"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Find Your Strong..

"I am Strong" I told myself at mile 7 on the Treadmill.
  • "I can do this" I told myself as I increased my pace.
  • "I will not give up" I recited over and over again.
  • "No, not 9 miles, 10 miles Anita, 10 miles" I needed to stay committed.
  • "You Got this" I laughed at how good I felt.
Listening to your inner coach. There is always a place where we coach what we are capable of. We KNOW what we can do, should do, or are capable of doing.
But somewhere in there our thoughts are interrupted.
We change our goals, we alter our focus, we manipulate our words and we argue within ourselves.


As soon as we get a little uncomfortable we start to negotiate the original plan.
Maybe it hurts to much.
Maybe it is a little inconvenient.
Maybe we just don't "Feel' like it.

As easy as we coach ourselves into doing something extraordinary we find ourselves coaching ourselves right back out of it!

This is LIFE!
Running is extraordinary in my opinion.
I can not get everyone out there running but there are many many other things that you can do that are extraordinary.

Life is full of these coaching moments. We have good intentions. We have great ideas. We have vision to do something great.

So where do we go wrong?

  • "I will do it tomorrow."
  • "No one really cares"
  • "It is too cold outside, I am going to stay in."
  • "I just don't have the time."
  • "They wouldn't do it for me."
  • "They don't deserve it"
  • "I don't know how to do it."

Do something GREAT. Doing something great does not always feel so good. The victory comes at the end. And sometimes you never even see the fruit of doing something great. But in your heart of hearts you know...
It is a little flame in your heart that burns. It is the smirk or the twinkle in your eye that gives you affirmation that you did something extraordinary.
It is peace in the middle of chaos.
It is contentment when you feel tugged in different directions.

  • Strength is powerful. It is birthed in the mind first.
  • Strength is doing the right thing.
  • Strength is fighting the inner demons.
  • Strength is being humble enough to seek others..
  • Strength is Trusting God and seeking Him.
  • Strength is not always winning but being strong enough to let someone else.
"Find Your Strong" Saucony
I have tried some new things:
  1. Follow me on my FACEBOOK Page  "Running Against the Odds"
  2. I joined TWITTER! I have NO idea what I am doing but I am doing it!  Follow me on Twitter on Anita @runanitarun
Distance: 10 miles
Pace: 7:43
Time: 1:18

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sport Kilt Winner...




Runner UP: Carrie with 27points
and Sonja would only did shares with 20 points!

Could I get ALL your addresses Please.
Email me: nitagirl@comcast.net

Thank YOU. I want to give runners up a constalation prize for being so loyal and taking the time to follow my blog and share with others~


Monday, February 24, 2014

Tough Monday.

It has been a tough MONDAY!
I slept really bad. Which made it hard to get up. From that point I struggled all day.
I didn't get to run until after 10am. I had a meeting at the school at 8. I coach a bunch of runners who have joined our schools running club. I use the term "Coach" loosely. It is more like encourage, motivate and encourage. With a few tips, accountability and support.

The problem was I had nothing in the tank to run this morning. I really wanted to run 10 miles. My number lowered as soon as my feet stumbled on the dreadmill. 8 miles seemed more realistic. As I struggled to get to mile 2 I had no idea how I was going to pick up my legs 8 more miles.
My legs were heavy and useless.
It seriously took everything I had to get me to 8 miles. I watched CNN on the TV.
Here is what was trending:
  • Alec Baldwin is leaving the public eye...And wanting to go into politics. He sounds confused. Like most of Hollywood.
  • NFL wants to ban the "N" word. I thought it was funny that they think they can monitor language but do nothing about obscene drunkenness, drugs or domestic abuse. Seems like they should get a handle on that first. 
  • Mysterious illness affects California children with similarities to Polio.
Distance: 8.31
Pace: 7:56

I hoped that the cold plunge and a hot shower would do miracles.
Not so much.

On a Good Note. Afterall we should always end on a good note.
  • Washed and Dried my Ipod: not good.  The headphones still worked: good. Bad news IPod was a bit waterlog and washed up. For the first time we bought the Warrenty that covers everything: GOOD NEWS...I got a NEW IPOD!!
  • Austin won his Basketball game against Fenton by 1 point!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Importance of Recovering.

