"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lagging Behind.....

I decided maybe I should drag my butt to the gym, after all it has been over two weeks. And by drag that is exactly what I was doing. My Ipod will not hold a charge which is parallel to how I have felt the last few days.

I had all my staples to get the job done. Gum-Check, Chapstick-check, Water-Check, and IPOD. Ipod, you say..? I never got rid of my old one. This one works but also similar to me, it has a few quirks but it can get the job done!!
I turn the treadmill on next to my neighbor who was also there. We exchange a few polite words and off I go. After 17 minutes I am ready to quit. Now we are going to have to get creative. How can I be effective and get this done quickly. Tempo runs. My version. One minute at a comfortable pace and one minute at race pace. I increase my race pace each time by one all the way till I get to about 4 miles.
At this point I am sweating pretty good, counting my steps to keep my mind off getting to one minute faster and counting down on the clock. " only 29 seconds Nita, Go."
The body..HA Ha . I no longer felt great. My right calf seized up and my left quad was yelling at me. "Anita, Here I am, just wanted to remind you that I am still mad at you."
Thankfully I had a field trip and knew it was time to get out of there.
The field trip was to the movies to see African Cats. Right up my alley! I really enjoyed it. We finished the movie and had to hustle back for Austins First Cross Country meet.
The meet was cold and windy. Everyone was complaining. I was holding the timer. So as each of the 52 students from 3 different schools including ours crossed the finish line I clicked the time.  The course is 1 1/2 miles.  The terrain is pretty rolly. But Austin finished 12 overall with a time of 11.09. That would be a great story but that is not what I was so impressed with.
Ben is far left being nudged by his best friend."Good Job Ben, You can do it!"

I was struggling to hold the timer it was so cold. Austin had crossed  and I wanted to give the job to someone else and go warm up. Mom and Dad had came out to watch and I felt bad watching them shiver with the rest of us. Mom was right next me yelling "Good Job, Way to GO." "Run hard, Strong Finish". We cheered the kids on. 15 minutes has passed, And we are about half way through the kids. The wind is pretty strong and I can not feel my finger tips. I am hoping I do not mess up pushing these buttons. The Coach said this was the easiest job but I am not sure I believe him. 20 minutes have now passed and there are kids still out there. My body is shaking all over to the point that my muscles are tense and sore. 24 minutes. There is ONE kid left. Ben. Where is he at? As I look around it looks like the team has left. 26 minutes. Still no Ben. Everyone is looking. Everyone is freezing and some are asking to go home. 27 minutes. Someone yells, "THERE he is.." As we looked up there was a huge crowd coming down the straightway. The Entire team had rallied together to bring in their last runner. They all cheered him on and helped encourage him to the finish. It  was a beautiful moment. Everyone was touched. At the point it did not matter what place our kids came in or who's school did better. At that point we all became Ben's fan club. Never knowing him or anything about him we all were rooting for him. It was a site to see.

There are those around you that may want to throw in the towel. There are those who lag behind, or do not follow the crowd. I encourage you to be their cheering section. Be patient with those who are not moving as fast as the rest of us. Sometimes it may get a little uncomfortable waiting around for others to come to the finish line, rather than clocking them or wondering why it is taking so long, Lend a hand, a word of encouragement and remind ourselves at least they are making a effort.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running your own Race in Life..5 Simple Lessons.

"GOOO Anita, You are behind, You gotta GO!"
 There are so many great lessons that I learn when running a race. You do not have to be a runner at all to learn a few of these lessons. The apostle Paul used many metaphors in the New testament that related to running and linked with living life with strength, perseverance and being a good testimony. I would like to share a few with you that are great reminders for me and my walk.

Focus On your Race- The only one in life that has to answer for themselves is Themselves. Keep your eyes in your own lane. If I am not careful I will look at others when running and also in life. I will compare myself to them and their gifts and talents. When I look at others I can feel discouraged or defeated before I even start. My success is different than others. We all have our own ingredients that we are made up of, truly successful people don’t keep their eyes on everyone else’s progress. They keep their eyes in their own lane.
If you measure your success relative to how everyone else is doing you’ll probably end up far below your potential.
Keep your Head in the Game- Running a race is not just a test of physical strength and endurance it is very strategic. So is life. We can not go through life letting our emotions steer us. How many times do we hear someone say, "Follow your Heart". My Heart is what leads to me goals and desires but it is not what is going to fulfill these. You have to have a plan of action. Knowledge, discernment, and instruction is vital. And it is equally important to not just know it BUT follow it. There was a man that I was listening to in Boston that said he wanted to run a 3:20 marathon. He knew the course very well and was physically prepared to do so. He also knew how much strategy was involved to pull this off. He finished in 3:45! He did not follow the advice of those who had ran it. He did not listen to what he KNEW. He got caught up in the emotion of the race. Let your heart produce goals but use your Head to direct you. Our heart is where passion is birthed and if not careful can sink your ship.
You are known by the company you keep- I have just had this conversion with my 11 year old. If you want to achieve greatness surround yourself around those that are great. But if you keep company with those  that do not have the same ambition or drive as you, you are going to be weighed down. Good fellowship and company is vital to a victorious life. I am encompassed around people that love and support me. That pick me up when I am down and encourage and motivate me to be a better me. They graciously counsel me knowing that I will receive their advice as love. Having a teachable heart is a key to being surrounded by people that have more to offer than you may have to share. I remember being so excited to see Andy at the 16 mile mark only for his first words to be "ANITA you have got to GOOO, You are way behind." This was not what I had expected to hear or even what I wanted to hear but Andy knew it was what I needed to hear. This statement was going to deliver more pain and endurance than I had to muster but it was presented with Love. Andy knew what my potential was, he believed in me and at that time probably even believed in me MORE than I believed in myself.
You can not pace everyone in- Many of us want to help and encourage others. It feels good to be wanted or needed. We can do this for a while but if not managed it can slow your pace down and hinder you from your own task. In Boston I was thrilled to be accompanied by these to Angels, Danielle and Carrie. They both asked me to pace them to the finish. But when I came to mile 16 I realized that it actually handicapped me. I so badly did not want to loose their companionship but I was not running my own race anymore. There are people in our lives we love dearly and want so badly to help and encourage. We can still love them and encourage them from a different angle. But ultimately they have to run their own race. You can not do it for them. This decision comes with a bit of heartbreak and grief. It hurt to not see Danielle next to me. But she would not have wanted me to not run my race to its fullest. WHY? Because she knew what I desired and she wanted that for me as well. It is Love, selfless Love. True love wants you to be the best you can without strings attached. True love is not insecure or self centered. She knew that even though I may have gone ahead of her she actually never left my heart, thoughts or prayers.
 If you do not Win every race you are still a Winner- I have done many races. I have never gotten a 1st
Place Overall Medal. But after every race I feel like a Champion. I know that I have given my all, that I never quit, and that I did the best I could. This Trophy does not have to stand on a dresser or hang from your neck. The trophy is in YOU. It is knowing that you did Your race with integrity, hard work, perseverance and strength. That you encouraged someone along the way as you would want, that you were not just a consumer but a supplier as well. It is the Joy of Running, The Love of Life. It is not how fast you reach the finish but how well you do getting there.

