"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 27, 2017

Dowtown Holly: I Run this Town~

"Good energy come follow me....
Ooh feels so alive, ooh thats what I like....
Yeah we're all about a good life....."

I may have replayed this song 3 times on my 7 mile run.
Music is mostly about the beat for me. So please do not judge me from my secular music selection!
This song plastered a smile on my face and motivated my legs to move with momentum.

Todays run was SOLO. Except for the party in my head, where all the good music was entering from my ear buds.
With this marathon coming just weeks AWAY, one of the many things I have NOT been training is PAVEMENT POUNDING.

I changed my routine a bit..I ran at 3:30pm.
And it was so hard to even get started. I was on the struggle bus today. Every hour I kept wondering if I was going to "FEEL" like running.
Pretty sure even when I headed down E. Holly rd. I still was not "Feeling" it.
That's training. You can't go on "FEELING".  You have to go on "Doing".

I have lived in Holly for over 17 years. It is a small community. And even though I am a small person I am a BIG personality.
I love people. I am LOUD, some might even say obnoxious at times. A little bit nutty and a little bit out of the box for a 43 year old conservative mom.

This being said, I know a lot of people. Running through Holly in the afternoon was a blast.
My first mile, Erin and her daughter slowed their pretty white truck to share smiles and encouragement my way. I heard honks and waves from parents I have coached, I even ran into my favorite old neighbor, Amy. I had to stop my watch so I could rub my sweaty body all over her...In LOVE! I think I even wrapped my leg around her I was so excited, like a DOG!
With all that excitement I was so proud of myself, I remembered to start my watch back up.

It was hard to crank my legs over again, lucky me I had Erin Bowman blasting in my ears to put some pep in my step.

I made it about a mile, when Marie stopped her truck to chat with me for a few minutes.
She greeted me with smiles but I left with tears. She shared a burden with me that really pulled on my heart strings. I took that mile in prayer then cranked my music back up trying to maintain my pace. And this time...I forgot to start my watch back up! I lost about 2/10 of a mile before I noticed my routine airhead move.

I forgot how much I love running through town. Thank you for the smiles, the waves and the honks!
Thank you for making room for this pipsqueak on the road. Everyone was courteous and very kind. It was such a fun run. Don't get me wrong, I was still breathing heavy and my lungs were burning, but even that felt good in a weird way.

Distance: 7.2

"Someone got a goody in the mail today!! I ordered this sports bra on Poshmark, NWT.
It could probably fit a Barbie doll it is so small, that is why I think I great such a great deal on it. $17 dollars on a 49$ sportbra!
LOVE it!

In Closing: The weather is getting warmer, its getting less intentional to find a smile and share on. I encourage you to SMILE more. Running today I smiled a lot. I was pleased to see so many people outside. As I ran I made my way through 3 little boys on the sidewalk. They looked at me with curiosity. I brought my hands down and got little "High Fives" from them. They were smiling and laughing as I passed.
Smile, it can really make someone's day! It made Mine!



This tea actually has a bit of honey and milk in it. But I added some more honey and sweet cream. It was SOO amazing tonight.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

One Thing at a Time

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. you will be a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail"--Isaiah 58:11

A busy week. A week of deadlines, disciplines and  decisions. I don't know about you but when I am pulled in a million different directions I make really poor choices. I get flustered and Satan takes reeks havoc on me.

As I finish out my week, I am comforted by the amount of peace I am carrying. I had several opportunities to really flub things up.
But I tackled each event, idea, each situation separately and individually.
One thing at a time.
I tried not to entangle my circumstances into one cluster. I prayed independently from one matter to the next.
I have several weakness. However, by the grace of God they were strengthened into the areas I really need something bigger than myself.

RUNDOWN: Collision
My long run was shortened this week due to a interrupted schedule.
THE PLAN: Half Marathon @ marathon pace. 
Lacey and I were going to run from my house. Unfortunately, the rain had me quickly altering our plans. With just minutes to spare before Lacey showed up, I sent her a text telling her to change her clothes, I was taking her to Genesys. Running in 42' and rain was NOT something I wanted to do. I was still recovering from all the mud slinging the week before.

Running in shorts, Lacey and I had to get rolling. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest...Not at all the case for me. I had back to back events. And running got squeezed in.

