"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

 Jesus has risen. 

And we celebrate his resurrection. We celebrate with gluttony and gratitude. 
We hold Easter dear to our hearts with the vision of sacrifice He made for us. 
The Easter bunny comes to my house strictly out of default. I am not in the Easter Bunny Fan club but the kids enjoy the tradition of it. And I enjoy seeing thier smiles. It is a win win there.

After our Church service, with growling bellies we headed to brunch. I was looking forward to eating. And eating whatever I wanted. 
The Great thing about being under weight is you can eat whatever you want and as much as you want. 
The Bad thing about eating in this fashion is when you decide to run you are not moving so well. I mean things are moving...if you know what I mean..But it isn't so good!

After stuffing myself to the gills on everything the buffet at the country club had to offer I was exhausted. It was like a marathon of food. I never got tired of going up for seconds, or thirds or double portions. Even after I had unbuttoned my suit coat and told myself I was done I managed to find enough energy to head back up to the dessert buffet. 

I was feeling like a sumo wrestler by the time we got in the car. I was wiped out from eating so much! I decided to throw in the towel and enjoy a Easter nap!

Andy and I got to get a run in after our nap and before our family movie. 
Easy Easter run. 3 miles of running with my belly feeling like I was in my 2nd trimester. All that food mixed up in my gut was not digesting well. With every step I had ingestion gurgling up and out. I could taste that salmon and the Alfredo sauce..Burp...Ohh wow, that was the pineapple and the melon stinging my esophagus. Funny how just a few hours prior I was all dressed up and looking and acting so lady like and now I was running and letting noises exit my body that made me sound more like a trucker!

Back to the grind tomorrow. DETOX! 


Thursday, March 28, 2013


MY LAST 20 miler before the BOSTON Marathon: CHECK!
Let the Taper BEGIN!!!

I knew I was going to take this run pretty lite. The goal was to just get it finished before the kids got out of school.  Today was the only day I had to get my last 20 miler in. It was going to be a tight squeeze because it was a 1/2 day of school for the boys. I literally dropped them off at school, parked my car in the parking lot ran over 3 hours and just made it back in time to pick them up!

Distance: 20.38
Pace: 9:31
Time: 3:14

I always start my run out with the familiar anxiety but today I had a lot to look forward to.
  1. It was my last 20 miler
  2. It was warmer out with sunshine
  3. I knew I had to finish to get the boys
  4. "Hiedi" was going to run a leg with me!
After 3 miles I was in front of "Heidi's" house. Of course she was waiting for me and looking beautiful like always. The only make-up I have is a bright red nose and flushed cheeks, while she looks Mabeline perfect. She was waiting for me in front of her house as I figured out where her road was.  I would have gotten there earlier had I not totally passed her street. When it came to directing our run I knew she had better be in charge because I would have us lost with the way I was going!

"Heidi" surprised me with 8 miles! I wasn't thinking we were going that far so I was tickled pink!

Honey Stinger sent me a awesome package with several different products of theirs. I have shared a lot of  that gift with the running club that I help coach. I have given out their protein bars, their gels and their waffles. Honey Stinger was very generous in sharing with me to share with my running group but also to write a review on their new chews.

MY REVIEW to Chew on!: I tried the Pomegranate Passion.
  • The Flavor: Sweet and similar to a fruit snack. There was no aftertaste in my mouth that felt foreign. They tasted like fruit.
  • The Texture: Soft and Chewy. They were not hard to chew and did not get stuck in my teeth like most do.  The texture was easy to digest and dissolve. 
  • Quanity: There were more than enough to finish my 20 mile run today~I had 4 left over
  • Digestion: Ok...So I never got a belly ache or indijestion problems..I did on a personal note have the toots! But as us runners know that is just another part of running..Keeps it REAL! 
  • Overall: ***** Five stars..I will be using these and Highly Recomending them. 
  • Check them Out: Honey Stinger Organic Chews
  • Cost: $1.09-$2.25
Eat DIRT! 
Here is something else I was chewing on. As "Heidi" and I were running down a dirt road I somehow managed to drop and spill my chews. Because they were so good we picked them up out of the mud and put them back in my pocket! Together we laughed as we cleaned them off the best we could but the dirt was still on them leaving a little more texture to my chomp!

Chewing on Controversy: I am so busy with life right now I feel like my head is spinning. I HATE drama and try not to get in the sand box. Last night I went to bed with my eyes swollen almost shut from crying so hard. Andy and I watched some videos of Ariel. After the 3rd video I had crumbled. I couldn't breath, I felt like the world had caved in on me and I was lifeless. I miss her so bad. But I was left angry. I know "Anger" is part of the grieving process but I was angry at everyone that had gotten caught up in drama the last few days.  There was drama all around me.  Nothing mattered to me at that time but the heart ache of losing Ariel. How could all these people out there get stuck on stupid?? People are wasting so much time being mad at one another. We can all be offended...But WHY?? We all have the right to our opinion and we all have different opinions. After losing Ariel I just do not get why people care more about their ideas, opinions and beliefs  than Each Other.  I do not understand why people want to be MAD at each other.


"I aint got time for dat!"


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Losing your center of Balance.

I walked out unto the track at the gym with one thought on my mind: RUN it DOWN!

