"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Friday, August 18, 2017

Emptying the Tank

"Hey, I learned a new fact today, it is a little discouraging....Did you know that when you turn 60 years old you loose 5% of muscle every year?"
Dad shared this little fact with us yesterday evening, and Andy was QUICK to reply. "WOW, there you go Nita, you will be done running by 60!"
UGH.... I will be done running until the good Lord whispers that in my ear. I am not always a good listener, he will probably have to SCREAM it.

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs16:9
Setting Goals.
Wednesday night I set a goal for Thursdays run. A goal I knew would take work. A goal that made my palms sweaty.
I wanted to run Grubers Grinder the best I have ever ran. That's 16miles of trails at Holdridge. I had to beat 2hours and 53minutes.
In order to accomplish this I would need to run more of the hills, walk less, walk while I ate and not take any pictures!

Have ever set a goal and felt like everything or everyone was out to sabotage it?
That's how I felt on yesterdays run.

I took off with music as my only running partner. I chose music to help me focus and not get distracted by noises. When I run solo on the trails I tend to be a little paranoid. I needed to shut down any noises that might make my pulse race more.

A signifigant issue I had in the beginning of my run had to do with my hydration pack.
I broke my water nozzle on my hydration pack a last week. This forced me to use the water pouch that I have not trained with. They are carried in the front of my vest. This started out a early annoyance. It bobbed around, making my hydration vest jiggly.

I really encountered a barrage of annoyances.
The humidity was so thick, my entire body was saturated within the first 3 miles. My skin was like a slip and slide. My hair was dripping.
There was a fog throughtout the trail, giving the woods a eerie feel.

I ended up placing the bouncing water pouch in the back of my hydration pack. This meant that in order to get a sip of water I was going to need to take off my vest or become Stretch Armstrong to retrieve it.
This method of getting water messed my time up.

The many phone calls I got, did not help with maintaining my pace. When you have kids at home you need to remember you are MOM first.

Around mile 8, I felt a SHARP burning sting in my left ankle. "UGH!" I yelped loudly. I knew that the instant burning was the damage of a bee/wasp sting. I hobbled a bit, assessed the damage but quickly got going again.

I counted each mile, checking my time to try and stay consistent. I found myself slowing down. I didn't drink much at all, it was such a inconvenience. Even eating was a pain the  bump.

I had a couple miles I was trying to do the math to see where about I would be coming in at. I got a lil discouraged when my energy level was not matching up with my pace.

I began entertaining the idea of changing my goal.
"Maybe it is just not meant to be."
"All these interruptions might be a sign..."

Only something else whispered. "TRY harder, work harder, don't give up."
I realized it was better to give my all and fail then to quit trying and fail.
An honest effort was more commendable than wussing out.

I kept in eye on my watch. I ran the flat areas as strong as I could. I ran the hills the best I could. I did my best to pick up my pace on the down hills.
The bugs discovered my flesh the last few miles. My arms were covered in sweat and webs. The bill of my hat was dripping with dew from the trees. But I kept moving trying to beat the clock.

I could see the light at the end of the trail. I was so anxious to see my time.
I did it!!


I wanted to be done. My body was done. I was trying to catch my breath while being pained my a stupid side stitch.

I had only drank 12OZ of water and ate a mini bag of trail mix.
BUT...I needed to run EMPTY.
I headed to the West loop for another 4 miles. There was nothing left in me.
My body was actually locking up.
My only plan was to make it through 4 miles, run, walk or crawl.
At mile 1, I was MISERABLE. I felt like I had been attacked by vampires I was so drained.
I needed to run BONKED. I needed to feel miserable, exhausted, sore, and weak. It is good training for your mental self.
Running a 100 miles is going to birth a lot of emotions. If I don't learn how to feel them now, what will I do when I feel them there?
I needed to run in my worst self.

ONE mile at a time. I finished. It was 4 miles of UGLY. But it was also a big victory for me.

20 hard training miles. Each run unique in its own way. Difficult in its own way. Both equally as hard but in different ways.
One was more Physically and one was more Mentally.

LAST thoughts.

The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.

Somewhere in that running, I reminded myself how blessed I was to get to feel all this. Each mile God kept me upright. He continued to add miles to my run. This  was a run I planned through my little mind...BUT HE directed my steps.
I reminded myself HE sets the stars, HE sets the sun...HE directs my steps.


Monday, August 14, 2017

50k Training run. LOOPY

"How many more times do we have to go up this stupid hill?" I cried from the back of the pack.
I looked up to see distance growing between me and the pack.

It was great to have so many of my friends come out to support one another. Some needed emotional support, some needed running wisdom, as for me it was encouraging  having such a great group come out to help me run 32 miles, a 50k training run.

These miles in the heat are a beast. You need a voice bigger than your own.

Preparation for this training run:
  • IBC root beer, bottles baby.
  • Cream Soda, vitamin water, Starbucks Espresso Salted Caramel, bottled water
  • Mandarin oranges, navel oranges, granola bar, grain bar, apples, strawberries & blueberries
  • change of clothes
  • wipes, ones that smell good.
  • Extra shoes and socks
  • gum, mints and life savers

The above list may look a little goofy but each item has a purpose.
When I run I crave certain foods and some foods make my belly turn. The sodas are refreshing for when you are all done. I purchased them for all that showed up, a little treat. The vitamin water was a substitute for water when water wasn't quenching my thirst any longer. The espresso was for when I needed some extra energy.
Our plan was to run loops of 5.5 mile, coming back to the car to drop runners off and pick up more. I packed several foods for myself and others. I practice running more with whole foods than Gu's or chomps. They settle better in my tummy.
I am a scent gal. I can only smell sweat and dirt soo long before it grosses me out. Each loop I use wipes to wash the dirt and sweat off me. This gives me a boost, cooling me down and making me feel fresh again.
The gum and mints help my belly and keep my mouth moist...YUCK, I had to write that nasty word.

I started out with Chris and Matt. We headed into the trail about 7:30am to meet up with Rachel and Claudia. 
It didn't take long before we ran into the girls with big smiles, welcoming us.

This was how our run went, run a loop, pick up a runner or drop off a runner. Eat a little, drink a little. Text my boys and hubby to let them know I was not buried on the trail. Chat a little and back into the trails, HI HO HI HO!

