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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts for the RUNNER you LOVE~

With my racing season drawing to a close I tend to scale back this time of year. I drop my miles and my intensity. I take this time to gain strength, cross train and just do whatever it is that I want to do and sometimes nothing at all! No serious agenda and no pressures!
I decided to go to the gym today. I am not a fan of being confined to the indoors. Running on the Dreadmill or doing any of the mechanical cardio machines really puts it into perspective what a hamster must feel like! I feel like a caged rodent!
The Dreadmill was vacant and there was no one there to fight me for it so reluctantly I moved in. 7 miles was the goal and I wanted to finish in under 56 minutes. With my gum in my mouth and my "Nitas Running" play list jamming in my ears I approached the Dreadmill. I opened my "Rachel Ray Cooking" magazine and hit the Start button. As I looked at all the heavy holiday foods, all the starches and desserts I was reminded with each turn of the page why I was running today!

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~Burton Hillis
I have promised a few people that I would put together a list of running must haves. I have put together some great gifts ideas for those family members that demand a list from us!
Top Ten Gifts to get your Runner 2011 
1. Nike Plus+- $29
Dun hams, Sports Authority, Best Buy, Dicks Sporting Goods, Amazon
2. Cuddle Duds- $26-$34
JcPenney, Macy's, Kohl's,cuddleduds.com
3. Winter Running Hats- $16-$34
 Athleta for woman, Dicks Sporting Goods, Brooksrunning.com
4. IPOD Nano- (This is compatible with NikePlus+)  $114-$129
SOLD Everywhere!
5. Winter Running Gloves- $12-$29
Roadrunnerspots.com, Running Gear, REI, Dicks SG

6. Garmin-$134-$399
Garmin 305-Best value for your first watch. Comes w/Heart rate monitor

Garmin Forerunner 60- $99!..This is not multisport.
Amazon.com. Dicks Sporting Goods, Best Buy
7. Traction for shoes when running outside in snow and ice-$29
Local Running stores. or Revelsports.com
8. Running Magazine Subscritpion $25..(Link below offering a holiday special)

9. Running Tights- $45-$80
Any Sports Store

10.Running Socks- $10-$29
Thorlo and Smart wool. http://www.rei.com

These are just my top 10 favorite. There are many others that I have not put on here. In a couple weeks I will do another post for Stocking Stuffers for our Favorite Runner.

 The Ultimate Christmas Bundle: Register your runner for a race for 2012, print it out and wrap it in with one of the above gifts!! If you are really feeling like spoiling your runner make it a Destination Run and get them a hotel room and go cheer them on or BETTER yet...register with them and run it together!!!!

If you have any questions about any of the products let me know, I can tell you which brands I like and give you a little more details, like the best place to purchase and different local running stores that may sell the item your looking for. ALSO..Remember the Outlet malls are a great place to save money!