Verses with Vision:
  • 1 Corinthians 9:24 – 24 Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.
  • Galatians 5:7 – 7 You ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth?
  • Philippians 2:16 – 16 holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain.   
  • Hebrews 12:1-31 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boston Marathon 2011- Experience Victory

The emotions are still high 2 days after running the Boston Marathon. But nothing like the morning waking up to that day. I was overpowered by intense emotion when I woke up on Monday, Patriots Day. I was struggling to keep my focus being bound by all these extreme and binding feelings. Some of these emotions that I am able to sift through read like this:
NERVOUSNESS: Gotta be on time. Do I have everything? Did I get enough to drink? Should I wear the brand new shorts or the old Capri's? Should I eat more? Drink more? Drink Less?...
FEAR: What if something happens and I miss my bus? What if there is no taxi driver? What if My IT Band flares up?
LOVE: Thank you God for Andy. Thank you for my family. Thank you for their love and support. The love from my friends and family. I am so blessed to have such an incredible cheering section. Why do all these people love me so?
EXCITEMENT: I can not believe I am about to do this. Pinch me..is this for real. WOW..Really!!
ANTICIPATION: OK. Now is where it all comes together. Let's see what we are made of.
HUMILITY: I can not believe I am about to run the BOSTON STINKIN MARATHON!! Thank you Jesus. I do not believe that I get this opportunity. I am so thankful and so grateful and totally not worthy of such tremendous blessings.

So what does a girl do with these emotions to name a few..CRY. As Janis Joplin puts it best, "Cry Cry Baby". I would regain my composure for a minute and feel the waterworks all over again. Poor Andy. He did not know what to do with me. I could not focus on whether I should get dressed or eat. If I should put my bib on or tie my shoes. I was incapacitated. I could barely function. Poor Andy looked helpless as we went to the lobby and he kissed me off sending me into a cab at 6:30 in the morning. Not to be seen again till the afternoon if all went well.

It was a $25 dollar cab ride from our hotel to the 5 mile meeting place. And worth it. The cab driver dropped me off at the Back Bay Hilton where I took my ticket to get on my charter bus purchased by Baumans Running store in Flint. This was a $35 dollar luxury. This bus took me to the same location as the courtesy buses only they were school buses. We had reclining seats and bathrooms and the best part was we did not have to get off them until we had to get to our corral.
We all developed instant friendships with one another based on one common denominator: Running the Boston. We could have all been on the same bus and never said one word to each other but now we were all picking meeting places, exchanging phone numbers, emails and lunch dates with in a matter of just a couple hours. These friendships developed instantly from knowing the sacrifice, commitment, pain, and dedication that only another runner could truly emphasize with. We each know the feat to get to this level and respect one another based on this. Instant love.
The woman I sat next to, "Mellisa", qualified 2 years ago. Only to get breast cancer and not be able to run the following year. She wore her hair short as it was still growing out. What I had seen grow was her desire, with overcoming cancer and being a wife, mother of 2 and  still work hard to fulfill her dream..Inspiring.
She followed me out of the bus where we did one last bathroom stop, and departed one another as they yelled our corral was leaving. At that point we were both running,  my corral was fenced off and I was going to have to jump it to get in. I started to climb up the gate and the crowd seeing how small I was reach over and picked me up and carried me over. Everyone clapping and yelling. What a welcome committee!

Walking slowly towards the starting mat I was awe struck. I crossed the starting line about 7 minutes after our corral let go. I went to start my Garmin and noticed it was not showing my pace or my distance.UGH. I am not techy at all. This was new. Andy just bought this for me and spent the last night programming it to be perfect and now I could not get it to work. OHH I wished Andy was here to fix it. That is Andy always the one to fix my screw ups. I pushed buttons and tried everything and only made things worse. Now I couldnt even get the time on. I was asking others our pace and knew I was way off fussing with this dumb thing. After 2 miles I turned it off and turned it back on and WAALAAH! It was working. As soon as I got it fixed I heard my name, "ANITA", "Anita". I turned around and there was Danielle Mathie. Danielle, a girl I have not seen in 20 years from Brandon High School!!!  I knew she was going to be here but never in a thousand years thought we would find each other. What were the odds.
We spent the next couple miles catching up. Talking about where we were going to see our family and what time we would like to finish in. I told her my husband had given me a goal of 3:38 but I was skeptical. Her goal was 4 hours. Danielle asked me if she could stay with me and try and pace her in. I said absolutely. Funny how that worked, as soon as I got my Garmin to work I run into an old classmate asking me to help pace her. We both reminded each other how happy we were to have one another. About 4 miles down this girl comes up on my right and says, "NITA". Ok I am thinking who else knows me. I did not recognize the girl who looked about my age. She must have known I was confused and reminded me I had my name printed down my arm. She asked me what pace I was running and what my goal time was. I told her we were at about 8:23 and wanted to finish in under 4 hours. She then asked if she could stay with me and if I could help pace her in, she wanted to finish anywhere in the 30's. She didn't not want to finish past 3:39. I introduced her to Danielle and told her we were doing this together. We stayed side by side the 3 of us.

The crowd was astounding. It never let up. families, college students, churches and businesses. They all came out, bands and deejays, radio shows and television broadcasters. They lined the streets cheering us on. Danielle was getting excited to see her family as we approached mile 10. It was my and "Carrie's" new challenge to help find Danielle's husband around the town of Natick, at the 10 mile mark. We all looked on both side of the road. He said he would be on the left but then we heard a voice yelling all the way on the right. I was heart broken for Danielle as she could not get across 3 lanes in time to kiss her husband. Her number one fan. She held on to her pace and smiled and kept forward.

