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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween -Switching out of "Pause"

"Michelle" made this in Honor of Ariel1

I woke up this morning and it was a instant Ariel moment. The tears came quick.
I checked my phone...No Call. No Text.
I then checked Facebook like I do a dozen times a day. I just want to feel her, I just want to touch her. I want to listen to her.
But as I got on Facebook the very first post was from "Scott" . This was Ariel's step brother. What he meant to be nice could have easily been taken out of context if the wrong person read it. It even hurt me to read it.
That wasn't the only message that I struggled with. There was another one farther down that I looked at and just had to laugh. I am not sure the intentions but there is another person who maximizes the relationship she had with Ariel. I do not trust her. She is untrustworthy though. I have never had to deal with people that perform like this so it is crazy to me. Wolves in sheep clothing. "Charlie" describes it best "Some people want to be part of what so many others were a part of that that is how they grieve, they make up a relationship that was never really there."
This person hardly even knew Ariel. It is just crazy. I do not trust her..or them.

I actually sent "Scott" a really nice message just explaining that his post could be taken wrong and may hurt some one. (I had prayed beforehand for God to give me the right words and to be loving.) That it actually hurt to see it because I was concerned it would hurt some one in the family. He was very receptive and responded, apologized and even took it off.  I thought that was really sweet. He didn't have to do that. He didn't have to even respond back to me but he did.

Today was Halloween. I love Halloween but I hate the last week of October.
  1. My mom went into coma at the end of October and never came out.
  2. My Grandma passed away the last week of October also. 
  3. And now Ariel. 
Totally emotional mess the month of October.
I didn't want to do anything after dropping the boys off at school but crawl back in bed. I wrestled with the idea and after looking at a million pictures of Ariel I decided I needed to be productive. I took a deep breath wiped my face dry and headed up to fold laundry and mop floors.

I had a table full of bills I have let go and a half dozen emails and messages that were requiring responses. No matter how long I want to pause life -it just doesn't work that way.

Kim was on my mind a lot today. I have been praying so hard for her. She is getting so much conflict from Ariel's dad about the lawsuit he is pursuing. She can hardly grieve because he calls her all the time about it. Kim wants Nothing to do with it. It is not right. And Kim is hurting from her loss and does not need that drama or that ugliness. It is amazing what money means to people. I think it is disgusting.
The unfortunate fact is they have came out with video that Ariel ran that red light. Yet He continues to pursue.
Please keep Kim in your prayers. For God to give her strength and peace. For God to give her wisdom to know how to react and respond properly to Ariel's dad.

Halloween. Austin stayed back and passed out candy at Maw Maw and Paw Paws while Andy and I took Alec Trick or Treating.
Alec loves being alone with dad and mom. He was in his glory! His costume cost me $3.50 at Goodwill!
I bought him a flannel shirt. He got more responses  and laughs from his costume than I can remember ever getting.
I love Halloween and enjoy dressing up to. We made the best of it but it seemed like there were less houses this year and it was a lot colder!

Snap Fitness 
Treadmill walk .5 mile
 Run 6.01 mile pace 8:00
Plyometrics legs

Please continue to pray for the family.
The funeral on Kim's side is PAID OFF!! Thank you to those who have helped our family to get this paid off.  Now we are working on getting a headstone. We have a family at our church that owns a company that does this and said they will give it to us at cost. Special THANKS to our friends that have generously gave Andy and I money to help with costs. We have over 500$ given to us that we will be putting towards the headstone now that the funeral is paid. (Kim's part is paid)!! God really has supplied.

I just want Ariel to have a Headstone. But it will not be until spring now because of the weather. But that is Ok. There have been so many blessings that have been birthed from this horrible tragedy. But that is another post!


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