"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When the bed is holding you hostage.

5am, I curled up tighter in the covers. 6am I argued with myself to get up, only to find myself turn over, reposition the body pillow and return to the back of my eye lids. My body was lethargic. My mind fell asleep with many interruptions from guilt trying to get me out of bed. The bed was holding me hostage, only I was a willing victim.

7am and the last one in bed, even Austin my 16 year old already left to work out. Tripping over my sloppy legs I made my way to the dresser.
I didn't even lay my clothes out, my brain was barely firing.

Some days, we just want to crawl back under the sheets. Our bed is warm, our body is tired and we have earned it.
There are just not enough hours in the day.
Not enough cool temperatures in the day.
Not enough days in Summer.

I wish I could say I felt better after I stretched and rolled. I wish I could say I was refreshed after a recovery day. I wish I could say I felt like I was foot loose and fancy.

But the hard reality was it SUCKED. My pace felt WAY slower than it was. I might as well  have been running in sludge as slow as I was. I was sweating after a measly mile. Because I was running solo I didn't even bother to put deodorant on. "Great, sweaty and stinky" I thought.

I waited for that "Sweet spot" where your body catches up with your mind and you feel like a ROCKSTAR. That experience totally escaped me. With sweat drenching my shirt, I decided to drop it off in hopes that I would be cooler and maybe feel better.

I couldn't stomach the thought of running 8 miles and seeing my depressing pace. 8 miles of hard effort only for a mediocre result. Ugh, that's a blow, I should have just stayed in bed.

Last minute brain fart: After 3 pathetic miles, I turned into a sub.

I did 2 miles of Hill repeats. The sun was resting perfect to give me a running partner, my shadow.
I was having fun checking my body out going up the hill. My arms were pumping like a sprinter, my knees were coming up, and my posture was poised. From my angle, I was looking good! It gave me accountability being able to see myself. To add a little more dynamics, I began to chant "Go, get up, get up, go!"

Heading back home, I was a little insecure. It wasn't enough to be half naked, I was completely drenched in sweat. I had tore my hair out of the pretty pony tail and gave myself a knotty Buddha bun on the top of my head. Sweat still managed to drip off my neck and hairline.

2 miles from home, I saw Austin on my bike coming back from the gym.
I really wanted to walk home, my legs were torqued. But I found myself trying to catch up to him.
I lost site of him. I thought "Maybe I will just walk now, I am almost home."
Right after that thought, Austin pops out of a side road. I sped up the 30 feet to catch him.
It was a great half a mile home. He hung out next to me, gave me some water and a little company!

It was such a great run. My average pace with hill repeats and walk breaks: 9:09/m. I was pretty stoked. 8 miles of no regrets.



Monday, July 27, 2015

Woodstock Training Day

Training day. A long run on a Monday in 87 degree weather? You would have to be a little "ULTRA Crazy" to do something like that.

This is what my ultra training day looked like:
LOVE the barns on my runs!

  • 5am wake-up- snoozed 2 times.
  • Left house at 5:48 with a couple bites of a tortilla wrapped with peanut butter.
  • Ran towards meeting place, where Claudia would be waiting for me.
  • Carried Iphone, Ipod in my pouch. 2 Garmins (One for Claudia) a Garmin Charger, a KIND bar, My water carrier and a frozen bottle of water to drop on route. Oh and chap stick and 2 pieces of gum!
  • I love taking pictures of the people that I run with. I also like to take pictures of scenery. When I arrived to meet Claudia she had a present for me..a selphie stick!
  • The sun was just coming up by the time that we headed out. The temps were mild, still in the high 60's. 
  •  The black flies were so bad on our routine route we took a different back road route.
  • I actually look like I got Botox. I got bit on my forehead yesterday. This morning my eye was swollen and I had no wrinkles on my forehead! However, I think I looked like a character from Star Trek.  
    Talk about getting HIT with the UGLY stick! UGH!
  • We walked the hills, did intervals, unplanned. I wore my sons Garmin, it was not set for intervals.
  • Ran by feel NOT pace. I let Claudia set the pace. She was rocking it.
  • Claudia ran 14.5 mile with me when I dropped her off back at her car.
  • My goal was 22.
  • I filled my water for the second time before saying "Goodbye" to my partner.
  • My body felt pretty good.
  • I had been taking Sport beans with my water. The fruit punch has a little kick for flavor.
  • As I ran in the opposite direction of home, I began to analyze my training. I realized I was STILL BEHIND! I needed more than 22 miles.
  • 24 miles, if I had to walk back home, I was getting my miles in. I said another prayer.
  • Bathroom break at Mcdonald and MORE water!
  • At 23 miles I was applesauce. That last mile I probably walked a quarter of it. BUT I did IT!