We had been on  a 10 mile descent the last hour and a half and as we were coming into the town Wellesley it was flattening out a bit. I asked Carrie where her family would be and she said her boyfriend would be somewhere on the course but she did not know where. She returned the question and I told her my husband would be at mile 16. My brother and sister in law should be with him but I did not know for sure. All I knew was I could not wait to see them. I would be feeling the course at mile 16 and was going to need some family support by then.
I kept the girls informed of our pace and time. We would get cooking down the hills at a 7:50 pace and I would hold us back remembering everyone's advice to keep the horses in the barn. As much as you want to blow down those hills you have to use your head. Advice that was given to me and I gave to the girls was this:
The first part of your marathon is all HEAD. Run with the knowledge you have learned.
The second part of your marathon is all LEG. This is when you go into auto pilot. Just cruise.
The Third part of your marathon is all HEART. This is where you dig deep. You run the pain down. You go for it all remembering why you do what you do and how you have gotten where your are. If you have to you cry yourself to the finish.

Danielle was starting to struggle around mile 14. She was not beside me as much. I kept encouraging her. I told her I could carry her to about mile 20 but then I really needed her to carry me. She stayed close. I would look behind me and see her with in 3 or 4 feet. " Come On Danielle, Today is your day, You can do this." I would yell. I was getting excited to see my hunny and family. As I was encouraging her I was slowing my pace down a bit.
Mile 16 approached soon. I was so excited. Carrie asked what they looked like, what they were wearing  and where they would be. She looked on both sides of the street as if they were her family. I changed running spots with her. I told Andy I would be running on the right hand side. We were coming up to the NEWTON HILLS. These are a set of 4 hills over 6 miles. Heartbreak hill is the last of 4. This is basically Death Valley. The temperature had reached 57 degrees at this point and all sun. This is where your training shows itself. Now as for me, my training did not consist of any hills because of my injured IT Band. So I knew I was going to have to Dig DEEP. When you train you are not just training your body you are training your mind. My mind and heart was reminding me I was a fighter and I could do this.
Then I heard him. I can hardly type through the tears. Andy was yelling my name. He ran right out onto the course. Smiling and kissing me. He screams, " You gotta pick it up hunny, you are behind, YOU have gotta pick it up", " How do you feel? What do you need?". I yell back, " My Chia Water, I need my Chia water." He gets into his sack and grabs my water and say back as he is running the course right next to me "Can I take anything?" I remember I tied my jacket around my waist, I quickly untied it and throw it to him. " Go Anita, Go, You can do it, Pick it up, You gotta Pick It Up!!." As he moved away I notice he had ran so far with me he could not get back in, Oh well he would figure that out. Now that is a coach, that is a cheerleader. I saw my brother and his wife cheering me on not far from him. I was left with a consuming love. I looked back and saw Danielle behind me, she must have heard Andy as she waved Go Go. I did not want to leave her, But I knew I had to. Reluctantly, I pressed forward with Carrie still at my side.
Carrie was teary eyed. She never meeting my husband was already in love with him. She was impressed with his coaching and support. As he ran along side of me she was watching and soaking it up as if it was for her also. When we moved  forward I shared my Chia water with her and Danielle slowly approached back with us. I was happy to see Danielle and reunite with her.
 We cruised up the first hill and the second, Danielle fell back and we never saw her again. I was in a lot of pain and could not retrieve her. We were now approaching Heartbreak Hill. My quads were on fire and my glutes were cramping. This is mile 21. Now I began praying harder. And Carrie could tell I was struggling. There were so many spectators. They were screaming and stretching out their arms for just a quick touch as though you were Kara Goucher. You felt like a Superstar. You had to stop smacking hands because you were loosing momentum!
But By the time I got to mile 22 I was spent. Carrie looked amazing. Still asking "Nita, do you think we are still gonna finish in the 30's". I felt sure we would. We had increased our pace to 8:15. And I could feel it, the hills were becoming unbearable. I was wanting to tell Carrie to just go ahead. But I knew that if I did that I would probably not do as well. I NEEDED her.
I was hot and was sick of the hills. Even when it flattened out there were little rollers and it was like running in the Rockies at that point. I felt so discouraged as I saw the smallest elevation. The straw that broke the camels back. Carrie knew. She started with words of encouragement. "Nita, you can do this, Come on."  At this point Carrie was grabbing water for her and me both. I went ahead to keep our pace and she shared her water with me. Who was this Girl? Why was she staying with me? I was holding her back. Yet she never left my side. I continued to pace her, sharing our pace and bringing the horses back in because she wanted to have a hard push the last 2 miles. I did not know if I could follow. But she stayed close, slowing down when I reminded her to not go to hard, hydrating me and continued to encourage me through words and companionship.
MILE 24. I knew this is where Carrie wanted to hit it. I chucked the rest of my Chia water from Andy and had chewed my last Juice plus gels. OK Carrie, I will give you all I have. I did not want to let her down, I did not want to let Andy down and I wanted to finish knowing I gave my all. I put my arms in front of me and let my legs follow. I stayed mechanic. Letting the burn drive me. We were pulling 7:15 minute miles. "15 minutes Nita and we are done." We came onto one of the last water stations. Carrie grabbed the water, took a drink and handed the rest to me, I finished the water and chucked the cup. Move, Move. Look up and stay focused I told myself.
Mile 25. One mile to go. Carrie is still next to me. She has a lot more in the tank then me. Why doesn't she just go? She could blow me away. Instead I hear her Angelic voice," Come on Nita we are almost there, you can do this." How can she talk? We are doing 7 minute miles, We have just ran 26 miles. We make the turn unto Boylston Street and she asks," Nita is that the finish?" I knew it was because I recognized that big blue overhang from the night before, it was about 600 meters in front of us. "Yes, Yes it is." She stays right next to me for about 300 meters and slowing inches forward. I can see her I am right behind her. I see the mat and the Finish banner and with my hands in the air and a smile on my face I run after my little angel. It is finished, I have finished. I have just finished the most amazing race in my life. The biggest Marathon of my life, and one of the biggest challenges.
Hebrews 13:2 " Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained Angels unaware."
Carrie and I walked back towards the family visiting station. Her last name started with an "S" and mine a "H". I was sad to see her leave. I did not want her to go. Over the last 3 hours she stayed by my side. I paced her and got us to where I could not go any longer. And she rose up and carried me. She never left me and picked me up when I needed it most. She had more wind then me but stayed there cheering me on and trusting me that I had gotten her to her goal. She believed in me and never left me. I was feeling the pressure. I had to know if I got her to her goal. What  if i didn't and she held back with me?
When I got to my family I was so happy. As I went to hug each of them my calves tightened up into charlie horses. My brother had to pick me up as I fell. OUCH. We ate and went back to the Hotel. I told them about Carrie but they didn't get it. I just wanted to get back and look up her results.
I could not remember her last name, I could only remember it started with an "S"  We got a newspaper on the way home. I found her. Carrie S....3:38:57!!! I was so happy. Mine was 3:39:44 and Danielle 3:50:51.
 There were many times I wanted to entertain thoughts of discouragement and doubt, But I was accompanied my Angels. That encouraged me and cheered me on. I am so grateful and humbled by this experience, Glory be to God.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boston Day 4...Homeward Bound

