"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some things you never forget.

If you do not know me very well I am going to share a character trait of mine that I am often defined by....FORGETFUL.
My mother was the same way. I am not sure how this characteristic can be passed down but I am a witness to tell you it was.
It is more than walking into a room and forgetting why you walked into it. Or where you put your keys.
My forgetfulness handicaps me. It actually makes me angrybecause I feel so tortured by it..
I know that I can resolve allot of my absentmindedness by simply slowing down.
Staying organized and keeping things compartmentalized.
But here lies another character defect ....I am a yes person. If you need something or want something just ask. I will come running!
Speaking of running that is the one item I never forget to do. I need to do.
Running is for me a compartment that I can relocate lost thoughts, ideas, plans, and perspectives. This is my box of clarity and focus. Running to me is my time I am the most brilliant! At least that is how I feel because most of the time I feel scatter brained and off my rocker. I try to find my lists that will keep me organized or answer phone calls only to remember " Oh crap, that's  right I was supposed to call them back."
Running is my therapy. It is like my Ritalin,  Prozac and Dr. Phil all combined together!

This morning my husbands  alarm went off at 5:45 am to the voice of a local DJ saying " Currently in Flint it is already 79 degrees." That woke me up like a drill sergeant. All I could think of was " I gotta go, I gotta go early, I have so much to do today. I have to go early."  I had already started a list for the next two days and I had to get it all done so running was going to have to kick off my schedule of events. Running in the afternoon  in almost 100 degrees was not an option.
7:40am I got the kids off and I was right behind them. . It was 82 degrees. Piping hot. It was a good run. 5 miles.
I found the list and even got everything done on that! Running is a great time for me to "be still" but it is not replaceable with reading the bible. While praying and meditating on my runs is quite routine it does not replace reading the word. This is another one of the items that is not on a list but something that has to get done in my day Or things are off for me.

I did not lose my list. I got it all done. I managed my run and my reading in there. I also squeezed my sons poetry luncheon in there. I do not think I forgot anything..But I wont know till I remember!

  • I car pool. More than once I have forgotten a kid and had to go back to the school. A few weeks ago I picked up my son and we went to a nearby city to get some groceries when I got a phone call. I actually got two,  school and my husband saying that I forgot to bring my sons friend home. I forgot I was taking him home.
  • I ran a Thanksgiving race last year, The Turkey Trot. I was so worried for my husband getting around on crutches (he had surgery for a ruptured Achilles) and for me being DROPPED off in Detroit to run alone that I forgot my Garmin, my IPOD and My gum...But I remembered my phone and my Wonder Woman Cape!!
  • When I was in Boston for the Marathon I got a phone call from my work. They were calling me to find out when I was coming back because I had clients in. I forgot to mark off my day!!
  • I forget everything, my purse, my wallet, My makeup bag on vacations along with computer chargers and keys. I have lost my keys or locked my keys in the car so much that when I called the police they knew me BY NAME! 

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