  • Finished my KIND bar, 2 eggs, 2 waffles, COFFEE.
  • More water
  • Stretch, put my feet up. I chatted with my son trying to recover and enjoy his conversation.
  • Epson salt bath
  • LUNCH: Half Turkey sandwhich with Muenster cheese.
  • DINNER: Swiss Chard Chicken burger with Gouda, corn on the cob, cottage cheese and strawberries.
  • Pina Colada smoothie (Pina Colada mix, yogurt, berries, Pineapple coconut juice, coconut milk and ice ice baby!)
  • Roll and stretch.
  • Give GOD the GLORY!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Smells Like FUNK

My morning was emotional. Today, was my son's 16th birthday. I had a few breakdowns before we even pulled into church.

I tallied up last weeks miles and was quite pleased. 60.5.
Longest run; 21 miles.

I did a first this week. I ran 6 miles BEFORE work on Saturday with Claudia and Jama. And I survived to tell about it!

My only days off from running last week were Tuesday and Friday. They were hardly rest days. They were work days and I was very busy.

I met Jama after church for a very HOT run. 87 degrees. But on a good note there was a slight breeze.
After an hour of catching up, deep conversations and some moderate miles I dropped Jama off to finish my 11 miles.
It was at that moment we both got a sniff. UGH...the sweat was stanky!

Tomorrow is the dreaded LONG RUN..Prayers WELCOMED. It is going to be another HOT one!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Training Plan?

Training plan? Mary Ann asked me if I use a training plan during our morning run.
The most serious part of a training plan I use, the only part of a training plan that I take serious, is being very meticulous about my long run.
Yes, do speedwork, hills, intervals, threshold run, but not scheduled.

I don't love training plans for myself. I love running and training. I love the adventure, I love being carefree and
I love the feeling of being free from the responsibility of that partnership.

So todays training was unplanned. MaryAnn and I met at 7 Lakes State park. This is a bit of a creeper park.

I was thinking 10-12 miles.
We ran 7 miles, walked almost another mile.
My watch was still set on 6:1. Therefore we went with it. We picked up the pace during those 6 miles. Mary Ann thought I was setting the pace and I thought I was taking her lead, as we both were huffing it. Together, we kept waiting for the watch to beep. We were running sub 8 minute miles.
MaryAnn pushed me today. It felt great.

Coming home I made breakfast. Steak bites and egg white omelet with feta, garbanzo beans and spinach.
Having a good breakfast really sets the mood for my day. Good food makes the heart happy!

What is your favorite training plan? Do You follow one?


Monday, July 20, 2015

Compromising with Myself

Running the Numbers:
Last weeks Milage: 53 miles. I am over the 50 mile hump!
Longs runs back to back: 20m on Sunday, 10m on Monday
Shortest run: 3 miles

The days have been hot and humid. We can not be waiting around for the weather to cool off when most of us have been waiting for the temps to heat up!

It is important make the most of our training. Try not to stay up so late and you will able to get up easier and earlier.

I don't normally set an alarm. I woke up at 5:01 this morning. I was meeting Claudia at the Highschool to run the backroads.
It was awful. The bed was warm, my body was stiff, and the pillows were so cuddly. I looked at my phone for the time, I convinced myself a few more minutes wouldn't hurt.
I laid there and did the math:
  • 5 minutes to get dressed
  • 5 minutes to get ready
  • 10 minutes to stretch and roll
  • 5 minutes to get to the school
  •  Therefore, 5 more minutes to lay here and make sure I have done the math right!
  • 30 minutes total...."Just don't close your eyes whatever you do Anita!"
Originally, I planned on running 22 miles. I juggled back and forth with this number and 20. My body felt capable but I opted out. I chose 21instead. It sounded like a perfect compromise with myself.

