"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Keep it Simple!

 "Still as they run they look behind, they hear a voice in every WIND, and snatch a fearful joy."
-Thomas Gray "Ode on a distant Prospect of Eton College."

Long Run Sunday. Sunday are run days. That is just what they have always been. It is so hard to explain to people that do not run. My training requires this. You cant cheat training or you will pay for it later.
I felt so bad leaving breakfast today in a whirlwind. Lacey was waiting for me in the parking lot of the Villager and I had only taken 3 bites out of my chicken pita. We had to meet Joan in Grand Blanc to run our long run together.
The weather was a 50' and sunny. But don't let that fool you. Even though we were removing layers didn't mean our run was totally a "bask in the sun". We got the snot beat out of us between the wind that literally PUSHED us and the dodging of massive mud puddles. We were working hard. We had one car hit a gigantic puddle just missing us with at least a 5ft spray.  It was a bit of a ego boost in Grand Blanc though, just when I was feeling tired and awful a car passed us whistling and hollering. Joan and I quickly discovered it wasn't for us. I alone look like a confused adolescent, 12 year old boy body with a 42 year old face.  Then there was Lacey, Blonde hair blowing with a sports bra that still cant cover her "C" cup breasts up!  I knew they weren't honking at me!


This Week I got in an extra run with Lacey on Saturday after work. 3.5 miles
I was able to get 5 out of 7 days with my crunches/sit-ups. Giving me 700 crunches/sit ups.

These look they could be Super Hero Tights!
Downtown Holly, being slap happy and silly with Lacey!

Laceys loves this view. She was so excited to share the with us. Check out the trees, how perfectly they line the streets.

I got some goodies in the mail from FABULETICS. I purchased these new running tights.

I told you that I want to add more color..Well, they are BRIGHT Pinkish red. They fit great. A little tight on my belly. I have issues with clothing on my waist.

Lacey interrupted me and reached over to grab a handful of fabric, "OH my gosh, those are so tight." Well, they are tights! I am always good about covering up my bum. The material was so soft. Although the length was a little long, the fabric gathered at my ankles, I like didn't mind it at all.  

Chilling after my run. They are so cozy.

TOMORROW IS another LONG RUN and a fun RUN! We are heading to NEW Boston for a 4 mile LEAP YEAR RACE! It is at 6:30 at night. I am going with Lacey and Melissa. Should be fun. I think I will wear my super hero tights again! Because it is going to be Super Fun and I will Need SUPER energy!

  1. Adventure of a Lifetime: Coldplay
  2. Magnets (Feat Lorde): Disclosure
  3. Me, Myself and I :G Easy x Bebe Rexha
  4. Apparently: J.Cole


Thursday, February 25, 2016

If it works,WORK IT!

Over a month ago I gave everyone a  AB Challenge". Hal Koerner does at least 100 crunches EVERY DAY. His book has been my training tool for my ultra training.
Much to my surprise people actually read my blog and even doubly surprising, even apply some of it.

Danielle, Lacey and Michelle B all have been doing the Ab Challenge. I was so pleased to get a comment from Michelle B. that she "HAS ABS!".
You know the saying. "If it works, WORK IT!

That snow storm came in like a LION! It put me in the gym for the last 2 days.
My kids have had snow days for the last couple days. But I actually have always loved having them home with me.
I took Alec to GAC with me this morning.
While I was on the TM, Alec was balling.

Getting Creative on TREADMILL.
The Treadmill has so many options to get a workout in. YES, it can be boring, especially for someone like me who is A.D.D.
That's WHY You GOTTA SWITCH it up.
GOAL: 9 miles, sweat, hurt, struggle and feel accomplished. I wanted to do both Speed and Hills.
1mile warm-up @ 8:34min/m.
Next 4 Miles: I continued to maintain pace. Each mile, I did a 200m Fartlek at about 80%. It was a progressive interval finishing at a sub 7. I kept the incline up @ 1% the entire 5 miles. I took about 1 minute after each interval to recover. Right BEFORE each intervals I brought my pace down to a fast walk for about 30-45 second to prepare for my Fartlek. The idea of this is to get my legs used to the turn over. To increase my strength, endurance and pain threshold.
Middle 3 Miles: INCLINE! I kept my incline at a minimum of 4.0. I did different intervals both increasing the pace, increasing the incline and increasing both.
Last Mile: Was a hodge podge of intervals of both speed, hills and recovery.

I really struggle picking a spot and just focusing on that for 9 miles. I am all over the place. As soon as someone walks by me I am distracted to see who it is, not like I know them. I try to refocus staring at the wall tiles in the back, but that only lasts until the next person walks in front of me. Or gets on the TM next to me.
I was really motivated by the guy on the TM in front of me. I could see his digits on his TM. And yes, I was trying to keep up with him. I even pretended we were racing and tried to punch in my pace just a little faster. I beat him, he finished his distance before I was finished, leaving me vacant for another distraction.
I always try to find someone who is putting the work in. Someone who is red faced and sweaty. This reminds me that "There is ALWAYS someone out there who is working harder than you."

Speaking of someone who is working hard. As I was leaving, I saw Kathy M. She is a coach I believe for Flushing. She is an incredible running with a big gorgeous smile. She was hitting the track for a Tempo Run. And let me tell you, she is about 10 years older than me and puts me to SHAME! She works full time as a teacher qualifies every year for Boston!
That's Inspiration!

A LITTLE Of This and THAT:
This picture does NOT do this bruise any justice. ANDY Towel snapped me and broke the blood vessel! Then mom got so excited at Austins Basketball game when he score she punched me! I was so embarrassed of my legs today!

  • Keep Jeff in your prayers, he was in the hospital this week, diverticulitis.
  • Cross Country is starting and I am head coach this year. I have been buckling down on my reading material the last few weeks. This will be my 7th year coaching but 1st year as Head Coach. I pray I do a good job. I learned a lot from Kay, and really enjoyed working with her when she was Head Coach. I even begged her to come back but she is coaching at another school.
  • I got some new Running tights from Fabuletics. BRIGHT RED/PINK! But I probably wont get much wear out of them. This Sunday, it is supposed to be 50'! This year I am going BRIGHT. Less black and more COLOR in my running wardrobe! ORANGE is the HOT color this season! I did purchase a Orange tank also. Its super simple but I like it!