Recovery is very important. Recovery for running is usually skipped. "Hey, I got my run in." we say to ourselves as we continue on in our day. We often do not take the time to stretch, roll, ice, hydrate or even add healing nutrition to our post runs.

I knew I was going to need a good recovery after my long run at Indian Springs this afternoon. We had another great turn out. Jama, Heidi, Fritz and Ken showed up to run.

As we took off Heidi and Jama took the lead. I am not sure if they got caught up in chatting or what but they were moving. I was concerned with Heidi maintaining that pace for her 14 miler. Jama was only running 10 but tacking on another 4 miles could drop a wall on you.

Other than the cold, the weather was really perfect. Ok, that's a lie, the wind on the first mile busted my chops.

I was able to get in 17 miles today.
Distance: 17.9
Time: 2h 32min

  • knees were achy first few miles and last couple miles
  • Stupid broken toe..UGH. nagging, irritating pain in the...TOE!.
This is one of my recovery gems. The salts have Eucalyptus and Menthol to help with the aches and pains of a long run.
    Hebrews 12:1-2
  "Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2)fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God"

Recovery in LIFE:
We all have "Stuff" that we are recovering from. Living day to day life we are going to get beat up a little bit if not a lot. Most of us are in some form of recovery without even thinking about it. We are recovering from finances, a hurtful relationship, a lossed loved one or maybe we are recovering from some bad choices that we have made. Whatever the circumstance recovering in a healthy manner allows us to grow and heal. RECOVERY is a response to something hurtful. For me today it was running 17 miles. But in order for me to run well tomorrow I need to recover well after my run today. Because the bigger picture is being healthy for Boston in April.
We are going to experience MANY issues in life. But there is a BIGGER picture. See my Bigger picture is that I want to lead people to Christ. I want to be Christ like. I want to be a good wife and a good mother. I have several bigger pictures. Therefore I have to move through the pains of life allowing myself to recover and get back out there and try again. The best way for me to recover is to Seek God with all my heart and all my soul.

What is YOUR bigger Picture?
How do you allow yourself to recover? Are you choosing healthy ways of recovering?


Thursday, February 20, 2014

When we get a little to COCKY!

I have been that runner that has biffed it, eating more than dirt. Eating my pride. You go from running all swift like a gazelle to tripping over God knows what..maybe your Ego?!  You land on your butt, face, hands, whatever. But you are desperately trying to gain back some grace- only making matters worse! I was talking to a friend of mine who said to me  "Yeah, I fell downtown and hurriedly dropped down into push ups to act like it was part of my training!"

One time I was running with my girlfriend "Jenny". We were doing a long run and I was about 500 ft ahead of her. I wasn't listening to music but I never heard her screaming. When I finished I looked back to cheer her on as she came around the corner. I was horrified when I saw her. Her pants were all tore up with blood dried dripping down her knees. Her hands were scraped up and mascara was stained on her cheeks. "ANITA! I was screaming for you but you never heard me, I am ok but I was mortified!"

I swear I can trip on air. I can not make a fall pretty. The more I try the more ridiculous I look. I have learned to just get my hands out in front of me and kiss the surface. And kiss my pride away!

JESUS MAKE IT WARM!! I LOVE that little boy! I hear ya~!
As we begin to de-thaw and pull out our running clothes let us remember a couple things:

Stay Safe On Roads!
  • Don't assume that cars see you. Especially if they are on their cell phone driving!
  • Run towards traffic and smile (last part I added to prevent them from running me off road!)
  • It is still fickly weather here in Michigan..be prepared. I ran at 8am and had good weather but black ice, at 11am we had a white OUT.  Then my son ran at 2pm and had freezing rain and sleet. Now at 7pm we have thunder and lightning.
GEAR CHECK for Night runs:
  • Headlamp or head light
  • Reflective vest or blinking red light
  • Brightly colored jacket or top
  • Reflective details (wristbands, velco reflective pieces)
  • If all else fail the white tee shirt!
Time: 1:08
"Jama joined me today. A lot of slippery spots but I managed to stay on 2 feet!"

