"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, June 29, 2015

Not so serious Monday

I casually rolled out of bed at 7:20 this morning. It felt so good to sleep in. I wasn't in a hurry to do much of anything, wanting coffee wasn't even nagging at the forefront of my mind.

It was 8:30 before I found myself starting my Garmin.

The temperatures were hotter than I planned. With just over a mile of running, I found myself stripping off my tank. The tank that I was wearing was heavier than I expected.

Feeling like the naked runner, I was in hog Heaven. I just LOVE feeling the elements against my skin.
I decided I wasn't going to take my pace so serious. I wanted to breath. I wanted to think, about something other than being in pain, not being able to breath, how bad it sucks, or anything that goes along with a hard training run.
I wanted to look around, smell the air, enjoy the music and feel everything.

And that is what I did!

Running is so intoxicating. I just couldn't get enough in my 10 mile run this morning.
I still managed to enjoy my run after Andy called me at mile 2. He shared his not so good Monday events with me asking me for prayer.
He was in Utica, 1 mile from his meeting, when his truck made a sound like it was about to blow.
He was waiting for the tow truck to bring him all the way back to Holly, about a 200$ tow bill!

I prayed, and didn't let the bad news hijack my run. I thanked God for a savings account and prayed for honest workers.

Bad things happen. Things happen out of our control. We just got back from Vacation, Alec had a 13 birthday, Andy just put tires on his truck 2 days ago and then this..

There was NOTHING I could do but run!  And thank God for healthy legs, a beautiful place to run, being healthy and still creating my own Happiness!

If there is one thing I am good at, it is not taking myself so serious. I have been able through life, God and running to learn to do the same.
It Feels good to SMILE in a S@!* storm.
It Feels good to Find GRATITUDE when everything is crumbling apart.
It Feels Amazing when you know God is gonna take care of it all, but MY attitude, that is up to ME!

SIDE NOTE, Andy saw my Instagram mentioning me running an Ultra this fall. I have not signed up but am giving it SERIOUS CONSIDERSTION. This week I am picking up my miles.
Check it out: Run Woodstock.

I will figure out the details this week!
As for Andy...well, he is not on board yet..But I am always up for a challenge!

Who's running it with me?? There is a distance for EVERYONE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

GET over the Hills in your Life.

Airhead move #2363, but then who is really counting?
I ran up to the track to meet Claudia for a 8 miler. Only one thing trumps my coffee, it is my run. Running at 6:30am intercepts that initial cup of Joe.
I ran to the track from home, after waiting a couple minutes I sent a text to Claudia to see where her position was.
"OH CRAP.." We were meeting Thursday not this morning.
Without any hesitation she replied, "Be there in 10"

I stared down at my phone in shock. She was dropping everything to meet me, "WOW" I thought, this is amazing.

And that is what it was. AMAZING.
The weather was perfect, at 60 degrees. The sun was warming my skin enough I had to take my arm sleeves off.
The backroads were kind to my legs, with little potholes and dust. It was lush, green everywhere.
Claudia was full of energy, the more excited she got the faster she was running. I actually added walk breaks in our run to scale her back. She has a half marathon this Saturday. I don't know how effective I was, she walked as fast as she ran. My Smurf legs were about 2 steps behind her. It was actually more effort to walk at her pace then run at her pace!

11 Miles total today. 8 miles with her.

I have a mile back home from the track with a significant hill to contend with. I stared a half a mile out looking at the hill ahead of me. He stared back at me, not to back down. The hill wasn't going to change His position. Glaring at the hill like it was the AntiChrist I thought of ways I could avoid it. I made plans on how I could cheat it. I even found myself REACTING to it in anger.
I never entertained the idea to just GET OVER IT. I had a million excuses WHY I DIDNT NEED TO RUN UP IT.
This was the foundation of our running conversation today. This topic also became part of another conversation I had later in the day.
Don't we all have some JUSTIFICATION to WHY or WHY NOT we should not be doing the right thing.
Just as I was totally justified in skipping the hill, or walking the hill, we Justify why we should take the "Easy way out".
We have a pocket full of excuses, great ones at that and we use them to play the victim.
That stupid hill took me 3 minutes to get over. 3 stupid, measly, poodunk minutes. Yeah, I was out of breath, my lungs were burning, my body was tingling, and I ultimately felt like a wuss. But I DID IT!