The track was busy with walkers, runners, tennis players and people in between. Lacey had a solid 7 miler on Saturday and I could hear her breathing in our first couple miles.
We were running in our 5th mile and Lacey mentioned something about me being perky. I told her our pace and reminded her what we were supposed to be running.
We never slowed up again. Lacey is a tough cookie. She apologized and made a intention switch to pick it up and bring it in.

We ran strong. We counted our laps together. Because it takes 2 of us to count laps! I felt great, we actually were hitting our laps faster than our marathon pace.
The only watch I was keeping an eye on was my little purple Timex. And the only thing I could see was our splits.
At mile 10, I happened to look up at the large overhead clock. 1:12pm. I panicked. There was no time to get in 13 miles. I was pushing it to get in 12 miles.
We held our own. Ran hard to 12 miles then used mile 12 as a recovery mile.
2. 9:00
3. 8:38
4. 8:43
5. 8:45
6. 8:25
7. 8:26
8. 8:20
9. 8:08
10. 8:01
11. 8:11
Average pace: 8.29: This is MARATHON PACE! We picked it up enough to average us out!
Mile 12...Recovery and I forgot to stop my watch! It was almost 25 minutes after we stretched, rolled and chatted in the locker when I realized I never hit STOP!

The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. you will be a well watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail"--Isaiah 58:11

I was pretty stoked at how God had taken care of this run. He knows my frame and strengthen me.
Just hitting it one mile at a time~


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

When the endorphins KICK in.

"...the only time I should see you is when you are passing me...." Jeff said with a very serious smirk.
It was 800m repeat day.
My Dread.

Sunday, I was so discouraged after our long run. So many thoughts of doubt and discouragement replayed over and over in my head. The song just wouldn't end. I questioned my abilities for running this upcoming marathon.
It started out just a little crack. But Sunday all my thoughts on this marathon broke into a million pieces.

Jeff left me at the track as he dropped off his phone back in the locker room. I went back and forth. I knew what my training had me doing.
1 mile w/u
8X800m @ 3.35
400m c/d
1 mile recovery.

I didn't want to do it.
I didn't want to fail.
I didn't want to hurt.
I didn't want to work so hard.

What if I couldn't run them?
What if I I didn't run them?
What if I just do half of them?
What if I just run them fast but not fast enough?
What it....A hundred more.

"I hate this, I hate that I can't breath, I hate that it hurts, I hate speed work ...." Desperately trying to catch my breath and cry to Jeff.
He gave me NO sympathy.

Jeff left me with 2 repeats left. I hit my numbers, I hit 6 repeats...
"I can do this..."
"Can I do this?"
"2 More...if you can do 6 you can do 8.."

I was blown away every time I looked at my little purple Timex.

I wanted to cry, I knew it was God. He loved me enough to heal my 50 mile running week. He loved me enough to strengthen me, empower me..

I came unto my last 400 meters. My lips were dry, my lungs were burning. I tried to breath and I had no strength to even gasp for air. I was so thirst. My legs felt like lead weights.
I thought I would just run this last one easy. I didn't have to hit my time.

AND there he was..JEFF. He came back. He stood against the rail. He raised his finger "1". He came back to hold me accountable. To check on me.
I couldn't call it in.
He was counting on me. He knew I could do it. I had to quit being a baby and Run IT.
My last repeat; 3:30.

I tried not to cry. I wanted to scream "BAM! I did it!" BUT I couldn't even breath. I decided breathing was the first thing I needed to do.

The ENDORPHINS were raging. I took off my socks, my shoes and headed to the heavy bag. Bare foot and stoked I twisted my hips, pivoted my left leg, raised my right leg and WHACK! I planted the top of my foot perfectly across the bag.
The vinyl felt so cold and refreshing.
I came back into stance and went to repeat the roundhouse.
ONLY this time the sweat from my bare feet slipped against the cold cement floor and I came up 3 feet off the ground and all 103 lbs came down on my right butt cheek.
I was back up, quickly! My knees back in position as I swung my hips and slapped the bag again.
I am sure I gave some people a few good laughs. I was cracking up inside. I was feeling like Rocky hitting the bag but looking more like Dumb and Dumber.

The super cool thing about running last Fridays Pot o Gold ( One of the only cool things for me) was I got to meet the race director of Hennipen100 that I am running in October!
"Michelle" was inside the Masonic Temple manning a shoe table for the shoe brand 360'.
Lacey happened to see her flyers on the table advertising HENNIPEN in October.
Lacey introduced herself and LO and BEHOLD..she was our LADY! She was so excited to meet us she trusted me to guard her table as she went to car to bring Lacey and I goodies!