"The Mothership" was calling my name. Sweat was right around the curve of the track and I was accepting the invitation.
As I molded my legs to the track I could feel the two of us meshing. With each lap around my shoulders began to relax and the weight of the world slowly began to release it grips on me.
The faster my legs went the clearer life began to look. All the things that seemed important were now put in perspective and now appeared minimal.
I felt that release...There was nothing I could do to stop the salty droplets that rolled down my cheeks but to thank God.  It was like a purging. I welcomed it. Running is so thereputic. There is no drug, no prescription, no therapist or mood altering stimulant that could make me feel so good.

The Mothership: 7 miles
08:04 pace 800M Repeats with 1 mile easy run in between

Run 2 Husky RR
I thought this run was going to be 3 miles...I thought wrong. We actually did 5 miles. And it was a hill run! This run was GREAT. So good that I am not sure how my body is going to feel about the 20 miles I have it scheduled to perform tomorrow!
Pace: 8:12
Distance 5.12

Joshua 1:9 "Be strong and of Good Courage: Be not Afraid neither be Dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee wherever thou goest."

Today we all have to deal with Life on Life's terms'.  It is not always easy. Life is not perfected with practice. You can not always prepare for what comes knocking on the door. BUT you can be equipped to deal with it easier. Just like running I have to prepare my body for the race. With the Boston Marathon right around the corner for me I have spent weeks training for a successful race. I could not have just RAN it with No Training and been successful. Life is the same. For me to be equipped for the day I have to seek God early. I need HIM to prepare me for whatever comes my way. 
There are many days my "Rythym"  is off. Lately it is emotionally. It is as though I have no proper balance like I have lost my CENTER...Like a Hula Hoop. 
I am reminded it is better to put my Trust in the Lord and Make Him My Center than to put my confidence in the world or myself where there is no proper Balance.

How is Your Balance? Do you feel like a Hula Hoop losing your Center of balance?


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Pigs Fly

In a perfect world we could all get along. We would all like one another, laugh and dance and all that other fairytale stuff that happens in places where pigs fly.
We would never be disappointed, jaded, back stabbed, lied to or deceived.
But we are not in a perfect world and there is no pixie dust to make relationships and circumstances perfect.

Today was one of those days that I could feel the tension making my hair stand on end. I was in a situation that I knew was going to go sideways and it did.

I work very hard at trying to be HONEST.
I beleive that you do what is RIGHT because it is RIGHT.
I believe you are as SICK as your SECRETS. And INTEGRITY is based on being Honest : hiding details can present itself as Deceiving.
If you can not tell the WHOLE truth than you are often presenting half a lie.

AM I PERFECT...NO...But again..if you have nothing to hide then you should have no problem being HONEST.
If you try to do the right thing and make decisions birthed from integrity, putting others before yourself then you never have to be anything but HONEST.

I am so thankful for my meeting tonight. I lead a support class for addiction at my church. Although I am mostly a sounding board to those that attend I can feel God calming my anxious heart.
I can hear him reminding me that my Identity lies In HIM not others.

"Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4

I do not want anything this world has. I am not here to fit in. I am not here to be in the cool club. I am not here to make a name for myself or have titles or labels attached to my name. I do not need the spotlight or be the leader of anything.
People who do not know my relationship with Christ will never understand me. People who do not know Christ will not  understand me or HIM.

Many of us will live life jaded, disappointed, discouraged lied to and persecuted... But we are just passing through.We will be gossiped about, laughed at and made fun of. 

"Do not be Overcome by Evil but Overcome Evil with Good." Romans 12:21

"I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." Phil 3:14

This is Life. The Life we live. There are a few rough patches but that should not ruin the fabric of life that God has given us. 
Most of the battles we have with people are often not between US and THEM..The battle is usually between THEM and THEM. 


Monday, March 25, 2013

Training Runs Defined

I was feeling a little lazy today. Austin stayed home "sick" today and that threw a dagger in the day.
I was moving turtle slow and time was running low for me to get my double digit run in today.

Looking at the clock I knew I had to head to the gym or my day would get a lot worse for everyone if I did not get my run in!

Monday Runday: I headed to one of the treadmills without much of a fight. It was rather dead at Genesys this afternoon. I like having people around me on the treadmill because they are like my secret running partners. Sometimes I even compete with them and I know they are doing the same with me because I can feel them glancing at my digits on the treadmill. You have to do whatever it takes to get through the dreaded treadmill run from daydreaming to racing.

But my mind went back to the Husky Roadrunners. This is the running club we have in Holly. Many are first time runners and many more are conditioned runners.
I am taking a group out to the track this Thursday to do some speed work. I have had several questions about different running jargon that I just let roll off my tongue. I don't realize to some this running language is like I am speaking a foreign language, Runlish or something.

So here is some of the Jargon and their definitions as well as some Running Workouts!

  1. Progressive Run: The run gets progressively faster each mile.  You typically start this run out slower than race pace and finish strong. 
  2. Tempo Run: Tempo runs are slightly more intense than steady-state runs and are designed to increase your stamina. As the name suggests, you really improve your running tempo or rhythm with these workouts. They last between 15 and 30 minutes and are run between your :40:00 (40 minute) and 1:15:00 race pace. Tempo runs are meant to be "comfortably hard" so don't push the pace. Your heart rate will likely be between 85 and 90% of max.
  3. Speedwork:is any running workout in which you run faster than your normal pace for a certain time or distance, or intervals. In between those fast intervals, you typically recover at a slower-than-normal pace.
Here are a couple runs you can do to add a little kick to your run!