How does behaving poorly, avoiding, making excuses, being offended, isolating, getting angry or bitter make you a better person anymore than walking or avoiding the hills make you a better runner?
We have all been hurt, we have all been disappointed, we have all put our "Miles" in if you will. Most of us are dealing with adversity in this broken world.
But if you want to be Better, If you want to GET BETTER..Then You better GET OVER YOURSELF.

There is a book out there, secular book, The Four Agreements. I liked the 4 basic concepts of the in this book. It shows a lot of wisdom.

Be Impeccable With Your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.
Don’t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.
Don’t Make Assumptions: Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness, and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.
Always Do Your Best: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.
1. "Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips." Psalm 141:3
2."Even a child is known by his doings, whether it be pure or whether it be right." Proverbs 20:11
3. "For it is better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing."
1 Peter 3:17
4. "Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting." Psalm 139:23,24

Monday, June 22, 2015

My Numbers are Down

We were in Florida, from the 14th of June through the 20th. My brother and sister live in Stuart, which is on the East side.
Bobby, my brother lives on the intercostal and has a good size boat.

Most days we were up between 6am and 7. The temps were unforgiving at over 90' every day.

My sister in law, Leeanne is a runner.

Scaling back and scaling down:
Running Schedule looked like this:

**Sunday June 15th: 3.15 miles. 9:40 with Leeanne
Dear Sweet Jesus it was stifling out. It was like running in Hell. I never want to return. I had sweat dripping the first mile. We walked part of the bridge. At we slowed our pace to a walk the sweat doubled up dripping in pools.

**Tuesday Coco Beach: 3.01 : 33:49 minutes

We took a drive up to Coco beach with the boys for the night. Andy wanted to go to NASA. NASA is a total NERD magnet. After being a good WIFEY, I laced up my shoes for another roasting RUN. Running at 7pm didn't make the temps any cooler. I found a park and of course got LOST! It was probably only a .25 mile path in the woods. The darker it got, the more noises I heard. The more noises I heard, the more I panicked. The more I panicked, the less my brain worked, turning me around and around. I literally did the same loop 3 times! I began to think I was going crazy, or crazier. I found myself out and headed to the beach by our hotel. It was beautiful.


Wednesday Coco Beach 3.01 9.03/m

Before the family woke up in the hotel, I took off for an early run. You guessed it, HOT! This was the BEST day. If you follow me on Instagram (Nitasliferunning) you will see the incredible videos I posted of the DOLPHIN! I was taking a running Selphie. I  had been doing this all week to show the beauty of my runs. The sidewalk had ended right at the intercostal waters. I heard a loud splash and nervously looked over my shoulder. There she was a dolphin right up against the side of the sea wall. She stayed there, letting me video her as she posed and played with me!

Saturday Stuart 5.51 9:45/mi
My Longest run before the fun ended. Leeanne met me for this run at 6am. It was a tad bit cooler at 77"!
We ran over the 2 signifigant bridges in Stuart. The Veterans bridge is about a mile long. It was fun!
We bought matching shirts at Stuarts Fleet Feet running store!

Total MILES..14! WOW, the only records I am breaking is for shortest miles, maybe hottest miles too, or sweatiest miles!



1. New Balance Running tank: LOVE, the fabric is all silky and soft. It feels amazing against my skin! It runs longer for those who like their bums covered! I prefer it longer, but rounded edges.
2. Nike Rival running shorts. These are my second pair. Because I LOVE them. Light weight, bright pink, very girly and 2 inch fabric band. These are 4 inch shorts. I love the longer length for my old lady legs.
3. Nathan water bottle. My sister in law Leeanne gave me this in Florida. She pulled it out of her closet with  the tags still on it. Such a girl thing! This is the first water bottle that I have had that I did not have to have to pull up on the nozzle to drink. Another LIKE!!

