"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blood Sweat and Tears= THE TRACK

2010 Training at the track for the Chicago Marathon
So that is actually 92 degrees when you are running! That is not even with the crazy humidity today. Not that I am complaining..well maybe a bit. But I still ran.
Last year when I was training for Chicago, Andy made me to go the track and do speed work. Last summer was extremely hot and running on a track FAST was about the death of me. There were names I wanted to call my husband I have never called anyone. And there were words that erupted from my mouth that I did not think I was capable of. Training in the heat transformed me into a stronger runner but also a runner with a split personality.
I can still hear Andy as I was doing 800 meter repeats.."Train in The ELEMENTS, NITA, GO GO, PICK it UP." It ALL hurt so bad, the sweat stung my eyes, my lungs were begging for mercy and the voices echoed loudly, shouting "Quit, Quit". I would waste time arguing with Andy as he screamed  "YOU have TWO more."  I then somehow mustered enough energy to scream back,"NOOOO I don't, I am finishing after this one!!!" Only to find myself digging soo deep that I not only would do that last one but often run it faster than all the other ones!
My running partner text me today to meet at the track. UGH!! NOT the track was my first thought. I HATE the track. All the memories from summer flooded my head.The Pain, The Heat, The Repetitive Circle. Around and Around....and then.....
The Prize, The Proof, The Dedication, The Love and The Sacrifice. This Track represents more than just blood, sweat and tears. This Track is a symbol of the Commitment I made to myself and the Commitment my family made for me to Support me towards one of the Biggest Accomplishments I have ever sought after. It was more than just Training. It was Training for my FIRST Marathon. And it was more that just training for my FIRST Marathon it was training to Qualify for BOSTON at my FIRST Marathon! To do the unthinkable. First time out. This Track represented a Dream come true. It was a reminder that anyone can have good things with a little work, But there are still GREAT things that want to be purchased with a little or a lot more  Hard Work and Effort.
Heidi was already running around the track when I got there. The air was still. It felt like time had stopped and we were the only things moving. We ran around the track 2 miles, 8 laps. The memories resurfaced. I ran after each memory as a motivation. I ran towards the past vision of the  boys laughing playing football in the center of the track waiting for me to be done. I ran after the image of Sheba as I watched her run like a Cheetah, darting back and forth after the football. I smiled as I recalled the anger I would give Andy if he was not paying me 100% attention pushing me to my limits. As much as I hated the physical pain of the track, as much as I felt my tank run dry, the Love I saw Andy give me filled my tank every 200 meters I ran around him. This track was a token of remembrance towards Victory.

Heidi My Running partner! Surprise!!
We ran through the neighborhood and had 3/4 of a mile left. We decided to finish it back at the track. It was hotter than when we had started at noon. The track felt like an inferno. Heidi stopped and grabbed a drink and I kept going. As soon as my Asiacs hit the pavement I felt a boost of energy. I could see Andy with the stop watch in the middle of the track saying " Alright Nita, GO GO, Its gonna hurt Just GO!"  And I was off. All alone by myself, with only my mind and my breath to listen to. The first loop was coming to a close, I could hear Andy reciting my time to me. "Good job Nita, 2 more times, how do you feel?' And then again, "Get ready, Get to the line and GOOO."  The second loop here I go. I thought to myself as I did last year, "Pain is Temporary, Quitting is FOREVER, So go Anita SHUT Up an RUN."  I came unto the last loop and I wanted Andy to be there so bad but all I had was his words and these brief flashbacks to gravitate to. I saw Heidi though. I was looking at her from about 100 meters away. I was going to run as hard as I could to her. I was going to Honor Andy and go hard all the way in. My legs were starting to crumble underneath me and I told myself they are Strong and Believed that they were strong.  I felt my legs more firm strike the pavement with Confidence. She kept running, how was I going to catch her? I was feeling that banana wanting to come back  up and my breathing was as loud now as the voices telling me to quit. She stopped about 150 feet from me. I was not going to quit, Then I heard Andy again" GOO Nita, You can do this, All the way home, You got this."  AND I DID~  All the way, Through the pain, through the sweat and through the tears, away from the voices and against the odds I ran all the way in.

Today I am Thankful for the Support of my Family
Today I am Thankful for the Coaching of my Husband.
Today I am Thankful for God giving me Strength and Power because alone I have none.
Today I am thankful for a partner to run with, Heidi who I did not have last year.


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