This workout will help you maintain muscular endurance—elevating the firing of the faster twitch fibers—and leg turnover in the off season.
  • Warm Up: 8-12 minutes at 1.5 to 2 percent grade, starting off with a slow jog. In the last 3-5 minutes of the warm-up, gradually increase to your standard aerobic speed (outside pace).
  • First Set: 6x2 minutes on a hill with 1-minute rest intervals; effort should be moderately hard at the offset
    • 45 seconds at 5 percent grade (don’t change speed)
    • 45 seconds at 6 percent grade (don’t change speed)
    • 30 seconds at 7 percent grade (don’t change speed)
    • 1 minute rest interval at 2 percent grade (remain at your aerobic pace; don’t go down to a softer speed)
    • Repeat 5-8 more times
  • Second Set (leg turnover): 8-12x20 seconds at 0-.5 percent grade; you should be working at a sub-threshold pace. Segments are short to avoid unnecessary stress.
    • Run for 20 seconds with good balance, symmetry and control; it’s not a flat out sprint.
    • Jump off belt and straddle the treadmill for 20 seconds
    • Jump back on for 20 seconds
    • Repeat this sequence 8-12 times
  • Third Set (if time permits): Run steady at aerobic pace for 12-20 minutes (1.5-2 percent grade).
  • Extra Credit: Repeat sets 1 (with slight modification) and 2.
    • Set 1 (modification): 6x1 minute on hills from 5- to 7-percent grades. Effort should be moderately hard to hard at the end. Include a rest interval of 1 minute between each round.
    • Set 2: Same leg turnover set at 8x20 seconds
  • Cool Down
2.  PROGRESSIVE Mill Hill Repeats (Matt A)

10:00 pace throughout.
Mile1 slowly increased to a 6% incline,
M2 6% incline,
M3 0% incline,
M4 7% incline,
M5 0% incline,
M6 8% incline,
M7 0% incline,
M8 9% incline,
M10 AND M11 0%.
Followed up with a 1/2 mile cool-down walk.

The snow is melting it is time to get outside and play. Time to kick it up a notch. Time to have fun. Run Hills, do repeats, hit the track...Feel the BURN!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting to 50.

Since Thursday I knew I had to get 10 more miles in to have a 50 mile run week. I had devised several plans and they all  had one thing in common...RUNNING!

But when it came all together 10 miles fell on one day, crunch day: Today!
Saturday...More Excuses.
Sunday...Ran out of excuses.
After a bargaining with myself  and the menu at Cracker Barrel I came to grips with eggbeaters and turkey sausage. I tried to gulp down the grits but knew that only a tablespoon of butter and just as much sugar was going to get those down. I opted away from the grits and traded those calories and saturated fat in for the the biscuit instead!

My food had 30 minutes to digest on the ride home. I could still taste the butter on my lips as I was lacing up my shoes.
I wanted to get at least 6 miles in before I had to meet the running group I was substitute coaching.  

The spring has boycotted Michigan. Another 33 degree day. No time to whine about it I quickly headed down the pavement trying to get 6 miles in before 2pm.

Almost the last one to arrive, I literally came running in to meet the group as they were all stretching.
I raced my eyes across their faces to see if I was welcomed. No one got back in their cars to leave so I knew they did not hate me for pushing them outside their comfort zones the week prior.
After having them sign in I asked them how they felt after we had ran our 2 miles at a 2:1 run/walk the week before.
Since they said they felt no soreness just a bit of fatigue after running I replied, "Good, then we shall do it again!"
And we did!

After running with the group I still only had 47 miles. I ran around the parking lot to make up to my 50 miler.  I get confused very easy so that allows me and math to battle a bit more.
After leaving I soon realized I was a mile short. I was not surprised by my miscalculations just flustered.
"I have to get 1 more mile in."
This was MY GOAL.
I HAVE TO achieve it.
With my running shoes still warmed up I pulled in the driveway and grabbed Sheba to get me to 50!

Distance: 6 miles
Pace: 7:58
Distance 4 miles
2 miles w/HRR 2 alone
Total:10 miles
Total miles for week: 50

"If you do not step forward you will ALWAYS be in the same place!"


Thursday, March 21, 2013

When Mountains won't Move

  He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”
Mathew 17:20-21

You can not run 22 miles  in 18 degree weather at the end of a white out and have NO Faith. You have to believe you are going to finish. You have to Trust God to not only get you to 22 miles but get you there on two legs still standing.

22 miles is overwhelming no matter how you break it down.
But MOST of you were NOT running 22 miles today and YET were equally as OVERWHELMED  in your circumstances.
  • Maybe you were running like a crazy lady after screaming kids, dirty diapers or ranting toddlers.
  • Maybe you were running 8 hours of errands into 4 hours of the day. 
  • Maybe you are running numbers and the bills are not matching the paychecks.
  • Maybe you are running  a fever or are sick or broken and are not healing fast enough. 
  • Maybe you are running in circles and feel emotional and hurt.
It is still the feeling of being Overwhelmed. When the weight of the world feels like it is crushing you and there is no exit sign.

As I headed to Indian Springs this morning to meet "Danielle" I felt overcome by discouragement by the white out of snow in front of me.  I had my hands 10 and 2 on the steering wheel as I saw the Camaro in the ditch on I75. "My luck, 22 mile run and I have snow, wind and CRAP for running conditions."  I pouted to myself.