Back to Michigan!
7.00 8:04/mi
Fathers Day Run. I love running alone because no one cares if you are wearing the same thing TWICE! I said goodbye to Andy. I had my new shirt on, "Nita, why do you smell like perfume?"
"My shirt smelled funky from my run with Leeanne, I didn't want to smell like sweat, so I did a little body spritz on it!"
10.01 8:22/mi
Laughing, as I got more miles in 2 days then I ran in 7 days! I saw multiple dear, flocks of flesh eating turkey vultures and bunnies bouncing in every direction! What I didn't see were any other runners and only 4 cars!''


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Where the sidewalk ends!

My brother and sister live in Florida. I was overdue to come and visit.
The weather has been hot hot hot.
My family, including this half breed Mexican are All burnt in some place!

Yesterday, Leeanne and I went for a 3 miler at 6:30 am to beat the heat. We were not too lucky, the heat beat us! Like a 80' degree back hand. Our sweat was dripping before our first mile!
We separated today. We headed to Kennedy Space Center.
It was Andy's day! I would rather go down a bannister with razor blades than go the learn about space,astronauts and all the nerdy stuff associated.
It was so painful.

Dreaming of my run is what got me through.

Back at our hotel in Coco Beach, I got a few miles in!! I got lost in a little park. I got myself so worked up, I wasn't focusing! Typical of someone A.D.D. I ran 3 times in a loop before I figured out it was a loop and I was missing my turn. The foliage was so thick and creepy. The noises, made me run faster. I had bobcats and boa constructors coming after me. Man eating spiders were were attacking me.. My heart rate was running as quick as my legs!

I made it back!
And ran till the side walk ended!


Thursday, June 11, 2015


Austin has been the man of the house all week. He locks the house up like Fort Knox, double checks the alarm then comes into my bedroom to say goodnight to me every night. He would make his father proud.
Andy has been in Atlanta all week for work.
It has been quiet on the home front. Not boring, not lonely, quiet. I have gotten so much done, including my running.

Wednesday RUNNING: Kay gathered the ladies up for a group run at Am drop off for school.
My not so brilliant idea was to run the 2 miles to the school. I didn't know we would be running close to 6 miles!
Our run was more like a fun run. 6 mothers turned it into an adventure. We stopped into this car shop in Holly. I asked if we could get our picture by their car. They only make this specialty car here in Holly. And she is a BEAUTY.
They were very kind, I said "This is going to be the weirdest thing that will happen to you all day, I have 5 runners who were hoping they could get a picture by your car!"
The heat and humidity was baking some of the girls really fast. So we made fun pit stops all along the way through Holly.

Kay was cracking me up. "HEY HEY, we missed our turn, I am dying, the car is that way!"
We were all laughing as we passed the local funeral home! Another pit stop!
The sky was looking grim. As we finished, we all gathered together for some more laughter and water. I felt a rain drop, I looked at the girls, handed them my left over water and said, "AHH, I gotta go before the rain comes!"
That run ran me 10 unexpected miles.

Thursday RUNNING:
My concern with running those miles was todays long run with Danielle. I did not want to sabotage my run with her. It was important that I was ALL there for her.
We met at 6am.
WOW, that was painful. I slept like a crack head, tossing and turning all night. My body was sore and I was hot. I hate turning the air on.
When I got up at 5, I realized I didn't have time for coffee. Unless, I planned on peeing in the ditch for our entire run!
Droggy and confused I met Danielle in Fenton. I knew I would be so happy when it was over and still early.
I had in in my foggy mind we were running 12 miles. At mile 9, Danielle said something that threw me into a tail spin.
I was just recovering from "The Widow Maker". This is a 1/2 mile hill on Whittaker rd. that Jama named in the middle of winter, on a long, cold  miserable run. This hill was almost our undertaker!
Trying to catch my breath, Danielle mentioned something about "...we could turn here.... for 10 or here and go ...to get our 14 in...."
"AHH, crap, 14, did she say 14 miles, Oh DEAR."
I had to be all in for her. My calves were screaming profanities at me, I couldn't breath and yet, there just wasn't another option. "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!"

