"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, July 31, 2011

California Day 2..

I can not say I slept well. But I also would not say that that is a shocker.
I knew we were getting up at 6:15 in the morning but I was quite confused when I heard a knock at the door.
Half awake, and half sleeping and fully confused I dived for the door.  I forgot that I was sleeping on a pullout, I think I forgot I was even in any type of a bed at all.
As I was lunging forward I did a Peter move from the New Testament.I heard the light "Knock Knock" looked at my clock, flipped over, jumped up ON the bed and RAN RIGHT OFF it like I was walking on water!! BOOM, Down I went right in front of the door, scrambling to open it from the floor,I was quietly yelling "IT'S ONLY 5:15".
The girls on the other side were cracking up listening as I had fallen over myself to get to the door. I was confused and in pain. Almost in one gesture I grabbed my stuff that was laid out by the door and asked the girls again what time it was.

It was 5:15am. The Girls couldn't sleep and wanted to go early! To not wake up my girls in my room ANY more I went to this group of girls room 2 doors down to get dress and access the damage.
We were all laughing so hard that it helped mask the pain of my throbbing shin. I brushed my hand over it to discover a large snake like swelling. I pulled up my sweatpants to discover that I had broke the blood vessel from landing so hard in that isolated area.
It felt pretty nasty and the bruising was not going to go unnoticed. But all and all it Really could have been so much worse. I am grateful I did not hurt my knee or any part that would hinder my running.

Off we went. There were 5 of us total. Some wanted to walk and some wanted to run. We were all shocked at how nice it was outside. I was able to remove my sweats and run in shorts. It actually was so warm I ended up even running in my sports bra.

It was still pretty dark out so as we took off I thought I had started my Garmin when in fact I had not. OOPs..there is a shocker! If you follow my blog you know how handicap I am with that Garmin.

The run was beautiful. A lot of stop and going, picture taking and gawking but it was still amazing. The ocean to one side and the mountains to the other. The weather about 65 degrees. I literally had a perma grin.

MY Rundown of events:

  • Class at Goldwell/KMS 10-4
  • Back to our hotel to get ready and go shopping at the Pomanade.
  • Dinner at 6:30
  • And I escaped out...OHH No..I hear them they are knocking on the door and really loud..quiet time is over!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I won a trip to California with my work. The airfare and the hotel were included.
Before Andy and I headed off too the airport to catch my 12:24 flight to L.A. we went for a 5 mile run. I really enjoy running with Andy. It calms me down and teaches me to coach and motivate.

Andys back was really hurting and at about a mile and a half it started to spasm. He told me to just "GO". " Take the Garmin and Go." 
I replied, " Andy, I did not come out here this morning to run for any reason but to run WITH YOU, I am not going any where."
We finished our run all the way through and once again I am encouraged by the amount of determination and strength my husband has.

I am typing this portion on my airplane. We are currently an 1hour and 30 minutes in to our delayed flight. There are almost 20 of us scattered all over this plane from my Salon.
I am sitting behind a bigger scaredy cat then me..or maybe we are more similar than I want to admit. We both had duplicate sweaty palms and exhaled sighs of relief at our cruising altitude. But over all so far it is a easy flight. I even got up and found me a few girls I knew and hung out in the back with them for a bit.
I got to let out some nervous energy. When the stewardess came around with our refreshment she didn't ask me to leave rather asked me "What would you like to drink?"  "A sprite please." I replied.

You might be wondering why someone like me who hates flying, gets sweaty palms, anxiety and has even been known to start crying does not take anything or does not have a drink?

It was about 6 years ago. We were flying out to see my brother and sister in Florida. I was a mess. A hot mess. I had actually bought a little shooter with vodka and was going to mix it with orange juice. We were running late and I was in hysterics trying to find orange juice to make my calming cocktail. I looked like an alcoholic about to go through the DT'S.  I remember carting 2 little boys unaware with Andy through the airport frantically looking for this ingredient for my anxiety elixir. Andy was trying to calm me and quietly says as I am drinking my potion," Nita, how does that make you feel with our two little boys watching you as you are drinking that and not relying on God?" "Where is your faith?"
I have not taken anything for a flight SINCE. I get on that plane, yes, still nervous, and a bit scared but the only thing I am relying on is Gods comfort and protection. You may think I am still a mess. But honestly I am not on the curbside hurled over crying like I used to be! I have come a long way!