We picked up Justin and Kris the last couple full loops.
Those last couple loops I was glad I had brought that espresso. It gave me a second wind.
We had slowed our pace a little bit, making the conversation easy between us all.
Hanging in the back I tried to attach to my surroundings. As I get tired I get sensitive. This trail run was no different. I try to breath in gratitude. Gratitude comes in the form of the trees dancing against the soft breeze hidden in the forest. Or the midnight blue butterfly, that appeared on the same section of the trail. I love listening to the laughter of my friends all so happy. Or sharing my random grape Lifesaver, making someone else giddy.
Usually I am one of 3 girls and Matt is the only guy. This time I was the only girl!

I had to crawl up that barbaric hill 5 times. Each time I got slower and slower. But on the other side is DELIGHT. A half mile decline of giggling and joy. I like to throw my arms out and let my body just unfold. PURE happiness. TAP TAP TAP my feet bounce off the rocks and the roots. I can feel the wind against me and the grimace is gone, replaced with a big smile.
The BEAST. 5 Times of SUCK

We came out of the Wilderness Trail at 29 miles.

That's NOT a 50K!

One more loop. The Lakeside loop for 3 more miles. I was having a really hard time winding back up. My ITBand was acting up. Claudia had worked on it the second loop, elbowing it and deeply massaging it, trying to release it. I was clenching the car in pain but it made a significant difference in finishing up the run.
The last loop, The Lakeside Loop is more narly than the Wilderness loop. My legs and energy levels were not in firing happy thoughts.
This loop is so beautiful. I was running on grace. I was charmed by the backdrop of the lake and delicate lily pads. I just wanted to stop and sit by the water mesmerized by Gods Artistry.
The morning had turned quickly to afternoon and the evening was creeping up.
It sadly was time to stay focused and knock out this 50K training run.

32 miles. I was fascinated at how good I felt. I was still smiling. I had so much to smile about.
A lot of Love on those trails. You become so intimate, overcome with a barrage of emotions. You feel like you are being spun around. I have moments out there I am enamored to the point I loose all direction. It is a wonderful feeling.
Even at the tail end of a very very long run I still feel enchanted.

Thankful for my tribe today, Chris, Matt, Claudia, Rachel, Kris and Justin. You Guys are the best. Thanks for the support, the fresh veggies and the carrot cake!

So dirty.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Suffering. Hennipen 100

Training for my first 100 mile race surfaces so many emotions.
Some weeks I am confident.
But then I have training days that I am discouraged and fearful.
100 miles is no joke. I am often afraid that no matter what I will not be prepared.

“The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26

One of the things I have noticed with my training this time around is the emotional fluctuations. It is more grief.
I miss yesterdays.
I miss my old running partners. All of them.
I attach to easy and others seem to detach just as easy. Such is life.
But as I run I think of them often. I have learned so much about not just myself but about running, training and even life through others.

Sunday was my 15 mile tempo run with Lacey.
We met at Indian Springs. 3 mile w/u at a 9:30 pace, 10 miles @ 8:30-9min/mi then a 2 mile cool down.
I was concerned I wasn't going to be able to do it. The park was full of families. It was the craziest thing running out there. We literally ended up with a cheering squad. Families were cheering for us, the workers were encouraging us, making each mile more tolerable and even exciting.
Shockingly, Lacey messed up our miles but we gritted it out together. "LACEY, I HATE YOU!" I cried thinking we only had one more mile, NOPE, 2 more miles and we had just picked our pace up.
We nailed it. We agonized together and we celebrated together with Starbucks!

Monday I bailed on Matt and Paula. The Lightning McQueen Team. I didn't know how my legs would do. Suffering is such a vulnerable feeling. I did not want to fall apart in front of the speed team.
I decided to run solo. One of the ways I have been training is I run back to back long runs, one flats and one trails.
Monday was trails.
I woke up in a slumber. I was out of sorts with myself. I couldn't pinpoint the basis for my emotional rollercoaster. I just figured it would be better with music and trails.
As I pulled into Holdridge I noticed Claudia and Rachel's vehicles.
I wanted to run solo, I was hoping maybe I could make sense from senselessness. Without realizing what I was doing I had Rachel on the phone "HEY! where are you guys?"
I wasn't meant to be alone.

I ran down Hess Rd into the 9 mile short cut and backwards to find the girls. My legs were moving freely, forgiving.
I actually felt a little smile sneaking out. I moved through the trails light on my feet. My body was agile, taking the turns smoothly and tapping my toes across the roots and the rocks.
My music was playing The Revivalists, "Wish I Knew You".
Even in my slumber I was able to disquise it all with a smile, greeting the girls with laughter.
Together the girls and I ran 10 miles together. The were running 20 miles and I was as well. They had 9 miles on me.
We parted ways after finishing up the West loop.
I headed back into the East loop for another 9.5 miles.
It didn't take long before the voices got louder. I turned my music up louder blocking everything out. Fearless I ran through the trails never really looking over my shoulder.

My yesterdays were colliding with my tomorrows. My failures with beating down my victories. I questioned myself on many levels. My Slumber was returning.
NOOO. NO. My legs were moving, I was encompassed by raw nature. The pollution of the world was so far from me.
I cried to God. "Whatcha Whatcha running from?" the lyrics singing to me.
I turned up the music even louder. I even sang out loud. "You shine like a star...."
I was no longer fighting to finish this 20 mile trail run, I was fighting for freedom from the confusion that was seeping through me.

I came out of the trail with a mile back to my truck on Hess Rd.
21 miles. Grateful for good friendships. Friends that never quit on me. Never walked away on me. I was so blessed to have 'Ran" into Claudia and Rachel.

Tuesday I recovered. No running.
But today, back at it. Hard core today.
I needed to run 18-20 miles between today and tomorrow. But Tomorrow I am signed up for a God forsaken 5K. UGH. I run them for fun. They hurt like HELL. I am terrible at them as well. It takes me 3 miles to just warm up. I have ran faster after a 10 mile run then I have ran some 5k's! Running 18 miles tomorrow and a 5k in the evening was not a good idea.
Today was going to have to be my long run.