I get so much pleasure watching others rock their run. She was on it. She picked up the pace. At mile 12 she was still strong.
"Danielle, You are doing great, I want you to try and finish your last miles at threshold pace." I added "I will try to stay with you, if I cant, just GO!"
It wasn't about me, It was about HER. She needed this run, She needed me to just be there for her, I didn't want to slow her down.
But I was bent on staying with her. Staying a couple steps behind her, I let her go.
We finished the last mile at a 7:30. I was so proud of her!
OK, I was soo proud of me too!
You have to stay so strong in your mind. You have to want it. You have to KNOW what you can do and the right time to execute it.
Watching Danielle in front of me inspired me. We had all the elements to a perfect run. You can't waste that on mediocrity. No regrets. No excuses.
 Take FULL advantage of the moment.
We have to seize the moment and squeeze everything out of it. Waste not want not!


Monday, June 8, 2015

Not so Competitive

Saturday June 6th, last minute 5k: Wings of Mercy

"Kris, Anita would have kicked our A$$es had she not stopped to help a boy having an asthma attack."

Kathy at the finish shouted. I have never met Kris but Kathy said she knew me, I was her "nemesis". Whatever that means.
I have always thought of myself as competitive, the older I get the more I find I am really not that competitive at all.

It was a last minute 5k run in Linden. The Wings of Mercy. It was a evening run and on the runway of the small airport there.
My goal was to try and stay with Alec. I saw several runners and kids I coach on the runway. It was like a party with all the excitement and familiar faces. It makes a extrovert go bananas!

Alec was pretty confident he was going to PR. I was pretty confident this was going to hurt REALLY BAD! I HATE 5K races. They are not my distance.

As soon as we ran over the starting line I could see a potential problem. Ricky, one of the 6th grade kids I coach took off in a blaze.
I hung back with Alec, in misery.
The first mile, I felt pretty good, or maybe not super bad.
Alec, coached ME!
"Your doing great mom, right on pace."
I wanted to cry listening to him encourage me.
At almost 2 miles, the "Suck Factor" presented itself. Alec was holding a great pace. He was steady at a 7:05 pace.
Alec boldly says "Mom, I am going to go pass Ricky."
Knowing I was not going any faster that 7:05 pace I said, "Go, do YOU Boo".
Alec and I, Kathy M is right behind me, She took first place Female!

Just a few steps behind them, Alec tried to pass Ricky. The two of them went back and forth, but it was too much for little Ricky.
In front of me, he began wheezing. Alec moved forward, while Ricky struggled to catch his breath.

My heart broke. "It's Ok Ricky, relax, breath." I slowed down with him. He actually took a couple seconds to walk. There went my lead.
He was desperately trying to grasp air.
"Ricky, I'm not leaving you. Stay with me. Deep breath, calm down, relax your mind."

I lost my 1st place overall female. But I finished that last mile with Ricky. The medals were so cool. They were hand made airplanes with the medal plaques on them.
Alecs Time: 21:42
My Time: 22:52
I met Jeannette at Hungerford, the ultra I did 2 years ago. Staying in contact, she invited me out to this race. She is a gem.

The last 400 meters, I had a couple guys in front of me. I had a lot of air left. I may not have placed but it felt great to fly fast them, they never saw me coming!

 It also felt good knowing it was more important to stay with Ricky. Nothing else really mattered. The pain of leaving him behind would have been worse than the victory of a medal.

I had several people congratulate me for dropping back to help him. I thought that was so sweet.
"You are really the true champion..." Those words were so kind.

Honestly, I am really just not as competitive as I used to be. I didn't even look up my time until I sat down just now.
I don't know other runners, I don't check out their times and compare them. Maybe, it is because I have had so many injuries. I am just so thankful God continues to heal me and allow me to run. Anything extra is a BONUS!

Distance: 5 miles. Hills
Monday: 8 miles Genesys Athletic Club
Sweating like a stuck pig. Finished with legs and cold plunge.

