"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Timing- Opportunity and Choices...

"That's What I AM." Starring Ed Harris.
Not sure how we turned this movie on in agreement. But we watched it and enjoyed it. There were some great lines in it. The movie was very thought provoking. It illustrated the definition of some strong words. I am going to share how some of the lines apply to me and possibly you~

"Timing, Opportunity and Choices"
Ed Harris says this response to his choice of why he  picked  two students to work together on a project.
Timing:We live this life like Gods. We think we control everything...We think Time is a item that we pick up in aisle 7 of the local grocery store. But it is not so. We can not go to the pump and "Fill up" on it. There is not an unlimited supply. So why do we take it for granted? Why do we live this life with mediocrity and complacency?  When IT is gone..It is gone.
Opportunity: These are the things that we think come knocking on the door...NOT TRUE. If we are lucky enough for some of us they do and they will. Most of us would rather whine looking at those who are fortunate to have good opportunities. It is less work to have a pity party than WORK at creating our OWN OPPORTUNITIES!! OUCH....But how many of those opportunities do come knocking but we are blinded by SELF that we can not even appreciate that it is a opportunity?
Choices: We make them everyday. But that does not mean we make good ones. I think for me the scale often feels tipped towards bad choices. Choices are funny..We can actually make a choice by simply NOT MAKING A CHOICE...! Making choices are those funny things that are aligned with habits. Are you making a habit of bad choices? Or are you working every day at trying to make good choices.
When they COLLIDE: Opportunity doesn't come knocking when we always want. For me it is recognizing that a small blessing has potential to lead to a life of abundance and success if I grasp it and choose to harvest that opportunity into something bigger and better. There are very few REDOES in life. Bad choices often lead to unfruitful gain. While they are fun for a season they often bear no permanent Joy or Peace. I try to take my "time" with value and gratitude. Recognizing that time IS an opportunity to make better choices.
It starts with TIME...Gratitude and  Thankfulness-- for the opportunity to recognize different choices are available.

Just for today. Today I had to remember I do not have to WIN an Argument to win. Winning is having the courage for me to lay down my pride and walk away. I do not feel good about myself when I choose to get into the "Boxing Ring" to win a debate that often has no winners anyway..Raising a Preteen I feel like I should be better at following this. It is a work in progress. Today I set out to run 6 or 7 miles, I ended up with 12. I do not understand why I can run twice as long as I set out yet struggle physically and mentally more trying to make it through an HOUR with a pubescent kid. This drives me nuts!
I can handle lost toenails, sore muscles, high temperatures, knee pain but nothing compares to the heart aches of the words of that 6th grader! And just as quickly as he breaks your heart with back talk or selfishness he is smiling at you with that flirty grin as if to say.." What MOM?".....

Two Cents Worth:
Prerun stretching is important if you are injured!
It is better to run 5 minutes then stretch because "warm" muscles are easier to stretch.
Roll the muscles and IT Band is also essential for preventing injury.
Postrun stretching helps prevent muscle soreness.
Never bounce when stretching, slow and rhythmic
Try to hold stretches for 30 seconds and never stretch to pain.
Make stretching a habit.


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