"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 30, 2015

Urgent Care

 "Let not the foot of PRIDE come upon  me." Psalms 36:11.

Tuesday wasn't real busy at work. This was a blessing considering it felt like I had a herd of elephants dancing on my back. As the day progressed, so did the dancing elephants. I decided to leave early and go to the urgent care.
Only one problem. I took 600mg of Motrin and felt fine.
I left anyway.
I took advantage of the 2 hours I had. Feeling good with the monkey on my back, I did a couple errands before the pain in my lower back threatened normalcy.

Running Gear.
Running Gear gives 10% for coaches.
Lil mama bought new shoes! I am embarrassed to admit I have over 700 miles on my Brooks Transcend. I will add for 175$ they were worth EVERY cent. They held up like a champ.
I had to relinquish the idea of owning another pair due of cost. Buying those shoes did not go over so good last year. However, I changed my mind and bought them anyway! They had last years model and the only change was the color! And to make it a even better sell they had a different color than I had purchased last year, ADD to CART!
I also bought a new pair of britches. It was a hard pick, had a hand full of pants. I didn't want another pair of tights.  Coaching, I am very conscious of what I wear. Can't be to tight or too short. I know I have a 12 year old boy body and have nothing to look at, but I don't want to be uncomfortable questioning either.

I went from Clarkston to Waterford, to Fenton to get fingerprinted for coaching back to Holly then back to Clarkston Urgent Care.
The elephants were doing the Cha Cha on my kidneys.
No more hour long baths with salts and the jets on after long cold runs.

What sucks, Andy told me he didn't want me to run for 2 days. Being married to a nurse has some draw backs! He wants me to rest. I would rather go down a bannister with razor blades. I DON"T REST. I am way to A.D.D to chill.  Home all day... I have already washed toilets, bathrooms, floors mirrors, vacuumed, laundry is caught up, kitchen is spotless and candles are lit. There is nothing left to clean and its not even 11am. .
Megan from work checked in on me and was cracking up at my version of "Rest".

 I read Psalms 36,37 and 38 and did my devotional. I loved this verse: "Let not the foot of PRIDE come upon  me." Psalms 36:11.
I always try to relate verses to me. This verse is out of context but this is how it speaks to to ME . Pride says "Anita, take a couple Mortin and run, You will be fine."
"The FOOT OF PRIDE."...As a Runner, it reminded me to be humble, and die to self. Just because I can run doesn't mean I should run, UGH.

Flashback MONDAY: I went to Genesys Monday. I headed upstairs to stretch before I ran. This very attractive woman approaches me, startling me. "Hi, My name is Angela, do you know Jeff? He asked me to introduce myself to  you, I see you always running."
She continued to sing praises about me from Jeff. He is like Dad, in your fan club.
"Yes, Jeff is crazy, don't listen to anything he says about me!"
 Jeff was up there. He was so hyper. As I came downstairs, he headed in my direction. Before I even said "HI" I am laughing. We did a mile warm up on the track laughing about his weirdness. Jeff was complaining about how bad his shirt smelled.  He provides great material to tease.
I headed to the treadmill and he went to the Cybex. I had only a couple miles of my progressive run in when he walked over to me with a quirky look on his face.
"Man Anita, My shirt must REALLY smell, as soon as I got on the machine the lady next to me got off hers!"
I was laughing so hard that I had to grab the side bars.
The Mood was SET. I was on and popping. The music was rocking, the treadmill felt more like a dance floor as I ran and swayed and even busted out the guns not caring who was looking.
With a half a mile left, I saw Jeff heading over. I knew he was going too look at my digits and question why I wasn't running harder,faster.
YUP, He did. He did everything but push the buttons on my treadmill having me finish my 7 miler sub 7.
Shout out to Jeff. Friday is the Old mans Birthday! I am grateful for his friendship.

Sunday, I am running ROCK CF.
Post your  predicted time I will finish the Half Marathon.
I bought some goodies at Running Gear.
Person will receive Running Easter Basket.
MUST SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG!!!!! You can post answer on Blog, or Facebook Running Against the ODds

And the Winner IS....

AND the WINNER is...Drum Roll Please....Dawn M!! You have won the Easter basket full of Running goodies! Dawn guessed 1:40, this was only 42 seconds off!

 Psalms 6:2 "Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled."
I am giving serious consideration to changing the name of this Blog to "The Airhead Runner"!
This morning I met Jama and May Ann for a shake out run. We ran all the back roads around Genesys. I somehow got us turned around on the back  road, good thing Mary Ann knew exactly how to get us on the right track!
The temperature was warmer out than we had all anticipated. Somewhere running, Maryann and I dumped our jackets with the thought to pick them up after our run.
The run went great. On our stretch home we "Ran" into Kris T. and Rachel D. After introducing Mary Ann to both of them, smiling she says, "I love the runner community, everyone is so nice!"

My smile lasted about another mile, The great weather, beautiful skies, exciting encounter with other runners and even my inspiring running companions were not holding my smiles much more.
After running my Half Marathon Sunday my body was getting wicked mad at me. My little "Shake out was already at 10 miles and I had another 4 back to my car.

We were running really gravy. I knew I would be fine if the girls were kind to me. And they were.
Our average pace was over 10 minute miles. This included walk breaks and walking hills.
Where I found our hidden clothes, after 30 minutes!

Thankful God had Mercy on me. I really wanted to run but I knew that I had to take it EASY. I should have been a whole lot more sore. God is so good to me.
My calves were tight but my knees never gave me any problems.
I stretched back at the gym and reluctantly put my legs into the cold plunge for 17 minutes.
I have been drinking extra water, taking extra Juice Plus, protein shakes and whole foods for recover.
Remember if you want to recover, you are what you EAT! Be intentional. And give God the Glory!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rock CF Half marathon Recap.

