"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day - A Little of This and That

Fathers Day. Andy, Dad, Austin and Alec
Fathers Day. 
My dad, Thomas Gonzales. Died at 52. Alcohol and addiction. I was 11. 
I believe he was a good dad with a big addiction. 
2 things I know about my dad.
  • I know he loved me.
  • I know he loved my mother.
That is all I need to know. 
Psalms 34:18"The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit."
God supplies.
He is good all the time. I met my husband when I was 15. His father has always been good to me.
Andy was out of town  for work this past week for 4 days. His Dad called me. It was so weird. He called to check on me, to make sure I was OK. He called me as he would call one of his own. This is what Andy's dad does. He is a gift. God supplied for me a father. Someone to continue to teach me, influence me and love me.

Fathers day was good, very busy. heading to Florida in the morning to see my family.
Church,breakfast, packing, cleaning, running, and dinner at PF Chang's with the family. Mom and Dad included.
My 3 favorite Boys!

The Rundown:
Miles- 7.06
Average pace-8.06
It was a hot run. 
Did some Core work with Andy.
75 sit-ups
Push ups..modified and regular. Regular hurts!
Planks 30 seconds, and side blanks 30 seconds each..2 reps
Planks at the hotel. Andy was timing me.

My Two Cents Worth:
The CORE is defined as the muscular anatomy that controls and supports the spine and pelvis. (Some performance specialists define the core more broadly by including the shoulder blades and knees.)
CORE: The simplest way to describe why the core is so important is that it is the foundation upon which all movement is based. A weak foundation equals weak movement. A strong foundation equals strong movement.


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