After a tough 9 mile run, I am grateful I took the time to ICE. I didn't take a shower at the gym because Alec was waiting for me. I was smelly and exhausted as I drew a bath. I woke up in the tub to Andy calling. "HEY, I am taking the rest of the afternoon off for some fun with the family."  Barely awake I heard enough that he was planning on taking us all sledding.
I was trying to process the thought and be happy about the plan. I was just so sore and tired.
BUT my body recovered. And it was a lot of fun. I think we were the oldest adults going up and down the hill. This made me smile, I was so thankful for childlike heart to play with my kids and also the body that can still do it.
Never give up the opportunity to be a kid! Its just as fun as an adult!


Monday, February 22, 2016

Rocking it to Roughing it!

Before I went to bed I did everything I could think of to recover from my 16 miler with Lacey and be prepared for my long run today.
I felt like a pill popper:

  • 4 Juice Plus capsules
  • 2 Motrin, my legs were twitchy
  • Synthroid,(Thyroid medicine)
  • 1 Meletonin (Helps me sleep)
  • 1 Probiotic capsule

I rubbed my chest with essential oils, RC, drank some green tea and honey and 16oz of water.

I was up all stinking NIGHT! Andy barked at me about midnight because I was flopping all over the bed. The water had me up a half dozen times. I was so stressed, I grabbed my pillow at midnight and slept with Alec.
About 2 in the morning, I remembered I forgot to take NyQuil. It was too late now, I would never get up. Of course the way I felt, I didn't think I would be getting up very good anyhow.

I didn't sleep any better with Alec. I was on the extra mattress on the floor and Sheba thinks it is her bed. She came in all curled up on my head. I felt bad pushing her off. About 3 am, I didn't feel bad ANYMORE. I felt bad for whoever was going to have to deal with me today. She would get up, wait about 2 minutes, then sneak back under the covers with me. I love cuddling with her, but I lost that loving feeling.

Rocking it to Roughing It. 
The coffee didn't even go down good. I was dragging through the house like a zombie. I knew I needed to eat something but food sounded awful. I tried to swallow down a hard boiled egg and thought I would puke. I was able to hold down a turkey sausage but it was work. Food is NOT my friend this early. 

My luck, that I would be beat up and have to go back into the ring again. I was damaged goods. Handicapped.

I met Claudia and we headed over to the entrance of the trails at Holly Rec. I love running out there. And I love having running companions. I am getting pretty familiar with it now. I was so proud of myself. I arrived there without turning around or getting lost. 

We met Kris and Rachel. 
We headed onto the trails about 9:30am.
The trails were frozen but cleared. The scenery was daunting. Even though the woods lacked color and even appeared drab they were very impressive. The trees were so large, we had to climb over a few that had fallen. The bright green moss with its contrast was striking, it almost glowed against the gray bark. And the lakes were icy with snow still covering them. Several times I wanted to go off the path and go exploring down by the lake. I love exploring. 

I loved the sound of nothing but out shoes running over the leaves and path. 

But that is about all I Loved. 
Because I wasn't In LOVE with my fatigue. I wasn't In Love with my sore calf. I wasn't In Love with my burning quads every time we climbed another hill. I wasn't even in love with myself. The dialogue in my head was irritating to say the least. The more I listened to the nonproductive rambling between my ears the harder time I was having. 
Thankfully we broke with run up with fun photos, laughs, and even a little exploring. 

We finished out our 11 miler with smiles and laughter. My body struggled with this run. It was a rough one. 
I had to add some more miles. When I got home I leashed Sheba and we added 2 more miles making my final miles at 13, with just over 800ft of elevation.

One of the reasons I was looking forward to running trails is because I have a new pair of Pearl Izumi's collecting dust. 
I have been itching to try them out.
Project Emotion
Style N1, trail, neutral. 
They rode like a beast. I have no blisters after 11 miles. They are a lighter shoe than my Hoka Cliftons, that I love when running on the trails. The toe box has a steal plate to keep the toes safe against rocks or roots. 
I am used to a little more cushion but my body did fine in them. My feet were secure and I felt more stability in this shoe compared to my Hoka's. I believe this is going to be a great trail shoe for running 15 miles or less, however; my Hoka's provide the cushioning that I need for longer runs. 


Sunday, February 21, 2016

One Choice Away

"Your only ONE choice away from a Different Life."

I try to get up early to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee before all the chaos of the Harless homes wakes. I curl up on the chair and enjoy the sweet sound of nothing. My coffee cup rest between my fingers and the creamy nectar gives me great pleasure.

Then Craziness ensues. Everyone's making a mad dash for the their bibles, keys, toothbrushes. Running late, like every Sunday.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but it is one of our busiest days. I have a long run after church. I am always scrambling for more time every Sunday. There is always a little voice that says, "Just SKIP, then you can run earlier, you can relax, you will have more time."
I am so grateful that God has given me legs to run. He has given me breath to breath. He has given me passion but he also has given me the opportunity to CHOOSE.
I have so much to be thankful for and I owe it ALL to God. Its a CHOICE, Its making the CHOICE.
I have seen the power in making those choices, in my marriage, in my home, in my health, in my kids.

I was so thankful I didn't listen to the voices this morning. I laughed so hard at church. We had a comedian who had me "Laughing Out Loud" This is the title of his series.
Todays message was titled "Your only ONE Choice away from a Different Life."

It really had me thinking. There were so many BAD choices I made and it mostly produced BAD results.
But most of my good choices really did present good results, NOT all the time. But the results really were in my favor when I made good choices.

On my run next to Lacey I thought of some of the good choices I have made. Lacey, was one of them. I have some incredible friendships. I am so blessed by great friends. I thought these same thoughts when I was running with Danielle on Thursday.

I picked Lacey up to run a different route. She really does love me because it was another HILL route.
It was good for me because I need the elevation but Lacey, not so much. And to add injury to insult Lacey was under the weather.
She doesn't complain, she just doesn't talk.