You have to learn very quickly not to take yourself too serious if you are me. Laughing is a great tool that I have adopted for my not only being birthed into a series of unfortunate events but also for the constant mishaps, misfortunes and misdirection's I have performed.

This was my girls weekend with Danielle and it gave me multiple opportunities to screw something up.

Like forgetting my brand new running shoes at home.
Or poor Danielle's reservations getting messed up and not having a room.
Then to add a cherry on the top..
Finally getting a room in the middle of a bunch of knot head kids.

I LOVE kids. I work with them every week with bells on.
But being up all night listening to them talking about getting more weed, getting more high and getting more obnoxious was not giving me a loving feeling.

About midnight, my brains fell out. The Latino in me was burning, maybe it was my Napoleon Complex, regardless, I lost it.
Without thinking, half dressed, maybe even less, I opened our room door, stepped out and told them to keep it down.
I am not sure if I caught their attention because all I was wearing was a sports bra and a pair of booty shorts or they suddenly were convicted about their ridiculousness
but they acknowledged me...for about 5 minutes!

With no sleep, I was last to crawl out of the queen bed Danielle and I shared at our 6am wake up time.

ROCK CF Half Marathon.
Danielle and I, Love this girl!

Everything appeared to be falling into place perfectly:
  • The weather was sunny and 21!
  • Danielles shoes fit great!
  • We got what appeared the last parking spot at Gross Isle High School.
  • Getting our bib was a 5 minute process.
  • Port-o-johns were even easy to get in and get out of.
Danielle was short on words, I could tell she was nervous. I think Danielle wouldn't have been as nervous had I not given her a goal time of 1:40-1:45.
But she was a trooper. "I will do my best to stay with you, if I have to drop off, you go ahead."

I was so excited to see both Michelle and Anthony T at the start of the race. I was looking for both of them and they found me.

Pretty sure my eyes are closed! Michelle B

Anthony T and  me
The starting line was very organized. We positioned ourselves in the front.

Side by side we took off over the starting matts together. The sun was radiant, it danced off the water in front of us. I was so happy.

THE COURSE: Mostly flat until we approached mile 7, then the rollers began. Most of the course was along side the water. Seeing the sun come up with the water next to me made our 7:45 pace not so noticeable. You had to be careful not to get lost in the scenery or you might fall into a pot hole. The road was patched and stitched together with multi-colored asphalt. The winter was brutal to the island and the roads took a hit.

Danielle stayed with me until mile 9. She then slowly backed down, never really leaving me,  staying in my shadows.
Mile 10 was AWESOME. We ran through the hanger at the Pilot House. They had a band rocking it out. I got so stoked running through the little air field that I picked my pace up on that mile to a 7:35.
YIKES! "Girl, You better be smart, you still have 2 miles, AHH Dang..I ONLY HAVE 2 MILES LEFT, You got this!"

I found a guy to keep my focus on. I slowly began to close the gap. As I approached the 12 mile marker I found myself just about 4 feet behind him. I just was not ready to make my move yet.

With a 1/3 of  a mile to go we made a sharp turn, I let him go in front of me. I wanted to see the finish line before I attempted to pass him.
With the "Finish" a couple hundred feet in front of me, the crowds all along side of me, I made my move.
It was a crowd pleaser. The crowds were shouting when I made my move. The guy picked up his pace. "OH NO!" Now the announcer was getting involved in the excitement. I HAD to TURN them over stronger and faster. He could NOT pass me. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins like a lunatic. I picked my legs up and found a gear I didn't know I had.I BEAT HIM! I wanted to say "Good Finish"  to him but he was no where to be found.
I did see Brian from Dailymile at the finish though. That was a great surprise.
My Legs were still Jumpable! WTG Danielle on a PR!

Running In Danielles Shoes!

RockCF Half Marathon: 1:40:42
Course was about a tenth of a mile short. Great Race, Great volunteers.
The shirts and medals are very cool. I would do this race again!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Considering I have a infection, I ran in Danielles shoes, this is the first time I have ran hard at this distance since last spring, I surprised myself. My Body is healing, so thankful, God is Good.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Comedy of Errors

This evening has been a comedy of errors. This was Danielle and my girls running weekend.
We headed to out hotel in Flat rock over an hour away. UNFORTUNELTY for me about an hour into the drive I had a massive brain fart. MY SHOES! I didn't remember seeing those Pepto Bismo Brooks running shoes. I called home to confirm my fear, they were still by the garage door.
Danielle by the grace of God brought 2 PAIRS! And just happens to wear the same size shoe as ME!
But our issues didn't stop there!
Our hotel did not have us booked!!
Danielle sat on the phone for over an hour trying to get out room situated.  I actually left and came back with dinner and she was still on the phone!

So between forgetting shoes, having no room, it all worked out great...
Tomorrow, it will be COLD but NO Snow or Rain! Sunny and a bit of wind. Lets see how it goes!! What your estimated time?

Running EASTER Basket Giveaway.
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Thursday, March 26, 2015


4:45am. "UGH, close your eyes maybe you will go back to sleep." Wide wake with nothing to do but get up.
COFFEE...The house was so quiet. Everyone asleep I curled up with my bible, a perfect cup of coffee and a throw.
It was going to be a good day.
The girls were meeting at my house to run at 8:30.

Danielle was waiting for us at Clover Park for a 9 mile run. This week was a step down week. Between getting sick and stepping down my miles are way down!
Last week I had close 50 miles, this week I will be lucky to get 40.

