"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse were designed to show the way or warn of danger.
The bible calls Christians to be a Beacon. To help show the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

My Lighthouse Run. 
I was really looking forward to my morning run today. I woke up like clockwork at 7am. My body is unfortunately programmed to autopilot at this time.
After killing time with a cup of coffee I got dressed quietly and headed out the door towards the lighthouse.

Leaving the boys sleeping I felt no guilt in my glory.

I thought yesterday was a magnificent morning but just when you think things couldn't get better...
(NOTE to self.. Never settle for good. There is always something greater waiting for you. I just told this to my niece. She is wanting to settle on good and thinks that might be all there is. And good is good but what if there was GREAT?")

As I ran towards the lighthouse the temperatures were a little warmer and the sun was a lot brighter. And as if the conditions were not perfect I was even running faster. I am on vacation so I do not want to empty the tank running tough. I want the runs to be fun and enjoyable. Vacation is not about work for me. Not even when it comes to my running.
Running on vacation to me is about new places and new experiences. It is the adventure and love of running that I fall back in love with the sport.

I ran straight to the lighthouse with a grin that turned to a big cheesy smile the closer I got.

The scenery was beatuful. The Lighhouse was as awesome as I remembered it.

I took a couple pictures and headed back towards our hotel.
As I passed the Port A Johns and kept running I got thinking "Yikes, I really think I may pee my pants!"
I did not want to turn around so I started looking for a Pit Stop!

While searching for a potty hideaway I found a trail to take the boys on a bike ride to.
This is the path I found on my run..that we turned into a bike ride.

I was so so grateful for the opportunity to run. To see the things I get to see. All the places my Brooks can take me. If these shoes could paint a picture or tell a few stories!
Hitting the Dunes!

There is so much life to live. There is so much to see and experience. God has given us these incredible bodies that are capable of way more than most people ever tap into. We instead abuse, beat up and neglect our bodies. So sad.
We can enjoy our ice cream more after a few miles!!

RECEIVING the BLESSING. Being a Beacon
So we went go carting and there was a family parked next to us but their hood was up. There were 3 kids, 2 woman and a man pouring water into his radiator. We asked what happened and the sand dunes took his Durango out.
After riding the go carts we came back to our truck and noticed he was still there with his family. Upon talking to Andy we decided to ask them if we could give them a ride to their camp site.
They were so thankful. We left the guy back to wait for the tow truck but took the ladies and kids to their campsite.
After we dropped them off Alec says "God will bless us for doing something nice."
Andy smirked.
We headed to the Icecream shop "Trisha" (a high school friend of mine) recommended. Unfortunately,  there was NO parking...But this guy let us park in his driveway....Alec says "See, God Blessed us."
We got to be the beacon for someone who was in distress and when we needed a hand someone reached out for us as well. So Awesome. Be a Light, lend a hand, Bless someone and you will be Blessed.

Distance: 6
Time: 51
Pace: 8:22


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