WHO RAN TODAY?? In a couple sentences how would you describe YOUR RUN?? Were you in the rain, sleet, snow....Or sun, sand, ect...

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I take Chocolate from Strangers!

I LOVE CHOCOLATE!! It is true. It really is a taste that has heightened over the years.
I have enough to last for a bit!!

  • I hide my chocolate.
  • I stash chocolate at work...but people find it!
  • I crave chocolate and always keep a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips close at hand.
  • I Like My Chocolate DARK! 60% Cacao at least.
  • Farthest I have traveled to indulge in chocolate was NYC. "MAX BRENNERS" in NY makes  my mouth water just typing it.  (Just so happened I ran a marathon that week too)!
  • I Love sweet and salty, may favorites are Chocolate Covered Bacon and Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.
  • Godiva makes my tongue smack my brains but I love Ghirardelli. Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Sea Salt Noire.
  • I  eat chocolate pretty close to 5 days a week. I am very disciplined at only eating a couple pieces especially when I want MORE MORE MORE!
  • I DO NOT buy candy bars at the checkout. On occasion I will buy a York Peppermint Patty.
Today, I had mom and her mother over for lunch. I also did kitchen hair for mom! After she left she dropped back over and brought me a SEA SALT NOIRE bar. I was jumping for joy!
She was so sweet for doing that.  

When did this obsession start?
Is it Hormonal?
I have evenings I feel like a dog. I start thinking about chocolate and my mouth instantly starts to water and drool.

Distance: 10:14
Pace:  7:53
~Progressive run. Started out first 2 miles 8:06. Then finished last mile @ 7:08

  1. And above all... Think Chocolate!
    'Betty Crocker'
  2. All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!
    Lucy Van Pelt in Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz
  3. Any sane person loves chocolate. – Bob Greene

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WHAT DO YOU CRAVE?? When U are running what do you like to treat yourself with??



Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Sport Kilt has been so generous to give away a FREE Sport KILT for one of my FOLLOWERS!


I ran the KONA Chocolate Race  in my kilt in November. I was a bit concerned on how it would fit because I am a twerp in size. Shockingly, it was a great fit due to the heavy Velcro that adjusts. Even with me being vertically challenged the kilt was not too long. When I raced the length never tripped  me up.
The kilt is made with  "..special 8oz yarn-dyed poly/viscose material that is machine washable.".
I washed it and was happy to see that it held the pleat well.
  1. ITCHY- NOT at all!
  2. Too Loose, Too Tight- NOT at all! I am a FREAK about my clothing being to tight. I hate clothing sitting on my waste. I was able to rest the skirt on my hips where it stayed all RACE!
My Son and I wore these for both Halloween and Kona Chocolate run.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Runday: Product Reviews

  • 8am Jama and I met some winter warriors for their first Husky Roadrunners kick off. It was great! I was very impressed with the dedication of the runners. (Considering it was -2 degrees and our kids were off school.)   We have a lot of new runners. And we also have a lot of runners who have not done much running outside. Keeping these factors at the top we started our 5K training with Intervals. 1:1. Walk 1 minute, run 1 minute. We did this for roughly 30 minutes which equated to a little more than 2 miles.
  • Genesys Athletic Club. I came home, changed and headed to the gym to get some of my training miles in.  Sometimes when you run a lone you think you are isolated. Like you are the only one out there training. NOT TRUE! Over the last couple days I have heard many runners training. Regardless of what the Michigan forecast is looking like, there are a lot of people training HARD. It was a great reminded to kick myself back into the hurt locker. "There is always someone training harder than you."
  • 1Mile W/U in Track. 3x1600m repeats with 400 easy jog recovery. 3x400m repeats with easy jog in between.
  • Total miles 7 miles
  • Fastest mile: 6:52
  • Mistakes made: I should've Run Faster on mile repeats. Just a Lil bit. I always get scared I wont be able to hang so I hold back.
  • Funny: Watching this guy totally having his own dance off on the elliptical! This guy was nuts! I think he was a little crazier than me. I have done a little dancing and singing on the TM but only for a song. He did it over 30 minutes!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
New Product! Loved this Drink. It was so refreshing. It has 18 calories per serving. Not that I watch my calories but many of you do. It has a light sweetness to it. I drank the whole bottle minus 1 drink I shared with Austin. Austin reviewed it too. "Wow, that is surprisingly good!" I quickly snatched it back!
For Valentines Day I got spoiled. I actually took the fun for Andy out of my gift by posting what I would like. But I got everything! SPOILED.
Godiva, Honey Stingers chomps, New socks and Race Registration to Pot O Gold.

