"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A NEW Kind of Discipine..

It's Sunday..Day of rest. Our Sundays are very routine and I like it that way. At 7am Andy lovingly gets up and goes to Tim Hortons for coffee, bagels and a newspaper. We enjoy our early morning coffee break till the rug rats one at a time waddle into our room.  Andy and I enjoy a few minutes before they wake up fully and start their brotherly ruckus. Alright boys time for church!!
So Church, lunch then home for a nap. I enjoy my Sunday runs around everyones nap time. But today, I was all about the nap. I had it penciled in about 2am when I was still awake playing hearts on my Iphone that night/morning before. I was serious about this when we got home too. Right down to putting my PJ's back on!

Things do not always work out the way we would hope. The boys did not see the importance of my nap. They were downstairs disputing over the PS3. The more I tried to ignore their battling the more their battle elevated. Grrr. Now I have to get up and knock heads..But there was an idea that surfacing in my head....I would calmly give them a choice between 2 evils....

" Boys here is the deal. I am going to give you a choice. You can pick your discipline." First without any questions there is no PS3. NO questions asked. But here are your options, You see I just wanted a little nap, and you just want to play and not play in unity so here it is: 1- you can be grounded for the duration of the nap I wanted in your room or 2- Corporal Punishment. Austin you can go for a run with me now that I am done grieving over the loss of my nap and Alec your here with dad." Alec actually made out pretty good but Austin chose door number 2!

We got ready and I explained we would be doing 4 miles. He seemed at grips with it. Until we got to a half a mile. It was warmer out than he realized. We were going at 10 minute miles. Calm and smooth. But he kept mentioning how much he didn't like running. I could tell this was not going to be good for Austin. It all starts in the head. He was already talking himself into failure. He was disabling his potential before he even started. It was a beautiful day and so we saw several people we knew while running. I explained to Austin that is what motivates you and interrupts that stinking thinking, to embrace it and let it fuel him.

When we were approaching the 2 mile mark he was getting agitated. When I did not turn around where he thought the 2 mile mark was he started running his mouth more than his legs. "Austin you are letting all this negative energy sabotage your power and skill." "You can do this. You have done this before."

As a mother I do not want to see him struggling. But as HIS mother, I know he can do it and he does not have to struggle. So the pep talk starts. I am on egg shells afraid he is going to get sick of all the mantra and motivational speaking I am going to do but I start talking anyway. That's what us mothers do. Talk Anyway. He will either tune me out like most kids do with their parents or something just might bait him.

I share "I can do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens me." I interpret this verse to him by asking him if he wants to quit. Austin says YES. Trying to illustrate my point to him I tell him we are not aware of what we are capable of and we are capable of more than we realize but Christ gives us our power and strength. When we want to quit he is supplying our strength. When we feel depleted he is fulfilling our strength. We just have to Seek him, Believe in him, Trust him and he will fill our empty tanks.

As we approached mile 3 he started to pick up his pace. His head was a little bit higher. His feet were running a little bit more aggressive.  "Austin embrace this time to seek God, calm yourself down, and believe in your potential.

The last half mile his little face was beat red. He had sweat running down his temples yet when I offered him water he declined. He was in the ZONE. He was focused. He was realizing the the prize comes with a little pain but holds so much more value. I was reigning him in the last 500 feet so he could have a strong finish. When you finish strong you always feel more accomplished. But that last turn unto our street I let my little Cheetah go. Finishing that last stretch at a pace of 6:45.

At dinner Andy asked Austin how his run was. Austin responded," I was doing really bad till mom started telling me I could do all things......." That was enough for me. I Hooked Him!  He was listening and needed to hear that. He did not like the work to get to the goal but the all the work, sweat and pain all molded his accomplishment.

  • "Most people quit running at the first time they are winded and do not even know that they have a second."
  • "Pain is Temporary Quitting is Forever."

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