The last 3 miles I didn't hear much more than a peep from her.
Even as we finished the only thing she said was "I am Done with YOUR miles!"
My distance was about a tenth ahead of hers.
My Garmin beeped, 16 miles. "Let's Go Lacey, Finish it OUT..."

She stayed right next to me. She never quit. She is not a quitter. I knew she would be so happy if she chose to finish the whole thing out. I knew it sucked, I knew she was exhausted, I knew she is amazing and really even though her body wanted to cheat those last few hundred feet her mind didn't.
She finished.
We Finished.
She was bent over the curve, light headed and sore.
But she was happy in a weird way.

Less than an hour later I got a text  "...thanks for always pushing me."
I was so happy she still loved me!

My close friendships bring so much into my life. They make me a better person. I am very blessed.

You wanna make good choices? Whos is in your circle? Start there. Surround yourself with inspiration, encouragement, love, support, laughter. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you to make good choices, people that make good choices themselves.

Distance: 16.17
Time: 2:28
Pace: 9:11


Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Farmstead. Kensington was CLEAR!

As I pulled into Kensington I was laughing for 2 reasons.
  1. I took the wrong turn 2 times, and I have been to Kensington more times than I can count.
  2. Lacey called while I was turned around, laughing at the fact it was only 2' outside. She was giggling and wondering if Danielle knew it was that cold.
I didn't have to wait to long before Danielle was texting me. "Uh, when did it get so cold?!!!...."
I sat in the parking lot at The Farmstead off the Bruno Rd entrance lacing up my shoes and
waiting for Danielle.
It was a beautiful crystal blue morning. The air was brisk and the trees were glimmering. They had icicles on all the branches.
It was going to be a cold run but I knew I would be fine with sun. We have ran in much worse.

Danielle pulled in with one of those looks "AHH, really?!" She had a big smile to greet me with. I was excited to see her and more excited to run at the park with her.

I can not describe the beauty out there in the park. Every bend, every curve offered more brilliance than you had just seen. The lake was flat and untouched. It was rounded with large trees glowing along its edges. The sun was so bright it danced around the icy branches making them glow.

Our eyelashes were frozen and our breath was billowing as we spoke. It was bitter cold, except we never complained (after that first mile) because the sun warmed us up.
By the time we finished running we were actually quite toasty. Danielle actually was taking her mittens off her hands got so warm.
Even when we finished, it was only 7'degrees out,you would never had known it though. The suns rays were very kind to us.

We normally run about 8.5 miles and walk the last half a mile back to the car. Today, we ran it all and walked around the Farmstead. I really enjoyed looking at the animals. It is amazing how unaffected by the temperatures the animals appeared to be.

Distance: 9miles
Pace: 8:54
We had a great run. I was surprised at our pace, I thought it would be significantly slower due to the first frigid mile and the pictures I took on the run. Not to mention, I was relatively sore starting out.

Michigan Barn of the Year

Review: DOVE Antiperspirant
This is a newer product. It is also my 2nd bottle. It smells so feminine. I ran a long run on the track a few weeks ago and kept looking for a Glade Plug in. Then I discovered it WAS ME! I smelled so pretty. This is a good feeling after running and sweating. I hate to smell. Stink Stinks!


ROOT Restaurant review

I have never did a review on a restaurant before.
I am doing this for Angie!

I made reservations at ROOT in White Lake 4 weeks ago and was very pleased to get a 6pm time slot. I thought it would more difficult than it was to get that time because  of what I have heard.
I have NEVER heard a bad review of this restaurant.
WHY I wanted to go:
  1. I enjoy experiencing new places to Dine.
  2. I don't have the opportunity to get all "FANCIED UP" these days. I love getting dressed up, smelling good, feeling pretty and slipping out of running shoes or my TOMS into a pair of heels.
  3. Root is known for the menu items all being local. Fresh, clean and supporting the nearby venders.

We arrived to discover there was NO waiting room, there was also no wait and no one waiting.  This was Valentines Weekend?! Where was everyone? It appeared that they do not operate to full capacity. It isn't about packing people in, its about the dining experience. I was instantly in love.

The tables were not packed on top of one another. The staff were dressed semi-casual. The d├ęcor was very clean. A mural of roots stretched across one wall. Earthy colors, neutral tones.

I was excited to see the menu.
I ordered my usual, coffee.
Bread came out, hot and homemade.

Andy and I both knew right away what we wanted. Because we rarely dine at this level but enjoy food, we decided to get "The Tasting Menu"
This was 6 courses of their specialties. 45$

For my first course, I had "chefs Amuse Bouche" This means something along the lines of "tickle your pallet."
And it DID!
Octopus &Black Garlic Terrine. It was lovely.

I had the Scallops. I didn't want to share!
"Smoked Apple butter, Shaved almond Parsley, Brown Butter. Golden Raisin. Pickled Shallot."

Orchard Salad, Andy got the Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad, that was delicious.

This Salad was very large, Andy actually finished for me. Everything was very fresh and flavorful.

INTERMEZZO. We thought we were so brilliant.
"Intermezzo, Hmm, that must mean intermission."
This is actually a course that is light and designed to clear your pallet and prepare you for the main course.
Chai Orange Sorbet
I could have made a meal out of the sorbet. I have never tasted sorbet that amazing. If it was not a nice restaurant I may have licked the dish!

I got the fish, It was Sashimi Grade Tuna with a Sesame sauce over noodles.

I am a big fan of Sashimi Grade Tuna. However, the Sesame flavor was a little over powering. I ate the Tuna and it was magnificent, I am not a big noodle fan, therefore, I did not eat the noodles.
Andys meal was scrumptious, it was Chicken Cacciatore. There was nothing left on his plate.

Dessert! Black Velvet Cheesecake
I think my tongue smacked my brains with this dessert. The portion size was just enough to make you feel like you are in Heaven. It was very fresh, as if they just made it. The crust was textured and rich, yet the Cheesecake was light, unlike any cheesecake I have had before.

I must say, it was not only a wonderful meal, it was a superb experience. The wait staff were very knowledgeable and pleasant.  There was never a wait for anything. The courses were delivered with precision timing.
And the Head chef was only 28 years old!