Jama, Danielle, Lacey and I looked like quite the posse. All four of us are training for Bayshore Marathon in May.
Danielle had our course mapped out to perfection. We had a trail, some dirt roads and a lot of hills.
We were just getting in our groove when we all saw her. One wicked wench of a half mile incline. Danielle had a very pleasant grin plastered on her face, the rest of us started whining at the first sight. It seriously looked like a highway to heaven it was so long. I personally didn't know whether to laugh or cry. We sounded like a bunch of nagging woman all complaining about this beast. By the time we reached the top we were all in a slight goofy laugh, you know the ones that sound half crazed.
"We get to go down that though on our way back!" Danielle so positive. Too bad it was only 1 of 2!

5 Tips for Running Hills:
  1. Hill Sprints- Steepest hill you can find 10-15 seconds attacking her. Take a 2-3 minute to recover completely! Just do a few of these your first time.
  2. Long hills- These hills are great to do a few times taking a few minutes to get up. They are hard however going down multiple times on your legs. You will take a pounding.
  3. ITBand- If you are struggling with this hill are NOT your best company. Hills will aggravate and worsen your condition. Especially the downhill.
  4. Keep your posture upright, chest up. Picture yourself holding a rope that's secured at the top of the hill.
  5. Keep your eyes focused on the top of the hill, eyes up and focus on the finish.

9 miles

I dropped below the 3 figure mark. I can not figure out what is going on with me. Eating is not a main priority of mine but I like food. I just hate taking the time to sit and eat.
Cachexic- this is the word my dear husband calls me. I will spare you with the picture he attached to it, is grotesque and not scorning him any points. I of course gave him a choice word and sent him a picture in return. It was not a very Godly wifey thing therefore I will put a period here. But it was funny!
I ATE good today. I even ate bad, but I ATE. I ate so much for dinner I have a food baby.
I enjoyed Girl Scout cookies, Tagalongs, I felt a little healthier knowing they had peanut butter in them. I even ate 3 cheese garlic bread with our goulash.
Really hoping I can put some weight on before my race Sunday.

Running EASTER Basket Giveaway.
  • Estimate my Race time for this Sundays Rock CF Half Marathon.
  • Must be subscribed to Running Against the Odds
  • Post answer on Blog.
  • You can post a DIFFERENT time on each POST on blog! This gives you an advantage if you are a reader!
Cheater..."Danielle, what are you hoping to run?"
"I was thinking starting off at a 8 -8:15 and go from there, but if you are trying to do a sub 8 you can go ahead of me..."


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trading in my knees..

Lets Keep It Simple SUNDAY!
"Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees." Isaiah 35:3
No one will come near me after a run, Sheba thinks I am a salt lick.

My Day in 5 Sentences:
  1. Made dad my special oatmeal, he is having surgery issues.
  2. Missed church,both boys had AAU tryouts for basketball from 9-12.
  3. 1:30pm meet Jama for her long run, 15 miles.
  4. Exhausted I head to Youth group at 5, love those kids.
  5. Sweat pants and chill out...So happy.
My Run in 5 Sentences:
Most of the deer ran off, how many can you count?? Behind the tree line...
  1. My knee is aggravating me after my gravel road run on Friday.
  2. Easy pace was the goal, I was hoping around a 9:30, NO FASTER.
  3. "Jama, Slow it DOWN!" I had to keep reigning her in!
  4. We saw field of deer over by the Veterans Cemetery, so majestic when they run, wondered "Do I look that graceful when I run." Yeah, NO.
Random thoughts:
My Father in Law had his second knee replacement surgery this week. We all were at the hospital to support him.
In the waiting room, someone had made a comment about me, my knees and how I will be in need of this surgery one day.
I wasn't really paying attention until later in the night. Then the comment struck me.
I spoke to mom about it. Mom had heard the statement made too and said "Anita, people just don't know you. You would never trade in your running for knees."
It didn't bother me at ALL that the statement was made. Mom even shared one of the nurses' story with me.. Mom looked at her slender figure and said "Are you a runner?"
She not only was a runner but now she was a walker. She was in recovery herself in her 40's from knee replacement surgery.
She explained to mom what I also explained and what mom knows so well about me.
I LOVE running. It is MORE than just exercising. It is the friendships, it is the community, it is my testimony, the races, the endorphins, the elements, the wellness, the witnessing, the experiences, the locations. Running has given me experiences most will not achieve. Running has introduced me to some of the most amazing people. I would never have met incredible people like, Jama, Jeff, Lacey, or Kay, or Danielle or even Michelle who I have only met once!
I would never have experienced runs in places like Pontiac Lake, Kensington, Stoney Creek, Indian Springs or my favorite Mackinac Island.
OH the Places I have gone, the people I have met, the experiences I have achieved. I wouldn't give it up to protect my knees.


We girls gotta stick together!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pot O Gold Recap 2015

I LOVE this Girl, She makes me laugh, and I love LAUGHING!

MURDOCK. That was my mothers maiden name. I grew up with a family very proud of their Irish heritage. My grandma and mother both had the most beautiful Irish auburn hair.
My Uncle Danny always called me "Little Anthony Quinn" because I was born half Mexican half Irish.

Before I left the house I had my corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and my Kilt on. I decided very early in the week I was going to wear my Sport Kilt to work. When I showed up at work all the girls were cracking up.

This was the first time I can remember that I would be racing the Pot O Gold on a work day. Wearing my running clothes to work was the smart choice because of time restraints. Irish Blessings permeated all day.
Being in character set the mood for the whole day. Megan and I had so many laughs.
"Nita, what are you wearing under your Kilt?" Megan was curious about if I was wearing my outfit to race in.
Me: "Well my underwear?"
Megan stunned: You don't have any shorts under there??"
Me: "Hmm, the thought never crossed my mind."
Megan was rolling laughing so hard, She has the best laugh too.
Megan:"What if someone sees your underwear?"
Feeling frisky I lifted the back of my skirt up showing off my bright striped boy short panties and replied "Then they are going to see MY POT O GOLD!"
Stunned, this pushed Megan over the edge, She was dying at my flashy drawers!