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
whose confidence is in him.
They will be like a tree planted by the water
that sends out its roots by the stream.
It does not fear when heat comes;
its leaves are always green.
It has no worries in a year of drought
and never fails to bear fruit.”
Jeremiah 17:7-8
My day was busy, giving so many opportunities to BAIL.
I took off solo in 80' weather. In a sports bra, paper thin socks and ridiculously short shorts, I didn't care what I looked like. I knew I was gonna be roasting.
With 4 miles in Alec was texting me. "DONE."
Football practice was over early. I had 2 miles to get home still.
After dropping him off I headed back into the sun down E.Holly Rd for another 12 miles.

At mile 10, I had a major brain fart. I was in such a hurry I forgot to grab nutrition. All I had eating were some of my homemade beans and chips.
I was almost out of water and I was getting shaky.
I thought about calling Austin. Then I thought maybe I should call Andy, he might me closer.
I couldn't make it back home. I was beginning to panic. There was no way I could make it another 8 miles.
My phone started vibrating...a group text from Claudia, Rachel and Kris about running.
DUH! Rachel was just 2 miles down E.Holly rd. 
I texted her I was on my way.
Half naked I was a sight for sore eyes as I walked into a young girls Bible study by the poolside!
I wanted to grab the towel and cover myself up but I saw the tortilla chips and dove in.
Rachel was grabbing me water and even went into the house and brought me some Honey Stinger chews.
The girls were so beautiful. I felt like a freak show act interrupting their beautiful time together. Rachel was such a blessing. She made me feel welcomed and was such a blessing to me.

I headed home with a genuine smile. For a couple miles I even forgot how hot and tired I was. I made it home with so much encouragement.
I ran into Reagan, a friend of mine and got a big hug from her. I had so many people wave at me, pull over to let me run the roads, back up to let me cross intersections and just smile at me. I think they felt sorry for me, I looked pretty ragged.

Distance:18 miles.
Pace: 9:33- 30 second walk breaks at the top of every mile.
Time: 2:52:10

Monday night, I went Kayaking. Rachel loaned me her kayaks to test them out before I purchase one.
Monday morning I was in a slumber. Happiness was out there but only surface deep. It was a fragile feeling.
Andy and Alec went fishing at Holly Rec as I paddle across the lake in the kayak. It took everything for me not to let my heart shed tears of Gratitude the first few minutes I was out there.
I was overcome by happiness. It was in the silence. The stillness of the world around me. I was the only thing moving as I paddle gently across the lake. I felt it, it touched me, it held me, it circled me. I didn't have to go looking for it. I just had to be OPEN to it. I had to receive it.
Happiness is everywhere.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Difference a few hours.

Some days are days you wonder why you didn't just stay under the covers in your safe place.
That's how running is.
Wednesdays run sucked from the beginning to the end. I took off optimistic and ready to roll.
The sky was dark and the thunder was grumbling off in the distance. These conditions actually put a giddy smile on my face. I love thunderstorms, running in them makes my adrenaline pump.
I was scheduled to run 10 miles and run them faster.
I thought I was going to die the first mile.
Everything was pumping BUT adrenaline!
I was so glad I was alone. I could whine out loud and no one could hear me. I could hear my breathing, it wasn't healthy sounding!
But more than that, I could hear the battle raging between my ears.
For 10 miles I fought the voices in my head. I wanted to quit. I wanted to go slower. I wanted to walk. I wanted to puke. It was awful. Everything hurt.
The wind picked up from the storm and that ticked me off. The rain began spitting on me, that would normally make me whistle Dixie, but I was irritated  by the sprinkles. The damp air just made the humidity worse. This made the sweat double. The air was thick and hot.
It never got any better. Just when I was getting calmed down I had a hill to hit. I looked down at my watch and tried not to flip out. I could hear my running partners "ANITA, you need to run this run FAST."
"MAINTAIN, Maintain, just keep moving." EVERYTHING Sucked.

BUT then...I put my run on halt. I took a few minutes to enjoy the full downpour on me. I walked down by the river and embraced the moment. I gave thanks and felt tears welling in my eyes. It was beautiful. Everything at that moment was perfect. I stepped closer to the river. The water danced around the rocks all the while the rain gently landed and bounced. The music it made could have put me to sleep.

It was time to grind it out. Time to deal with the misery that lied ahead, another 4 miles of SUCK.

And it did.

Such as life. Some days we just got to grind out the suck. Take a moment to pause and smell the roses then get back in the saddle again.
Not every run is Jim Dandy and Peachy Keen. The battle isn't in your lungs or in your legs, it is in your head. It was a 10 mile war. I fought the voices more than I fought trying to maintain my sub 9min pace.

THANK GOD for new days!
My original plan for todays run was a solid Solo 16 miler at Holdridge. I didn't put out any calls. I wanted to just get in my head and get it done.
But Matt and Rachel almost at the same time sent out texts to meet for a trail run. I was so excited to see them. I haven't ran with Rachel in weeks. I was eager to see her and catch up.

Grubers Grinder: Holdridge. 16.5 miles
We got started a little after nine. I picked my favorite place in the back of the pack. We ran steady and smooth. The bugs were kind to us this morning. The temperatures in the woods were actually very pleasant. A cool breeze would sneak through the trees every few minutes bringing our temperatures down. It was delightful.
We took most of the hills and even continued to move during our water and nutrition breaks.
The berries were ripening up along the trail at about mile 10ish, together we all took a moment to try them and catch our breath.
Before and After
My body felt good, and my spirits were even better. I was hot but we all were. We all were sweating and dripping. I had my pack on and as the miles increased so did my annoyance for the pack. But we kept moving, we kept the conversation light and encouraging.
We finished our run strong, strong smelling, and smiling. It was such a good run. I had packed a lemon cookie and some oranges. We were all smacking our lips and feeling the energy coming back. My boys were hunting me down, Play time was OVER!
Rachel and I

The best recovery run lunch. I took the boys out to lunch at the Davisburg Bread Company.
A vietenese sandwhich, sweet and spicy. SOOO Yummy.

I finished my night out with a Cup of Tazo English Breakfast Black tea w/Vanilla creamer and sugar cubes. Lovely other than the fact I will probably be up all night!

"Let your running lead you to your diet." Bill Rodgers

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The 80 degree Mirage.

We could have been old enough to be his mother.
Claudia and I took off this afternoon in the heat of the day. It was 81' degrees and full sun when we started.
I was coming off a low miles week, making me itch to get my legs turning over.