I would Highly Recommend trying this restaurant out. They are also open for brunch. A dear friend of mine, ALI R. has dined there for brunch a few times and recommended this dining also.

I would Love to HEAR your Comments! Have any of you dined at ROOT?


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pain is a LOVE/HATE Relationship

"He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have might he increaseth in strength."
Isaiah 40:29
I wonder if the older I get the wimpier I get.
Pain is a LOVE/HATE relationship.

I have had some great runs this week. Lacey and I rocked out a 9:09min/mi 14 miler on the track and I followed that up with Claudia the following day with ANOTHER 14 miler @Indian Springs. I let Claudia drag my sorry butt the whole time. On our first loop, we were finishing our 8 miler up that stupid hill and I thought I would just walk it up, or maybe crawl up it. NO! NOT CLAUDIA, she decided to blaze her way up it like freaking sprinter. I let her go but was desperate to hold close to her. By the time I reached the top and was crossing the intersection I was hoping a car was coming to put me out of my misery!
My lungs were burning, my legs were applesauce. I was trying not to think about the fact that I had 6 miles to go!
Then I reminded myself. "HEY, this is what YOU NEED TO BE DOING!" I needed to be pushed, gently!
After that 8 miles, Claudia and I decided we should bring it down.
YEAH RIGHT, when I looked at our pace when we finished it was still a 9:30m/m. I was sore and felt every bit of it.
It is really amazing what our bodies are capable of doing.

As I get older, I am losing that loving feeling with my body. I am disappointed in it. I am hurting more. I am less tolerant of pain. I am irritated with the fact that no matter how healthy I eat, how much I work out, how much I do to be strong and healthy I am not getting the same results I did 5 years ago.
This week was another week of exhaustion. I managed to get through it without crawling back into bed though. I have bucked up and dug deep. My whole families been battling sickness and I am grateful I have not had to contend with that on top of being chronically tired.

Just when I think I am a big WUSS I review my training. I am not running as bad as I feel.
After my runs, I look at my digits and am super stoked at my finish. My start looks like a turtles crawl but my Finish is Solid.
That's my runs these days, It takes a couple, maybe even a few miles to warm up the engine but then I ready to go.
Today Jeff was waiting for me on our favorite TM's. I have been looking forward to our workout since he told me what we would be doing weeks ago.

Our normal Progressive run on the TM. 5 miles. We converse for about 3 of the miles but as we increase our pace we decrease our conversation!
Head to the track for strides.
1lap cool down.
4 strides
1 lap cool down.
(YOU can Increase Your strides, this is just what we did. I actually wanted to run a couple more, they felt good..But I was taking the time to recover!

It felt lovely to "Open it up". The strides were just on the straight way. We walked the curves. It is shocking how your body will still have power to pick it up like that AFTER you have had a moderate run. It is all about proper recovery. This is something that Jeff continues to remind me. I don't take my recovery down enough, that is why I get gassed doing repeats or intervals.

"Our greatest danger in life is permitting the urgent things to crowd out the important." Charles E. Hummel
IT'S all about the RECOVERY.
Maybe it is getting older, being a little more seasoned, but I have learned a little bit in the Recovery Process. (remember, just because I have learned it, doesn't mean I am good at it)
When it comes to Running:
Recovery is instrumental in the healing process. It allows to feel pain in the process of growing stronger, faster. better. When we are progressively moving forward we struggle with Recovery because we get excited in the process, there is not much fun in the recovery stage. It is a stage that takes self discipline and faith.
When it comes to LIFE.
I think Recovery is equally as difficult. Life beats you up. The bills never quit coming, our jobs often display multiple levels of stress and our relationships are a petri dish of conflict resolution. Life doesn't present us with ideal opportunities to sit in "Time Out" and recover from the hurt, disappointments, unmet expectations or the daily struggles of life.
So we often do what we know what we do best; KEEP MOVING. And as we move forward, we continue to take on injury after injury never healing from the previous one and moving into the next one already handicapped.
I am so guilty of this.
I get hurt, I get angry, I get disappointed, I then snap at the kids, bark at the husband, isolate, or find myself discouraged then depressed. I am then no good to anyone, I am not even safe to myself.
Recovery to SELF is important.

  1. Recognize when You are "injured"
  2. Do some SELF INVENTORY, try to pinpoint what is the problem area. (H.A.L.T. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)
  3. Pray/Meditate.
  4. Address your problem area, or learn to Let Go and Let God.
  5. Grieve. Grief is a real issue. We get to busy in life to take time to just "FEEL" our pain. The only way to move through grief is to MOVE through it. Pain is a LOVE/HATE relationship.
"So teach us to number out days, that we may apply out hearts into wisdom." Psalm 90:12

How do you do in Recovery?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting my Moneys Worth

Lacey made some cookies for me!

"It is the athletes job to learn to do the hard things easily." John Jerome
Back to back long runs. Once you wrap yourself around the self torture we begin to not just get used to it but look forward to it.
Most of it anyway. Running long in cold weather is the worst self inflicting pain there is.

Problems with running in the cold:
  • I always over dress. I hate to start out running cold. I would rather shed clothing then be cold.
  • Running tights. I feel like such a hoochie mama in them. Even though they are the best choice for comfort and warmth, running tights are tight! They do not leave much to the imagination. When I see men in running tights I don't know whether to laugh or cry. A lot of trail runners wear them. I have to keep my eyes UP because it is so awkward to talk to them!
  • Problematic running nose. Snot rockets are not as precise in cold weather. This winter I have wore half my snot rockets on my shoulders. It is easier to just wipe my hand across my nose then wearing it across my cheek or shoulder.
  • I can't warm up. I know when I get done running I should ice my legs. But after running I have come to believe that my legs have been iced for "X" amount of time. This being said, I find myself in the bath with a cup of coffee, adding hot water and trying to de-thaw.

I don't want to be DEBBIE DOWNER, so I will quit complaining about winter running. We have had an exceptionally good winter. I am just a bigger baby then the average.

This week has been a VERY cold week. Including today, I have been in the gym 3 times with week. It might be 4. My brains not working and I left my running journal at work. REGARDLESS! I have gotten my money out of my membership!
From very early on in the week, the plan was to do my long run on the track with Lacey.