Last week, I jumped up 5 miles. I knew I had to be careful with my pace and distance for a couple weeks to continue to let my body catch up.


  • Intervals 6:1
  • Average pace including walk breaks 10.01/mi
  • We walked hills
  • We took pictures
  • Counted the deer that crossed directly in front of us..about 10. Little babies with her spots melted my heart.
All miles considered, I had enough energy to take the family to the beach. It was a great day!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

High Heat and a little Hell.

"I think I need to run outside today.." I responded to dad as we were heading into Panera's for lunch.

My thought pattern went like this:
  1. "Ugh..Its so hot out." (82' and humid)
  2. "You only have to run 10 miles and it isn't a fast pace."
  3. "You need to be running in the heat, you need to get used to it."
  4. "You would get a more comfortable run if you hit the gym."
  5. "Count the suffering a blessing, it will make you stronger."

I was less than 3 miles in and the sweat was dripping. My legs felt like they were chugging through mud. They were sloppy and thick feeling.
I decided not to focus on my pace, not to even look at my Garmin. Rather than focusing on my pace I let my body talk to me. I knew I didn't want to get my heart rate up to high that I expended too much energy. I also knew I didn't want to sweat to bad and get dehydrated, dizzy or ditch my running plan all together.

Like we have thought of our suffering as a blessing?!
With 5 miles in, I was heading back towards home. Different thoughts circulated in my mind. Little concerns surfaced, making me question myself and what I am capable of. I was miserable.
It was at the peak of this miserable state that I had an epiphany!

I knew I needed this miserable run to make me stronger. I knew I had to "embrace the suck" as I say.
I have to be aware of the elements that want to defeat me. The heat, the humidity, the sweat, the voices, the warm water left in my container, my eyes stinging, my calf wanting to cramp and the many other facets that created this elevated suffering I had to endure.

I began to think of how this thought interacts with LIFE. Embrace suffering? Invite suffering? We are not masochists.
However, life as we know it is well decorated in trials that cause us much pain. Ask yourself "How do you get through it?
"Do you avoid it?"
"Do you find an easy route out?"

Today, Austin asked me what the "DT's" are. 
"Well son, it is when your mom drinks a case of beer every day. Then one day runs out of money, out of help and out of options, she then goes through withdrawals. This is where you watch your mother  talking to people that are not there, this is where she is screaming at you and throwing up at the same time. This is where she is shaking uncontrollably and having seizures. I watched my mother have convulsions so bad she would have blood coming out of both her ears and nose... This is suffering.
I learned suffering very young.

I am at the age now where my friends are losing grandparents and even parents. I am broken for them. I feel their pain, I hurt for them.

This suffering at a young age sharpened me and prepared me for others. Like running in the heat, it is miserable, but it gets a little better the more I go through it.
I know roughly what it will be feel like, how bad it will hurt, how long...I know I will get through it even though I will want to give up. I know enough to even help others in their suffering.
But one thing is for sure, You have to go through it. And sometimes it hurts like HELL.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015