I slept. Finally slept through the night. Nothing stirred me. I was the first one up, after snoozing the alarm 2 times, no one was climbing out of bed in a hurry.
Andy and I quickly showered and packed. We were out the door to catch our shuttle to the airport in less than 40 minutes. I left the hotel looking like I felt...RAN OVER. My hair in a messy bun...labeled as it looked! And I did not take the time to paint the barn hoping that the sun I got would give me a "Natural Glow." As I caught a glimpse of myself later in a mirror I realized "natural" days are over. A suntan can not trade places with Painting the barn!
Everything went smooth to the airport and home.
I have learned how to walk down stairs BACKWARDS quite well. I thing my quads are repaying me for taxing them so bad. They are on FIRE...I am doing the "marathon shuffle" This is a very goofy looking walk. It is crooked and kinked. You can not open your stride because you use more muscles. Your entire lower extremity is in a war against you. My calves if pointed at all go into a charlie horse which drops you right to your knees. You want so badly to stretch your legs out but you are instantly reminded of the pain. The quads retaliate with sharp pain from your hips to your knees.
It is all worth it. The above paragraph as painful as it sounds is really just brief in comparison to achievement of running the Boston. The problem lies here...I am in so much pain and still lethargic that I am going to bed now. I want to share the experience but I want to do it with enthusiasm and rest. Stay tuned for the details tomorrow. It is a story of miracles and surprises. It is story of Angels and Demons..and Reminding ourselves who we are entertaining...

Exodus 33:14
“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”Anita

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tonight the briefing, tomorrow the details~

BOSTON DAY 3: Boson Marathon!!!!!!!
26.2 Miles.
Temperature: 55 Degrees.
Starting time: 10:20
Pace: 8:23
Official time: 3:39:44
Official: 10503
Gender: 2698
Division: 1967
Andy and Anita at the family meeting

Bob and Leeanne, Brother and Sister in law

After the marathon we came back to the hotel and got something to eat. I was starving.. A burger sounded so good. A big juicy burger, you know the ones that you need a napkin to wipe your mouth after EVERY bite. That is what I wanted and got!! And then I was depleted of all energy. NAP!! And it looked like that is what we all got. When I woke up they were all still sleeping. We eventually got moving, and had to get my brother to the airport.
We have just been chilling out and will continue in this state until we all crash again..hopefully very soon! Tomorrow I will give more details.
But the love and support I have gotten has been overwhelming. I can not express how heartfelt the support has been been. I am soo deeply moved.

  •  Top Men's Finisher: Mutai Geoffrey 2:03:02 and set world record.
  • He will receive $150,000 in prize money plus bonus money for setting records of over $100,000!!
  • Ryan hall Came in 4th with a time of 2:04:58
  • Desiree Davila a HANSON'S runner from MICHIGAN came in 2nd!!!!! 2:22:38
  • Kara Goucher came in 4th with a time. 2:24:52

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston Day 2.."Great and Mighty things."

Boston Day 2.
It is getting late and I have to get up in 7 hours so I am going to keep tonight's post very simple.
I was the first to wake up so I took advantage of this time and grabbed my bible to get some quite time. Some "Be still and Know" time is what I like to call it. I was reading in Romans Chapter 12. It was a great reminder of how I need to be towards others. As I was reading this, a verse came through that reminded me of all the love and support I have gotten. Romans 12:15 "Rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that weep." I am just overwhelmed with the comments and messages that I have gotten. I am so thankful for all the love and support.
Andy and I after getting ready walked down to Dunkin Donuts and enjoyed a cup of coffee till we left and headed into the city for the EXPO. This Expo is the largest expo in the U.S. We spent 6 hours here. Chaos. I loved every minute of it. Several times I got tears flooding my eyes and draining down my cheeks. I felt my heart skip a beat and I just continued to give thanks and praise to God for this experience of a life time.
We had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. As we were waiting to be seated at the Cheesecake factory we hustled to Max Brenners. (We had over an hour wait.) This is a Chocolate Brewery. They make their own chocolate and also serve dinner and dessert. Andy and I discovered this place in New York City and stumbled on it here in Boston. What a treasure to discover.
My brother and sister in law met us for dinner. After we ate we ordered dessert to go. A tradition we have done for most runs we do out of town.
We are currently in our hotel where we have everything laid out and muscles stretched and rolled. Our dessert is crumbless and I think I had better shut down for the night before Andy lovingly scolds me!

My verse for running Boston has been Jeremiah 33:3 "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." I rehearsed this and prayed this in my quite time. This has been my miracle verse. The Opportunity to run Boston is so mighty to me, something I never saw in my plan.

Well tomorrow I will be heading out of the hotel at 6AM. I will take a cab to Back Bay Hilton where I will catch a bus from Baumans Running out of Michigan. There it will take me to the starting line and I can stay on this coach bus right up till start.
Andy is wanting my time to be 3hours 38 minutes. I am going to need a lot of prayers to pull that one off. But "GREAT and MIGHTY things". That will be a PR...(PERSONAL RECORD). "GREAT AND MIGHTY"!

