"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, June 27, 2011

Buckle up, Its going to be a bumpy ride!!!


I thought I would get a pen out and write down my thoughts as I am flying at 30,000 ft! My wonderful husband is kind enough to transcribe my chicken scratch and type this out for me! You see, I am not fond of flying.  Here are some of my thoughts as we ascend to "cruising altitude".....
As I am heading up, I unconsciously stop breathing.
My heart pounds a million beats a second.
I pray.
I think, "Would it hurt?"
I know I cannot control anything, so I try to think, "Just enjoy it."
Be calm.
Hold the hand of those I love.
Remember flying is safer than driving.
UGH! I am looking at the wing.
Breath Anita, 2.5 hrs, that's it!
My hands are so sweaty.
Look at everyone else, if they look calm, that's a good sign! Right?
I look back at recent airplane crashes and try to think statistically where our flight would be?
I wonder if God is not done with me yet?

Now I hear the overhead PA "ladies and gentleman, we ask that you stay seated and the flight attendants stay seated just for a few more minutes"....REALLY?!!
I look out the window and I see.....ALL CLOUDS! UGH!!! You just said we could all get up??!!!
I am sitting next to Austin, but I really want Andy...WAIT...WHAT WAS THAT WEIRD NOISE? Even Austin looks nervous now....
I want to be that little girl up there just looking around, or the guy looking outside like "lalala..." Or even the lady sitting next to me (she's fast asleep).
After 30 minutes, the captain comes on again to say "we ask that you continue to keep your safety belts on we are having some bad weather from Florida to....somewhere and it's going to be a bumpy ride".....
50 minutes into the ride she comes on again... "It's just not safe for us to come around for our service at this time..."
I didn't know if my hand shaking was from the bumpy ride or my nerves going bizerk! I quickly huddle back over my new running magazine and tried to refocus my attention....

I look at Austin and he is a painted picture of calmness...Painted..

Eventually things calm down and the snack cart makes its way down.
The Snack cart..a cart that contained more than snacks. It contained movement, people were walking around.. and it contained food..a great way to combat nerves is with calories!

Miles traveled in the air 1219
Estimated arrival 6:11pm


Today was my son Alecs birthday. He wanted to eat at Mcdonalds!
This is a special treat because he doesn't usually get this Favorite 5 Star Kid rated franchise for lunch OR dinner!
I really am a good mom..
Before I ordered I asked for a nutritional guide.
I went with:
Premium Grilled Chicken Classic-420 Calories/10 grams of fat
Small12 oz Wild Berry Smoothie with Yogurt-210 Calories/1 gram of fat
And I scavenged a few fries..the salty greasy flimsy fries were too much to pass up..Calories.??
SURPRISINGLY.. A Small Fry is only 23o calories & 11 grams of fat!


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  1. Hi Nita! I'm right there with you on the flying! http://www.raisingawanderer.com/2011/03/panic-attacks-and-airplanes.html

    But remember...you made it and nothing happened. Keep that in mind next time you book a flight and your anxiety rises...you flew and everything was fine :-)

    Btw, I added your blog to my blogroll at http://www.raisingawanderer.com