Before pulling into Indian Springs I had to make a call to another mom from school. We chatted about  a upcoming field trip and then she asked about my running. "Paula" must have heard the angst in my voice. Without hesitation she prayed with me over the phone.

"Danielle" got me to 11 miles. We ran good together in the snow. It was so fun when we saw a half dozen deer camouflaged in the woods and a couple miles later saw a hawk flying out of a tree. The hawk was so cool looking like a prehistoric bird it was so big.

The fun ended with a swift gust of snow in the face when "Danielle" headed out of the park.
"SHAKE IT OUT" filled "Danieles" absence. This is what "Paula had prayed over me. "SHAKE IT OUT", shake out the fears, the bad thoughts, the anxiety...."

This is what fueled me to the finish.

When we have faith ALL things are possible. I try to remember that I am living in a "Season" of life. Just as the winter will pass, the miles will pass and time will pass as well.
Try not to get Overwhelmed.
Remember God is in control. Let him lead. If the Mountains of the day won't move...Let God lead the Path AROUND them!
RUN1- Indian Springs
Pace: 9:19
RUN2-Husky Road runners
Distance: 3.6
*run 3 walk .06 EASY
Almost ran a marathon today!!

I GOT A PACKAGE TODAY!!!! Check out my goodies from Honey Zinger!
I shared some with my Running group today. I am trying to come up with a fun contest to send my readers a little Honey Zinger care package!
Do you have any ideas for a contest??


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Burn OUT

This is the part of my training that I feel like I am burning out.
  • The part where you wake up thinking about when you are going to run
  • How you are going to run.
  • How far you are going to run.
  • If you ate enough to run properly.
This is the part of marathon training for me that has almost consumed me physically, mentally and emotionally.

There is not a day that I am not sore. Everything hurts so bad.
I am exhausted yet I cannot sleep.
My family is even tired of my running.
No one really wants to hear about my running or training. As impactful as it is to me if you have never ran 26.2 miles then it is just not as real to anyone but me.
It's being conscious of your diet, you running, you miles, the weather and your schedule.

2 more Long RUNS and the taper will begin. 8 more days!!
Tomorrow is my long run. 22 miles. 

Distance: 7 miles
Time 57min

Thankful for a phone conversation I had this morning.
I am Thankful for "Michelle". She came to my work and brought me a book, "Undaunted". I started reading it today and it is so good!
I am thankful for my 7 miler to be done. I wanted to crawl back in bed today. Instead I found myself cleaning toilets and mopping floors. The bed sounded better!
I am thankful for my company today. Mama, Mom and Aunt Lo came over to visit me. I had a 15 minute notice to get dressed and paint the barn a little bit!

Always give thanks. An attitude of gratitude will change a bad attitude. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Post Race Recovery

I think I should change my blog title to "The Adventures of an Airhead". It is a daily event to lose my keys, my purse, my coffee cup or my phone. I can get lost in my backyard, I show up late or I show up early.
It would make me feel normal if I was just walking into the pantry forgetting what I went in there for but that isn't even abnormal it happens so often.

With this being said it wasn't even a shock to me when I showed up an hour and a half early for my massage!
I just rolled with the punches this was just another part of my AIRHEAD ADVENTURES.

I went to the gym to shake out my legs from my race doing an easy 4 miler around the track. After running I stretched and rolled my IT band for 20 minutes. This also helps keeping things loose.
After loosing up I went to the cold plunge almost methodically. I have turned this frigid torture into part of my training this winter.  Between the pain of rolling my ITBand and the Cold Plunge these two are painfully worth it.
10 minutes in the cold plunge make my 5 minutes in the whirlpool delightful.
As I was leaving the gym my legs felt refreshed.
HYDRATE. Now water is not my drink of choice I prefer coffee but the H2o was going down good.
Sports Massage.
Then...RUN again with the Road runners for another 3 miles!

The Mothership: 4 miles EASY
Distance: 3.03
Pace: 7:57
Time: 24

Happy Monday!
God is Good.
I am Grateful.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Drum Roll Please: Pot O GOLD 2013

"Paula" and I running Pot O Gold in Flint
  If you're enough lucky to be Irish, you're lucky enough!  ~Irish Saying 

HAPPY St PATTYS day everyone! Believe it or not I actually have quite a bit of Irish in me. My Uncle Danny used to call me "Little Anthony Quinn" because I am Mexican and Irish. This is a passionate combination as I am sure you can tell. Between the whiskey drinking and bad tempers or the hat dancing and tequila there was never a dull moment growing up!
Ran into "Kirt"

The last few years I have enjoyed celebrating the Luck of the Irish with a road race held annually in Flint. The Pot o Gold Race is one of my favorites. It is local, well organized and the unofficial 1st race of the season. 
 With the temperatures being so cold I had already convinced myself I was not going to do as good as last year. 
When the gun went off I left "Paula" and started praying. They changed the route a little bit and my body was not liking the turns and incline. 
At mile 2 I thought "Just Finish". It seemed as though I was running in place. I could not catch my breath, I begged my body to relax and tried to will my heart to stillness. I was thinking "Mind over Matter". And my body was saying "I HATE YOU, NITA"  
I tried to keep "Daddy Long Legs" in my eyesight. He was this guy who  looked like he was running effortlessly and I felt like I was going to keel over. I thought my heart really was going to stop. 
As I finished mile 2- I was feeling a little better. I had good music, I could hear myself talking rationally and my movements felt precise. The road had flattened out and the turns were lessened if only for a little bit.  Between mile 3 and 4 pain revisited. My body was not falling for anymore word games or coaxing. I was not able to convince my body that this was normal. There was nothing NORMAL about my lungs wanting to collapse or my legs wanting to buckle underneath me. Nope, this was the part of the race that I have to Suck it UP and see myself at the FINISH.