  • The Boston Marathon was a free event, and the only prize awarded for winning the race was a wreath woven from olive branches.
  • Women were not allowed to enter the Boston Marathon officially until 1972.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The city of Boston.. Day 1

Vender Hot Dog with Everthing!
Sleeping last night for both Andy and I escaped us. By the time we fell asleep it was after 1am and we tossed and turned all night. I heard Andys alarm go off several times and not knowing what time it was he kept responding it was fine. And I believed him, we got up late, missed our first shuttle and were hauling to get to the 4:30 AM shuttle. Keeping the momentum going we continued in high gear through check in and security. By the time we got on the straight way (in the airport) we heard the PA announce someones name and to report immediately to their terminal.... Andy then laughing leans into me and says, "You know you are late when they announce you over the PA." Just then we hear across the PA, " We need Andrew and Anita Harless to  report immediately to Gate D2." Opps. Without having time to get nervous we quickly board our flight. By the time the momentum finally slowed down I realized that our plane is about as big as a HOT WHEEL. No joke! And just to add a cherry on top of my shaky nerves the Captain reports that the conditions were rainy and that our flight would be quite a bit bumpy. This is the description of the first 1 and a half of my morning existence. Prayer and coffee are great comfort tools.

We arrived in Newark and caught our connecting flight to Boston to begin to see the Marathon Madness. The Brotherhood, A Marathon Fraternity. Boston Qualifier jackets everywhere. That is what everyone is talking about. From the plane ride into Boston that is all you saw and heard. The Marathon has invaded all of the city. And it is so cool to be a part of this. You are listening to peoples times and their races that they qualified at, you see people laughing in 40 degree weather at perfect strangers talking about their Boston Marathon experience.
This one single event has brought over 26,000 runners together. To the oldest marathon in Boston and the longest consecutive running race in the WORLD. It has brought us all together as a band of brothers and sisters all coming to run our own race, Each one of us knowing the work, dedication, commitment, injuries, sacrifices and the list goes on to achieve this. We are not shy with one another and if there was a secret Boston handshake I am afraid we would all learn it. Coming to Boston for the Marathon is like being a Harley Motorcycle rider and going to Sturgis.
Andy and I met my brother, Bob and his wife Leeanne at the airport. We separated at the hotel. Andy and I took The T( their train system) into the city where we walked and walked. We enjoyed a hot dog from the street vender together, It was amazing. This is something I would not normally eat but I crave and had no problem inhaling.We walked around the park and took the Duck Tour around the city. The guy directing the tour was wearing a baby blue ruffled tuxedo. I thought this is going to be interesting. It was hilarious. It was well worth the money. We got out of the cold and got a history lesson with entertainment. Why didn't we have teachers this fun growing up? We never really warmed up. We went into Faneuil Hall Market place and got the boys some gifts. Every time we went outside we quickly looked for 1 of 2 things, Somewhere warm to get to or another coffee house to drink something warm..

We finished our night at dinner at the Union Oyster House ( America's Oldest Restaurant) and found The T back to the hotel. Andy and I had a lot of fun discovering this new city. The experience is a opportunity of a lifetime. To be part of something that is so engraved in this city is pretty spectacular.
I am crashing quickly. Tomorrow is a new day and this is all ready over in a blink.

Boston built the first subway system in the United States in 1897.
The 3rd Monday in April is a legal holiday in Massachusetts called Patriot's Day.(Boston Marathon)


Friday, April 15, 2011

Making my list and checking to twice. 2morrow BOSTON

I recovered from last night. I got to bed and Andy was sawing logs and the dog had moved into my spot on the bed. I prayed, and prayed some more, eventually pulling out my solitaire game on my cell phone and soon I too was asleep.
We are marking things off one by one. Checking the list and praying that we have everything and did not forget anything!
I got that last Physical Therapy appointment in this week with Clint Verran. CHECK
Worked Today. CHECK
Massage! CHECK
Bags packed..Garmin, IPOD, BIB number, Juice Plus, Chia Seeds,BIBLE, Essentials.CHECK
Kids packed and dropped off at the parents house. CHECK
Arrive safely at hotel. CHECK
Bella Visage
Clint Verran Physical Therapy

It was in general a great day. I came into work and everyone at my work were so encouraging. My manager, Nancy told EVERYONE I was running in the Boston Marathon. It made me feel like a superstar. I got a little bit embarrassed and she just lifted me up more. And as if the girls at work were not cheering me on, my client came in with flowers! I had another client this week that got me a gift certificate to a spa as a congratulations gift. Wow. These are clients, friends. These are cheerleaders. People who believe in me and love me. It just blows my mind. They are not family, they do not come over for holidays or know your cell phone number. But they support me and love me. It is awesome the people God places in your life. I am so completely blessed by these people who know my heart. They know this running thing is important to me and do not judge me, they know I am not snobby or superficial. They love me for me and all the things that are important to me they love FOR me. Even if they do not love running or understand it. They love that I love it. That is amazing to me. This reminds me of how GOD loves us. He wants us to have Life Abundantly. He Knows our heart. He wants to cheer us on in the little things and the big things. He believes in us when we can hardly believe in ourselves. This is how I was surrounded today. By this kind of authentic love. I had friends calling me at work on their day off...I am still in awe.
The massage I got today was on my lunch break. This was a gift from a friend who I work with. Just a random gift for me for... I still do not really know. But I am so grateful. The massage is something that they recommend before a race and after as well.
MASSAGE benefits Before a RACE.
Benefits Include:
* improved circulation
* more flexible joints
* reduced risk of injury
* enhanced performance
* decreased muscle soreness
MASSAGE benefits After a RACE.
 After cooling down, post event massage can help to relax tight muscles, relieve cramping and reduce recovery time. Decreased muscle soreness is an added benefit!
Tomorrow we will be on a plane a 6am for Boston.  We will keep you all updated. Keep us in your prayers for safe traveling and all the fears and emotions to be managed and maintained. Thank you..