I picked her up at 12:30 and we headed to Genesys (GAC). We had 14 miles to run, that is over 57 times around the track. (UGH!!)
Andy was on the track and Austin was upstairs lifting when we arrived. Lacey was all dolled up in her peach Lululemon running skirt and Nike fitted tank. I had come from church so I looked like a Kardashian, well only the hair! I had a bouffant pony tail that I had wore from church and a face full of makeup because I didn't have time to wash it off.  
But I did have time to grab the necessities. Vaseline, for my lips, watch, Honey Stinger chews, water and GUM!

Distance:14 miles
Time: 2:08
Pace: 9:10m/m
Stretched, rolled, 125 sit-up/crunches with a 6lb ball and 3X planks on a medicine ball for 30seconds.
Lacey rocked the abs out right next to me.
10 minutes in the cold plunge. 5 minutes in Jacuzzi, shower, dry sauna and home. We were at Genesys for 31/2 hours! It was so fun.

We were not short on conversation. We took turns sharing our week. When one got tired the other one shared. And much to many of your surprise, I get tired of talking. It is a lot of energy. Especially when I had to keep telling Lacey to "SLOW DOWN". And not her mouth, her legs!

The girls that I work with drink Kombucha on a regular basis. I have tried them but have not found a flavor I like UNTIL NOW!
It was the Kevita brand. The flavor I LOVED was NOT the Grapefruit, it was the PINEAPPLE PEACH!
Master Brew Kombucha is certified organic, non-GMO, non-dairy and gluten free.
The darker the bottle the longer the fermenting process has occurred. It has less than 5% alcohol. It was still enough that I felt it going down. My back got all tingly and I said to the girls "AHH, does this have alcohol in it?!"  They girls were all laughing at me because I could feel the alcohol going down but I wasn't aware that the refreshing beverage contained a very small percentage of alcohol.
To have a little more fun with me, the girls actually put me on a group text the following morning making sure I was not "HUNG OVER" on my way to work. They all know I don't drink making their jokes more fun!
Benefits: contains probiotics, Probiotics are being recognized as a healthier option over multi vitamins.

Anyone Else drink Kombucha? What flavor do you like??

I went to Root for Dinner for Valentines Day, Saturday. Angie asked me to write a review. Tomorrow I will share my experience.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

No SPIN for me!

This winter I have been spoiled running outside as much as I have. The last two days  I have had back to back treadmill running.
Andy was in the spin class  by the time that I arrived at GAC. I saw him and Jeff putting the pedal to the metal. I tried to sneak to the locker room. Andy was all excited when I said I would be going to the gym. He was really trying to get me in the spin class.


I found my favorite treadmill and headed in that direction. Due to extreme cold Danielle hit the TM at home. 
My goal was to try and duplicate Danielle and my Thursday runs.

8 miles @ a 8:30-9 m/m with a strong finish.
Danielle always pushes me that last mile or two, so  I knew I needed to finish winded and tired.

With my latest Runners World magazine in front of me and my music pounding in my ears I was very focused.
I didn't see the 3 of them surround me. Hal, the spin director, Jeff and Andy all came over to harass me about not joining them in Spin. I was perfectly content on my little hamster wheel.
Andy attempted to hug me with his sweaty shirt. I thought I was going to fall off the TM trying to get away from him with no where to go. It was funny to think I was actually running but going no where!
Jeff was calling me names, so I said to Hal, "Hal, apparently you need to work Jeff harder so he can't run his mouth so much!"
It was hard to stay focused, the gym was like a big party this morning. I had another gal come up to me with this big beautiful smile say "HEY! you should come join us in Spin."
It is so hard to ride a bike when all you want to do is RUN!

The TM can be soo boring. BUT there is a lot you can do to switch it up.
Here are a couple TREADMILL REMINDERS:
  1. Keep your incline at least 1/2 %. helps simulate elevation conditions.
  2. Remember you have to pick up the intensity a little more because you are not contending with hills, turns or wind.
Keeping that TM relationship burning!
  1. Add intervals: easy mile run, run 3 minutes at a 5k pace then drop it down for 5 minutes at a conversational pace, repeat 4-6 times finish with an easy jog/walk, whatever you comfortable with.
  2. Add HILL intervals. Do the same or similar run only adding hills at a step down pace for 3 minutes then drop you hills down and add speed.
  3. Progressive RUN. 1 mile warm up. Then every mile, or every "X" amount of minutes or laps increase you speed. Finishing hard and strong.
Warm Up: 8-12 minutes at 1.5 to 2 percent grade, starting off with a slow jog. In the last 3-5 minutes of the warm-up, gradually increase to your standard aerobic speed (outside pace). This gives your heart rate time to catch up. (Note: HR is not a good indicator until you've been running for about 15-20 minutes.) Once at aerobic speed, you're ready to go into the first set
  • First Set: 6x2 minutes on a hill with 1-minute rest intervals; effort should be moderately hard at the offset

    • 45 seconds at 5 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 45 seconds at 6 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 30 seconds at 7 percent grade (don't change speed)
    • 1 minute rest interval at 2 percent grade (remain at your aerobic pace; don't go down to a softer speed)
    • Repeat 5-8 more times

  • Second Set (leg turnover): 8-12x20 seconds at 0-.5 percent grade; you should be working at a sub-threshold pace. Segments are short to avoid unnecessary stress.

    • Run for 20 seconds with good balance, symmetry and control; it's not a flat out sprint.
    • Jump off belt and straddle the treadmill for 20 seconds
    • Jump back on for 20 seconds
    • Repeat this sequence 8-12 times

  • Third Set (if time permits): Run steady at aerobic pace for 12-20 minutes (1.5-2 percent grade).
  • Extra Credit: Repeat sets 1 (with slight modification) and 2.

    • Set 1 (modification): 6x1 minute on hills from 5- to 7-percent grades. Effort should be moderately hard to hard at the end. Include a rest interval of 1 minute between each round.
    • Set 2: Same leg turnover set at 8x20 seconds

  • Cool Down
  • Print this OFF and put it on your TM!
  • http://nitasliferunning.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-treadmill-doesnt-have-to-be.html
    This is an older Post on TM running. Some fun tips and ideas. Along with the link to my FAVORITE TM workout.