Some days, its is really hard to find gratitude. Many days we are not even thinking about being thankful. We are whining about what a rough day we are having, or we are complaining about something purposeless.
We are looking at yet another run "ANITA" did. Another smiley social media status "Anita" posted.
You can fill in with whatever name you want. The point is we are busy checking out JOE SHMO thinking he has it all together, he is a faster runner, he is a better runner, He has it all together, blah blah blah!
I actually had to get off a running social media site because I found myself looking at other peoples training. We are getting honest here.  I was comparing my runs to theirs, my mileage to theirs, my pace to theirs.
There are many problems with this. One of the biggest one, is the more you compare yourself to someone else the more inadequate you feel. The more you find yourself insecure and even jealous or bitter at that person.
I recently had a running friend contact me.
"I keep thinking to myself I'm weak, I'm not good, I'm cheating, or lower class...Dunno why I feel this way. Like I thinking Elite runners might look down on us interval runners like we are not doing it right.."
First, I am not ELITE.
Second,  Most of the running community is quite encouraging of ALL runners.
Third, As I told her, YOU ARE RUNNING. Just that in itself, is something to be so thankful for.
Last year, I spent almost the whole summer riding a bike and crying for miles and miles because I COULDN'T RUN.
I had to give thanks even for that humbling bike ride.
Gratitude for the little things then become big things when you put them in a positive perspective.
When you find yourself looking at others, or comparing yourself to others, quickly try to realign your thinking.
Here are 3 things that I do:
  1. Give that person compliments, think of nice things about that person.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes, their training, their history and give them a little credit!
  3. Be nice to yourself, think of things that make you grateful..
I have had years of PR's , I have had months of being stuck in a glider rocker with my leg elevated. I have had my ups and downs in my running career. But at the end of the day, I am grateful for all of it, yes, and even the downs.
Maybe the downs don't always make us a faster runner, but for most of us it isn't even about speed, it is about just being a better runner.
What does that mean? A better runner that isn't faster? It means we learn more than just speed, pace and distance, we learn to be a coach, a cheerleader and a partner to other runners out there.

It is our happy place. A place of gratitude.
The girls waiting for me to take a picture, it is so beautiful,. We ran down Rattalee Lake rd.


Monday, July 13, 2015

Will Run for COFFEE

“Sometimes you've got to go through hell to get to heaven.”
― Dean Karnazes,

Running trails was my biggest failure the last time I trained for an Ultra, my ONLY ULTRA.  I only ran on trails 1 time at Pontiac Lake. I was sore for a week, like seriously wimpy sore.

Before running Hungerford, I was insecure of what the course would be like or if my body would be able to adjust to the untrained terrain.
Through my concerns and insecurity, I was very happy with my 8hr:37min time for 50 miles at Hungerford.

Here are a list of things I would like to do DIFFERENTLY:
  1. Train TRAILS more!
  2. Purchase a hydration pack. Running all over town looking for water is NO fun.
  3. Learn to eat more on 3 hour runs and more. Not just chews, real food.
  4. Run with company more, discovering new places.
This will be a journey. With less than 10 weeks, I am still a bit behind.
After running 20 miles yesterday, I was curious to see how my body responded to running another 10 miles today.
I met Claudia at her house this morning at 6am. We ran the back roads on Eagle rd. Very Hilly. Claudia just ran Bastille race on Saturday. We both took it easy. We started out slow, walking most of the hills.
My muscles in the beginning felt like they were hyperventilating. My heart was pounding out of my chest in complete confusion. It took about 3 miles for my body to quit throwing a temper tantrum and except the abuse.
All I could think about was the special coffee Claudia was going to make me when we finished. My mouth salivated as I ran closer to the prize. It really was the wind beneath my wings.

After running our 10 miles, that coffee was even better than she described.

Are You a Coffee Drinker? What's your favorite Coffee???


Sunday, July 12, 2015

I took a LEAP!

“Some seek the comfort of their therapist's office, other head to the corner pub and dive into a pint, but I chose running as my therapy.”
― Dean Karnazes,

8 weeks outside of running Bayshore Marathon.
10 weeks out from running Woodstock 50m.
I am BEHIND the gun. I kept going back and forth on running, a lot of time was wasted along with a lot of miles.
Play time is OVER.

Last weeks long run was 15 miles. It might seem like a lot but it is not enough.

For ME, this was my thinking/plan:
  1. History Check: Revisit my 8 weeks of running including the results of my marathon.
  2. Injury Check: access my body and be honest with myself about any injuries. Not a time to pretend like your good when your training for a 50 miler. You better be GOOD or your going to be really BAD! 
  3. Take the Leap! After accessing my history, my body and my training I came to a number: 5 miles. I jumped from last weeks 15 miles to 20 miles for today.
  4. Choose a safe route. Flat and easy.
  5. Run Smart: Easy does it. I ran INTERVALS with a slow to moderate pace.
  6. Be prepared: I drank plenty of fluids, brought nutrition and a good attitude!
  7. Recovery: Training doesn't stop when you turn your Garmin off. I have been drinking water, I had a Juice Plus Complete smoothie with Greek yogurt for extra protein. Stretching and rolling to help my muscles recover.