In Closing...Hours later, I am still so humbled that I was able to NOT just nail 1 repeat..BUT I hit all 8 of them.
I wanted to quit, I wanted to cry, I wanted to breath, I wanted to cheat..
But I didn't.
I believed. I worked hard, I prayed harder. I sweat, I never gave up even when ever fiber in me wanted to.
Believe in yourself. Never quit. Whatever you are battling, whatever you are fighting, whatever you desire, don't quit. Dig in, don't listen to the voices of defeat...You are what you believe.
The easy route is easy...and comes with little satisfaction. AIM HIGH. WORK HARD, BELEIVE.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Race Recap, so much Crap!

POT O GOLD Race Report;
Have you ever ordered a meal and after a couple bites knew it was not what you should have ordered. Maybe you were not as hungry as you thought.
Maybe it was not what you expected.
Maybe it started off good but then it was no longer appetizing after a few bites.
HOWEVER, for what every reason you felt you needed to finish your plate. And as you finished those last few bites you think "OH, what have I done, that was awful!"

Pretty much sums up my 4mile Pot O Gold race experience!

  • It was the accumulation of a 50 mile run week.
  • I worked Friday and Saturday, booked, on my feet for 9 hours in heels.
  • Ran in a white out with snow flakes as large as Satan. Pretty sure Satan spewed defeat all over me.
  • My stupid watch was on the wrong data screen and I couldn't see my pace, not that it was anything to look at.
  • I took off too fast the first mile. And it wasn't really that fast...
  • No stretching or warming up, we were a little late
  • Gun start time, you would think I would remember this as I place myself in the middle of the pack.
  • My kilt felt hot and heavy, it sure was cute though.
  • My hamstrings were tight and irritable from 2 separate leg days.
  • The voices in my head sang "You suck, just walk!"
Kirt runs in all the local races. He is always a gem to see.

This may have been the first time I ever wanted to DNF. But it was a 4 miler and they had a walking group.. WHO DNF's a 4 mile Fun RUN? Totally CRAP!

Distance: 4mile
Time: Gun Time: 33.05
Place female 40-44: 1st of 31
Female Masters: 2nd of 118
YES...You are reading that correct! My slowest Pot O Gold and I placed!
ME, Jeff, Lacey, Melissa and Holly

I love seeing so many of my favorite people! I got to see Robin, Kirt and my lil buddy Jeff ( I may have pressured him into the suffering on Wednesday)  on top of going with Melissa, Lacey and Holly. The Finish and seeing everyone was way more fun!

Glass City LONG RUN:

Lacey and I struggle with attention deficit as much in life as we do running. Neither of us can run a route more than a couple times.
We changed it up and ran the PAINT CREEK TRAIL adding on the CLINTON RIVER TRAIL.
Paint Creek Trail, if you catch it in the beginning is 8.9 miles. We picked it up on Atwater Rd in Lk Orion, running it until it ended in Rochester near University Dr.
We had to do a little jog through downtown Rochester to pick up the Clinton River Trail. Both trails are very flat. They run along the water. The trees are still bland without buds or greenery but the blue skies were reflecting off the flowing river. I am really looking forward to training this a lot more for Hennepin100. It should be beautiful in another couple weeks.
Nonetheless....Both trails were a complete sucky mucky mess. A little birdie warned me, But Lacey and I both didn't want to run the back roads.

The trails were being enjoyed by walkers, runners, romantics, bikers and although we didn't see any for ourselves, horseback riders. We did see a WHOLE LOT of gigantic horse poo. "Anita, if dog owners are supposed to clean up there dogs poo, I think the horse owners need to clean up this POO!"
We saw so much horse crap on the trail.

We did pretty good at keeping our pace. I had to work a little harder than Lacey. The last 6 miles I was over it. My shoes weighed as much as that horse poop with all the mud in them and they pretty much look like it too. Lacey tried to get me to chat but I didn't even feel like whining out loud.
It was a beautiful day out there. As we finished up, I was beginning to realize why I was struggling. The path is so flat that it just never ends. There is nothing to break  it up that you can see. This was messing with me. I convinced Lacey to walk each mile for a few seconds. This helped me stretch out and give me something to run towards. You could hardly run through the mud,so it was a bit of a reprieve for me.