I headed to Flint solo. I was so nervous. I had no idea how my body was going to race. My last race was a crap shoot. Shorter distance hurt soo bad.
Old man Jeff calls me a "Wuss". He couldn't be more accurate when it comes to shorter distances.

The race had a great turn out. Lacy and her partner Holly were both there.
I forgot it was a gun start and started in the back with the girls. We were bobbing and weaving trying to get over the starting mat. I hung with the girls, only every  time I looked at my watch we were running a sub 7 minute pace. I knew I couldn't hold that. I put my ear buds in and decided I better just run my own race. I stayed behind them for about a mile and a half and slowly separated.
Andy had shot me a text telling me to run this 4 mile race in 28:40. I had no idea where he came up with that number but I was going to try like the H@%% to make it. "Run your Own Race ANITA"

I was sucking wind and wanting to barf up the food I didn't eat. I just finished mile 3 and was on the home stretch when I looked up this hill. I could feel my legs slooowwing down. I tried to find a good song, I tried to dig deep and I even tried begging God for a miracle.
THEN the MOTHER OF ALL Dirty tricks happened.
Lacey came up on my Left with a sneaky leprechaun grin, smiled at me, tapped me on the shoulder and passed me.
"You Little SHIT!"
I was just a second behind her at the finish. I was really laughing when Holly came over, I could tell that they had dropped my name to "Beat". This is the fun in racing!

It was a great RACE, A lot of fun. I was astonished at my time honestly.
  • Time: 28:48
8 seconds behind the time Andy gave me.
  • Pace: 7:12min/mi
  • 4th overall female
  • 1st in my Age group 40-44
  • 2nd in Masters.

HOW in Gods name was I going to run 17 miles tomorrow? I couldn't sleep. It was after 1am. 
I had to change my long run from Wednesday to Thursday because my father in law is having surgery in the morning. (His second knee replacement.)
Here is the magic in being able to run 5 days straight and 1 day after a race, are you ready for it?
SLOW AND STEADY  said the turtle.
We ran an average pace of 9:37 with walk breaks every mile. It was great. We actually did 18 miles, because we overshot our distance by a mile. We walked that last mile in. I am COUNTING it!

Love to hear some of your St Patties Races. What ones did You RUN?


Monday, March 16, 2015

2 Runs in 2day!

I was talking to Michelle E. as I was walking out of the gym this morning. Michelle was surprised I was at the gym, commenting "I can't believe you didn't run outside..."

I wanted to run outside, it was warm enough to run outside but I already had it in my mind what I was going to do.
  • Get to gym by 8am
  • Stretch and roll
  • Easy run on the track
  • Stretch, roll, upper body and core
  • Cold Plunge, Cold Plunge, Cold PLUNGE!!
  • Shower and get ready for the day.
  • Get out by 10:30.
I entertained the idea of running outside as I walked into Genesys but I didn't have my Garmin to map out my miles. I decided I would only run 4 miles and talk Alec into running 2 miles with me when he came home from school.

I had a full schedule of running around today. I was supposed to go to Somerset with Megan but it was not working out. I saved 100$ by not going to Athleta today! We were going to go bathing suit shopping. Andy says I am too old to wear a Bikini. It is kinda a bummer because I work really hard at taking care of my body, it is NOT perfect by any means but I am more comfortable with my body in my 40's then I was in my 20's. I like a 2 piece for me, not for others.

My niece Sarah stopped over this afternoon. It was so nice to talk to her. To see her smile, to listen to her dreams, to just feel her love for me. I love being an Aunt. My other niece Becca sent me the sweetest text message this afternoon too. I have always taken being an Aunt very serious. I don't have girls of my own. I even received a text from one of our high school kids struggling. I told her I was going to take her out this week. "Anita, I love you..."
That makes you all warm and fuzzy.

It didn't take too much to convince Alec to go for a run with me. He is the new owner of a Garmin 10 and has been itching to play with it.  I only ran 4 at the gym but wanted to get in 6 total today. I could chase behind that boy all day long. He ran the whole distance this time without getting a side stitch.
Someone tuckered out!

This is part of taking care of yourself that is a major payoff.  Being healthy and active enough to play with your kids. I had a college client this week that was telling me about a race that her and her dad ran together last year. They trained together , they ran together and it was AWESOME. You could tell it meant so much to her.

It is making memories. After we finished, I sat on the back deck. Alec, all red faced sat down with a glass of his homemade sweet tea. He pulled out his history on the Garmin and compared  info. He just sat there. "Alec, I am so proud of you, you ran the whole way."  "Yup, I did!" he responded with a ice cube in his mouth.

It was a good day. I saved money, got 2 runs in, 2 showers in too and got to enjoy being not just a mom but an Auntie too!


Sunday, March 15, 2015


"When a man says I Cannot, He has made a suggestion to himself, He has weakened his POWER of Accomplishment that which otherwise would have been ACCOMPLISHED."

There is a section of downtown Holly that is pretty narley. Going old school with my vocabulary. As I ran past a couple houses it was like I was caught in a time warp. I felt like it was 1981. The warmer it gets outside, the more smells become distinct.
There sits a house on Saginaw St. Before I even approach it, the odor hits me like a bad flashback. How do I go from 41 to 9 years old?
The stench was so pungent that it regurgitated bad memories. I recollected the stale beer smell stained in the carpet mixed with dirty dishes. I could see the tiny kitchen with 20 year old un-kept linoleum from my childhood. The house reeked of mold, it  was mixed with dysfunction and chaos. The carpet was stained with undisciplined and filth. On a windy day, you can get a whiff of reefer, but today I didn't get that. The  stench was enough that I was able to connect the dots back 3 decades. My memories revisited the stale coffee on the stove in a nasty saucepan, burnt.  I saw the Playgirl magazines under the bed, hardly hidden. A joint rested in a metal bean bag ashtray which was sitting on the cigarette burned coffee table. I wanted to march in that house and back hand the dysfunction in there.
But I ran past the house, hoping I could outrun those terrible memories. However, I visited them all with gratitude, memorizing every detail like it was yesterday.