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stressed. people pleasing

You know what I am..I am stressed. Everything went great today. I had coffee with a dear friend and left there and went to physical therapy. And that was great. The whole time being encouraged and ready. Clint had shared a couple things that I really needed to hear.
The Marathon is ALL you should be thinking about. At this point of the game you have had more than enough time to prepare and wrap up details. You can not let your mind or body take on any undeserved stress.
Jackie talked a lot to me today as well. Just setting the framework for what to expect with the weather and the spectaters, She shared a lot of valuable tips and information. I felt good when I left. Better than the guy coming in that had just injured his hamstring and was also running Boston. Poor guy was still painting an optimistic smile when I was leaving.
Much of the information Clint shared was DO NOT STRESS. How bad it was for you. Do not worry about planning, people, arrangements any of it. When you get to Boston all you should be thinking about is Running.
BUT here I lay crying. I am not super human, I am not cool, calm or collected. I am so upset. I can not make everyone happy. I am trying to please my family coming in from Florida and I am trying to make my husband happy as well. And I feel like everyone keeps saying "Well I just don't want YOU to worry." How do you make everyone happy. We are all so diverse. We do things differently and differently does not mean wrong it means differently. I am pulled by two opposites and just want to RUN. At this point I want to run and run and run. I do not want my husband upset and I do not want my sister in law upset. And I am the one laying here with this big pit in my stomach and tears streaming down my face. How can my entire day go so well and in 5 minutes it just implode? And to top it off, I hate crying. I do not like feeling like I can not handle this. Or that I am being a sissy. Or that I do not know how to manage my emotions or whatever..My insides feel turned upside down and I can not even see how to get myself out of this. Whatever this is. Why do we have to pull up our big girl pants and suck it up? Right now I just do not have it in me.
I feel guilty to make matters worse. I had another girlfriend call me out of the blue this evening, She was very encouraged my some things that I had written. She did not know a lot of the things that I wrote about the last few weeks. Such as the Boston Marathon. Here I had actually inspired her. WOW.  When I hung up the phone I was a completely different person than I am right now.When I hung up I was encouraged. I was excited and inspired. I was strong and resilient, I do not like who I am right now. I feel confused, broken, angry, and blah blah blah...that's what it sounds like.. So what does that tell me..
For tonight I will Breathe.
I will Pray and put it all in Gods Hands asking him for wisdom and discernment.
I will have my Pity Party and send out NO invitations because it will not be long enough to hold anyone hostage to anyway.
I will recite: "God grant me the serenity to ACCEPT this things I CANNOT change, The Courage to Change the things I CAN and the WISDOM to KNOW the difference."
Tomorrow is a NEW day. and tonight is being recovered....


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tears behind the Triumph.

Less than a week out from the Boston Marathon. So many things I have been thinking about.

I so many times feel misunderstood.  I am afraid people will read me wrong or define me incorrectly. Or I think maybe they have it right and I have it wrong.
I really enjoy running. Most of the things I choose to do I really enjoy doing. But it has not always been that way. I am so encouraged by the ones that encourage me because they KNOW me and they KNOW it has not always been this way. They do not see me being braggadocios or conceited. They do not see things are easy and come natural, They see the Tears behind the Triumph and the Pain behind the Prize. 
How did this all come about?  I think this through over and over. "God, why did I choose to be active?" "What made me choose this?" "Who was my inspiration?" ,"My Role Models?" A million questions targeted to WHY have filtered through my mind.
I did not come from parents that were athletes or over achievers. Or even that had outstanding goals. Quite the opposite really. I came from parents that did not see all the possibilities that LIFE had to offer. They were clinging to the possibility that things would change with out them doing ANYTHING to change them their selves. While they were loving parents and did the best they could they were Alcoholics. Their Disease owned them. They sold out to drugs and alcohol to fight their pain for them. 
SO why Anita? Why did I not just follow suit. On a run not to long ago I engaged in this thought for the hundredth time. The word control came to mind. Growing up in a family riddled in addiction you have a couple choices.
1. If you can't beat em' join them.
2. Fight. Fight All of Hell...
I realized I had worked so hard for so many years FIGHTING their addiction. Trying to control them and their choices or lack there of. I was born to fight, I was raised to endure and overcome. But I was fighting the wrong fight. I was using all these qualities for the wrong war. This war was not going to be beat by me. I could not control them or fight hard enough to get them to quit using or love me or themselves more.
When I moved out and started my own life, working out and physical activity was the only thing I could control. I had harvested all they qualities and did not know what to do with them when that war was over. And all these little defects began springing up. ..Anger, Resentment, Unforgiveness, Bitterness.
The only way I could "Control" these were to sweat it out. I would work out so hard the physical pain would trump the heartache. And I would continue this as I do today. Today the heartbreak is much less. But for all those years it produced characteristics that at the time you need to survive. Strength, Endurance, Perseverance, and Hope.  Gratefully,today these same traits make me more than want to just SURVIVE they make me want to THRIVE! To live life to the fullest. 
Life will make you bitter or Life will make you Better. To enjoy not just what is given to you but to reach for the things that Available to you! By taking Control of the things YOU can control frees you to see the things that are available for you. The work we do can be so exhausting and unproductive so why not work just as hard on a VICTORY we can have.
Romans 5:4"...and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope."
  • A child raised in a household where one or both parents are alcoholics has a 3 to 5 times greater likelihood of becoming an alcoholic adult than a child raised with both parents being non-alcoholics and non-drug addicts.
  • It takes 200 muscles to take a step.
Take a step.. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Short and Sweet:TAPERING

35 Miles..That is what I was planning this  week. As I look at my NIKE PLUS history on my Ipod it reads:
Sunday April 3-7.08
Monday...Not recorded but 3.6
Wednesday April 6-7.04
Thursday 7-16.32
A little short but that is OK. Every run was a good run. They all felt good. They left me feeling complete and confident.
As I ran this past week here were some of the thoughts that ran through my head.

"THANK YOU GOD" Thank you for healing me the last few weeks. Thank you for giving me strength when just 7 weeks ago I did not think I was going to even be able to complete the Boston Marathon. 7 weeks ago I could barely run to 9 miles without being riddled in pain. Pain so bad it affected my gait and my go. The pain mentally tortured me before physically birthing itself through my knee. This pain sabotaged my thoughts before ever even rearing its ugly face. I found myself entertaining thoughts of doubt and discouragement. Now I am grateful HE did not turn away from me. Through faith he healed me.

I had made a bad decision one day and it haunted me. As I was running I filtered my mistakes though my head thinking about how I could recover from it and what I should have done differently. I love running when there are things that I am struggling with. It is this time when there are no distractions that keep me from visiting these areas.  It is when I am running that I can hear a voice BIGGER than my own. While I am running I can not only recognize my problems but also search for a  healthy way of recovering from them. I am able to dislocate my emotions from logic and find that I am more loving, forgiving ( to myself and others) and capable of handling life and the obstacles it presents.