Distance 20.01
Pace: 9:24
Time: 3:03

It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to. ~Annie Gottlier
We had to bump our miles by 2 on our long run today.
 Then I somehow lost a mile at mile 15.
Todays run was a mixture of want to and have to. Its fun until its just not fun anymore.
The first 15 miles was all easy, I wanted it.
I cant say the same for the last 5 though!
I just put my head towards Lacey and had her run me in like a dog!
So thankful for the sun, the path and my partner!

Crap race or running around crap, between these two runs, so MUCH CRAP!


WAIT WAIT...I'm pooped out, done writing..BUT something really COOL happened at Pot O Gold. I will share it tomorrow!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Broom Tree. Deadly D's.

Quiet run at Holdridge with a great group.
We were all feeling a bit beat up.
Took this run one breath,
One step,
one hill,
and one mile at a time.
We embraced each moment we were in;
being fully engaged in our surroundings.
Sometimes you have to close off the voices between your ears
and engage in your moments with gratitude for the little things.
This is where true strength is birthed.
#strengthinGod #trailrun #runnerlife #holdridgetrails #gloryisgods
my IG.

I taught a young womans bible study last night.
I taught the very thing I battle with. I hate the struggle, the fight, the battle, it often feels like a loss.
I have been victorious in so many ways. I have been spoiled ROTTEN and blessed beyond measure and yet......
I hear that voice...The voice of a Jezebel. She haunts me..she screams in my ears..her words are like daggers. I can't muffle them. I cant shut them down.
I know they are defeat, I know they are discouragement. I know they are disillusionment...
I find myself shaking in the afternoon sun with anxiety.
GOD...Mute those words. PLEASE.
I had a great run. I run with great people.
I go to an appointment and the technician shares her deepest hurts with me, in tears, telling me how I have a gift for people.
Back in my truck the voices echo...louder and louder...Until I forget God has equipped me. Prepared me...Provided for me
My phone is saturated with text messages and calls from friends and family that love me.
My girlfriend stopped over for coffee and to get a fill of laughter and coffee. I smiled as I shut the door....
I opened my bible and started studying Elijah. 1 Kings chapter 18-19.
I was asked to lead this bible study and I looked at myself and thought I shouldn't be the one to lead these ladies. I am a mess. I'm so broken. I'm a heathen. I hear the words of Jezebel drowning Gods promises over me. John 10:10 "The thief comes to steal,rob and destroy...."

My Victories are forgotten, unmentionable, are yesterdays shadows and I lay under the broom tree.
Defeated. Depressed. Discouraged. Despaired. Disillusioned.
The big "D" clouds my vision of my victories like Elijah, and hushes God voice.

I feel like God is a million miles away and yet I know he is as close as my heartbeat.   

I want to hear him and I want to stay hidden under the tree.

BUT that tree is Renewal. Restoration.
See God brought Elijah a messenger to Help restore him.

Buried beneath the daunting voices of Jezebal I needed Gods sweet voice.
EAT Anita.
REST Anita.

And I did.

When we reach the end of ourselves if we eat and rest we can hear the Lord.

We are reminded of what Gods plan is for us. We are prepared to continue to fight the good fight. We are able to shut down the voices of the Jezebel in our life that speaks death and defeat to us.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Helping a brother out!

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."
Apple CRISP...Sun Shining..Crisp Winter Run!

Ahh, green tea and the smooth tunes of Childish Gambino, Redbone ringing in my ears.
Music loud enough to hear nothing and feel everything.
The tea hot but not enough to burn and sweet enough to calm any circulating thoughts.
Such a happy place to recount my morning trail run.

A friend of mine was planning a 32 mile training run today. Waiting to hear their plans I held off to see if they wanted some company.
When I got the OK, I sent out a bunch of calls, messages and texts.

Luke 6:31 And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

I have ran 32 miles and I have had friends jump in making almost every mile enjoyable.
Running 6-8 hours solo...Ohh I have done this too. Its so painful mentally and physically.

I have been blessed with some amazing friends. Sometimes I look at the awesomeness in my crew and don't understand why God has blessed me so much. I can hear the words my enemies have said about me. They leave me confused. I begin to believe them. I fight them. I try to remove them but they haunt me. Words Haunt, hurt, disable you, especially when they come from those you love and you think should LOVE you.
BUT THEN....God gives you affirmation through friendships that are strong. He reminds you, sometimes its a whisper and sometimes its a roar.

Today when 4 girlfriends, running partners, showed up to help a fellow runner run their long run I so fell in love with my crew.
Because it was 19 degrees, but felt like 9'. There was 2 inches of snow on the trail and still snowing.