The last few weeks I have been doing tempo runs. I had waited to hear from Jama. She invited me to run 15 miles with her and Ken H.
15 miles was not on my agenda, however I did tell her I would love to run some of it with them.
After running 4 miles, I checked my phone hoping I would have a message from her.
I DID! She was wondering where I was. I texted her back but didn't hear from her.
Just as I was heading to Elliot Rd I had a brain fart. "Turn around Anita, I bet they are coming this way."
Ken H., Jama, Andy J. and I, trying to all squeeze in 1 pic!
I love the moments of me being BRILLIANT! Here they came, Jama, Ken and Andy J. I was shaking like a puppy.
I waved my arms in the air, expressing my excitement.
They were running at a very disciplined pace. About 9:50. The problem with this pace was I could do it, even after running 17 miles on Thursday. It was very comfortable, this comfort was like the devil in disguise.
I lagged back with Andy J as Jama and Ken chased each other several meters ahead of us.
Andy offered me to go ahead of him but I replied, "No man left Behind!"
Andy J. and I trailing behind, Jama and Ken so far up you cant even see them!

I looked at my watch, 9, 10, 11 miles and we were not back to 7 Lakes yet. Home was over 4 miles from 7 Lakes. They were still running in the park.
When we arrived at the park, I said, "I am almost at 12 miles, I may be calling Andy to pick me up!"
I waved them off and thanked them for a great run.
I never called Andy to rescue me.
Because we were at such a conversational pace it made it easy on my body. My body, legs, feet still loved me. It was one of those runs I felt like I could run all day. Easier said them done of course.

Distance: 15.40
Fastest Mile: 8:02
Average Pace: 10:01
Recovery: Smoothie: Muscle Milk, Pineapple juice, mandarin oranges, frozen fruits and ice.
45 minute brain less bath, it may have even been an hour.

My Training Reminder.
I go all in. I feel like I I need to be out of breath and exhausted. Running with the group today was a great reminder to CHILL OUT.
I will be running 6 days straight, this is more than I normally do.
 I have to run smart. Eat smart, or just EAT. Roll, stretch, and smile!

I came home Saturday night with the boys from dinner around 9:30 at night. This little package was under my pillow! Some of my goofie FAVORITES. You have to really know me to know I LOVE Multi colored pens. I only like to write with Blue ink, multi colored pens and I really prefer sharpies, fine tip. Love my chocolate and a PINK Whistle for Coaching!! I have wanted a PINK whistle forever!!
A little Piece  of me~


In Closing, I am reminded today, I am a Overcomer. I am not a product of my past. I reminded of my past to feel gratitude at its fullest. I have no bitterness, I know that everything has a purpose and that God was preparing me, He knew what I could overcome.
Ask Yourself, Have you used your Darkest Moments to grow from? or Have your Darkest Moments Overcome you?
Anyone else have a trigger that sparked a Vivid Memory?? Good or Bad?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Whats your LSD??


I have ran multiple 17 mile  runs, so why did this one bother me so much?
I had so many fears going into this.
  • What if my body falls apart, my knees, my IT Band..?
  • What if I can't keep pace?
  • I just want to be warm..
Lacey and I ran 15 miles last week and 2 miles more seemed daunting.

We met at Indian Springs. Everything was picture perfect. Danielle actually lead the run most of the way. My body is a weird one. I always feel great on long runs after I am midway through. It is like I hold reservations in fear. As my body gains miles I begin to shed Fear and Faith grows strong in its place.

After mile 10, I was in the game. The girls had to keep holding me back. I did this to Lacey last week too. Sub 9 minute miles was not part of the plan. My legs wanted to go with excitement.

PAIN FACTOR: Running is NOT Pain FREE. I have learned what I can run through. I learn to welcome certain amounts of pain.
As we approach 16 miles we are going up the stupid hill to the parking lot. I am grateful I am sore. I am thankful I am out of breath and not out of commission. Dear Sweet Jesus IT HURTS! But I can see my Saturn Outlook and my heart skips a beat. I find myself thanking God for the pain, the pain is my TROPHY. It is a reminder that I rocked that 17 miler! Gratitude takes the emotional sting out of friction of Pain.

It is MENTAL. I have to wrap my puney brain around all the pain and find the Purpose in the Pain.

The Purpose In The Pain:
Life is full of pain. There is no one that is going to get through this life, in this world unscathed by pain and adversity. Don't think you are so isolated and are the only one struggling. Many of us, me included are haunted by the pain of our past. We all take the blows of the world, some of us get harder than others while some of us have been to Hell and back. At the end of the day it all hurts the same.
But at the end of the day, how did you define your pain? Were you strong enough to define your pain or did you allow your Pain to define you?
Are you the Victim or are you the CONQUEROR?

As we came up to 17 miles, Danielle, Lacey and I discussed walking the hill. My eyes located the orange poles in the grass. "Get to that next pole..."  I huffed. Pole by pole we never quit despite being out of breath, out of energy and sore.
Danielle's Garmin went off, not mine. I still had a tenth of a mile to go! They stuck with me. Lacey yells "OH BEEP ALREADY!!" I found myself actually finishing my run laughing.
We have a larger purpose in this life. Life is going to be at times a uphill battle. Take it on little by little but don't give up!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Will Run for Cupcakes

Endulged in a breakfast with BACON! I am afraid I have lost some weight. So I am intentionally trying to eat more calories.

Another night I couldn't sleep. I tried everything. I prayed and  I daydreamed. I tried the social media route, I went on FB, twitter and my Instagram.   I even tried my favorite, playing games. No one wanted to play me on Trivia Crack or Words with friends, probably because they are bored from beating me all the time. The last time I saw the clock it was already 3am.