The heat didn't scare me away from running long, 18 miles was my goal. Easy but intentional.
80' degrees no matter how you cut it is HOT. I planned a route that would be relatively flat, both paved roads and back roads. The back roads would give us shelter from the baking sun but we needed some paved roads to get water.
Running in the heat like this, you cannot get behind the gun on being hydrated. You are going to struggle no matter what, but not drinking will mess you up in more ways than one.

I have gotten delusion on long runs. Confused and lost within just a few miles of home. Yes, I am a air head but being out of water makes my ditziness WORSE!

I thought the delusions were coming awfully quick today. I felt good. I had water in my hand held. I had been trying to drink regularly and my pace was really down.
Yet here Claudia and I stood in what seemed like a DREAM. Come TRUE!
About 8 miles into our run on Fagan Rd, we came on a house I have ran by 100 times. Its a beautiful brick ranch centered in the middle of acres and acres of corn crops. They have two barns, one, I have posted multiple times. As we approached, a shiny RED truck passed us. I waved at them and they waved at us. It was a very friendly day already so I didn't think much of it. The Red Silverado pulled into the driveway with the barns.
GET READY for this...
Like a DREAM...
This young man steps down from his truck and yells "HI, You guys want some water?"
Stumbling on my words I reply "YES! That would be great!" It was good timing, we had about 4 more miles until we got back to McDonald's to fill up again and I didn't think we would have any water left by then.
AHH yes... Was this a MIRAGE?
The guy walks into his barn and comes out to meet us right outside....SHIRTLESS.
He was tan, clean cut, with golden brown hair.. He had big eyes and a beautiful smile. I tried to keep my eyes above his shoulders. Afterall, I had just got out of church 3 hours prior. Not to mention I could have been his mother.
He looked about 25. He was so friendly and half naked. Maybe he was so friendly because he was half naked?
He held out 4 ice cold water bottles. Claudia took hers, I took one from his hands but was so flustered I couldn't get the top off. I passed it back to him and asked him if he could take my cap off.
Little did he know my CAP was Already off!
I was desperately trying to stay focused and not look at his 6 pack and loosely fitted flat front shorts with his "Hanes" underwear peeking out.
I was thinking "Is this a test God?" I totally FAILED.

Claudia and I headed back down the dirt road skipping and blushing. We were giggling like school girls.

I wish that silliness lasted longer, like the rest of the way back to my truck.
Reality set in real  quick. My bare skin began to feel the burn from the sun about mile 16. I had already messed my miles up on my Garmin. My mileage read a mile less than I had ran, this played a head game with me.
My skin was gritty with sweat, salt and dirt coating every inch of my body.
I kept feeling random rain drops on my shoulders. It took some time and I realized that wasn't rain, it was a perfect blue sky, it was SWEAT dripping from my hair.
I was so grossed out, and when I thought my misery couldn't get worse I began to smell FUNK, it was me, my churchy perfume, my floral deodorant and my feminine lotion and long long wore off. There was nothing girly left in me. I was even starting to chafe. I just needed to be DONE.
I finished. It wasn't pretty but I got my 18 miles in.
Well...part of it was pretty...

But now I must repent....
And wipe my cheesy grin off my face before Andy notices!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Looking Again: a New Perspective

All Saints Episcopal Church, EST. 1837.

You hear people all the time say "You need to look forward."
I have always thought the past can change the future.
Yesterday is a great teacher with the proper Perspective.

Training for my first 100 miler has me looking at my yesterdays often. I pull out my old running logs. I compare my mileage for not just the week but the months. Yesterdays are a good gauge.
I have had a lot injuries in my yesterdays.
  • 2 ACL surgeries in a year.These injuries put me out for WEEKS. 12 weeks NO weight bearing.
  • One meniscus.
  • I have had two ITB injuries, these also put me out for weeks, requiring PT.
In 5 years, I had a significant injury EVERY year. They were not all running related but left me out of commission and confused.  
I have spent a lot of time in what I called my "Prayer Chair" spending "Be Still and know.." time with God.

I would sit in that glider rocker with my immobilizer crying "God, please, please give me peace if you do not want me to run."

I Never Got Peace.

I always heard God say "BE STILL..."

I wanted God to fix things. I wanted him to give me miraculous healing. Rather "I'm sorry Anita, I want you to go another 2 weeks with  crutches."
I wanted to quit. I wanted to give up. But I knew this was not the time for complacency, the time to get defeated, this was the time for FAITH.
I knew that I needed to look again to know how to look ahead, but I also needed to see my future from a new Perspective. Not as defeated. Not as discouraged, not as depressed. But as Perseverant. With Wisdom and Faith that God would take care of me. 
I had to use my yesterdays to make good tomorrows.

Pain is a great teacher. However, many of us don't want to recall pain. We don't want to feel pain.
My injuries were never the painful part. It was listening to a voice BIGGER than myself telling me to BE STILL and have FAITH in the process.

I learned GOD wanted to use me in my weakness. Every time I came off an injury I got stronger and faster. Every time I listened and let my body heal I was blessed with victories I could not have imagined.
I didn't fight the process, I accepted with trust and FAITH.
My grandparents, my uncle and I am not sure who is in the middle.

This week my son took me to see my father. My dad  died when I was 11 and I knew very little about where he was buried or IF he was even buried. We went on a adventure to find where my father was buried.
This is my grandmother whom I never met. Both my grandparents died in their 60's. My dad died at 48.
We never found my father, We later found out he was cremated. But we were also told he didn't have a headstone.
I looked again at my yesterdays.
My yesterdays hold a lot of pain. But its a beautiful reminder God isn't there to always FIX our problems, sometimes I believe he wants us to FIX our PERSPECTIVE.
I look at my yesterdays and they are not so rosey, not so kind, God didn't miraculously take my problems away, but he DID take CARE of ME in them.
Sometimes we think God is supposed to just make everything better. But what are we learning there?
It is FAITH not SIGHT.
There is so much beauty in our pain. With the right Perspective your heart will show you. After pulling out of MT HOPE cemetery, Austin drove me about 2 miles away to WILLIAMS STREET.
 All Saints Episcopal church has rested on that corner for over 150 years. I would go to this church with my grandmother on Sundays. My Grandmother was very stoic. She was as tough as nails but as soft as a kitten. I carry great joy and happiness reminiscing of our Sundays going to church together.
The Rose Kneale Room. We would have coffee,tea and cookies here after service. It is EXACTLY the same. I used to sit on that red bench in the sun by myself while my grandmother visited. Very Special Memory
Looking back may hold pain, but it can also hold beauty with the right Perspective.  
It can be a teacher if you trust in the process. If you have Faith.