We ran at Holly Rec. The trail is a 6 mile loop if you come back to the car. We came back to the car a few times. We picked more girls and dropped some off.

Everyone was full smiles. We ran a easy pace allowing everyone to stay together. I trailed in the back, my favorite place.

Ahh....OH Wonder..."Without you"...in my ears...Such a great song...Ahh

I never really got cold. I was doubled layered, we all were. The trails were so romantic. Soft white snow laid gently across the tree limbs. The ground glistened pure and white. The woods were in full glory.

I only ran 2 loops, about 11 miles. My calves were burning from my run with Lacey Sunday.
I had 29 miles in 2 days.
Sundays Long run, Lacey and Holly

Claudia, Erin and I ducked out together. These girls, LOVE them. I am looking forward to my summer trail runs with them. 
Kris and Rachel held strong on the trails. Those girls are tough as nails.

But all good things come to an end.. the run ended, the smiles remain.

And now the tea is gone and I am ready to close it up too.

People say best friends are hard to find -- that's because the best is already mine!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cant walk and chew gum!

Galatians 6:9
"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."

A week overdue. A week less of my ramblings.
We are merging into week 11 of marathon training.

WHY is this training any different than all the other marathons?

BECAUSE I am older, busier, sorer, and whinier!
Because I love Lacey and I so badly want her to get to BOSTON. This being said, being her running partner we are in this together.

I have morphed into trail running.
This whole pavement pounding, road running cocktailed with track workouts.. stinks.

Glass City Marathon is APRIL 23, SUNDAY. I have yet to have a training run that I feel secure in.

March 2
Holdridge: Trails
Run with Kris
8 miles
Pushing snow and fallen trees

March 5
Bicentennial Park, Grand Blanc: Pavement
Run with Holly and Lacey
17.2 miles
9:03 min/mi
Windy Whinefest

March 6
Holly Rec: Trails
Run with Lacey, Paula and Matt
10.2 miles
SURPRISE! Lacey, at last minute told me she could ran with me on this Monday. We joined Matt and his wife on the trails. Lacey does NOT run trails, but she loves me and actually suggested running trails.

March 8
GAC: Treadmill
Run with Jeff
1 mile w/u 6x800m repeats w/400m recovery, easy jog. 1.5 easy
Track-1 miles easy with 3 strides.

Today..Was the suffering on the TM next to Jeff. Every time I hit another repeat I threw my hand up with the number I just completed with overwhelming excitement. "Just knocked off another one!" Jeff couldn't hear anything I was saying, he was trying to drown out his own suffering with music.

We were both a mess when we finished. Kay, a coaching partner of mine was texting me on the TM. When she realized I was responding during my run she text me "OMG, wth. Your gonna break your neck. You can't walk and chew gum at the same time."
Do you know how hard it is to laugh and do speed work on a TM?
During my recovery I sent her selfies. This about tipped her over the edge.

KAY was SO Correct...
I finished my run, even got my core work in. But only because I had Jeff keeping an eye on me.
The rest of the day...TOTAL Mental catastrophe. Nothing fired properly after leaving the gym.
I couldn't walk and chew gum no matter how hard I tried.
  1. Meeting mom and maw maw at the Green Apple at 9:45..Arrived..but without much makeup, I LOST IT!
  2. Maw maw wanted to go to Big lots after breakfast. I sat in the parking lot of KMART for 10 minutes looking for them!
  3. After discovering my error I heading up Dixie Hwy to Big LOTS...PASSING it. I didn't even know I passed it until I was in Clarkston on the other side of Waterford Hill.
  4. My girlfriend needed her hair done this afternoon. As I headed out to her house, I drove RIGHT pass her complex. AGAIN!
  5. At Terri's house I began emptying my bag with her goodies in it. I had just spoke to that HOUR as I was at the store. "Terri, do you need me to get you anything?" She asked me to pick her up some Shampoo...NO Shampoo in the BAG. I forgot to purchase it.
At this point I should just barricaded my self in a little white room with padded walls. I SHOULD NOT have been doing HAIR. But we had some very tragic circumstances this week and it HAD to happen. As I was spraying Terri/s hair down, I smelled something very strong. I just used the water bottle she had sitting on the table. "ANITA, That is alcohol in that bottle!"  AHHHHH! I had just sprayed half her head with it!