What happens on a 20 mile run?
Hokas took care of me today.
  1. You enjoy the scenery, I saw deer, peacocks, turkey vultures and beautiful greenery everywhere.
  2. You pee in the fields.
  3. You check behind you at all times, creepers no creeping
  4. You stop to walk because you see black specks and suddenly get very dizzy.
  5. You look for places to get water, mile 5 McDonald's- I put my shirt back  on before entering, I was very insecure of how bad I smelled. Mile 12, I went into Mitchell's nursery: however, it was CLOSED! I was OUT of H2o, the heat was sweltering me. I unlatched the gate and entered. "HELLOOOO" I shouted as I looked for a water spicket. I could only find the old pump that pumps from a well. I walked around but it was deserted, other than hanging plants and flowers everywhere. I pumped the handle and filled my water bottle. It was so refreshing. At Mile 17, I was out of water again. I saw a family cleaning up their garage sale. "MAAM, I am out running and miscalculated my water intake. May I ask you to refill my bottle of water?" Her hubby was very kind and said "Absolutely, I will get you some cold water, would you like some SCOTCH to go in it?" I replied, Thank You, but I for sure will never make it home then!"
  6. You drink that cold water like you are eating Mana from Heaven. I found myself actually laughing and talking out loud the water was so amazing.
  7. Turn off your music. I enjoyed listening to the music of nature.
  8. You wave, smile and say "HI" to people hoping their energy will give you more energy!
  9. You Thank God for your Safety, your Endurance, your Strength.
  10. You begin to believe "I Think this is REALLY going to HAPPEN!"

This is the Vegetable facts, I take both veg and fruit.
Why I choose JUICE PLUS. IT IS NOT A SUPPLEMENT. It has a NUTRITIONAL LABEL not a SUPPLEMENT LABEL. It is real FOOD, Gluten FREE, with NO additives, artificial colors, flavors OR preservatives! If you open the veggie capsules, it literally smells like broccoli, EWE!


Anyone else running an Ultra this Fall? I could use some TIPS!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


How many miles do you have to run get your mind in a safe place? How much physical pain do you put yourself through to disguise a broken heart?
How many times do you beat yourself up and allow others to beat you up before you just break?

The rain dusted my skin. It was dewy and wet. Tears rested in my eyes begging to flood my cheeks.
I gulped down the emotions. I counseled myself with Gods promises and commands. I rehearsed His words to seek healing and understanding. I found myself lost in my thoughts, unaware of my surroundings or the distance that I traveled.
I prayed, I questioned and I wiped the tears that escaped my eyes.

I wasn't created to break. I wasn't created to give up or even give in. I am not a Victim or a Martyr.
It is going to be a good day if you LIKE me and it is going to be a Good day if you don't.
It isn't about Anita. Its not the Anita show.

As I ran I spoke to myself. "Anita, You cant get offended, You can't be hurt, You have to accept the apology your never going to get. You have to Depart from Evil and do Good'..'Put away all clamor, malice,bitterness....'
 'Turn your cheek and forgive 70X's 7'..'Think on those things that are KIND, JUST, PURE, of Good REPORE...' 'Love is PATIENT Love is Kind..Love doesn't keep a Record of Wrongs...'
Let it Go Anita, It is not ABOUT YOU. But God, I am HURT...But Anita, I heal you, I love you, I comfort you, and I need you to please ME...I need you to DIE to SELF and Overcome yourself."

What do people do that can not RUN? I could feel God trying to soften my heart.