Distance: 16miles
Location: Holdridge Grubers Grinder. I was so stoked after finishing this trail run. It wasn't because I was sweating like a stuck pig that I was happy. It wasn't because I would no longer have to contend with bugs and flies gnawing at me. It wasn't because I didn't have to smell myself and the funk I carried, or that I wouldn't be hopping over anymore snakes thinking they own the trail. NO, I was giddy because we ran our fastest time out on the trails! OH and that I could still walk, breath and live to talk about it!

Rather than ask God to change your circumstances, ask God to change your Perspective.  I challenge you to look AGAIN. Do you have a teachable hear? Are you allowing God to heal you or are you taking the reigns? You cant Heal if You never quit moving. Be still. Have Faith.

Monday, July 17, 2017

You are my Sunshine..

My Monday was kittywampus right out of the gate. The Mondayest of Mondays.

I had a salon meeting at 8am, that I was late for because I forgot my purse. I was glad that is all I forget because I had a lot more than normal to remember.
I had to not just get to my staff meeting but I had to "Somewhat" do myself up.
I also had to pack my running clothes, watch, shoes, socks, Hydration pack, change of clothes...SOO much to remember for a Monday. So much to remember for ME!

Of course, my meeting ran late.

Our 9 am run didn't start till 10am.
We were running the Polly Ann Trail and some loop Matt knows to make 20 miles.
You are My SUNSHINE...

It was the perfect weather. Mid sixties and sunny. This weather was our friend for about an hour.
It wasn't until we stopped to chat with this lady with a big smile and a big shovel on the trail that I felt how warm it really was.
The lady with the shovel was Linda Moran, the new trail manager. Linda was working on the Polly Ann Trail with a donor, "Gunn". He was on some heavy equipment moving dirt to prepare a place on the trail for the Boy Scouts to come in and finish the project. This little piece of donated property will have picnic tables and I believe she even said a water fountain!

We were all running strong, Paula was running stronger and a hitting the back road hills on Drahner Rd like a Kenyan. I was walking them with a smile!

We were all chatty and laughing. This was good considering we were running faster than we all expected. Matt was making me take longer breaks than I was used to but it worked.

At about mile 18, I asked Matt what his distance was on his Garmin. He was over a half a mile ahead of my Garmin distance.
At 19 miles, I heard Matt say something about 3 and a half more miles to go.
"WHAT?" I turned to Paula and she laughed and replied "Matts Miles"!
This is NOT my first rodeo where he had exaggerated the distance.
I thought he was joking because he was laughing. He was laughing because I am a SUCKER!

Over 23 miles. It was a beautiful run down the Polly Ann Trail. The wild flowers were delightful to look at. The trail is really not that far of a drive from Holly, and worth the training. It was flat, peaceful and so much fun.
My calves were feeling the run the last few miles, however, they were strong and turning over without much complaint.
We took several walk breaks, we enjoyed taking time to look for turtles, Paula even found a snake, looking at flowers and walking the most ridiculous hill on Drahner Rd.
The cherry on top was the BARN! It was the most Perfect RUN after spotting the Crossroads Village Barn.

After finishing the run we all headed to Bigsby Coffee for a 23 mile treat!

Such a good Monday. Such a good Run.

Distance: 23.3
Pace: 9:46/mi
Time: 3:47:50

Check out Polly Ann Trails GoFUNDME page. 

"You are my Sunshine. My Only Sunshine.
You make me Happy When Skies are Grey.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you, please don't take my sunshine AWAY."

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Midnight Trail Training Run

Hennipen 100 in October will be my first 100 mile race. Funny story, one of my running partners that encouraged me to sign up for this even bailed!
Often times I think,"What have I gotten myself into?"

70 mile run weeks.
Sore legs.
Crazy midnight cravings.
Double Digit, back to back runs.


THE PURPOSE: To run tired, to be familiar with running in the dark, to get acquainted with your night time running gear.

MIDNIGHT Trail Running Rules, your NOT supposed to "NAP" before you run. This sounded like a dumb rule, my body was exhausted after working on my feet for 2 days with no breaks and no lunch.
I laid down, I begged my body to sleep but it was too wired. I was able to close my eyes and rest for a couple hours.

I headed to Holdridge about 11:30pm.
A couple of the girls were already there, well their cars were anyway. They apparently met early and did loops solo. Pretty close to midnight everyone either came in from the trails or drove into the trails.

The night was perfect. The sky was dark with bright starry lights. The tempertures were a welcoming 70'. It could not have been more perfect.
The 5 of us all headed into the west loop.
I was slap happy and ridiculously goofy. We all were laughing so hard the first loop.
The second loop we decided to run backwards.

Backwards. This is what makes running in the dark such an adventure. You can run the same trail 100 times and running it in the dark makes the trail look all together different. Running the trail less than an hour later BAKWARDS makes the trail look completely foreign.

We were all still in good spirits. Late night laughing might have scared the animals away but not the DNR!
Finishing up our 2 loop, we were met by the DNR on the trail. It was startling have flashlights in our faces. I felt like a teenager getting busted but for RUNNING?!
The DNR were actually really cool. They heard a bunch of laughing and thought we were a group of kids up to no good. They informed us politely that the park was actually closed at 10pm but we were fine, it was very obvious we were all running.
They had seen all the vehicles in the parking lot, especially Kris's 12 person conversion van. They thought they hit the mother load when they saw her van. Claudia informed them that the van definitely was the party van, "the owner of the van has 7 kids!" We all were rolling, tired, slightly delirious everything was exaggerated. It wasn't just funny, it was SOOOO funny!

The gang began to disperse. One more loop. We headed back out.
The moon was hanging above us tucked above the trees. Every once in a while it would  creep out between the foliage and I had to stop to see it. This loop was a bit slower. I was getting tired, after all, it was almost 4am.

Distance: 13 miles.