Keeping it Simple:

  • Last Years Time: 29:08
  • Last Years weather 80's
  • This Years weather 27 degrees
  • This Years Time: 28:19...PR!!!! I was the 3rd FEMALE to cross the finish line!
SOO we have a WINNER for the contest!!!! DRUM ROLE PLEASE!! 
"Mark M"  Guessed my time by 1 SECOND!

Andy had to stay home for the junior high small group that we have every Sunday at our house. So this was the first year I had to pull up my big girl pants and drive down alone.
But last week I recruited "Paula" to run with me and drive with me too.
"Paula" and I get mistaken as sisters all the time. We are both Mexican, petite and a "bit high energy". 
We also grew up around addiction and choose not to drink. 

Walking to the registration table before the race you could tell the party had already started. I really HATE ALCOHOL. I hate what it does, I hate what people turn into, I hate the destruction it leads behind -I hate EVERYTHING about it. 
There were "Budweiser" cans everywhere as we entered the tent. You could smell the sourness of the alcohol waffling through the air. That stale breath smell was strong and inviting memories I didn't want to travel to. I could not get out of there fast enough. 
I enjoy celebrating St Patricks Day but I guess I do not understand this:
Why does a "Saint" have a holiday that is centered around getting DRUNK? It is like a Oxymoron to me.
Seriously...Can someone explain this to me? 

How I celebrate St Patricks Day:
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage
  • Wear goofy Green pins and accessories
  • Run my St Pattys Race
  • Embrace My Irishness~
 Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck.  ~Author Unknown


Thursday, March 14, 2013

I am Nothing..

I turned right unto my street and I felt the emotions erupt. There was no stopping the tears that streamed down my face.  This felt like the hardest run I had ever ran in my life. Everything hurt so bad. The sun warmed my face like God himself was gently caressing my skin.

I felt so humbled at that moment. I had just conquered this enormous feat of running 22 miles. Distance was one thing that put me on my knees but all the hills ..ugh the hills. As I completed this painstaking training run I gave Thanks to GOD. He gets all the Glory. I am NOTHING with out him.

 Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.  ~Jim Davis

THE Food Component:
I am famished all the time. I eat all the time. I eat healthy, I eat fruits, I eat vegtables BUT...
I was craving Buttermilk PIE...It is so good.
I was craving Chocolate...I love you Reeses
Corned beef, Kettle Salt and pepper Chips, cereal (Only the junk cereal), Tim Hortons donuts and just about EVERYTHING  I am craving.
I go to bed hungry, I wake up hungry, I am hungry after I eat - I am constantly thinking about food. I try to fill up on healthy food but the pantry haunts me.

The Rundown:
Distance: 22.27
Pace: 9.01
Time: 3:21

CONTEST...2 MORE DAYS!! I have 6 people playing along. Do not forget you have to be a FOLLOWER to win!! SCROLL to the bottom of yesterdays post to see how to WIN a 50$$ pair of PROCOMPRESSION socks!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why do we QUIT??

 2 Chronicles 15:7 "But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."
The Look of wanting to give up. Everything hurt. Boston 2011

There are so many places we throw in the towel.
We Quit.
We Quit sometimes before we even start.
We are afraid to set goals because we don't know if we will achieve them.
We look for a trap doors in  our agenda, our goals or our plans.
We Quit.
You do not have to be a Runner to understand this quitting thing.
Quitting is a mental thing not a physical thing.

Giving up happens to all of us. Just because we Fail does not mean we are a Failure.  The problem isn't quitting...the problem is we do not get back up and TRY again.

We Quit on Ourselves. Life is hard and when things do not go the way we want we invert and isolate never to return..
We Quit On Others. We get hurt, rejected or attacked and we retreat.
We Quit on our Responsibilities. We get overwhelmed and exhausted or confused and do not follow through with what should be taken care of.
We Quit on our Faith. We all have a story. And it is so easy to blame GOD. We think God is to blame for our hardships..No, He doesn't work that way. He is a Loving God. He loves you. Life is not fair. Life Hurts.
Bottom Line we quit when most of the time Victory is right around the corner.

What happened to the FIGHT? Where has the Passion gone? 
The ZEAL?? 

Greatness is NOT delivered by the UPS man. You have to fight for it. You have to work hard for it. You have to believe in it.

When I am signing up for a race I never initially think of all the pain and torture of training. I try not to think of the sacrifice on my schedule or the interuption of life that is going to take place.
I think of the PRIZE. I think of the VICTORY. I see the Product of all the pain, sweat and tears. I See myself at the Finish line smiling, laughing and crying with JOY and GRATITUDE.

