"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad Mood RUN!

I got home from work and was so excited to go for a run with Andy. When I arrived I could see he was already in mode. Andy was stretching out his IT Band with the foam roller.
"I want to go." I said as I walked in the room.
"Hurry up,"
With that being said I hustled and got my running clothes together. I grabbed my old green and black running shorts and a sports bra because it was so hot.

I was so excited to run with Andy that I did not give a fight when I saw him with my Garmin on AND my IPOD. Feeling exceptionally generous I even gave him a pair of my Nike Running socks. Once his size 12's squeeze into my size 7's they are basically a gift!

Somehow the boys ended up with us also. Both boys on bikes and Andy and I off running. Everything till that point was good. Then everything fell apart..

I  upset Andy when I turned around the first block to get my phone to take pictures..This is where it all started.
When I caught up to them Austin was on the side of the rode messing with MY bike.(I let Austin ride my mountain bike). It appeared a bolt was missing. HMMMM...He has broken my bike a few times before, but I swallowed hard and reacted softly.
Austin and I were a couple minutes behind Alec and Andy. By the time we caught up tho them Andy was already irritated so showing him the missing bolt was not going so well. Now Andy was really aggravated.
So how do I handle Andys bad attitude...I disassociate..POUT AND LEAVE!

It may be hard to believe but I was at my breaking point trying to be Little Miss Sunshine!
I was feeling really crabby now so why not just blow things out of the ball park and add a bloody nose to the mix!
I had nothing to sop up the blood because it was so hot all I had was my sports bra. I was trying to stretch this little bit of fabric to my nose with out any other "little bit of something" sneaking out. I think it did but you would have to have bionic eyes to see anything!

I am running alone now. I was so excited to be with my family less that 15 minutes ago. WHAT HAPPENED?
I gave everything away, It was 80 degrees and I had given all my favorite tools away, I didn't have any gum, or water either.
This is NOT what I had thought my run was going to be like. Then after running a 3 mile pity party I realized I do not have to let Andys bad mood ruin MY run.
I had all these expectations placed on this run and none of them were appearing the way I wanted.

I did 5 miles. I think.

I am smiling now.

I barked at Andy about an hour after we all got home. He took another 20 minutes for him to respond.
I was sitting on the floor in my nothing box playing HEARTS on my iPhone and could feel Andy on the bed staring at me.
" Nita, so what do you want me to say?, Fine you want me to say sorry or something?"
AHH...Somewhere in that mess he apologized in his own way. I know it was hard for him. Andys run was easier than him having to express those words.

For me, I  just enjoy running with Andy and it is a bonus to have the boys. Even the loss of my favorite running gear is a small loss in comparison to running with my favorite people. I can bend pretty good without breaking. But everyone has their breaking point.
It is how you respond that makes all the difference.

Sunday~ 12 miles
Monday~7.01 miles
Wednesday~5.13 miles
Thursday~6.47 miles
Saturday~5 miles
Total miles= 35.60


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