My new socks are Feetures. They were Love at first sight. But the true test is a LONG RUN. As soon as I put my foot into them, my feet melted in them. They hugged my feet, sparking a dynamic relationship.

I am Curious..Who Out there is trying to win the Sport Kilt??? Have you checked out the website?? What Size do you wear??


Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Intersts of Others.

Philippians 2:4
"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others."
I pulled into Indian Springs alone, in hopes of getting a couple miles in before the others arrived. This was going to be a long run for Heidi and I, only I asked if I could invite some others. I was stoked to see that I had a few more runners decided to come join us on our long run.  
Today was supposed to be 17 miles for me. Training for Boston has me a few weeks ahead of those training for the  Bayshore Marathon at the end of May. Running with others really does add a little extra fuel to the run. 
I ran 2 miles alone. I then met the others for an additional 14 miles. Including myself, 6 of us met to run together. And the really great part was that we did not all know one another. It takes a lot of courage to come out to run with a group of people you do NOT know.
We all had each others interests. Each one of us ran at a different pace or we were training at a different distance and yet we came together united with the interest's of each other. We never left anyone behind. We chatted about one another's training. We slowed our pace down to stay close to one another or we turned around to encourage each other.
For a long run in the snow, it was a great run. Being cold and snowy didn't ruin this run because the company was so awesome!
It is a selfless feeling to think of others above ourselves. That is LOVE. I could have gone out there and ran my own plan. Ran solo. But it is far more fulfilling to run with the interests of others. To coast on their successes.

Miles: 16:60
Have you put the interests of others in your paths lately? Ask yourself who have you supported or encouraged despite what you are going through.
Must be a FOLLOWER.
Most comments over the course of last 3 weeks and extra points for SHARING!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Grave of our Craving

"Therefore the name of that place was called Kibroth-hattaavah, because there they buried the people who had the craving." Numbers 11:34
Yesterday I thought of a sermon that I had heard just the night before. It was on a place "Kibroth-hattaavah" It means the Grave of our Craving.
As I wanted to curl up and die around the track I also wanted so badly to run faster. I wanted to at least feel like I was running fast. I thought to my self is this the Grave of my Craving?  I crave to be better, I work hard to be faster, was I being greedy? After all, in all this pain I silently thought it was a good time to die. I felt like death as I struggled to pick my legs up around the track. I sounded like death as my breathing was labored and uncontrolled. I probably even looked like death by the faces I was getting as I pleaded with my body to go faster. As I finished my 800m repeats my shoulders dropped and I would gasp for air. I wanted to just fall on my face in defeat. Again I asked myself "if this the Grave of my Craving?" I had to just chuckle.
I do I Crave it. The Run. As I awake I look forward to my RUN. I was so excited today to hear from Danielle. I had not run with Danielle since we went into hibernation 4 weeks ago. With the sun shining my mouth watered in anticipation to be able to run outside.
Like an addict I methodically got dressed. I knew everything I needed to wear. I could feel the sun on my skin even though I was not outside. I could see myself running up that hill at Indian Springs and looking towards the big oak tree. I was craving the run.
Danielle and I ran the 8 mile loop. We felt great up until that last mile where the wind began to blow just as you are running uphill. Double Wammy. My legs felt like sludge with all the layers attached to me. The fun was drying up. The Grave of my Craving. I chuckled to myself.  The Grave of my Craving really doesn't apply to me or my running, however; it really does make you chuckle and think.
Other than looking my age, I love this pic of Danielle and I laughing at ourselves!

As you read "The GRAVE of MY CRAVING" how did you interpret it?
Did you ask yourself what your GRAVE OF YOUR CRAVING was?
The ultimate definition for the Grave of Your Craving is being greedy. Wanting more and not being content with what you have.
Do you think it is greedy to want to be faster, better, stronger?? 