It was like a dream come true, the beautiful blue sky and warm temperatures. I wanted to run in the heat of the day.
I put on SHORTS, a TANK and my ING NYC arm warmers. Oh YEAH!! I had to put my sunglasses on though, I wasn't sure what was glowing more, my Casper white legs or the SUN!

I had a Cross Country coaching meeting at the school at 3:40. I didn't have enough time to change so I headed up to the school a muddy smelly mess. I didn't even have time to hit myself up with body spray. Nasty. I hoped that my Eucalyptus Spearmint body lotion was still working. I did however have the barn painted (make-up on). Mom always says "Every old barn looks better with a little red paint!"

I got home about 5pm. "Alec, LETS GO!!"
Alec was going to try out those new CC shoes. I came home to Alec being a emotional hot mess.
"Good Grief" I thought.
Somehow I convinced him to lace up his shoes and go.
He didn't put his new Mizunos on, he squeezed his big old flat foot in last seasons shoes because he didn't want to get his shoes dirty.

It was a good thing he did that. We were a muddy, scratched up, soaked mess and only ran 2 miles.
ADVENTURE time. I love running with Alec. He was ahead of me on the dirt road, but his position didn't last long. Alec got struck with a devilish side stitch that  put the ugly face on him.
Adventure Time.

I couldn't stop laughing at him as he contorted his face and rolled his shoulders forward.
"Breath Alec, get you shoulders up."

Alec took me though the woods, into mud puddles, 3 feet of snow banks and picker bushes. I had no idea where I was going but it sure was fun. My shoes were drenched with snow and dirt. My bare legs were beat up but again, it sure was fun.

Distance 6 miles Solo, 2 miles with Alec. 8 Miles TOTAL

Danielle and I have been texting all afternoon. I am in slight panic. I didn't realize tomorrow is 17 miles. My stomach did a bit of a flip, I think it is still inside out or upside down.
Danielle, Lacey and I  are heading to Indian Springs in the morning. It is going to be 46' and SUNNY!!
I have great company, great weather and I am going into 17 miles with positivity.

I could REALLY USE some SLEEP though!

I am drinking my water, doubling up on my Juice Plus and charging the Garmin.
I am starving, I am going to finish off the Popcorn Lacey turned me unto to, then top the night off with my favorite, Breyers Mint Chocolate chip Ice cream.

What will you RUN FOR?
Alec made a pit stop at Maw Maws to get this!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unmotivated Monday

I was up all night. It was 1am and I was wide awake. Getting up at 6 am was hateful.  I jumped out of bed at 6:33 in a panic. AHH, late!

I couldn't move, the coffee wasnt working, my eyes wouldn't open and I actually felt like I had jet lag.

"Get the kids off to school and go back to bed."
"No, Anita,you will feel better if you go."
I agued back and forth in my head as I packed my gym bag and headed out.

I saw Jeff on the machines. I visited him whining about being so tired. He looked pretty rough too, this actually made me feel better. How does 1 hour steal your energy so much?
We chatted for a minute before I reluctantly headed to the track.

I wanted to run on the treadmill but thought I would probably fall asleep. The track would at least inspire me, challenge me..maybe..
I even thought I would just do some "Junk Mile". Go 4 or 5 miles at a turtles pace just to get it done. No sweat, no pain, no problem.

How the HECK did I end up behind "That Guy" again. "Stay with him Nita, he is running a clip slower, you can do this."
I was not breathing down his neck, honestly. I was a healthy distance behind him and of course he decided he was going kick it up.

At mile 3, I was counting my laps. I wanted to QUIT. Then I see this old timer. He is a regular with a cute smile and competitive spirit. He usually walks/shuffles on the track until you get near. He then turns his head, always looking for you and when you pass him, he picks up his pace and sprints past you!
I smiled at him when he discovered I noticed his strategy. I was barley sticking with "The Guy" in front of me. Sure enough, Here he came. He came up next to me and mumbled something. I turned off my ear buds and said "Ahh, you are going to make me work today!"
He replied "No, you are making ME work!"
Laughing now with a big cheesy grin I added "Today, just getting out of bed was WORK!"

As I was leaving the track, I looked at the Everlast Bag hanging and my mind took over. My shoes and socks were off. The cement floor was cold on the palms of my feet. SNAP! My foot hit the center of the bag. It felt so good. Again and again. "AHHHEEE" The breath released from my lungs as I felt the welcomed sting of the leather on the top of my foot. "Through the bag" I whispered to myself as I threw a roundhouse to the bag. SNAP! I loved the sound it made, I loved the way the leather stung, I love the power in my punches. Ahh. Love.

I only ran 4 miles. I convinced myself I would run when I got home with Alec.
I never ran another mile Monday.
I did however RUN the boys to Baumans Running store to get new shoes.

I had some money put away for MY running shoes and gave it to the boys and didn't buy shoes for myself.
Austin pitched a fit I wasn't buying him the shoes he wanted. He wanted them because they looked cool. Cool was going to cost me 130$.
"Austin, If you were going to be running CC, I would totally buy these for you, but you are doing the High Jump, I can not justify spending that. However, if you would like to add some of your own money then that is fine!"
He acted like a total 5 year old King Baby. I was mortified at the store, considering I know everyone that works there.
Alec picked out his shoes, I didn't even look at the price because I knew he was going to be putting in the miles on them. Alec's shoes ended up on sale, so we left with 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of Feetures Running Socks.