    DISTANCE: 8 miles
    DISTANCE: 6 miles

    How is YOUR TRAINING GOING?? WHO is still consistant with their Ab workout??

    Wednesday, February 10, 2016

    Not so Amazing

    Austin, my 16 year old had a basketball game out in Flushing last night. I made a very difficult decision to NOT go and instead go to my family Addiction support meeting at the church.
    I have been doing this group for over 10 years. I have a big spot in my heart for those struggling with addiction and the families that surround them.

    The drive from Holly to Waterford was not that bad in my big ole Dodge Ram. I actually enjoyed the power my vehicle possessed and the security I received from it.
    I plowed through the snow and ice looking foreword to seeing all those I have worked with for months and some years.
    When I leave a meeting, there is not a period. I continue to think about them, pray for them and look forward to seeing them.

    With my hands full and wet snow sticking to my face, I headed up the big white steps into the church.

    "Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another." Romans 12:10
    Familiar faces circled me. I smiled and hugged all that I came in contact with. I heard our pastor bringing us leaders together in prayer.
    He stood across from me. Looking down I heard his voice, "Anita, Did they cancel your boys basketball game?"
    My heart jumped out of my chest as I searched for my voice.
    "Ahh, No, I didn't go, I missed you guys." I smiled in awkwardness.
    Pastor Jim replied to everyone in the circle, "That girl is amazing...."
    I looked down.

    Again, in the auditorium Pastor Jim was shaking hands and called me amazing again.

    Before I had gotten to our meeting, I had been hugged, edified and called amazing 3 times.
    I was being called amazing BUT I didn't FEEL very amazing. I actually felt ashamed that they were calling me amazing.
    What was so amazing about me?
    Was is my outfit?
    Was it my makeup?
    Was it my smile?
    Was it my new highlights?
    Because It couldn't be ME. I just didn't feel amazing.

    I wasn't so amazing when I yelled at my kids the night before.
    I wasn't so amazing when I was gossiping about so and so.
    I wasn't so amazing when I went through the Drive Thru and they messed my order up 3 times.
    I wasn't so amazing when I was thinking bitter thoughts.
    I wasn't so amazing when I looked cross eyed at Andy 200 times.
    What was so amazing?

    My heart was so heavy. I felt like an imposter. A wolf in sheep's  clothing. What did they see in me? Tears saturated my heart. I reigned them in, hiding them, desperately clutching them.
    What did they see in me?...Would they still think I was amazing if they knew I really had all these imperfections?
    "My righteousness is of FILTHY RAGS."

    I cried all the way home. I grieved, I mourned, I cried in complete humility.

    See, I wasn't going to Church for ME. I was tired. I had my own family that needed me. It was inconvenient. I had other responsibilities..
    I was going because I love those broken hearts. I Love those that love me, and I even love those that do not. God put it on my HEART, He wanted me there. No matter what I FELT.
    Sometimes you do what you need to do for others.
    Sometimes you go to church for a niece.
    Sometimes you read your bible for your children.
    Sometimes you PRAY for your husband.
    Sometimes you are on your knees for your parents.
    Sometimes you forgive for someone else.
    Sometimes you put that bottle down for your family.
    Yes, it would be nice if you did it for yourself, but sometimes you just don't have the energy. Sometimes you just DONT FEEL LIKE IT. You don't have the desire.
    Sometimes you need to do it for something BIGGER than you.
    I thought of Ariel. Every week going to church and taking her. Having 15 kids flood my house as Andy and I opened out house up to the youth. Going to concerts, camps and praying with her in the darkness of my house. I was a young mom of two. I had my own family, I was exhausted, but I had to do it for her.
    Where was she now, she wasn't next to me anymore. Far removed from this earthy atmosphere, a picture, a memory, a bottomless amount of tears. But she was in HEAVEN.
    If it was just for me....It was ALL worth it.
    Andy celebrated 10 years clean from IV drug use, they told him he had to get clean for HIMSELF. He didn't feel he was worth it. But his family was. Sometimes you NEED to do it for someone other than yourself.

    Sometimes you do it because somebody else needs it more than you need it for yourself.

    I am not so amazing. I am just a nobody trying to be something for someone else. For every one you can help you also possess the same power to hurt. Its your choice.
    They think I am amazing.. They don't see my ugly. I have a lot of ugly.
    What others see in you, you don't always see in yourself.

    "This is my commandment, that ye LOVE one another, as I have LOVE YOU." John 15:12
    Its about LOVE. Loving others so much that you can look beyond their UGLY and still think they are amazing.
    Loving them so much you see them through Christ's eyes.
    LOVE DIES to Self, it doesn't think about self, it thinks about the selves of others.
    I am so Grateful for those that think I am amazing when I am not so amazing.


    Monday, February 8, 2016

    Running with COOKIES.

    Other than being beat up from yesterdays long run and being a Monday sluggard, my run started out pretty basic.
    I just finished my morning devotion and felt very encouraged. Gods word was full of wisdom and left me ready to tackle the day. Not tackle like yesterdays Super Bowl game, that I fell asleep on,  more like a nice even keel. A progressive, steady foreword movement with a slight amount of whine.

    After all it was MONDAY.
    Psalms 143:10 "Teach me to do your will, For YOU are my God, let your good Spirit lead me on level ground."
    This was my scripture verse today. How perfect.

    I headed out of the house at noon, dead on. I had my hands full from the start. In one hand, I carried a baggie full of chocolate chip cookies for Lacey, in the other hand I carried my water bottle and my phone. I had my waist belt on carrying Dads phone, he left at my house. I decided to run errands on this run.
    Lacey had reminded me to take it easy today, and my body was a burning reminder as well. I decided to just get that time on my feet, not look at my pace, and have fun.

    • 10 miles
    • Run to dads house a mile up the road to bring him his phone.
    • Run to Laceys house to share some calories with her, that's what good friends do, we share them then we burn them together!
    • Finish up running at Sorenson park, running 3-4 miles of trails.