I couldn't get my body to sleep when I got home. My legs were twitchy and tired. I got up about 10am to go out with my family for breakfast. I came home and tried to sleep. I woke up to about 25 messages, 3 separate group texts. I was supposed to run with Lacey and Claudia for a shake out easy run.
I showed up at Laceys with a cup of coffee in hand and left over giggles. I think the 3 of us laughed the entire 5 miles. I found myself laughing so hard I was sitting in the middle of Rattalee Lake road trying not to pee myself at one point.

Weekly Miles: 73.2 miles


Thursday, July 13, 2017


My favorite spot, its a Tunnel.

I can't imagine running 44 miles in December for my birthday. But that is exactly what Tyler wanted to do. He wanted to run 16 miles with me for his 16th birthday on July 4th.
Tyler was one of my XC runners 2 years ago.

He was all smiles and ready to roll at 8am when his mom dropped him off at my house.

We headed to Holdridge to meet Claudia and knock out some birthday miles.
I knew right out of the gate something was wrong when she wasn't there before us.
She went to Highland Rec. Opps.

Tyler and I started running while she headed our way.

We had 2 miles banked when Claudia arrived. We headed to the East loop.

It was hot and humid. The bugs were gnawing on us. whapping us in the face, buzzing in our ears and downright annoying us.

Tyler ran out of water about mile 5. I opened up my pack and leaked some water into his water bottle. I dropped his large water bottle at the road but I was concerned when we got lost. Eh, not lost, just confused!
Tyler was out of water again and I didn't have much left in my pack. I had been conserving my water for him. I was really hoping we were heading in the right direction.
I put out a distress call to Kris and Matt, hoping for a little insight.
Tree DOWN!

We found our path, we found our water, we were going to be just fine...Tyler had another 5 miles to run and he was feeling it.
The farthest he had ever ran was 11 miles. This was another 5 miles.
We made it through!

Playing it smart.
  • We kept our pace down from the beginning.
  • We added several walk breaks
  • Intentional eating and drinking
  • SMILES..Laughter..Is always a great interruption to suffering.

We played some "MARCO POLO" when the trails were getting silent. Everyone was still ON!

We finished up the East loop still standing and headed over to the West loop for our final 4 miles. Tyler wasn't throwing in the towel. He was going to finish and I was really proud of him. Claudia was wonderful adding great conversation and being such an encourager. I am blessed with some awesome running partners.

The West Loop, the bugs were playing nasty. I was eating them, swapping them, slapping them and totally irratated by them. I wanted to run all the way through but I knew I just had to get Tyler to the 16 mile mark standing, a 4 mile piggy back ride was not an option!

Claudia went ahead about the last half a mile. As Tyler and I came out of the trail Claudia stood there with her camera capturing Tylers final 16 miles!

"So Tyler rather than ME tell you what you should do for recovery, YOU tell me...."
"Well Coach, I am going to stretch for hours! Then chocolate mile, ALOT of chocolate milk, then rest, get off my feet...."
Claudia added to put his feet up in the air and roll to release the lactic acid.
And I added "TAKE A NAP, You earned it." Plus that is what I really wanted but knew I wouldn't get.

We were on the trails till after 12! We all high fived, trying to keep our sweat to ourselves and headed in home.

I had errands to do in Fenton so I offered to take Tyler home, he lives in Fenton.
I made a pit stop at Tim Hortons for COFFEE and I got Tyler his chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies, he earned them all!

My thoughts. There is a season for everything. A season to run fast, and a season to run fun. If you could look at my running as a resume', I am very blessed. God opened doors for me, growing me in strength, stamina and speed.
Jeremiah 3:33 "Call unto me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that though knowest not."
I claimed this verse asking God to for little things and he gave me BIG THINGS. Things I had no desire to do..He did for me. With me, through me.
I never thought I would hear "Coach, Coach..." And then get the privledge to be part of his Birthday Dream. What an honor.

I am beyond blessed. Being part of someone's happiness is where its at.

It's NOT about YOU.
You want happiness...Quit making it about you. Give. Love. Forgive. Smile.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A little piece of me..My first kiss

My calves were sore. I chuckled to myself how a flat, easy run could put me in the hurt locker. It was another reminder that I am going to put more miles in on flat surfaces.
Less trails.
8am I was out the door to run as FLAT as I could.

Before my watch hit the 1 mile mark, the rain started spitting at me.
I was running wide open heading towards downtown Holly.

At the 2 mile marker, my eyes were stinging. I wondered how polluted the rain was to make my eyes burn so bad. It felt like liquid fertilizer was poisoning me.

Other than my eyes burning everything else seemed to be in working order. My tight calves loosened up, my lungs opened up and my mind was in a good place. The voices were at a minimal this morning.

I had to create some flat miles. I turned right by the McDonalds and headed towards the Trailer Park.

My old stomping grounds. A different park, but same idea.

I looked around at the double-wides, the single-wides, the beautifully manicured lawn tucked in the middle of overgrown lawns and broken cars.
This was me.
I could see my bedroom. We had a single wide trailer, my room was in the front. I had a big bay window that had a ledge that I set my stereo on. Music was my therapy.
I lived in that bedroom.
I slept on a daybed that faced the window. I had a pretty white vanity with gold trim and a matching slender dresser.
I used to sneak out of my bedroom window. I had a lock on my room. Nothing was sacred in my room. Everyone stole from me.
Often times when chaos was so bad I would jump out my bedroom window and run to my girlfriend, Tina's house.
My mom usually never knew I left.

One night, my friends were all sneaking out. My mom was two sheets to the wind, bless her heart. We all got together to play a game. I had never heard of the game.
"Hide and Go Get SOME."
I was 14 and was very much a prude. I was a good girl. I might have talked a lot but I had never kissed a boy.
It was a hot summer night.  Someone yelled "GO" and we all scattered. Those trailer park boys were NOT good boys. They were nothing shy of little horn dogs. Knowing this I ran as fast as I could. I discovered to late that part of the fun was getting caught. That was NOT going to happen to me, that did NOT sound like fun. I ran faster and I hid really good.
A couple of the boys ganged up on me, the one trapped me. They had packed together and I was caught. Before I even knew what was happening this hot, clammy boy put his arms around me and about choked me with his tongue in my mouth. I ALMOST GAGGED. It was horrible.  His mouth was wet with sweatiness and a floppy tongue that I was not prepared for. I couldn't break his grip right away, but when I did, they NEVER caught me again! And I never played again.