One thing after another. Everyday has been crazy. From the moment I left the gym my brain never fired right again. Its a good thing I wasn't CHEWING GUM!

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." Galatians 6:9
I didn't sleep well last night. My mind was churning with all the projects, deadlines and details I had to accomplish for the week. My body is tired. I have not eaten properly, in my scatterbrained schedule eating has not been penciled in accurately.
I am sure many of you can relate to this busy schedule.
There are several problems with being overbooked. For me I get anxiety, fatigue and I get discouraged. I try so hard to have a good attitude. I try not to let my venom spew on my loved ones and when it does...I know its time to put myself in TIME OUT. Re-evaluate my list, Re-connect with ME, and Re-cover any damage I may have caused.
Take a breath and don't loose heart.


"One of the most miserable people in all of the world is the person who spends every waking hour trying to find something that will make "ME" happy."

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lover of quotes, ideas and notes

I decided to clean out the desk drawer today. Every time I opened it papers flipped over catching on the top of the desk. The desk drawer is full of quotes, notes and lessons I have written for church or ideas I have for coaching. Its tangled with pictures of the boys, drawings and every little thing I just can't throw out.

A 10 minute job leaves me reading all my notes and quotes and crying at my yesterdays.

So I thought I would share some of them with you~

  • "Its not what you look at that matters, its what you see." Henry David Thoreau
  • "Once you start appreciating life, that's when you realize how much you truly have to live for."
  • Showing up is always the first step.
  • Can't never go wrong doing right.
  • "If one could run without getting tired I don't think one would often want to do anything else." C.S. Lewis
  • The world is but a canvas to your imagination
  • "I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am a realist enough to know life is a complex matter." Walt Disney
  • Difference between STRONG WILLED and STRONG MINDED
  • "The worse enemy of good is BETTER.

Funny thing. The notes I was looking for...I have NO idea what I did with it. But I have a lot of material..

But I am a listener. Don't get me wrong, I can talk, ALOT. But I love to listen to wisdom, stories, ideas and laughter.

I met Jeff like clockwork for our Wednesday day of torture.
I could listen to Jeff all day long. He always has a new fact, quote or idea that catches me. I have been on the TM trying to record something brilliant he has said in fear I will forget it.
We started with our usual, unconventional ab exercises that hurt for days. I was DETERMINED to try those stupid angled hanging leg things. "COME ON PUPPY!" I could feel myself get red. Jeff knows everyone up there. I could feel all these eyes looking at me. All I could do was laugh THEN tell Jeff to "SHUSH"! I was going to try these stupid things again. I DID 8 OF THEM! Not eloquently or graceful BUT I did it! And my belly is so sore from it!

Wednesday is usually some sort of speed work, for both of us.

TODAY: A makeshift ladder workout.
1 mile W/U
2 400's @ a 5k pace, easy jog 400m recovery
2 800's @ 10K pace, easy 400m recovery.
1 mile at a 10K pace

On my third lap of my 1st mile @ a 10K pace I got this BRAVE idea to go for another mile, no recovery.

I just kept telling myself "Make it to the next lap,"
I counted the minutes down with each lap...
"6 minutes..you can hold this 6 minutes..."
"4 minutes, breath, relax, focus on something other than the numbers and the pain.
"2 minutes, anyone can run for 2 minutes, buckle down and PICK IT UP." And with that I turned it up a little more.

Jeff was done and heaving over the side of his TM and I was right there with him, desperately punching the buttons trying to lower my pace.

I got 6 miles in, I was red faced and sweating.
I tried to gain my composure before he says, "OK, lets hit the track and do some strides."
I was like...REALLY? I was still trying to catch my breath as we headed to the track.

I'm not gonna lie. It FELT AMAZING. To run fast enough that I could feel the wind pushing my hair back. On my toes, running light and wild.

"Nita, I just try to get 2 steps in front of you...." And he takes OFF before the starting line. As I catch up I giggle "OK, theres you two steps..." And off I go like he expects me too.
Yes, we both couldn't talk when we finished but within seconds we both giggled over randomness.

But like any good ending I love the last lap of two. We are in a conversational pace. We are wrapping up of session of torture with a few good words and ideas. This is my favorite.
But I cant remember half of his quirky comments and I cant run with a pen!

GAC: TM/ track
Distance: 7.25
Average pace: 8:25

"The wonderful thing about the game of life is winning and losing are only temporary, UNLESS you QUIT."

Which quote, thought or idea caught you?