  "Never give in — never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." ~Winston Churchill

Yesterday I came home early from work. It was the 5 month anniversery of Ariel passing away. I had one thought on my mind and that was to run down my heartache.
I wanted to run 3 miles. As I ran out the door I could feel the sleet slapping my face almost instantly. I could feel the wind rustling through my headphones. I could feel the chill of the air cutting through my layers. So I took off in a comfortable pace. No plan but to run.
I had not gone a half of a mile and I could tell my legs wanted to move. My body said to RUN and RUN Hard. And so I did..
Until by lungs felt like they were going to explode.
Until my legs began to wobble.
Until my demons began to haunt me.
Until my arms were heavy.

I wanted to QUIT. SO SO SO Bad. Everything in me hurt and when I looked at my time I was so discouraged. But I ran through it.
I am not going to tell you I had a GREAT run or a FAST RUN; actually if this run discribes this Sundays PotOGold .. it is going to stink...
BUT despite it all I didn't Give up. I was disappointed and discouraged, I was in pain and emotionally crushed but I followed it through.

Distance: 7 miles
Time: 1:01
Amazing track Run With "Paula". We ran our mouth talking about The Lord and lost track of time! Fueled by the Holy Spirit!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

A lot of Running around and not alot of Run.

I knew in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep it was gonna be one of THOSE Mondays.
My brain was on overload. My car pool partner had to cancel and I had to get some fire in my pants to get the kids to school on time.
8am HA5K committee meeting.
9:45 Gym..try to get a few miles in to loosen up from yesterdays long run.
Cold plunge equally as important.
11:30 Rush to the Grocery store. The fridge and cupboards look barren. We were down to celery, Quinoa, expired buttermilk and a few other things that would make you go hungry.
I had been looking forward to my 12:15 massage all week.
I hurried so fast to get to my massage I forgot 2 bags in my cart! I quickly hurried back into the store hoping that someone returned my Sushi and organic canned tomatoes.
YUP! I considered using the restroom at "Kroger" but I was cutting it to close to my appointment.
About to pee my pants I ran to my car with my bags and drove 3 stores down to "LaVida" for my massage.
12:15...Even though my watch said I was on time..The receptionist said I had missed my appointment.
I felt my heart sink. I had jumped through hoops to get to my massage and I KNEW it was at 12:15. I know I am a bit of an AIRHEAD. But I totally remembered this. Upon conversation and the verge of adult tears they figured out I was not the first one who's appointment was messed up. It was their fault but it did not fix the fact I was going back home sore, disappointed and I still having to pee!

I had a couple errands that I was able to do so I did those and had to be back to the school for another MEETING at 2.

I still had to make dinner, running club and dinner with my girlfriends all in 3 hours.
Running club- Rained out..only the sun decided to come out when I CONFIRMED I was not going to make it! This was just my luck!
And dinner with "Lisa" and "Jenny" I remembered ALL day till I was making Andy salad and my phone goes off "WHERE ARE YOU?"
"AHH" I yelled out loud. How did I forget going out my girlfriends? I remembered 2 hours ago.
My head was spinning and there was nothing inside it to spin.

It was one of THOSE days. I was exhausted mentally and physically.
Do\o you ever feel like you are just on overload?  Like one more thing might send you into the crazy house. For a minute when that MTA passed me in FLINT I thought that might me the straw that broke the camels back.
All I could think of was Ariel. I could feel my chest getting heavy. My breathing was conscious to me. "Stay strong Nita,"  "Push back the tears." I felt my eyes well up with thoughts of what Ariel must have seen. All these visions flooded my mind. "Stay Strong NITA." "Stay Strong, Stay Strong, push back the tears."

5 Easy miles.

Tomorrow is a New Day!

How was your Monday?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

20 miler..CONTEST!!

"The Real Purpose of Running isn't to Win a Race: It's to test the limits of the Human Heart."

Running 20 miles is not for the weak at heart and running 20 miles SOLO can break you. Mentally you have to dig in deep.
You have to fight the elements, the emotions and the the essence of every square inch of your body.
I  left a Facebook post seeking someone to maybe jump on board to run a leg with me but I didn't get any takers solo I Go!

"Be Strong , and let your HEART take COURAGE...." Psalms 31:24
 Running that first mile I started to prepare myself MENTALLY.
As I ran down the road I started out in prayer. I thanked God for the incredible weather and asked God for strength mentally to conquer the next 3 hours of running. I thought of those who have been training for spring marathons and have had difficult long runs. I drew from their challenges and accomplishments.  

"Come What May, I want to RUN." 2 Samuel 18:23
Run run and more running! My first 7 miles were hilly and muddy. I broke my run into "runs". This helps me mentally prepare. I had mud dripping down the back of my legs and squishing between my toes. Nothing mattered but the RUN. The weather was amazing, there wasn't snow or sleet blasting my face. I could move my cheeks and my eyelashes weren't frozen.

"Let us RUN with Perseverance the Race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1
After running 10 miles I added 1 minute walk breaks every 11 minutes. This allowed me to maintain a 8:35 pace. This also enabled my mind to stay strong. I look forward mentally to that walk break where I can calmly take a sip of my chia water and eat a chomp. However as I was coming unto mile 11 I realized my water was not going to last the next 9 miles. In order for my run to be successful I needed to stay hydrated and the warm weather was depleting me faster than I had planned. 
I ran to MOM and DADS! The elevation where they live almost a mile of hills. Although I dreaded the path but I maintained my pace out of excitement to see their smiles, encouragement and get fresh water.