I smiled as I ran down Apollo Circle. This was me. It will always be part of me. NO SHAME. There was a lot of riff raff growing up in that trailer park. But by the Grace of God go I.

Distance: 10.5 miles
Trailer park Run: 7 miles
Afternoon run with Lacey: 3.5 miles
Lacey came over my house about 4pm. Full of piss and vinegar Lacey was in rare form.
She really wasn't in the mood for ANYTHING. This attitude always makes me laugh.
We ran to the track, where I forgot to turn on my watch. Typical Anita.
Lacey wanted to do "Whatever".
I had already ran. "Lacey, Run the flats hard, take the turns to recover." And that what she did. I grabbed her water for her and chased her around.

A grownup is a child with layers on.  ~Woody Harrelson

Tonights Tea Time

Do you remember your first kiss? I would love to read your story!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Rain, shine, thunder, lightning?!

"Running is a four-weathered sport."

"Anita, it's going to thunderstorm, do you have a back up plan?"
Even at 6:30am I was awake enough to respond to Andy with a very serious chuckle.
Back up plan?!
NOT RUNNINING wasn't an option. Training for Hennipen doesn't give much mercy.
"Running trails is my back up plan."

We had planned to run the Polly Ann trail for a couple weeks. Lacey even was able to come out and join us.
We had strategized this training run to train as if we were running Hennipen.
Flat, wearing our packs, eating, drinking, walk breaks, and 18 miles of it.
We didn't plan the thunderstorm.
The trails we normally run (Holdridge, Holly Rec, Highland Rec) are deep in the woods protecting us from the elements.
Polly Ann trail is very scenic with ponds, deer, wild life and beautiful homes tucked in a park like setting.  It is part of the rails to trails. The trail surface is crushed aggregate making running on it pleasant. This trail is not as canopied, leaving you a little more vulnerable to the elements.

We met as scheduled at 8:30am at the Oxford Library. It was NOT raining.

It took 3 miles for the skies to open up and the thunder to roll. Lighting lit the sky up, "Here IT COMES" I would giggle as I waited for the rumble to shake the earth.
It didn't take long for the rain to saturate every stitch of our clothing. We didn't see another runner or biker. I began to think we were a bit to
But I was quickly reminded "Hey, it could rain like this the whole time at Hennipen."
It's good training.

We planned to take intentional walk breaks. The first 10 miles we were doing pretty good. I think they were more like pee breaks but they were breaks that had us walking, drinking and eating. Unfortunately, this skin flinn was shivering pretty bad. We ran from Oxford to Leonard. On our way back I couldn't get warm. I picked the pace up a little bit and kept an eye on how long we stopped to walk.
No one said anything until about mile 15. Then I got busted. I was just so darn cold and the bugs were attacking us, mostly Matt. They liked him the most, and I was happy for that. If ever there is a time I didn't need another companion, it was then. At one time, Matt had more than a half dozen black flies catching a ride on his back. Lacey was taking great pleasure in beating them off his back and neck. SMACK! I was cracking up. WHAP! SLAP!

We finished with 18 miles of puddle jumping, bug slapping, thunder booming miles. And we all had a blast. We normally hang out, chat and eat after. We all had to get back to adulting. We did spare about 15 minutes and met at Starbucks to quickly warm up, recap and plan out our next run....Saturday...
If this wasn't adventurous enough..Saturday, Midnight Run!! Its all good training they said.

Distance: 18.10
Time: 3h:02min
Pace: 10:06
My mother in law gets a bit worried for me, so I waited till after we ran to text her back!
She loves me.


Thursday, July 6, 2017


"What you are thinking about, you are becoming."
Mahammad Ali

Not every day is a good day. And not every RUN is a good RUN.
And what exactly is "GOOD"?
Is that where the stars align up just perfect? A land where everything is peachy keen and Jim Dandy?
My bad might be your greatest day and my greatest day could sound like a complete nightmare to you!

Sometimes we can pin point the things that are "Off" and sometimes we have no idea why things are "ODD".

This week I have ran 5 days straight. This is "ODD" for me.

Sundays Run-I ran with Lacey. We ran FULL sun, roads and as flat as we could. I got 20 miles in.
Other than being completely WIPED out the rest of the day I felt GOOD. It was GOOD.
Mondays Run-I was beat up and feeling the residual damage from Sundays run. I managed 9 miles. It was good.
Tuesday Run- I should have made it a REST DAY. But I felt "ODD". It was the Fourth of July. I just never felt right all day. I decided to run that afternoon before we went out for fireworks. Feeling nostalgic, I  thought it would be fun to do 4 miles. My mind was racing. I just wanted to run the voices out. I ran into my street and didn't even remember running over the 4 hills to get home. It was a off day. Odd.
Wednedays Run-I ran with Jeff. I met at his house. Together we ran roads, a 5 mile loop. Jeff did 1 loop with me. After the first loop I decided to try and run each one a little bit faster.
Loop one: 48 min
Loops two: 46 min
Loops three: 44 min.
15 miles total time: 2h:18min
It was good.
Thursdays Run, today! Todays run is a great reminder why I DON'T run 5 days in a row. I was beat UP. Tired, slow and sore. TO be very honest...it was actually my 6th day in a row running. I did speedwork on Saturday morning. 17 miles at Holly Rec. with Claudia, Rachel, and Kris. It was tough. It was good, but I was off. Odd.

Bad Nita. Bad.
It was Tuesdays fault. I was so deranged. Emotionally sabotaged. I knew I shouldn't have ran. But I couldn't control anything in my head.
I enjoy running with Jeff. He is older and wiser. He shared these thoughts on Tuesday with me.
"Nita, you can tell me if I am wrong but it seems like a lot of women run because it is the only thing they can control.... Their families, their children, their marriages aren't as easy to control..." Jeff shares his deep thoughts on our run.
Yes, yes. I couldn't control anything on Tuesday. I laughed, I smiled, I loved but I couldn't control what other people did with it or thought of it. The things I wanted I couldn't get. I kept trying and still felt like I left empty handed.
The only thing I could control was my running. I could run away from everything and everyone and for that little bit of time I was in control.
And as ODD as I felt, as bad as I knew I shouldn't run...I knew it was the only thing I could do.

Doing what I love.
"Do what you love, Go where you're admired, not where you're tolerated. Be what you want to be not what others want you to be."