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Monday, February 10, 2014

26.2 Fun Facts For the RUNNER!

I thought I would do something FUN. I would put together some fun facts and a little silliness. One for every mile of a Marathon.

  1. You don't need shoes to run any more than you need a hat to think!
  2. 50mph top speed of a lion. 30mph top speed of a kangaroo. 27.9 top speed of a human.
  3. Dark Chocolate may help lower blood pressure and aids in reducing stress hormone levels.
  4. NOTHING makes you miss running more than getting injured.
  5. Active woman may be 30 to 40 percent less likely to develop breast cancer.
  6. In a marathon the average runner takes 35,000 steps.
  7. The average man burns 124 calories each mile run, the average woman burns 105 calories.
  8. .05 is the percentage of people who have ran a marathon in the U.S..
  9. The record number of miles run on a treadmill in 24 hours is 153.9, Edit Berces.
  10. Embrace the incline it is not the down hills that make you stronger.
  11. 40 miles is the average miles ran to train for a marathon.
  12. over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold world wide every year.
  13. 1900 was the first year that women were allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.
  14. 1984 First year women could run the Olympic Marathon.
  15. Never trust a runner with clean shoes!
  16. Aerobic exercise increases total sleep time on average by ten minutes per night( but it has almost no effect on how quickly people fall asleep or how soundly they sleep).
  17. If you want to clear your head run solo, if you want to be stronger run in a pack.
  18. 1576 is the number of steps up the Empire state building. 86 is the number of floors climbed in the annual Empire State Building run. Race record was 9 minutes and 53 seconds!
  19. In a marathon everyone hits "the wall." You can't run around it only through it.
  20. 26.2 percentage of U.S. population that gets the recommended amount of exercise. 27 percentage of Americans who are totally inactive!
  21. Dedication: Paying to run a race even when NO shirt is involved.
  22. One McDonalds big Mac=540 calories=4.35 miles for men 5.14miles woman.
  23.  If a runner falls in a forest and no one is around...She picks herself up and never mentions it!
  24. There are upwards of seventy-five million runners in the USA
  25. Fauja Singh, World's Oldest Runner At 101.
  26. Budhia Singh born 2002 is an Indian boy and the world's youngest marathon runner. By age 4 he had competed in 48 marathons.
                 .2  Be careful how many Chomps you take when running your marathon they will make    you "AIR-dynamic" !!

Just a little fun on the RUN~
Which mile did you like best?


Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Courage of a Freshman.

This morning it took everything I had not to throw myself on the floor in a temper tantrum. "SNOW?!" I didn't know whether I should cry or scream. I am grieving over the loss of running outside.
I read Michelle B's blog with a cup of coffee before the family woke up.  She too had a tantrum, I totally felt her pain.

Back to the Gym for a Long Run!
I decided to run around the track. I thought of Michelle as she really struggled finishing her long run around the track. I decided to run for her. My track is larger than the one she was running on at the YMCA.
Michelle had to run 100 laps to run 10 miles.
I had to run 68 laps to run 16 miles.

I also noticed this cute little man. I recognized him from the CRIM. He is a old time CRIMMER, one of the 20+ years runner who run that race. He was not running as fast but he was running as hard and as long as I was. After an hour there he was! After 2 hours there he was! He noticed me and he would smile. I smiled at him and nodded as I would pass. Catching my attention he yells at me "How far are you going?"  Smiling I responded "4 more miles until 60 laps." He then one-ups me and says "I have 4 miles until 80!"

I was totally inspired by this old warrior. His curly locks were soaked in sweat. He was probably in his 70's with the body of someone in their 50's. His posture was a little buckled but he was running like the energizer bunny. He ran steady and very consistent. I really enjoyed watching him run.

The last I saw the old timer was at my 63rd lap. I wanted to see him at the end. As I finished the last lap I noticed a lady that had been running the track for about an hour and a half with us. As I ran past her I shouted "Great run out there today!". She looked stunned as she quickly glanced in my direction. With a big smile she said "Thank You!"