    Finding a perfectly preserved dead squirrel on the way past mom and dads towards Laceys.  I just stared at it. I was trying to figure out how I could run with it.

    A couple weeks ago, I arrived at Maw maws house to clean. The house smelled like comfort food. It was only 9am but I could smell stew or something.
    "MMM, Maw maw, whatcha making?" I said to Maw Maw, as I took off my shoes and headed to the kitchen.
    Full of excitement, Maw Maw replies in her sweet southern accent, "LORDY Nita, Its SQUIRREL, MMM, why don'tcha have a bite."
    About that same time, I lifted the lid on what was soaking in a thick brown gravy, with all these legs popping out.
    "OH MY, MAMA, NO!" I cried
    "NOW, NITA, you ought try you a bite, you'd like it, Aint you ever had squirrel, its real gooood, now getcha a bite."
    I quickly closed the lid, smiled and said Jared, my cousin could have my serving. She had made her son, Greg and her grandson this favorite dish of theirs.
    It wasn't long before Jared showed up. He stood 6ft tall, leaning against the stove, gnawing on the bones and licking his fingers!
    47 squirrels they killed. 4 of them were in that skillet. "Nita, now if ya see any squirrel, let me know, Greg is hunting them."

    And that's how my twisted mind works. I saw that squirrel and thought I would have some fun!

    I gave Lacey her cookies and she gave me a plastic bag. Not before trying to talk me out of my squirrel scheme, I told her she should be grateful I wasn't playing the joke on her!

    I found the poor thing lying against E. Holly rd. I started laughing as I attempted to pick him up by the tail and drop him into the brown Krogers plastic bag. I just could hardly wait for my prank.

    I headed towards mom and dads house hoping a car would be outside the garage. This little guy was heavier than he looked, my arm was actually getting sore from carrying it. I began thinking "WHAT IF he is just KNOCKED OUT?" He was in such perfect shape. Then I thought "Oh my gosh, would I get bit? no he was pretty stiff." "What is someone stops me and asks why I am carrying a squirrel?"
    I just started laughing.
    I had to get a picture of the squirrel before my grand plan. I knew Jama would love it. She has a sick sense of humor like me. Last summer, she pretended to kiss a dead squirrel, it was hilarious. George, "and I will kiss it and hug him and love him." SICK, I know, but so funny!

    I saw dads red Ranger outside the house. I hid in the blind spot of their house as I removed the bag and placed him spread out across the windshield of the truck.
    I could hardly run away from the scene because I was laughing so hard. The harder I laughed, the more I started to pee my pants.
    I imagined them finding it and started cracking up.

    I think I laughed for 2 miles.
    Then my body wasn't  laughing anymore. As pretty as the trails were at Sorenson, and as funny as my prank was, my legs were in a very SERIOUS mood!

    It may have been the LONGEST ten mile run in my life! I definitely achieved "TIME ON MY FEET!"
    My watch said I was gone for 2 hours!

    I take my running serious most of the time. But running is also about the adventure for me.
    I'm a little bit sick (mental).
    When I sent Andy the pick he replies "Dude. WASH YOUR HANDS."
    That had me laughing, not likely I was going to find a wash tub and some antibacterial soap!

    Distance:10 miles
    Time: 2 hours running clock time, running time: 1:42:23

    Distance: 15 miles

    I have slacked with my abs the last 3 days. Looking like a need to do 200 today to catch up.....
    Mom called, then sent this to me after they "Discovered" the squirrel. Apparently, dad saw it first and whispered to mom "LINDA, shhh,come here." He thought the squirrel had JUMPED from his roof to his truck where is broke his neck and died. He quietly coaxed mom to check it out....


    Thursday, February 4, 2016

    When your just "Not Feeling it"

    Some days you just don't feel it.

    I remember a conversation with a runner, a distance runner, who said they went out for a run and after a mile came home. He said "I just wasn't feeling it."
    "1 mile?!" I thought. That seemed crazy. I would burn more energy getting ready to run and if I took that much time then I would just HAVE TO RUN.
    Now, that being said, I wouldn't turn around after a mile, I just wouldn't start!

    That is pretty much how I felt this morning. I wasn't feeling it.

    I woke up in my sons bedroom, on his spare bed. Andy came to bed late, woke me up, then tried to use my back as a Ipad desk to read on. I was trying to not go Latino. I calmly got up and went to bed with Alec.
    I slept pretty good, I just wasn't feeling it, the RUN.
    I was feeling a lot this morning.
    And that was probably the problem. When you have all these emotions but cant find a word for them, a compartment for them, a reason for them..Yep, Welcome to PMS. GRR!
    Aunt Lois had sent me a blog to read first thing in the morning and I was in meltdown mode.TEAR-FEST.

    Then the text came "RUN FOREST RUN". It was Andy.
    I picked up the phone and spoke to Andy about everything but the PMS thing. I never bring that up because then he looks at me weird for the next 5 days. Saying things like, "I think your a little emotional...angry, over-reactive..." That's usually when I become all those things in a snap!

    But Andy said something wise. "You need to be doing hills, lots and lots of hills, Hill repeats, Up and down then UP and down..."
    The more he spoke the quicker I was changing. The faster he was motivating me. I had to suck it up and get out there and run, HILLS.

    I headed down E Holly RD. The road is a barrage of hills. I normally run with Danielle on Thursdays but she had an obligation with the kiddos. I wasn't planning on running hard, definitely NOT hills, if I was even planning on running at all.
    But here I was picking a hilly 8 mile route. I wasn't convinced I wanted to hurt.

    Aside from not feeling the run, not feeling the hills, not feeling the pain..
    I felt winded or maybe it was windy I felt?!
    I felt tight, my calves were not loosening up. 
    I felt heavy, my legs felt sore from Wednesdays run and leg workout. 
    I felt my knees, yes, I was achy, My knees were angry with me. 
    I felt the new scab on my bootie, from doing my crunches yesterday at they gym, with a 8lb medicine ball and the incline. 
    I felt the snow hitting me in the face, cold wet and refreshing.

    I was giving my EVERYTHING, but my EVERYTHING wasnt that great, however, it was still EVERYTHING had in the tank. 