I am loving Instagram, Pictures tell a thousands stories. nitasliferunning, Follow me.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

God Wink

I miss your phone calls.
I miss touching your hair, giving you encouragement, counsel, and an ear to listen.
I miss you LOVING me like I was the most special thing in your world.
I miss feeling so special to you.
I miss hearing that one time your trusted yourself and me to say "I love YOU."
I miss wiping your tears, rubbing your back and watching movies on the couch.
I miss you Ariel, I miss my baby girl so much.

God, I hate that I can not even feel or describe my love and longing for you knowing that someone is going to criticize me for it.

I had a 15 year old today actually say, "I am sorry, I hope you are OK"

Sometimes, I need a hug. Sometimes, I need someone to just say, "I am sorry".

I hug people every week, I get text messages from people hurting EVERY DAY. I send cards to encourage people, but when I cry, everyone runs. I have actually had people say I shouldn't grieve because I am not her mother. I suck it up 90% of the time ashamed of my feelings.

Tomorrow is Ariels birthday. It has been just 2 1/2 years since the accident. I wonder if it will ever get better on so many days.

GOD WINK...The strange phenomena that happens without explanation...

Every year, I buy her a birthday gift.
Today, I was planning on buying her a tree. A gift that would be so beautiful. It would continue to grow reminding me of my love for her and her love for me. I didn't know what kind of tree. I would know it when I saw it.

Before going to Bordines to look for her gift, I went shopping.
In my running clothes, I headed to Twelve Oakes Mall. They have a new Athleta.
I had several things in the dressing room. I found the cutest long dress. I tried to put it on and got all tangled in the straps. I started laughing at my profile in the mirror. One hand was bent over my head, the other hand was stuck against my side, the dress was all cockeyed and I couldn't move. I wiggled and squirmed then gave up. It was a workout  trying to back track- back out of the straight jacket. After getting it off, I looked at the size again and started crying. It was named "ARIEL".
I had to laugh through the tears. I wanted the dress so bad but it was 100$.  I still had to buy her birthday present and I wanted to spare no expense.
Leaving Novi, I headed toward home. AMY, my old neighbor posted a Note on my FB wall. I started to read it and couldn't make it through 2 sentences.
I tried multiple times only to be weeping in the car.
When I picked up Alec at school he said "Mom, have you been crying?"
"Yes, I am having one of those days hunny, I am sorry."

I tried to read Amys post again and couldn't. HOW DID she KNOW I was STRUGGLING? HOW did SHE KNOW TO POST THAT TODAY?? Why does she think of me? I am so thankful she hugged my with her thoughtfulness.

At Bordines, I headed to the trees. I hoped the perfect tree would stand out. Up and down the aisles I studied the trees.
THEN..There she was a CHERRY TREE. Tears streamed down my face. That was it, A CHERRY TREE. Ariel would go with me every summer to pick berries. The last time I picked cherries was with just her at Spicers. She would shimmy her bootie way up in to the trees, picking me cherries.
The poor guy helping me had no idea the emotional pond he was diving into.

I had several God Winks today.
I am grateful for Amy for loving on me.
I am grateful for God getting me all "Tangled" in "Ariel" today. It was the tightest hug I could have asked for.
I am Grateful for my memories of cherry picking with Ariel, these memories lead me to her perfect birthday gift.

I miss her, sometimes as special as the amazing memories I have of her, these memories break my heart all the same. My life is so different without her. There is such a void. I am reminded of the love she gave me, the love no one will ever be able to replace. I really miss her love.

8 great miles with DANIELLE! I missed my running partner. We did a near perfect progressive run. I love that girl!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Runners Day, of Mishaps

I think I may have gotten this day confused with National Mishap Day, Or Maybe National Airhead Day.
If there is no such day, I think I may petition for it.

I had total plans on running today. I thought 10 miles sounded like a great number.
I couldn't even get my coffee made this morning, I have no idea how I managed to inhale oxygen.
I think I went into the kitchen 5 times, back to the alarm pad, then to the back door and around in circles.
I took Sheba, my boxer with me all day. Even over to Maw Maws to clean her house, my Wednesday ritual.
It was cute, Maw Maw called Sheba up on the couch. Sheba is very well trained, way better than my kids. Jumping up, she curled up next to Maw Maw. Maw Maw kept referring Sheba as a HIM.
"Lord Maw maw, Look at those titties, she doesn't have anything hanging! She is a SHE!" It was so sweet to see Maw Maw take to her and laugh.

