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Friday, May 27, 2011

Thyroid VS Running: Experience wanted!

I spoke to a couple people today at work regarding my thyroid issue. I found it intersting that they had a story to share regarding runners in thier families that were also diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism or Hyperthyroidism.

So I started to look into it a bit when I got home. I found a couple different things.


I found this in Running times magazine. 
Thyroxin (T4) is released from the thyroid gland and then converted to a hormone called T3. As T3, it plays a major role in determining metabolic rate and maintaining muscle, brain, bowel and overall hormonal function. A malfunctioning thyroid can lead to hypothyroidism (under-secretion of T4) or hyperthyroidism (over-secretion of T4).

Training can bring on thyroid dysfunction in runners who have a family history. The stress of running "induces the antibody," causing the body to attack its own thyroid. "It's the actual training, and I don't mean overtraining," says Brown, "that causes the gene to turn on. With either too much or too little thyroid, your muscles don't contract normally. They don't have the power to contract. So sprinters don't run as fast, jumpers don't jump as far, and distance runners' times get slower." Treatment brings runners back to normal without conferring any advantage.

The website below was very informative for both conditions. It included the roles exercise play in both of them.

I would really love some readers to give me some feedback or any personal experience. Please share as I am wanting to know if there is any ideas or thoughts that will be helpful to me! 


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