PACE: 8:52
DISTANCE: 16 miles
TIME: 2h22min

Austin was on Snowcoming court. We have never let Austin go to a dance. You might say we are a little protective. That's OK. It really has never been a big deal. This year because he made court he had to go. It was a big deal. I remember, I was on homecoming court in high school too.
Andy and I really do not fit in very well.
The conservative Christians have issues with me working, wearing tight clothing and having my kids in a public school. And the world thinks we are a bunch of Jesus freaks because we are protective, don't drink and are conservative in our values.  (I am good with that).
So letting Austin go to the dance was a big step. I have been to the dances as a teenager and have a had lot of young people tell me what goes on at them.
Well at 9pm, after only 1 hour Andy received a text. Before Andy had a chance to read it I blurted out "It's Austin wanting us to pick him up!" Wishfully thinking out loud.
It took a few minutes to find out WHY he called us to pick him up. He really hated to see all the drinking that the kids were doing. He didn't want to be around it.
Let me just say I am so proud of him. DRINKING has done NOTHING GOOD for my family. He has seen this first hand. I NEVER sheltered him from going to my families to see what drinking and drugging will do to a person.
The courage it must have taken to make that choice to have your dad come pick you up... Austin is not a soft kid. He is all boy. He is strong, confident and well rounded. He made a decision as a young Christian boy to Honor God.
How does a 14 year old have the courage to draw a line in the sand and as adults we allow ourselves to be around things all day long we do not believe in?
When do we make a decision to DRAW a line in the sand and say "Hey this is NOT RIGHT!" Or "I shouldn't be HERE?"
Or as a CHRISTIAN "Does this HONOR GOD?"
This world will eat your children up and spit them out without a drop of remorse. Our children learn from OUR actions and LACK of.
WHERE is your Courage?
More people died last year from DRUG OVERDOSE than car accidents! (Heard this from our sermon this morning)
It is time to get serious about drawing a line in the sand. Stand up. Have Courage.
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WHERE do you need to have more courage? Are there areas in your life you need to make a stand?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scars of Pain

Everything hurt so bad. Everything hurt so bad that I no longer felt the pain of my broken toe. I was going around the track struggling to maintain my pace. Even though I was watchless, I was not TIMELESS.
The digital clock hung above the track reminding me how I did not have the time to slow down. As I started running on the track my plan was to run easy. Somewhere around 3 miles everything changed. I edited my plan as I looked at the clock. I decided what time I wanted to finish my 8 miles, hoping that I could catch up to that time.

The pain to recover that 3 miles began to take its toll about mile 6. I could hear my breathing in the space between songs. I sounded like death. The sweat was beading along my forehead. I desperately tried to focus on the task at hand, constantly telling myself to "Calm Down".  It is so hard to relax when you can't breath, your lungs are burning, your calves are throbbing and ever fiber in your body is sensitive to the air surrounding you. I could feel my banana creeping up with the bile that it was drenched in. It was pain on every level. Everything hurt so bad. I WANTED TO QUIT.

How do you get through that PAIN?
I think about life. I think about death. I think about the hardships in life.  I intermingle life and running to find motivation to move through it. I often think of the scars across my knees from 2 knee surgeries in 15 months. I remember my surgeon trying to convince me to quit running. He didn't know I had a dream to run the Boston Marathon.
 Many runs I find myself with tears streaming down my face as I draw from the pain of life to remind me I Am Capable. I Am Strong. I am More Than a Conqueror.

We have all been in that dark place. The place of No Hope. The place we feel the pains of life crashing over top of us. The pain is consuming and confusing. It makes us think things we might never think of and do things we would never do.
There is a beautiful woman who committed suicide just this week. I never met her. She was someones daughter. Someones friend. Someones coworker. Someones sister. She was overcome with pain and heartache.
I thought about her and her pain as I circled the track. I thought of the scars across my wrists and arms as I was a young girl with no hope. That was many years ago. The pain was overwhelming to me at that place in my life. I would beg God to take me. I would get angry that I didn't have the courage to go deeper.
Looking back I believe I had the courage to live not die.
It pains me to see these young people have no hope. I am so burdened for them.
Life is full of Pain.