Another One Bites the DUST:
I quickly laced up my shoes, as soon as my girlfriend Lisa left. It was 1:30. I was going to have to hurry to get 10 miles in.
"WHERE is my IPOD?"
Time was ticking and I couldn't locate it anywhere. It's like my brain, I swear I am always trying to locate it. I texted Andy, he doesn't even take me serious. He just starts flirting with me. I texted my son, nothing.
Time kept ticking.
I took a minute to think, really really think. WOW, that hurt, but then I remembered.
I FOUND my missing Ipod and ear buds, in the bottom of the washer in my sweatshirt.

I have gone through so many Ipods, This one has lasted me the longest, over a year and half!
I always buy the warranty, only this is the first time the warranty was no longer valid!

I lost some miles when I lost time looking for my musical running partner.
It was looking like 7 or 8 miles now.
Hurrying out the door, I grabbed my letters to be mailed and went in the direction of the Post Office. Claudia would be so proud!

It was piping hot at 2 pm running. When I reached home I was just under 7 miles. "I'm good" I said to myself. I decided to run pass my house on the dirt road to get my full 7 in. A quarter mile down the dirt road I felt something hit my legs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a furry object bolt by me.
It was SHEBA!
I forgot to shut the screen door. My stomach dropped as she pranced in the middle of the dirt road greeting me.
No leash, no collar and a airhead master.

Andy says it all the time to me "Nita, what is it like being YOU? It is so painful to watch!"

It's National Runners DAY, I GOT MY RUN IN!
My dog is safe and happy.
And it only cost me a Ipod!

Did You have any great adventures in RUNNING today?
Bacon Wrapped Asparagus, Tonight's side with meatloaf. It was great. Only 2 pieces for me.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Are You Humble?

"Humble yourselves, therefore, under Gods mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time."
1 Peter 5:6
I took over a week off. Yeah, I did a little walking, a less than little running and a little more walking. I did, however do a lot of eating, resting and recovering.
I was nervous about actually running. I was wondering if my body would forgive me for the torture I put her through at Bayshore.
I did have a great 2.5 mile shake out with Jeff last Wednesday. We were really running our mouths more than our legs.
Humbly, I stayed put this week. No sense in hurrying things along. I am no superstar.
Humbled, Humility. It can be challenging to remain humble when social media showers you with compliments after an epic race.  
I am reminded of all the times I have been on the injured list.
I am so appreciative of those who have encouraged me and edified me.
I truly believe my running is not for myself, rather to Glorify God, and show Christ in my testimony as HIS runner.
It is not putting God in MY story, But accepting who I am in HIS.
Humbly accepting His guidance, His strength, His plan for me.
It is tearfully lining up to a race, a training run, speed work and saying "LORD, thank you, thank you for putting me right here, right now, Please give me Your strength to move through this."
It is Humbly allowing people to say things to me that are passive aggressive about my running and letting it just ROLL. Because in my heart of hearts I KNOW that God knows I am not ADDICTED to running, I am addicted to HIM and use my running to Glorify Him, to Share Him and To lead others to Him.
Being Humble means taking off the cape. I have no super powers. But I am Powerful with Him.
Being Humble means I can let others say and believe whatever they want and I just have to smile and love them.
Being Humble means I can admit I am NOTHING with out HIM. That I can BOLDLY share that with ALL of you.
I have enough COURAGE to SHARE with all of YOU how grateful I am For His countless blessings in my LIFE.
Are You Humble enough?
When You find yourself in HIS story, You will Bold enough to share it.
He Will Lift YOU up Higher than you could ever have done on your own.
PACE: 8:05
God lifted me up today on my 5 miler. My body felt strong and my heart was so grateful. God is GOOD all the time.
My Favorite Products:

All three of these Items are my FAVORITES. The Garlic Salt runs 1.99! You can not beat the taste or the price!
What are YOUR favorites at Trader Joes? I will try them and give a REVIEW! Share a recipe with me!