Running with Purpose
It is sometimes hard for us to just lace up our shoes and go for a run. We will even look for different obstacles to detour us from even getting out the front door.
But having a set plan and a purpose is where we can take our training to a new level. Having a purpose, and setting goals prepares our mind and helps us not only set goals but also accomplish them.

Here are 5 Points that were listed in August Runners World on putting purpose to your run:

1.BUILD ENDURANCE:  Run long and slow. These runs force your heart and lungs to adapt to working overtime which beefs up your cardiovascular system.

2.GET FASTER: Run 1of 3 types of speed workouts: Short, all out intervals: Longer intervals close to race pace: Or Short periods of faster running (fartleks). These sessions all recruit fast-twitched muscle fibers, which helps build overall strength and power.

MIMIC YOUR RACE: Practice your overall race strategy, including your warm up and fueling, while running your gaol pace and/or running a route that simulates the course.
SHRED STRESS: Leave the watch at home and forget about pave or mileage.

SOCIALIZE: Be flexible. Depending on your running buddy, social runs can be a breeze or a challenge. "Running with a friend allows you to go farther and sometimes faster because your in the middle of a conversation and suddenly you're at the end of a run," says Walker.

I wanted to run when we got into Santa Monica but ran our of time. Hoping tomorrow morning and afternoon I will get a little more time to get out there and run!
Just a little fun~


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Todays Text Journals and Mishapps!!

The Early Bird gets the Worm?? "Get up Get Up Get our of bed..."
Well I do not know about all of that. But this I know....4:30 AM comes Bright and Early!!!

A friend of mine said she was going to the gym at 4:30. We were texting...Here is how it followed...
So If you are following...I got to the gym at 4:30AM on the dot and NO ONE was around!!
There definitely was no FREAK CLUB unless maybe I was it! I was beginning to believe I was the Freak!

I stretched, rolled and plotted out my next 7 miles. It was so eerie in there all by myself. 
It was pitch dark outside and raining. I got on the dreadmill and decided to do repeats. I would start out at about a 8:30 pace and then I would kick it up to a race pace. My race pace was 7:30. DIRECTLY after finishing that mile I would walk for a minute and do it all over again till I got to 7.6 miles. 

After about 10 minutes I got a text...Looked like this"
"Lisa" showed up!  By the time she had gotten there the skies had OPENED up! The Lightening was so bright and obnoxious it reminded me of a disco ball and the thunder was just plain violent.

Together we ran on the dreadmill and took turns with easy conversation and small walking breaks. I loved having a partner here. She did over 3 miles which was farther than she typically goes.

We finished together and decided we would do some abs and core. Cleaning our machines we grabbed our water and walked to the medicine ball.
Somewhere in there I was hot, sore and confused. I took a big gulp of my water. It had been in the fridge at home and was so cold and refreshing. 
Only THIS water was not as I remembered it. It was luke warm...
UGHHHH!! I just took a superman swig of someone elses nasty, sweaty, germy water. It took everything I had to not puke in my mouth!

I looked at "Lisa" told her and she looked mortified. Such great support! 
We left the gym chuckling and still gagging and it was not even 6 in the morning yet.

I had been really looking forward to spending time with my niece. She was coming over for the  We were going to afternoon and we were going to  catch a movie."Ariel" has been working out and eating healthy. I am so proud of my niece. So before she came over we were texting. 
This is how spell check jacked up my abbreviation. I am still laughing when I read it. My niece at first was "like WHAT!" So funny! 

Todays Meals:
Breakfast: Whole Wheat English Muffin with 1 1/2 teaspoon peanut butter/Coffee
Cup cottage cheese
Half a banana
Juice plus Vitamins
HERES Is My HANDICAP....POPCORN...almost a large popcorn with rootbeer!!  UGh
Chicken, potaoes, onions, from crock pot.
Cottage cheese 
Whole Wheat Banana Date muffin

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.  ~Doug Larson

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Lesser of TWO Evils.

"Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak." Thomas Carlyle
I couldn't believe I slept in until 8 am. As I walked out the door this morning I was giving myself a lip lashing.

"UGh, Nita, it is 8:19 that means you will not be home until almost 10am. Anita, you have to be more disciplined. You have to be more focused." 

Because I did not go to sleep early I woke up late.
Because I woke up late:
  1. It was already getting hot.
  2. I was going to be home late and had a lot to do.
  3. I was in a hurry and didn't take time to stretch or put my hydration belt on.
  4. I forgot to eat and my sugar drops which gives an uneasy and fearful run.
 I was trying to stay calm and steady running. Anxiety does not help. Of course I do not know any instance that anxiety is an asset!
As I was on my turn around at mile 5 I was done verbally disciplining myself. I decide to take on a new approach- Physical Punishment!

And again this is what I told myself...
"Anita, this pain is temporary. It is going to be over with in less than 40 minutes. But the pain of not accomplishing the goal is going to haunt you forever. The pain of cheating yourself because of lack of discipline or whining is a far worst pain. So suck it up and get serious. Run. And Run Hard. Make It count."
And that is what we did. Yes, It hurt. But even in the Pain there was Peace.

There are many things we put off or throw in the towel in at. We take the easy road, or the short cut. As soon as it hurts or we are a little uncomfortable we look for an escape route. But in the end WE know that doesn't get the job done and at the end of the day we have this nagging emotion we can not put our finger on. Our minds do not let us forget our procrastination or lack of discipline.
 NIKE says it best: JUST DO IT

The RunDown:
Total Miles: 10.24
Time: 1:23:03
Average Pace: 8:06
Fastest Mile: 7:52

Monday, July 25, 2011

Gratitude to Goals..And a little bit of pain in between!

"I Therefore RUN, not as uncertainly; so I fight, not as one that beateth the air." 1 Corinth. 9:26

Funny thing. After dinner I cleaned up and headed out for my run.
7 miles. Strong Miles.
As I turned onto the road I was consumed with the feeling of total love for running. Every thing around me felt like perfection.
The sun on my bare skin was warm and embracing.
My legs felt light and smooth, each step felt effortless.
Even the breeze outside appeared to be wrapping around me.
It seemed perfect. As if I was getting a invitation to a great run.

The same road..50 minutes later.....

I could hear my breathing above my music in my ears.
My legs still felt pretty strong, but the lungs were reaching their capacity.
My mouth was dry and the gum was now flavorless and cumbersome.
Sweat was heavy on my brows and the heat wasn't as friendly.

My thoughts were quite different. Now I was coaching myself, yelling orders of strength and persevernce into my head.
I was reminding myself the pain would pay off in the end. The GOAL requires pain and the pain is a product leading to success and achievement. The Pain is only Temporary. The guilt of not going the distance far exceeds a little bit of sweat and struggle.
Today's Gratitude.
Thankfulness is something we learn not something we are born with.
Thankful to be able to do moms hair at my house and spend time with her today.
Thankful for the new friendship my son has gained the last few weeks.
Thankful that I had such a good run today and all that went in it to make it so perfect~
"And whatsoever ye do in word and deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the father by him." Col. 3:17
Setting reachable rungs on the ladder of success.
To challenge myself with every run.
To train myself to not respond but refrain. Be controlled.
To smile more at the ones that are hard to love or like! Often times they need it more.
To do more speedwork and hills to prepare myself for shaving off 3 minutes to qualify for New York City.

Running the numbers: April edition of Runners World.
75 minutes is the time in which is it necessary to consume carbs on a run.
If you plan on running more than an hour and 15 minutes take in carbs within the first 30 -60 minutes.
continue fueling with 100 to 250 calories (or 25 to 60 grams of carbs) per hour, which is about 2 1/2 sports gels or 16 to 40 ounces of sports drink.