As I struggled to breath going on my 8th mile, I reminded myself  God gives me Hope, Strength and the Courage to conquer and persevere through PAIN.  But in Life and In Running you are going to endure pain to become better.
There are going to be days that the pain is so substantial that you just want to quit.
There are going to be days you are confused and feeling lost.
There are going to be days that you feel isolated and seclude. As if no one understands.

Breathe. Seek God For all your inadequacies. Allow Him to give You HOPE.

Every day I am forced to look at an ugly scar across my arm. It is a reminder of the chaos that raged in my head from the pains of this life. I hate that scar. I hate that I disfigured my body.  I was begging God for miracles instead of the madness I was birthed from. I felt so hopeless.

There were days with the loss of Ariel that I found myself running in the middle of the road so lost. I could feel the cars brush pass me as I flirted with ideas. Days I wanted to run until no one could find me. I had days that I would run and find myself crumbled in a ball on the side of the road crying uncontrollably . I would stare at the cars asking myself  "Would I die instantly?" The pain of losing Ariel was and is the hardest thing I have been through in years.
God Gives Hope. God Gives Strength.
"The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalms 34:18

Never Never Give up. The next time you are running and you feel like just giving up, draw on the memory of a time in your life you persevered though.
Seek The Lord. Pray.
If you are struggling in a dark place Do NOT Give Up. Seek The Lord he will give you the light to show you the way through.

Distance: 8 miles
Time: 1:01

Don't Forget about the Sport Kilt Contest!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Win a Sport KILT!!

"Some days you will NOT be able to do this, TODAY is NOT that DAY!"
"Get me to the gym, just get me to the gym safely dear God." I prayed as I dropped the boys off in the beginning of another Michigan snow storm. I had to laugh after each time my car slipped out from the road because what I really wanted to do was CRY.  I am just tapped out with this winter mayhem. Our winter started on Thanksgiving and has not taken a breather since.
You know that feeling you get when you see a police car and your doing 10 over?  I felt that same feeling coming down Fish Lake Road and loosing control of my car. A truck had gotten stuck in between the road and the shoulder. He was at the bottom of the hill as I came sliding on both sides of the road. I tried to relax and allow my Saturn Outlook to find its way back in our lane. My stomach turned shooting itself into my esophagus and I think I peed my pants all over the leather seats. My ears began to ring all the while I looked like a porcupine the hair on my body stuck straight out.
"O God, Keep me Safe, Keep me safe, Keep me Safe!" I repeated as I slowly maneuvered back into my lane.
I thought this was a good idea until I saw several people in the ditch.
I decided to pray harder and continue heading to the gym.
 "Set aside a time solely for running. Running is more fun if you do not have to rush through it."
Jim Fix
  1. It was a priority to get my training in. I had already scheduled my time to train for the day. I was in no hurry. I would save my speed for the TM!
"Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are training and some of us are not."
  1. I am training. Boston is 11 weeks away. I feel so far behind the gun not being able to run outside. I have never trained this much inside. I am trying to be optimistic. I hate being a whiner. I just hope I am being efficient on my work outs inside they gym.
"I have learned it is what you do with your miles, rather how many miles you have run."
Rod DeHaven
Today I ran again on the TM. I decided to kick it up a notch. I thought I should do something different. I ran 7 miles of intervals.
  1. 1 mile w/u 1% incline
  2. 800m 5K pace (400m pick up speed)
  3. 800m slower pace. Every 200m increase incline until you are at a 6% incline. Maintain pace.
  4. 400m no incline back to w//u pace.
  5. 400M 1% incline maintain pace.
  6. REPEAT! Starting at Number 2.
I felt good when I finished. I was sweaty and exhausted. I am not sure if that is good but maybe it just felt good to be DONE!
I made this up as I thought about Boston. I decided I needed to run some hills to practice for my 20 miler mark, Heartbreak Hill. The sheer thought of this catapults me into anxiety. It also reminds me to pull up my big girl pants and raise the incline like a beast.
It is quite simple. SPORT KILTS is GIVING one of my READERS A SPORT KILT!!
 This is a 60$$ Value
  1. CONTEST goes through February 25th.
  3. It is on a point system. 1 PT for every comment you post. 5pts for any Google Shares. ( I will see these on my posts)
I LOVE my Sport Kilt. I thought it would be fun to do the contest and have the Kilt for St. Patty's Races!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mondays Ramblings. Overdose, Mantra and RUNNING!