It still wasn't enough for Austin. He was not done pitching a fit. Alec sat in the back grateful and quiet while Austin and I got in a heated grumbling match.
It was a good thing I took most of my aggression out on the punching bag at the gym because I was about to knock his teeth to the back of his head.
Don't call DSS on me, I took a mental step down and calmly replaced my back hand with words that hurt worse.
"Austin, Hand over your Phone, NOW, You are DONE."
He got a few more verbal jabs in then folded, handing his phone over.

Parenting. I hardly had the energy to run 4 measly miles, But come Hell of High water, you better have the energy to parent your kids!

He knew he was being a PUNK. He even said, "I know, I handed over my phone..."

My kids are my world. Without that phone, the boys were running through the house like bandits.
It was loud, it was chaos, but they were laughing, teasing, annoying each other.
Andy came in from work wondering what the ruckus was. He could hear them and me all loud from outside.
But they were being brothers. I wanted to pull my hair out as I finished making dinner but I tried to remind myself they were just being brothers.

We have a crazy family life. It is definitely not for most. Not very Beaver Cleaver-y. We play hard together. We tease each other, we all wrestle around and we are LOUD.
But at the end of yesterday, we are all curled up on the couches watching our recorded episode of Walking Dead. I of course am folding laundry like a mom and drinking my green tea in love with them all.


Sunday, March 8, 2015


My miles for the week were a little down. I remembered that I didn't run last Sunday.
There were NO Excuses for this SUNNYday. Almost 50 degrees of blue skies and sunshine. I was not wasting this. Too much winter whining too not full advantage of this 45 degree heat wave!

Its all about the music for me. I LOVE music. I love dancing. At home, I knock out the cleaning with music and dancing. I have a party with a dust rag and mop.

Running is the same. I have no shame in singing out loud down E. Holly Rd. Jim Croce sings oldies and I get all rock and rolley.
My first mile, was mostly a wash because "Delirious" sang in my ears making me want to dance more than run!
But Prayer in C sings tunes in my ears and my legs hit the pavement with purpose. My shoulders feel loose as I want to swing my hips and dance. I take a deep breath and feel so free, even flirty like a teenager. A little smirk is birthed and I am lost in the chorus.

I love the fresh air, the birds in the sky are floating in heaven, my skin is cold to touch but my temperature is perfect. Everything is perfect.
I am hitting my target pace, the body is strong and pain free. I am actually chuckling to myself, it feels like I am being pushed from behind. I can hardly keep up with my legs.
The music in my ears was motivating me to push through the inclines that I was not used to. Running on the track for weeks kept me from the elements.

I really didn't know how I would run after being pampered indoors on a flat fast track.
Reminding myself of what I ran 10 miles at on the track, I had to try and keep pace with those numbers.
I had to contend with hills, wind, slush, ice, mud, cars and snow banks.
When I looked at my pace it coached me where I needed to be. I even missed my Garmin. Numbers don't lie.

At mile 7, the music had to be louder, "Sail" came on, I took a deep breath and intentionally planted my feel down, brought my arms up, focused my eyes far up the road and pressed in on my tired legs.

Nothing hurt but my pride, The pride of not being the runner I was before I got injured.
The music was my drug of choice to drive it home. I knew I had to be out of breath, when my side started to hurt, I knew I had to FEEL it.
When I couldn't feel my legs I knew I had to be grateful. Comfortably Numb.

At Mile 10, I hit the stop button on my watch and did a easy pace back home the last mile.
I saw a florescent jacket running towards me. I quickly got my best runners posture and picked my pace up as I ran towards them. I wondered who it was, "Don't look tired Nita, Fake it GIRL."
The closer I got the more I knew I had to know this runner.
"Was it Andy J., Ken H. or was it that guy I saw running down my street a few days ago?"
I had to take my glasses off, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or maybe it was a mirage..was this....ANDY??!
"No FREAKING WAY...LOOK Who CAME out of HYBERNATION!" I yelled from across the street. I was running in the middle of the street to catch him. He started to blush, "Shut up, Turn back, go home." he chuckled.
"Look at YOU!" I teased him for a few minutes.

I let him go his way. I was so happy he was out there, I knew I better not make too big of a deal. I did however grab a couple pictures!!

I put my music back in my ears and headed uphill towards home.

Distance: 11 miles
Last Weeks total Miles: 40.
I saw a lot of people waving at me today. I love being waved at and not flipped off when I am running! I tried to smile as much as possible, considering I was on the road most of the time and I was clearly the minority.

"Running is a numbers game. You need to put in the training mileage. Just like making bank deposits before making a withdrawal."  Bill Katovsky
What is YOUR Power SONG?
Thank YOU for 100,00 VISITS!!!


Thursday, March 5, 2015


Alec is sitting next to me as I type. I said "Alec, what should I talk about?"
Alec points at the box of cookies next to me "You should talk about those cookies" I had just went down memory lane trying to make my memories more appetizing for him to eat the gingery cookie I gave him.

Windmill cookies. When I was a kid my grandma would give us these as a treat. My grandma was a very healthy lady, She did live to be almost as old as Moses, 99, Moses was way older but I  always say that.

Today, I was at the grocery store getting all the fixens for dads Taco dinner. (Tuesday was his birthday.)
I saw these cookies and had to have them. I actually wanted everything down the cookie isle. I had just finished my run and I was starving.
Krogers gives you the first slice of Boars Head lunch meat they slice for you. I gobbled down the Chipotle Gouda and the Turkey I purchased. But the cookies, all the cookies were shouting my name. Some screamed, some whistled but I wanting them all..until I saw the Archway Windmill. Then my heart got sentimental taking over my urgency to throw in the Chips Ahoy.

Eating the cookie was nostalgic, but cuddling with Alec and trying to convince him they were delicious was even more special.

Distance: 9 miles.
2 miles easy peasy- 10x400m repeats 2 miles C/D with Jeff. He was just starting when I was finished with the dreaded speed work, which isn't that speedy.
I was only going to go 1 mile with him but with him talking and me not adding I knew we exceeded my mile. So lets just go for 2!