We get so offended so easy. It is EXHAUSTING. To live ticked off at people, to look for another reason to be mad at someone.
Its just not worth it. I don't want to live angry, always hurt, offended or insecure. That is SOO much work and not fair to the loved ones around me. It is exhausting enough trying to fix myself, I make a lot of mistakes, I can see when people roll their eyes at me, I can hear the knot head words purge out of my mouth in the middle of intense emotion. I have a full time job working on myself. That alone is exhausting!
I am so grateful that God has mended my heart, allowing me to see outside of myself.

All that running today, I made a BIG Decision. I BIT the BULLET!
I have been getting up between 5 and 6am to get my running in so it doesn't interfere with my kids.
I juggled between the 50K and the 50M. I went for it, the 50M. "Fritz" tried to talk me into the 100K. That wasn't an option even entertained, not because it doesn't sound like fun, but because I am not in the season of life to commit to training those hours. Ok, and yes..That is really stinking scary. It is on the bucket list though Fritz!
Today I ran 15 miles. Next week I shall start picking up not just my long run but also adding miles to the week.
If I don't get my mind cleared out I may turn my 50M into a 100K!

Races I am Registered for:
God Willing, I will be able to run these and then some!

Well, one of the best ways to find JOY is to love on others. I am so blessed for the amamzing relationships God has given me.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Tips, Reminders and Cautions when running in the Heat

The temperature's are rising finally here in Michigan. According to my friend Jeff, he believes it takes about 2 weeks to truly get acclimated to the elevated temps.

Running in the heat does some crazy things to your body and your mind. It is important to be prepared, to be reminded and to stay encouraged.
Here are a few ideas, reminders and tips for running in the heat.

  • Be flexible when running in the heat: 55' is the primary temp for running. You are going to struggle to get the same outcomes in 85' degree temps.
  • The warmer the temps the harder your body has to work to cool itself off.
  • Every 5°F rise in temperature above 60°F can slow your pace by as much as 20 to 30 seconds per mile. So don’t fight it—just slow down.

  • Early Bird gets the WORM: Get up and get out before the sun beats on you.

  • When running in the heat find a shaded route.
  • Less is best, wear little clothing without streaking.
  • Wear moisture wicking and light colored clothing.
  • Ladies wet your hair down!
  • Visor/hat, sunglasses and SPF 
  • HYDRATE!! Sports drinks help replenish electrolytes.
ON the RUN in the HEAT:
  • Add walk breaks: This gives your body a chance to cool down. Intervals
  •  Be careful hiding out on the TM. As much as your body can get acclimated to the heat, it can then also be reversed if you are avoiding the heat and treadmill running too much!
  • Gauge the wind, when picking your route try to have the breeze at your BACK on your way out, you will need the breeze to cool you down on your way back.

CAUTIONS for RUNNING in the Heat:
  • Don't let the heat scare you from getting outside. Use the tips above to effectively get through your run. No Excuses!
  • Take note of your alcohol and medicine consumption. : Alcohol dehydrates you as well as Antihistamines antidepressants ect..
  • Let your BODY lead you! Run by your effort level rather than your pace.
"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." ~Russel Baker
I find it easier to have accountability on those early runs. I started making phone calls to see who would join me for a 6 am run. I checked the temperatures the night before to discover that a long run in the heat and solo did not sound fun.
EVERYONE jumped in!
We did the back roads. The girls joined me for over 8 miles. I had about 6 miles to run solo. We ran intervals, 6 and 1. 6 minutes running (conversational pace), 1 minute walking.
We all brought our water and Maryann even brought chomps, that she gave me to finish my 14 miles out.
The morning run brings AWE. The wild life is lively, we saw multiple deer, one even jumped out about 50 feet directly in front of us! between the crimson colored sun, the dew rising and the fog sifting through the air our run was magnificent to say the least.

What am I forgetting?? Do you have any tips for running in the heat? Please share!
What is your favorite temp to run in?


Thursday, July 2, 2015

When being Strong becomes your Weakness.

Sometimes I go back in time. I think back to the dark years of my life. I think of what I have overcome and compare it to now.
I was thinking about the nasty places I used to live. The shady people that would come around. The substances that were like a candy bowl left out on the beat up coffee table.
I started laughing reminiscing, as a teenager I would crawl under our trailer with a blow dryer to unthaw the frozen pipes.
Everything was "A Thing". Drama was in my design. I could no more get away from the dysfunction any more than the sun could rid itself of heat.

