"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Run for a Remedy

The 6th Annual Run for a Remedy benefiting Children's Leukemia Foundation.

Some where over 6 years ago I got this crazy idea to direct a 5k run. Dale Dekker, a client of the salon I work at told me it was "no problem" and she would help me do it. I had no idea I would still be doing it 5 years later.

It is honestly the people I work with that make it so incredible because it is hard work. Most of the work goes unnoticed. And most of the mistakes are always noticed! Such is life. But the crew I work with make it happen with a smile on. We roll with the punches which are few and far between after 6 years of ironing most of them out.

It would not happen if I did not have such an incredible sponsor. Par-Tec. They are an independent company. "Debbie" is a client of mine from Glitz  who's husband owns and operates his "from the botton up company". When I told her my grand plan over 6 years ago, I mustered the courage to ask her and her husband if they would sponsor my run. Without hesitation she said "Yes". "Debbie's" catch phrase over the last 6 years is "Anita, You just tell me, whatever you need. Just let me know."
They are the most generous people I know. Always giving to everyone and helping anyone they can.
I am very thankful for their generosity and that they saw my vision.

The run this year was even larger then the previous years. We had over 160 runners! That is over a 50% increase! We raised over $4000 dollars for Children's Leukemia!
Dakota..our Leukemia Survivor and his family

This year the weather was colder, about 40 degrees compared to our 90 degree day last year. We changed the date from July to September. It was a welcomed change. The morning was beautiful.
Everything ran smooth.
Bill, Great to see him out there!!!
We had a DJ, Momentum entertainment, Krogers showed up with bananas, water and HONEY CRISP Apples!! Krogers was our other large sponsor.  "Paige" showed up with all our goodies and brought a photographer.
As if things could not get better, my singer showed up all smiles to sing the National Anthem and "Dakota" our Leukemia survivor came over to me. Dakota was our 1st years honored hero. He has fought this awful cancer for the last 6 years. So miraculous.

I had moments of deep gratitude as I looked across the run..all running together. All the people that were here were perfectly woven together. Each person had a special place in making the RUN come together.

I saw my clients, "Sharon", "Carla" , "Bill"  and a few others out there.
Glitz Crew!!
I saw The "Glitz Girls" volunteering their time. This meant so much to me. They came eager to help with smiles and encouragement.
I saw my sponsor running it, "Lori" from Coldwell Banker Shooltz.
I saw people smiling, laughing and encouraging one another.
I saw Glitz staff, "Katie"(my other running partner) and many others out there running it!
Team Harless.
I saw my family, Andy and the boys come out and support me and the run. This always means so much to me. They see me behind the scenes working on the run. Andy knows how much work I put into it. The boys passed water out to runners with "Brian" at the turn around point.
"Katie" my partner in putting the run together is the level headed one. She balances my extreme melt downs. She keeps my feet planted. Her and her husband "Brian"  are a huge help. 

Gina and Katie and I

I saw "Danielle", my running partner cross the finish line, her first race, post Hamstring tear. She met me at my house at 6am and stayed there crossing the finish line together and a cup of coffee after the race at Paneras.

I bandit ran it. I run for fun to cheer people on and to run with Andy or this year with "Danielle". I bandit run it because it is embarrassing if you win in your own race so I do not register. And of course guess who got 1st in her age group?? Danielle!!! Writing this puts a smile on my face.
Katie, me, and Danielle. Our first run together in weeks!
There is something about being a cheerleader, a coach, a encouragement to others that is so fulfilling. I love to be someones smile.
The race was wonderful. A lady came up to me and not knowing who I was stopped me. She had this great smile and in her excitement says "I want to be just like you. I loved hearing you cheer all those runners on and smile at everyone."
My job was done. That is all I want to hear. It is more than numbers and figures. It is about people. Life is about how we treat one another. This was my definition of a successful run, Knowing that I had encouraged someone and made someone smile. Everything else was a bonus.

Time: 26.02



  1. It was wonderful seeing you and running for such as great cause! Count me in for next year! See you soon!


  2. I was so excited to see you out there!!! You have the best smile! Seeing you smile at the run was the best!! Thank you for supporting the cause!!