One day while running I just felt Bionacle! My legs were hitting the pavement almost robotic like. Methodical. My Body felt poised and warrior like. I felt like I was a character in a SCI FI movie. During this run I was thinking about what kind of time I thought I could accomplish at the Boston. I was wondering if I could actually set a PR. If it was possible to set a PR without training hills or doing any speed work. What was my body and my mind capable of accomplishing? I was punching numbers and adding times. I was dreaming and goal setting. I was praying and preparing. What was I capable of accomplishing against the odds? What were my odds after this past couple months of being injured? During this run I felt encouraged, I felt strong and I felt Gods still small voice saying.."Very Good, Anita, I have equipped you, I have healed you, I have a victory ALL READY WAITING FOR YOU!!" As much as I felt encouraged and loved I was overwhelmed with gratitude and humility. So thankful for not giving up when he KNEW what he had prepared for me! Little ole me..
Jere29:11'For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.
TWO CENTS WORTH TIP: During a 10-mile run, the feet make 15,000 strikes, at a force of three to four times the body’s weight.

Friday, April 8, 2011

There are no Dead Ends....Your Beginning Prt 2

The obvious answer to starting to run is "one step at a time". Isn't that the cliche for almost everything that we start though?
I am going to give you the way that "I" started. First off I want to let you know that I did not just take off and go like Forrest Gump. I got winded, side stitches,shin splints and blisters. I was no exception to the agony of starting out. But excuses can line up all day long but they do not get the job done. I wanted to RUN. I wanted to feel FREE, I wanted to drop my tears on the pavement, I wanted to embrace all the beauty that God had illustrated outside...I wanted to laugh, cry, pray, praise and endure every new challenge that I found running had to offer me.
Before running, someone had told me about this 3 & 1, or a 5 & 1program. It basically is running 3 minutes, brisk walking 1 minute, same at 5 & 1, running 5 minutes then walking 1. This is a program that I later learned was developed from Jeff Galloway. I used this method and also the "Run to the Sign Method"! I would pick out a spot and run to it then walk to a destination and continue to rotate back and forth run and walk. I would continue to lengthen my running and shorten my walking to the point I was able to no longer walk anymore. This was not any extraordinary program. It was a program Anyone could do. It was a program that is achievable for anyone that wants it. The great thing about running all you need is a pair of shoes and your time. You do not need a fancy gym membership or a trendy mat or any equipment other than what God gave you. You do not even need a road to run...Mother Nature is full of adventure.

3 Different ways  to start:
  1. TIME- Choose a time you want to work out. If I only had 30 minutes, I would go for that distance walk/running. I would remember my route and the the next time try and go FARTHER in the same amount of time. 
  2. DISTANCE- Not paying much attention to time but more on your distance. Map out a run route and use it elongating the distance a little bit more each time. 
  3. SPEED-This one is very important for beginning running. Do not worry about it, that how important it is! Speed is where you can get injured if you are not careful.
Keep it simple. Just get your booty outside. Enjoy the air through your lungs. Embrace the outdoors and watch what you can do. If you want to run, If you are reading this and have gotten THIS far in today's blog you must WANT to run...Than tomorrow is your day!! Make a date with yourself. Set  out your clothes, your shoes, charge your ipod (if you like music) and go to bed thinking about your route! All you have to do to start is one step at a time. Victory lies in meeting your challenge. FAILURE is NOT an Option!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to start Running..my Two reasons..Part1

I get asked all the time, "How did you get into running." Well there were a couple reasons:
REASON 1- After my second baby I had horrible postpartum.
I was crying all the time. I had a dear cousin stay a month with me in the summer of the birth of my youngest. "Kristin" would see me crying and say " Alright let's go" and off we would go for a walk. Or a walk/run. I am so thankful to "Kristin" for her patience with me. The imbalance of hormones completely debilitates you. It is like you can hear Cher yelling "SNAP OUT OF IT" but nothing shakes the sadness from you.
2010 Kristin and I, such a beautiful bride.

How Exercise can help ease depression
  1. Releases "feel good brain chemicals" such as endorphins that can ease depression
  2. Reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen depression
  3. Helps us learn how to cope in a healthy way
  4. When running outside we are receiving more Vitamin D which has been shown to help prevent depression.
REASON 2- Running has a very flexible schedule!
As the children got older our lives shifted. There were areas in our schedules that got easier and areas that got more difficult. Gym time got much more difficult. My husband moved to a first shift position and I lost my date with "Gym"! My mother in law gave me her old treadmill and I had no excuses for not getting a work out in. When you are used to working out you do not get to choosy about how you are going to get your sweat on. And your family are quite encouraging as they have noticed what a BEAR you are when you don't.

 Starting to Run

1.Believe in Yourself! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me"
My husband and I would watch "biggest loser" and I would hear myself yelling "good job" with tears streaming down my face. Here this woman or man was against the odds with excess weight meeting these challenges. Fighting against the pain, and believing wholeheartedly they were going all the way and many of them did.
2. Set a Goal-"My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose – somehow we win out" Do you want to run a 5k or a race this summer? Do you want to loose weight? Is there a vacation that you want to go to that requires physical activity? Do you have health issues you want to get under control?
3. Create a plan-"All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination" Create a plan that you can FOLLOW! Try not to give yourself unrealistic goals. If you know that you can only work out 3 days a week but maybe 4, make your plan 3 days and anything extra is a bonus! We tend to want to throw in the towel as soon as we fall short. So rather than setting our self up for failure create a realistic regimen. 
Remember those things that inspire you. Whether it is a person, a quote or an  idea. inspiration is internal motivation. Believe in yourself, Make yourself worth it. Try not to let past failures, negativity or obstacles stand in your way, I always tell myself, I AM MY BIGGEST OBSTACLE..GET OVER YOURSELF, ANITA AND JUST DO IT!