What was in my make up that said "I am stronger than this?"

Strength isn't birthed from just adversity. I have met some very strong people that lived a functionally healthy upbringing.

I don't even believe that Strength is just overcoming struggles.

  • Strength comes from overcoming Ourselves.
  • Strength comes from overcoming the pressures of this world, the pressures of our peers, the pressures of our mistakes.
  • Strength is tenacity, power, stability and I believe beauty.

Strength comes 2 Fold.
As a hair stylist, I have learned that the hair can have too much strength. When our hair gets damaged we try to condition it. If we add too much protein to the hair in attempts to condition the damaged hair, it becomes brittle. If we add too much moisture to the hair, it becomes wimpy, limpy. BUT, if we have the perfect balance we find our hair healthy again.
Much like conditioning our hair, we can over strengthen ourselves. We think we have to be strong, tough, we think "No one will walk over me." or "I will let them know what I think." We over condition ourselves and become bitter. We become mean in the process. We are so concerned with ourselves we turn many issues into a battle. We end up with a chip on our shoulder, always offened and tough as nails.
But if we are too soft we get walked on, we get taken advantage of and often times to scared to speak up for ourselves.

* We have to be STRONG enough to still be Soft.
This means LOVE. LOVE people where they are, not where YOU WANT them to be.
*Love ourselves enough to be teachable.

Claudia, one of my running partners says "Don't make it a THING." We have deep conversations while running.
When we make it "A thing" it becomes a THING. We get angry, embittered and controlling trying to prove points or over think things. Then they control us. We are actually so STRONG we become WEAK.
We are held hostage to ourselves and our stinking thinking.

In this season of life, I find myself stronger as a person than ever. It isn't about the obstacles in my life that I am overcoming. It is my thoughts, my ideas, my heart.

"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."
2 Timothy 1:7
  • Learning to be STRONG enough to conquer your own voices.
  •  Quit allowing your Strength to come from yourself. That's man made Strength.
  • Seek Gods Strength, that is powerful and never ending.
  • Don't allow your Strength to fool you: you are not strong for not forgiving someone who hurt you, you are strong because you DID forgive them. (Or whatever issue your struggling with.)
  • LET GO, Let go of the weights that are holding you down from being the person you were set out to be. (PRIDE)
  • LOVE: This is the best exercise for building the perfect balance of Strength, Love allows you to conquer all things and yet still be soft enough to be inviting, welcoming and a light to those who need a little Strength themselves.  
Thursdays I have been doing a summer running club with our XC kids. We had 9 kids today at Indian Springs.
I had kids that took off to run the 5 miles at a 7:30 pace and I had runners trailing behind at a 9:30 pace.
I did my best to run between the kids. I had a hard time catching up to our front runners. What I found worked  was just pacing myself.
I found that if I could pace myself, I could run a fartlek up to the next group to check on them, catch my breath and have enough energy to do it again. I was able to check in all the kids at one point or another.

  1. Pick your GOAL distance before you run. Different distances require different paces.  
  2. Warm up so your body is adjusted. Sometimes if we start out too fast we can not figure out why we bottomed out. A warm up allows your body to get prepared.
  3. Turn off your music. Listen and feel what your body is telling you at certain paces.
  4. Easy up so you can always have a strong FINISH! 

Banana Bread: I made a new recipe, this is AMAZING..NOT HEALTHY, but I think you could tweak it. Here is the LINK. Sour Cream Banana Bread. This recipe makes 4 loaves. I made 9 mini loaves, one of I gave to Claudia who text me #notsharing!
My Food for the week is POPCORN. 2 of my favorite snacks are Chocolate and POPCORN.
Serving size 3 cups! 5g of fat, 100mg of sodium, 18gcarbs, 2g protein Purchased this at Target. Krogers has an Organic Popcorn that I love also. It is the Simple Truth Brand, low sodium as well. I can eat a WHOLE bag! ONLY one problem with this bag of popcorn...it is empty!