My legs felt like butter. I got out of the gym about 10:30.I had the rest of the afternoon to recover. Not to necessarily put my feet up but no other pressing appointments.  It was such a quiet day.
This week I have really camped inside my head a lot. It really wasn't as bad in there as it usually is. I actually enjoyed it~


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


My Blog is almost at 100,000 views. Who reads this ridiculous stuff anyway?

Last week Lacey asked me "So..Why did you ever start a blog..."

The story goes like this...

It was around the time I ran Boston for the 1st time. 2011.

I ran Chicago in 2010 for my first marathon and qualifying marathon. It was so far out of my league that I knew it was a God Thing.
Have you ever had your wildest dream come true, a dream that was so wild that you would not have even dreamed it?
A dream that just seemed reach.

Running a marathon was a wild enough dream, trying to qualify for Boston was OUT of the Park.

With every run that I trained, my thoughts were vivid and clear, to me they were borderline brilliant.
Like anything new, my thoughts were fresh. They were transparent, filled with virgin like emotion.
I discovered ideas and emotions that were so consuming I wanted to never stop feeling them.
I felt wiser than Solomon. Of course we know that nothing new is under the sun!

I found myself with pen and paper on the TM. When I had a idea, I would quickly right it down.

My mind never shuts off. It is a dangerous place, You never want to go in there alone.

The idea came from being a pipsqueak. A nobody in the grand scheme of things.

I would find myself wondering why God cared about Me. I didn't have anything to offer. I didn't come with any great package, no legacy, no inheritance, no title, a nobody.

Actually I came with baggage, I came broken, handicapped and burdened.
How or why would God use me?

But he DID..And he continued to. He even allowed me to be broken. It was part of his process. He was training me. He was conditioning me for Great and Mighty things.

These discoveries came with pain and passion, they were so intense that I had to pen them. I wanted God and others to know how grateful I was.

I began writing to Glorify God in the process of His training.

I always thought of my past as shameful and embarrassing.
Through Running, God showed me that I didn't need to be ashamed.
I always thought I was a NOBODY.
Through Running, I was reminded that I am a Somebody.
I always thought I could never be forgiven for all my ugly demons.
Through Running, I discovered God has forgiven me and that is ALL that matters. I doesn't matter if people forgive you.
I always thought my pain growing up was a punishment.
Through Running, I learned that God was actually protecting me and preparing me.

God gave me a voice through my writing. An outlet. He has given me a past, a passion and a purpose.
He has provided me with the vision to see Him in all of it.

That is why I started this Blog. To share my Heart for Running. My Love of Christ. To Inspire, to Encourage just one person to Persevere. To Challenge others to Great and Mighty things.
The Rundown:
Distance: 15 miles
We switched our long run from Thursday to today due to the extreme climate change tomorrow. Lacey, did Awesome. I was so proud of her.
I want to say Congrats to Paige tonight on a incredible basketball game against Grand Blanc for the WIN!
Also, Funny how I really have no idea who reads this. Brianna, one of my youth students told me the other night that she has read almost all my posts.
I just want to say, "Bri, I love you. I believe in you and I hope you always trust God."

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Quick Question...

The Letter X
eXamine yourself. be an eXample. eXpress greatness.
I received this text from my niece Becca a couple days ago:

Ok quick question
What do you do when a dog comes out of know where and up to you when your running............
A. speed up
B. slow down
C. stop, drop, and roll
D. scream
E. all of the above

I replied;
F. look for large trees and run like a squirrel

My niece Becca has been running now for a few weeks. I am proud of her. I have had most all my nieces attempt to run or exercise.

Who do you INFLUENCE? Do you INSPIRE?

Monday, I was on the track scheduled to run 10 miles. I was HIT. Wiped out, tired. I have been dealing with some girly issues.
I just was not in the mood to get it done.


There he was. A little guy running at a good clip passed me.
"Hmm, I think I can do that."

I snuck up behind him about 20 feet back.
After a mile, I checked my pace, 8:09. "Yeah, I can do this."

That little TURD. No, he decided he was going to give me a RUN for my money.

I saw him sneak a peak over his shoulder, it was over. He was going to make me work for that spot in his shadow.
He shaved off 20-25 seconds.
I started to get a side stitch at mile 5. "7:40?! He is trying to kill me."
I was not throwing in the towel quite yet. I noticed he wiped the sweat off his brow. He started to slow down. He bowed out at mile 6.

I was so proud of myself. "HA! Take THAT! I stayed with you!" I had a party in my head.
I even thanked him, with a THUMBS UP as I caught his eyes on the other side of the track.
He looked at me like I was NUTS!

The party was coming to a abrupt halt, as mile 7 came, so did the nasty sided stitch.
It is like a rubber band slinging you back to reality. My legs suddenly felt heavy, my breathing was labored, and fatigue suffocated me.
"You suck it up, think of those who aren't whining, Kathy, Matt, Danielle, Austin, Kris, Karyn..."
I thought of those who inspired me, those who had no idea that they were a ghost of encouragement and motivation.

I finished. 11 miles total. I dropped my pace the last 3 miles. Recovery. Whiner miles, but finished miles.

eXamine yourself. be an eXample. eXpress greatness.
I don't just live this life for myself. How could I? How is that Living?
I see people and I see a seed of something special in them. I want them to see that. I want to help them to harvest that seed. I want to be on their team and help them to dig deep, work hard and be more than then they thought they could be,
I have made so many mistakes. I will make more. I made mistakes today, and I will make them tomorrow.
I can look at my yesterday and forgive myself and others.
I can see the person I want to be and try to aim higher.
I then take my yesterdays, as a learning tool, my todays, as a gauge and my tomorrows, as inspiration to Not Quit.
SO...What do YOU do when you see a DOG??!