"I do not RUN like a man Running Aimlessly." 1 Corinthians 9:26
After leaving MOM and DADS I had a new spirit. I was only there a couple minutes,enough time to pee, grab some M&M's, laugh a minute and get my water and go. Mom filled my water bottle for me and laughed at my contents. "What is that in your water?" Mom is the biggest BACK WASHER you have ever seen. She has floaties in her pop bottles that look like a full meal and she was grossed out by MY Chia water?!
Seeing their face refreshed me and helped me prepare for the last 6 miles. I believe you finish STRONG. 
I ran concentrating on my pace, on my posture and on my performance. 

20 MILES done! I finished in a tank top, capris and some really muddy shoes. I smiled with an immense amount of gratitude. So Thankful. The dreaded 20 Miler DONE...Now 2 more 22 milers! 

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  3. I will Post my Time and The WINNER. I will follow up with the winner but I will need their address and shoe size.
Distance: 20.01
Pace: 8:39
Time: 2:53


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Double Time

"If you Feel Great during a Run, go farther than you planned. If something hurts do not force yourself to keep running." Pete Pfitzinger

Today is double time run. I look forward to both runs. 

RUN 1: "Danielle" 
Such a tough run. The flags were blowing with intensity and this was our first clue it was going to be tough.
It was not soon after we headed down Silver Lake road that we realized that the fresh snow was covering a layer of ice. And it wasn't far after that "Danielle" took the spill. 
I felt like I was in a game of FROGGER. We were dodging ice, cars and puddles of slush. And to think my biggest concern on this run was my bowl of chili I for dinner the night before!
There is never a dull moment in Fenton. This run we didn't jump fences, we didn't pick up pit bulls but  we turned our run into 9 because I was running my mouth more than my legs and miss navigated! 

RUN 2: Husky Road Runners
4 Runners came out tonight. It was a great night for a run. We run a 10-12 minute mile. I had the group run the 5K that the school is doing in June. I ended up doing almost 4 miles running back and forth checking on different runners. It is the most exhilarating feeling encouraging and motivating people to their goals. I can give High fives and "Great job" all day long. As the two faster runners were coming to their last 400meter I say "How do you feel?" and when they said "Good" without hesitation I replied 
"Then run this last leg in hard!"  Always try to finish Strong. 

Run 1: Distance: 9.01 Pace:9:15
Run 2: Distance: 3.86 Pace:9:08

5 Ways to HIDE Spinach!!
  1. Meatloaf...Alecs favorite!! 
  2. Marinara (Spaghetti, rigatoni)
  3. Quiche, omlette
  4. Hamburgers
  5. Smoothies
Benifits of Spinach:
  •  One cup of spinach has nearly 20% of the RDA of dietary fiber, which aids in digestion and maintains low blood sugar.
  •  High Antioxidents, The vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, manganese, zinc and selenium present in spinach all serve as powerful antioxidants that combat the onset of osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. 
  •  It is also rich in OMEGA -3 Fatty Acids
I am ON the BUS!! The Baumans Bus for Boston! I got one of the LAST spots! Now I am getting Nervous. At Baumans I saw something I want..My Wish LIST.....
Saucony..Isnt she Pretty?! 

 "You don’t need a title to be a leader" 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Austin Mile TIME!!

Austin wanted me to take him to the gym after school so I decided to stay home and get things done around the house.
The problem is when I am alone with myself to long I think way to much. I had horrible anxiety today. This is not like me. I am not used to my heart pounding, my skin prickly, shaky and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to explode.

I opened my bible and prayed. I read 1Samuel and in the chapter I am studying the words "RUN" stuck out to me. Running was not what I needed to calm my spirit. I needed God.

I wish I could tell you that everything was "hunky dorry" after spending time with Him. But I still felt a tug...
There are many days I am fighting all of Hell not to throw in the towel. I try so hard to be strong and courageous but I struggle terribly losing Ariel. There are days I just do not want to move forward. As  Easter approaches I am feeling my emotions scattered. The smallest thing feels so raw.

As the boys and I entered the Athletic Club I put my things in a locker and headed to the Dreadmill.

Dear Issue, Frustration, Circumstance,
YOU Do NOT OWN ME. You will Not Conquer me. You can mock me, you can try to break me, you can even make fun of me..But You will NOT Own me. Today I USED YOU to FUEL ME.  Today I gained strength from the Adversity that you brought me. Today I use You to Remind ME to Seek GOD for Comfort, For Strength, For Wisdom, For PEACE.
Today I Felt YOU and I clenched my fists, I dug my heels in and turned my legs over like a Beast. I Felt Empowered by you. I Felt FUELED by You. You Do NOT OWN ME. I Reminded myself that GOD is my Father, I Honor HIM..Everything I do is For HIM...NOT YOU. When I fall..He picks me up, He Never Leaves me..He Loves me all the Time..Thank You for a great RUN today!

Distance: 5.5 Miles
REPEATS: 4x1 mile repeats @a .05 incline with 200m walk @a 1.5 incline.
Mile1: 7:30
Mile2: 7:18
Mile3: 7:08
Mile4: 6:50
400m cool down

I took Austin to the track to see how he would do running the mile....He did Awesome, without any running this winter he ran the mile at 6:27! He was pretty red faced and sweating like a stuck pig but he was even proud of his time.

