help you with your dreams I do not. I believe he wants us to have life and have it abundantly.)
Soo here I am climbing Mt Everest and not getting anywhere fast unless you can count moving quickly into the land of DOUBT!And I began to think...We all have our mountains to climb.
Whether it is a mountain of emotions we have to move up and over or it is a mountain of endurance and athleticism we have to climb. Or maybe it is a mountain we have to get over financially or health wise.
We all have mountains to climb and no matter how terrible it feels in the beginning we just move forward one step at a time. Do not quit. Do not give in. Just keep running....



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Two is better than one,

I was secretly anxious to visit the 18 mile destination to somewhere. Today was going to be a Long RUN. A long and lonely one a assumed. I had been feeling better than  I had in the past few weeks. Other than being behind the gun a bit on my milage I was looking forward to stepping outside and testing my injury. 
Where would the pain rear its ugly face? Mile 3, Mile 7 Mile 13?
There were MANY options on a 18 mile run.
I had just finished my book "BORN to RUN by Christopher McDougall and I was feeling pretty inspired. Not to mention that the sermon Pastor Jim had spoken really seemed to have been tagged for me. But as if that was not enough to fuel this almost 3 hour run, physically my nagging IT band injury seemed to vaporize the last week.
At this point I was just preparing myself for a lonesome 18 miler, when I got a message..."Anita, when are you running today?"
" whoop whoop..I have me a partner for an hour of my run and right in the middle where I needed her most!! Could this get any better? We would meet at my 9 mile mark and run to 16.
Those miles are the ones that get in my head.. Those are the ones I want to  physically disintegrate..Those are the ones I feel weak..But God Gave me a gift.. GAL 6:2 Bear ye one anothers burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ."
 How did 18 miles go...Amazing...Simply Amazing...No Pain. 9.09 min miles on average...Did I mention NO PAIN?? And great fellowship with a dear friend to share Pastor Jim's  Message ABOUT ME!!
Entitled.." Blessings after the Pain"
http://www.hisriver.net/sermons/index.php?function=view&id=2810Above is the link to see the four points..all of which I have personally witnessed and today with my partner was able to even fulfill.


River Church // Sermons

River Church // Sermons