"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The bond we share..a little bit of Family...

The Boys on the Boat..Bobby, Austin, Alec and Andy
Hanging with Uncle Bob..Captain Bob
I have not taken a lot of time to share my vacation. I am not going to go into details. I am just going to share what my family means to me briefly. Very Briefly..

My Family..8 days in Florida.
My Brother and Sister both live there..Less than 5 miles from one another.
They do not get along and this breaks my heart.

The Girls, Leeanne( Bobby Wife) Me, Heather and Gina
Growing up we lived through some horrible scenes. Growing up through adversity is an understatement.
Always a little sister
There are things that we saw or experienced that we have individually never told a soul and each one of us will probably take to our grave.

For me it was a living Hell. You are sometimes born into this hell with little opportunity to escape or you create your own. This Hell  can make a victim of you but only for a while if you let it. If you want to continue to live here there is always vacancies.
As for me, NO.
Each one of us found a route out of that Hell.
But in so many ways we took a little piece of Hell with us.
We stuffed it in a back pocket or a secret compartment where no one would find it. The problem is that You are as sick as your secrets.
Character defects are those little pieces of hell you have brought back. These are the Things that YOU THINK you have HIDDEN but TRUST me..EVERYONE sees them

My siblings, Robert, 7 years older..AKA Bobby my big brother..Forever he will be. He protected me, He saw things that I didn't because of the age difference. He defines our life differently. He is bitter still. He is a tough cookie, But I know there is a soft side in there. I  see him as a refection from out childhood. There is a kid in there, there is a boy in there that needs affirmation and affection..But He CHOOSES. It is His game. On His Terms, With His rules.

Georgina, 15 months younger and could not be any more opposite. She was the appeaser growing up.
She has always been told she is dumb. SHE is not- she just says dumb things out of insecurity and anxiety. She tries to hard. She is a perfect mess. She is perfectly and wonderfully made and rather than listening to Gods definition of her she listens to MANS.  The voice of others creates an echo of insecurities in her.
Hanging at the beach, Sisters.

The two of them live 5 miles apart yet communication is less than zero.

I was so happy to spend time with each one of them alone and a lot of time with them together.
I know we are all so different but we have one very common thread...our mother. We share many moments and hardships that we have grown through.
We have found an exit out of that hell we lived in.
I know we have entertained the devil thinking we control the shots, but let me tell you, when you pull him out of your back pocket...He Owns you.
The Harless Clan!


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