"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Steping out of the Box

Kids, kids and more kids. Welcome to summertime!
Now I am still trying to prepare for our new routines and schedules. Change is hard for me, I adapt pretty good but I have to readjust my thinking pattern.

5:30am wake up...The first of my new routines! This morning I met my running partner at 6am at the track. And as though that was not enough change we decided to run a different route. Woot woot..Change..

Stepping out of the Box. 
Having the Courage to Change.
Spreading your Wings.
Call it what you want. But for me it is inviting new habits.

Running like anything can get old. It can get boring and mundane. So it is fun to switch it up a bit.
Here are a few ideas to keep Running Fun and Fresh!

  1. Find a running Partner, at least once a week run with one. You do not have to run at the same pace. Pick a destination and meet, encourage one another, laugh a little bit. I ran with a girl a few weeks ago I hardly knew. She is the receptionist at our salons. I spoke to her more on the hour run then I had all the time I have known her, combined. It was fun!
  2. Location: Get in the car and drive to a different city. Try a metro park or a trail you have always wanted to do. 
  3. Change your Goal...OR Create some!! Say you are running for time, that is your goal, Instead run for distance or speed. Or sign up for that race you have ALWAYS said you were going to.
  4. Treat yourself to some new running gear, a new watch, apparel, Music for IPOD, running magazine..
  5. Go early or go late, But try something different, maybe you never ran on a Saturday..TRY IT. It doesn't  have to be a new routine, Just a new idea to try.

  In closing, I gave my Garmin to Andy. He went out of town and conned me into giving it up..Actually I did the conning, I said " Sure you can have it, I need a new pair of shoes we will trade."!

Here is today's rundown according to Heidis Garmin. Quoted by her as well.
  • Miles: 6.47 (I forgot to turn off when were walking)
  • Average pace:8:45, Time;56:38
  • Mile1; 9:14, Mile 2; 8;39, Mile 3; 8:37, Mile 4; 8:32, Mile 5; 8:35, Mile 6; 8:25, we did 3 miles in 26:29. Not too shabby lady, especially with all the hills 
    Our New Run was great. It was surprisingly warm and the traffic was a bit of a nuisance. But overall I loved getting up that early. And having someone to run with and motivate me to get my butt up was a bonus! We did a hilly route so it was a double bonus to have a partner push you through and keep you on your toes. We conquered those hills like champs today both admitting that we would not have been so eager had we been alone! "Two is better than ONE."

    I love to hear other people ideas, What are some ways that you keep it fresh and fun? 


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