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trying to mimick Hennipen

Todays goal was 20 miles.
Mother nature decided to bless me with 80' weather. This is awesome weather for the Fourth of July. It's even better weather when your playing at the beach.
However running...The only thing that makes it good is "Its Good Training".

I knew Lacey was in full training mode when we connected between our houses to knock out this blistering training run.
"ANITA, I have a plan...."

Run roads.
Run as flat as we could.
Run as much sun as we could.
Run taking walk breaks.
Run intentionally drinking fluids.
Run hot, and that's not sexy hot.
Its stinky, sweaty, salty HOT!
The plan to try and mimick Hennipen the best we could.

Lacey isn't as tolerant to the heat as I am. But she is tough. Her plan was the plan of a tough cookie. She knew it was going to be a lot of suffering. But there is just something about that suffering that is addictive.
McDonalds pit stop. filled our water bottles, peed, and Lacey reminded me to eat something, and not a cheeseburger and fries!

Suffering is pushing is yourself outside of your comfort zone. It is flirting with failure. You have to step out in Faith. Believing you can, you will, NO MATTER WHAT.

The sun baked our skin, drained us. Lacey knew she was going to end up with a sunburn.

It was a tough run. Lacey shared about 14 miles with me. When I dropped her off she filled my water bottle and brought me a ice cold wash cloth and some ice cubes. I took a couple minutes to enjoy these little treasures.

I put my music in my ears, hollered a "WOOT WOOT" and headed towards my home, the long way!

So many thoughts go through your mind when your in the hurt locker. I turned my music up louder and found myself running stronger.
My legs were dripping in sweat. My hair was pulled off my neck but I could feel the dampness. When I licked my lips I could taste the salt. I loved it. It was proof I was doing it, I was getting it done. The heat wasn't my enemy. I was my enemy if I gave into to all the suck factors.

Distance: 20+ miles (I forgot to start my Garmin..I didn't even mean to turn it off, typical Anita)
Pace: 9:47min/mi
Walk breaks every mile.
Fluids: over a liter of water.
Nutrition: Pre-run Roast beef/ham and cheese sandwich. Juice Plus chews during run. Post run Apple, handful of salt and vinegar chips, Alecs crust off his PBJ. He sat with me afterwards. Both boys did. I enjoyed my boys sitting with me, sharing their workouts.
We ALL got our workout in.
Austin went to the gym.
Alec actually passed Lacey and I on the backroads heading to the highschool to do speed work and bleachers for football.
ANDY put his RUNNING SHOES on for the first time in over a year!! WOOT WOOT!

Back at it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will bring my miles down and let my body forgive me.

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today" Abraham Lincoln


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Junes Ultra Training

"Don't announce your vulnerabilities to your competition. Superman didn't pin a note to his cape saying 'kryptonite weakens me'." Coach Cane Twitter

I am NOT that competitive. And my training is NOT that special. No one in their right mind would follow my training because its not by the books, makes sense to no one but me and is kinda ridiculous.
Not many people have any desire to run over 200 miles a month.

I am SOOO eating my words. I have not logged my miles this month..or  even last month. This makes NO sense when training for ANY length of a race, but that's how I roll.
"Typical Anita" fashion.

This evening I decided I would "add" them up. I was shocked at my miles the last 2 weeks.

This week I had 65.9 miles. I have no idea how that happened. Well..I have an idea, duh. I was just very surprised. I had almost 70 miles last week too.
My mindset is in "ULTRA TRAINING", I just didn't realize I had actually put it into action. The 6am  runs have allowed me to be home more with my boys and take care of my house better. I have more time to take care of my responsibilities. I am still exhausted at night..it all adds up. This explains todays run a little more.

We met at Holly Rec. We parked in a lot off McGinnis Rd and ran into the park. As soon as I tried to windup my legs...nothing wanted to move, except my lungs. I was out of breath before I even started!
Granted it was already 68' degrees out and so humid you could cut the air. Claudia was with me as we headed to find Rachel.
When the 3 of us met we were all riding the struggle bus as Rachel puts it. We were not going anywhere fast.
We did come up with several reasons to explain our fatique though...

Reasons for Riding the Struggle Bus:
  1. Accumulated weekly miles
  2. It was only 6am
  3. SOO humid
  4. The BUGS...Good grief they were blood sucking demons
  5. Didn't eat enough
  6. Wasn't drinking enough
  7. Didn't sleep enough
  8. So sweaty #Sosalty
  9. I am a WUSS
  10. IT WAS IN MY HEAD...Mental.

Now...knowing I had increased my miles some what,  I have done a few things to keep me from falling apart.
  1. Going to bed earlier
  2. Eating more
  3. Drinking more water, ugh.
  4. Eating more whole foods, protein
  5. Probiotics
  7. Rolling and stretching.
  8. Naps..Even if I put my legs up and close my eyes for 15 minutes, it makes such a difference.
Sheba My Nap Partner.

I ran the last loop at Holly Rec solo. Knowing I was stuggling I reminded myself how "MENTAL" it is. My body felt good, I wasn't sore, just tired. I decided to try and pick it up if just a little bit. The last 5.5 miles of a 18 mile run. I knew I just had to shut down my mind and RUN.

Before I started my last loop I reparked my truck to my familiar parking spot. Funny, the things you notice when your alone. We stop at this marker a  gazzilion times as a fuel spot. But today was the first time I ever noticed it. I loved it. I wondered what stories it could tell laying there weathered and beaten. The same way I felt!

I was home to pick Alec up from Football practice. I let him bring a friend home.
I made steak and eggs for breakfast.
Took a nap..after I took care of my chores.
And because it was still early, I took the boys to Rose Oaks and I went to the beach with Lacey. Now this is SUMMER FUN and a 18 mile run!

  • Probiotics
  • Noosa Greek Yogurt, (high fat and higher protein)
  • Juice plus vanilla protein. Protein shakes, Pina colada flavor, yum
  • Trail mix and Honey Stinger Waffles on long runs.
  • Juice Plus chews, fruit and veggie

I decided today I am going to run Woodstock 50miler. It will be 4 weeks before Hennipen 100 and make a significant training run.
We are in Full Ultra Swing Baby! Praying for a strong body & strong mind. 
God has been so good to me. I am very grateful he is keeping me upright and healthy. It is my job to listen to him when he speaks to me. To glorify him in every mile. Because each mile is truly a GIFT.