Tomorrow "Getting Started"


Monday, April 4, 2011

Running with ASTHMA

Today was day one of Spring Break. I told the kids we would be doing errands during the morning as well as  half of the afternoon. That was not a popular conversation. After they recovered from their age regressed temper tantrums and resigned to the idea Mom wins, Kids loose, we did quite well. They tolerated a few hours with no PSP, TV, SKYPE, or outdoor adventures, rather hanging with mom at Trader Joes, and a few other odds and ends.
Devon, Sheba, Alec, Anita, Austin and Justin
I told Austin we would run outdoors for him today, and again we revisited the temper tantrum. And once we established the rules of the game (again) he redirected his energy into what he would wear and how long we would go. He was especially pleased when I let his friend Devon go. Devon is very athletic but not a runner. He is a Baller. But Devon usually comes with an attachment...his little brother, Justin. I was VERY apprehensive to let him go as he is only 9 but my youngest son was going also, Alec. So I thought the two would be a good partnership.
Austin and Devon took out beautifully. They were rhythmic.  And though Devon is not a runner he did awesome. He stayed right up with Austin running 3 miles together.
Alec and Justin....Poor Lil guys. Alec did pretty well other than a side stitch I was very proud of him. Justin informs me of his asthma a half a mile into running and I am like "Oh great, on my watch." He finished, walking more than half the way which I recommended. I would circle back around and stay with him a bit until I had to check on Alec and the other two. I did more circling and there and backs to make me dizzy. Managing 3 different kids and their running was very consuming. But we all finished and I encouraged to three who finished a few minutes ahead of Justin to meet him and bring him in together and they did.
It appeared Justin had:
  1. Up to 80% of kids with asthma have symptoms when they exercise.
  2. The main cause of this asthma is cold dry air.
  3. When kids exercise or play strenuously, they tend to breathe quickly, shallowly, and through the mouth. So the air reaching their lungs misses the warming and humidifying effects that happen when they breathe more slowly through the nose.
  4. Symptoms of exercise-induced asthma include wheezing, tightness or pain in the chest, coughing, and in some cases, prolonged shortness of breath.
  5. Kids with exercise-induced asthma often begin having symptoms 5 to 10 minutes after starting to exercise. Symptoms usually peak 5 to 10 minutes after stopping the activity and may take an hour or longer to end.
  6. Someone may have exercise-induced asthma if he or she:
  • gets winded or tired easily during or after exercise
  • coughs after coming inside from being active outdoors
  • can't run for more than a few minutes without stopping
This information came from:

In closing, Although Justin had to walk most of the way, I was so proud of him, He kept moving, He gave all he had and really just wanted to be part of the gang. Nobody likes to be left out. That is the great thing about running, it does not matter how fast you go or how far you reach it is just finishing and encouraging others to do the same.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Training those Unaware. Austin joins CC

What a dreary day. I needed a little fire in the furnace today. It was the perfect nap day. Only the body was not on the same page as my mind. Of course nothing is usually on the same page as MY Mind. Hence why I run!  I wonder if I was a more logical and compartmentalized thinker if I would run as well. One never knows...
Dragging my feet I went to the gym. I was all alone so I grabbed the remote controls and found TRUE TV! That not only entertained me for my 7 miles but the two who came strolling in and grabbed treadmills next to me. Top 20 Most Shocking Videos was airing and it was more enjoyable watching these newcomers crinkle their faces at the video mishaps than actually watching the show.
I kept things reigned in. Not going to fast. Not going to far, and not doing to much. Which couldn't have been a easier task on such a unmotivating day.

When I came home from running, my 11 year old son, Austin says,  "Mom, I have to run 20 minutes every day during vacation". I had no idea his coach wanted him to do this. Unlike homework you never hear about, he was eager to share this. I was glad to hear his discipline. As parents our children are watching our every move. They are absorbing not only our actions but also our character. The proof is in the pudding. He knows that you have to do it. You are only going to get results from dedication, commitment and hard work. I do not have to preach this at him. He is 11..He is not going to listen. He is going to learn from watching. This was a great reminder today and an encouragement to me to keep doing the right thing. There are different things that we are training for in our lives.  I am not only running my race but I am here to help train 2 little boys to strive and train for their races.
Php 2:16 "Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain."

Two Cents Worth Tip: When running on a treadmill remember to keep your elevation at .05 to best duplicate running surface outside unless doing a programed run with hills*


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wrapping the week up- "Amanda Run" -Tapering

In 2 weeks we will be in Boston. WOWZA! This week running had come to its final eclipse. It was Over 50 miles in running. More than I have EVER done. And was able to do without pain. Now let me clarify pain.
There is still pain, I would be lying if I told you I could "Float like a Butterfly". There are always quirks and clicks, there are pops and side stitches. Those are the pains that couple running, not the ones that engage after the run. Sore muscles, lost toenails, and blisters...EVERY bit worth it!
"Pain is temporary quitting is forever"
 Tapering -I will start my taper this week. running about 35 miles this week. Tapering is the art of resting and repairing your body after months of training so as to be able to peak for an event. Professional athletes are masters of this.My  training formula from here on in will be minimal miles plus maximum rest will lead to maximum results. Year after year the #1 training tip as voted by the readers of Runner’s World is; Value Rest. 
Tapering can be broken into 3 segments as one of my coaches describes:
  • MAINTAINING YOUR BASE-giving your body a couple of weeks of only mild activity it will have time to rebuild itself to peak condition. In the meantime that mild activity will maintain your capacity for absorbing oxygen (max VO2 intake). 
  • RECOVERY- Do not participate in any activities that can result in injury! Avoid exercise that could break down any large muscular groups.Try to get some extra deep sleep. Our body is at its healing best when you are in deep sleep (the type of deep sleep where you dream). Naps are earned!      Think maximum rest = Maximum Recovery = Maximum results 
  • PROPER NUTRITION- Nutrients are the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicles (anti-oxidants) that help your body function and heal. By following best nutritional practices We will be giving our body everything that it needs to rebuild itself into peak condition. Proper carbohydrate loading is important these next couple weeks. "Nutritionally Dense Foods". Remembering the more intense our exercise is the more free radical damage we are experiencing it is very important to eat excessive amounts of fruits and vegetables, ( I load up on my Juice Plus)
Co-workers, Amanda is far left. Megan and her brother on my right

I was encouraged by one of my coworkers yesterday. I went into work yesterday after that long run with a empty tank. My body was tired and my energy just depleted. I was so wiped out I felt sick. "Amanda" was asking why I was so tired. As I shyly told her about my run I realized with a bit of unidentified excitement that I had ran 48 miles. She must have saw the twinkle in my eye. "Amanda" then replied, "Its only 2 miles, just blow it out, just go all out and get it done"  So stimulated by her encouragement, I headed to the gym after work on Saturday to finish out the week with over 50miles  and did an "Amanda RUN".