Andy's alarm was going off at 5:20am. It was just minutes after that I heard every alert possible on his phone. He had a text message, email buzz, another text message, the beeping and buzzing would not stop. "Good Morning Monday" I thought as I put the pillow over my head and barked at Andy to "Make it stop".
It was still a better wake up call then Sunday mornings, when my side of the bed collapsed leaving me almost on my head.

I slowly moved to the kitchen to start breakfast and lunches. Sipping on my coffee during my duties  I was able to focus and start laying my day out.

Get to the gym: Just get to the gym and RUN.

Anything extra on this Monday was going to be a Bonus*

GAC: Genesys Athletic Club.
It was busy in the parking lot, however; the treadmills were lonely. I wanted to do some speed work. I like to run speed work on the TM because it enables me from having to think! I can punch in my numbers and RUN. The harder I run- The more confused I get!
So keeping track of my pace, my distance/laps and my repeats is almost more than I can handle when I am just begging my body to just follow through.

1mile: warm up .25 then 7:24
2mile: c/d
3mile: 7:18

Can you guess which toe?? They are all a bit ugly lol!

This was tough. My knee started to hurt the last mile and so did my toe and my CALVES!  Basically everything began to scream. I then started to get nervous that I would just loose my balance and fly off the TM. I thought "What if my body is hurting so much it begins to shut down leaving me a wobbly mess?"
"What if I really should be going faster than this and the strength I think I have I really don't?"
"What if I am wimping out?"

We have to quit telling ourselves we are not capable of and take the reins on what we are!

Training is not designed to be easy. I know this. NOTHING ever worth while came without a little sweat and heartache.
I cried out several times for Strength. And like usual He came through.

See I am NOT a Quitter.
I am a failure in many ways but most of my greatest achievements have been birthed from the sheer determination to TRY AGAIN.
There are some challenges that are just not mine to conquer. That does NOT make me a quitter: it makes me an Overcomer.
Overcoming our mind that wants to control us, sometimes hurt us, and most of the time confuse us is the true obstacle.
Todays run as hard as it was; was easy in comparison to the battle that was raging in my mind.

Listen to the voices that rage in your mind.
Remember PAIN releases many many voices.
Overcome the voices. Drown them out with positive and reinforcing Mantra. Pray, seek God for Strength and Clarity.

  1. "Never Never quit"
  2. The Pain of Quitting is worse than the Pain of Persevering.
  3. "Go Nita GO!"
  4. "All the way IN"
  6. "Quitting doesn't get you to the finish line"
  7. "Run through it"
Earlier this week I broke my toe. I was hitting the snow off my wheels and missed the snow only to blast my toe into the car. OUCH!
Yesterday I ran 15 MILES on the TM. I was pretty proud of myself for maintaining a 8:34 pace with a broken toe. Ok. Honestly I was just pretty proud of myself for running that far the Dreadmill all together!

I make a lot of smoothies in my house. It is the easiest way for me to recover.
Lindsey at my work introduced me to "Coconut Yogurt".

One of my Favorite smoothies right now:
"Coconut Mango Smoothie"

  • 1 coconut yogurt
  • 1/2 cup pineapple or orange juice (I prefer low sugar)
  • 1 TBLES Juice Plus Complete (protein powder)
  • 1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit mix
  • Blend it well.

  1. Sad to see another killed by Addiction : Philip Seymour Hoffman dies at 46 with needle in his arm. This seriously weighs so heavy on me. He left behind 3  Adult kids.
  2. Bummed out over last nights Super bowl Game. More like Super Bowel of CRAP! Sorry Peyton, I was rooting for you! The best team wins.
  3. All moved into out rental house. Praying the Lord brings us a house to buy. I did get a new Dyson Vacuum. This helps balance out the Craigs List washer and dryer Andy bought for the rental. He thought he got a good deal..Too bad the Washer doesn't change cycles and the Dryer needs a heating element! Looks like the owner really got a better deal. SUCKERS!

Doing a Post of MANTRA and a CONTEST!!! Please Share your Favorite Mantra!!
 Details to COME!