If you subscribe to my blog there are some fun Contests coming!! I am getting ready to share another one!!

As I end my day I am so thankful for Gods healing hand on me. I am Thankful for the strength He has given me. I am Thankful for HIS words that encourage me. I am Thankful for Andy and the encouragement and wisdom he has given me. I Am thankful for a Godly Husband.

GRATEFUL...in so many ways.

2 Chronicles 16:9a
“For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” (NKJV)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

When Running is NOT an Option

I know that I am not going to win everyone over.  It would be great to think everyone was a "Fan". But the reality is there is always going to be a group of critics.
And some of our critics will APPEAR to be Fans...Hmm.

We think things like:
"The harder I try the worse it gets."
"I can not win for losing."
"Just when I thought things were going good..."

I am reminded that running really helps me compartmentalize my thoughts, burdens, heartaches and confusions.
But sometimes running is just not an option.
Sometimes you can not Run Away..
Sometimes you can not Run Down your thoughts..
And Sometimes you can not even OUT Run Your thoughts...

    The Four Agreements
I may not have been able to run tonight but it made me more excited to run tomorrow.
I really had to deal with my thoughts, hurts and hang-ups today. I am disappointed with myself and others. But the only one I can Control...is ME.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday RUNDAY!

I got a new car a few weeks ago and I already had to put it in the shop. The ABS light would'nt come off my new Saturn Outlook.  My Monday was looking like I would be sitting in a dealership waiting.

Thinking my day was going to be overtaken be 10 cups of coffee in Styrofoam cups and Judge Joe Brown I hit the gym first.
EASY was the word.

I got my Runners World Magazine and headed to the bike. "EASY girl" I reminded my inner beast. It didn't take much convincing as I pedaled my way to 5 miles.
"Paula" caught my eye as she filled her water bottle up at the drinking fountain. She came over and told me she was going to run 6 miles.
I perked right up. "Really? Cause I have to run 3, I will join you."

By the time I met up with  her she had already completed a lap. Running alongside "Paula" was so nice. We ran at a conversational pace only my 3 miles turned to 4 and then I had to back out.
Cold Plunge 10 minutes

This was the first of 3!
Number 2: Hit the gym AGAIN after being persuaded by Austin after school.
Stretched, Abs, and rolled my IT band.

Number 3: Husky Road Runners. 4 Awesome miles at a sub 8 minute pace. Great night for a run.

"Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did."
Newt Gringrich

Pooping out..Nite

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playing Make Believe to the Finish

"You have a choice.You can Throw in the Towel, or You can Use it to Wipe the SWEAT off Your Face!"

Duplicating last weeks indoor track run at "The Mothership" was NOT an option. The thought of running around a track over 70 times again made me cringe. 

It was a Suck It Up Buttercup kind of day.
It was another 18 miler. 
I was motivated my a client that came in on Saturday. "Jenn" is not just a all year long runner she is also a coach, mentor and encourager. 
She sat in my chair for the first time with a contagious smile and a voice of excitement. She had led her running club that morning outside. OUTSIDE.....

Suck it up Buttercup. Get your gear and get your butt out there. It was cold and windy and the sun was being overtaken quickly by clouds. 

I thought of a couple tips to help me prepare for my Long Run Outside:

  1. Attitude is EVERYTHING! Get Motivate. Find a partner to help encourage you. Take the time to enjoy being alone with yourself.
  2. Dress For Success! If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Check the weather and do not forget checking the wind chill. Layer up: Your “Base Layer” should fit snugly and be moisture wicking. A “Mid Layer” should insulate and keep body heat from escaping and the “Outer Layer” should be wind-resistant and/or waterproof in case of rain or snow.
  3. Fluids and Fuel! Even though it is cold out try not to forget to drink fluids and fuel your body properly. On long runs don't forget to take a gel or your nutrition every 45 minutes.
 I had my run motivated by preparing to have running partners at different legs of my run. The first 5 1/2 miles I ran solo. The second 6 miles "Jeff" met me and we did a 11 minute run with a 1 minute walk. As we came back into the school parking lot we noticed the beginner walking club coming in. It was so fun giving all the runners high fives and words of encouragement.
But I had 6 more miles to go and I couldn't feel my chin and my words were starting to slur from the cold.
I was off to meet "Heidi" for my last leg. As I got closer to her house I got the text...The one that said she was not going to be able to make it.
Internal motivation needed to present itself real fast.

I quickly positioned each of my running partners around me. I was leading them like Forrest Gump. "Danielle", "Heidi", "Andy", "Katie" and  "Sarah". I sought God for strength and endurance. I thought of those who have conquered great victories like "Molina" and those who have had long runs similar to mine like "Michelle B".  I even pretended that Mom, Dad and "Ariel" were waiting for me at my finish line.
My legs began turning over. I looked at my watch and I had 4 miles to go and I was running a 8:10 pace. Where was this coming from. 
I felt great
Time: 2:39
Distance: 18:02
I ran the same pace with hills, wind and cold as I ran last week...Grateful.

One of the biggest encouragers is my online running  journal, Dailymile.
I am always encouraged and inspired by other runners. This site is like Facebook for athletes. the site logs your runs and goals. 
For the group I coach I encouraged them to log their runs. It is great to log and keep track of your training but it is also fun to be encouraged, motivated and have a forum available to help answers questions. 

"Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing." 
1 Thess 5:11