    I kept reminding myself it would suck worse if I never started. I knew that I HAD to do this. I had to take the PAIN NOW or when race day came I would have more regrets. You just can't have those, REGRETS, aren't  little things, they are BIG things.

    I could hear Andy..."up and down..."
    I  ran a  "out and back". I cut my distance down so I could do that stupid hill by my house a couple times at LEAST.
    ONCE.."OH GOD..Look up, look up..Go goooo."
    TWICE..."ahhh, easy does it, just get up and keep running."
    BUT then, I knew I needed to run that stupid hill ONE more time.
    THIRD TIMES A CHARM "LOOK AT THE MAILBOX" I screamed at my self. "FOCUS, turn it over, GET UP, make this one your FASTEST." My legs were shaking, I couldn't breath, I pumped my arms and got up on my toes. tackling that hill for the final time.
    "God, I am getting so OLD, Thank you Lord, Thank you.." I panted, passing the mailbox and heading down hill towards home.

    The whole run I didn't see my pace. I don't have to see my pace to know what it feels like to hurt, to know what it feels like to sweat, be out of breath or want to quit.

    Before I even started running I wanted to phone this run in. I gave it my everything, even when my everything was a lot less than normal.
    I was surprised to see my pace.

    Distance : 8:19
    Pace: 8:30
    Fastest Mile: Mile 2: 8:15min/mi

    NO REGRETS. In EVERY FACET of life. You give your everything, and then try and dig deep for a little bit more. Be kind when you want to rip someones face off, no regrets. Forgive, you never know Gods plan. Life is tricky, there are NO guarantees, that's why you live it with NO regrets, with Integrity, honor, self discipline and LOVE.
    Don't wait for your circumstances to change, your emotions to evolve, or people to change. You BE that Change, create your own greatness.


    Monday, February 1, 2016

    "If you still have BREATH, GRAB IT and NEVER QUIT."

    "If  its important, you'll find a way. If not you'll find an excuse."

    "Be stronger than your excuses."

    I loved that both these quotes that were given to me on my FB page, Running against the ODds had to do with EXCUSES.
    Lets Hear it, WHAT WAS YOURS TODAY?

    The BEST way for me to find myself out of excuses is to great a PLAN FIRST.

    MY PLAN: To RUN 10 miles, 10 miles of hills.
    Then the excuses came.
    "I Ran 11 miles YESTERDAY with Claudia."
    "UGH, I didn't sleep, I'm so stinking tired."
    "Later, maybe later."
    "I woke up late and didn't make it to the gym."
    "Maybe I should have a day of rest."

    Dragging through the house, feeling like a sloth, I decided to just chill out. I am normally a
    "Get UP and GO!" girl.
    The only place I wanted to go was back to bed.
    I was home alone all weekend. After a spotless house with no hubby and no kids, I was overwhelmed with the destruction they left in just a couple hours of being home.
    I had to clean, run, grocery shop and at this particular moment I couldn't spell me name I was so lethargic.
    I sipped on my coffee, did my devotional, prayed and then started to feel better. I made breakfast and relaxed and ate. I got caught up on laundry, checked the weather and CHANGED MY PLAN.

    THE NEW PLAN: To RUN 13 MILES. RUN hills, taking a route to Holdridge and run a few trails to add injury to insult.
    The weather was going to be glorious. No excuses kind of weather! Play outside kind of weather.
    My pastor Sunday asked the congregation "remember when you were a kid and played outside..." I chucked listening, "A KID, HA! I still LOVE playing outside!

    WEATHER: 38' and SUNNY.

    The RUNDOWN:
    Pace: 9:25
    Fastest mile:
    Elevation Gain: 355ft

    "If you still have BREATH, GRAB IT and NEVER QUIT." The Revenant
    Some of you may think, "13 miles, REALLY?"  Please don't. My 13 miles is no different then the miles or workout you put in as LONG as you gave everything. As long as you aimed HIGH.
    My 13 miles were not easy. My legs were sore from running Saturday and Sunday. I took the hardest route I knew accepting the pain before I met it.
    I OWNED my RUN before I purchased it.
    I can DO this only because GOD says I can. He sees me VICTORIOUS. He has an UNLIMITED supply of my dreams and goals just waiting for one thing..ME.
    Me to BELIEVE he is my advocate.
    Me to WORK hard for it.
    Me to SEEK him for direction, his plan.
    Stir Fry is a GREAT way to get all your veggies In. This SOY SAUCE is AWESOME! It is 15$ a bottle,HOWEVER, it is Unpasteurized-FRESH and ALIVE. Contains beneficial probiotic bacteria and enzymes. Aged in Cedarwood kegs for 2 summers. Low sodium, NO added alcohol or preservatives. certified kosher.

    I worked so hard for it today. I took each hill without stopping, sludge spashing in every direction. The tread on my shoes was bogged down with dirt and mud, making it difficult to lift my legs.
    I could hear my breath. I could hear my thoughts when I toppled one hill, barely catching my breath to see another one, "AHH, SERIOUSLY." It even hurt to think. I tried to daydream, but the pain kept interrupting my thoughts.
    My socks were wet from the mud and my shoes had gravel in them, but I wasn't stopping.
    I know how to STOP. I know how to WALK. I needed to run, no matter what RUN.
    The trails were scattered with ice and a very slippery clay. I was running 11min/miles. The trails welcomed me at any pace I offered. I could hear the crows and see animal prints in the dirt. Keeping my effort level steady I just ran, or walked, whatever the trail had me do, I did with great pleasure.
    WITH every last breath I hit that last mile. I was determined to finish strong. I kept my eyes directed as far as I could see, trying to chase that vision. I tried to get my legs to move faster than my eyes were, but I was so sluggish. My sluggish wasn't enough to quit.
    "8 minutes to GUT OUT." I told myself. I reminded myself I can handle 8 minutes of pain, I can handle 8 minutes of burn, But as long as I STILL had BREATH, I was going to GRAB it and NOT QUIT.

    "If you still have BREATH, GRAB IT and NEVER QUIT." The Revenant

    I loved this movie, It was so INSPIRING. Powerful words. Words to live by.