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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The power of Knowledge..Clint Verran : BOSTON MARATHON INFO

Today was a double digit day... I had physical therapy for my knee at 10am at Clint Verrans office. I was signed up to run on their Anti Gravity treadmill for an hour and then my running partner text me she wanted to run today!
Soo using my brains I decided only 4 miles at Clints office and 6 miles later on with her. I really embraced the idea of being outside today. Total sunshine and about 50 degrees..The invitation was an easy reply..ABSOLUTELY!
Clints office is small and designed for the  athlete. If you are a runner or a biker this is great for you and your injury. Clint himself works with you. He has one assistant, I think her name is Lisa. I am horrible with names. And the gal behind the counter.."The Coyote".. She ran a 5 min and something mile this morning....
When I walked in I smiled and said "hi" to them all. I receive a friendly hello back. Clint sprays down the table and I lay on the table. There he begins to ask me about how I did this past week. I excitedly tell them about my 18 mile pain free run on Sunday. I am so excited to share it with them I know that I sound like a little kid who comes running to tell you how high they jumped off the swings without getting hurt. As I am answering questions and sharing he is digging his elbow down my IT band..UGH...
I decide to just come out with it..What was really digging at me..."Clint I need all the info I can get on the Boston Marathon..." With out hesitation he says "OK..I will help you with everything I can"..Here are the main points...
  1. The First 16  miles is all slow decline
  2. Don't let the decline make you loose your pace..steady & smooth..Like your running on EGGSHELLS..
  3. At 16 there are a set of 4 hills called the Newton Hills..The fourth is the well know Heartbreak Hill
  4. These 4 hills go on for about 4 miles and are about a half a mile long a peice ...
  5. This is why you do not want to blaze out of the gate because the hills will kill your quads and hamstrings and you will need all you energy here. ( you will feel good but DON'T.)
  6. From mile 22 to the finish is goes back into a steady decline all the way in.
  7. There are no pacers at the Boston..Try very hard to keep your pace so you don't bottom out!
  8. The race doesn't start till 10am so be careful how you eat.
  9. Clint got a PR at Boston. He came in 10th place OVERALL in 2006!
I appreciated all this information. I got on the treadmill and set out to do an easy 4 miles. This older gentleman comesthe office in from the HANSONS Running group. I could not hear what they were talking about. But as I was finishing up noticed they were looking at me and I realized I was part of the conversation. This man was just informed I was running Boston. He walks over to me and starts asking questions. Clint told him I was asking questions and then he started answering some more..Here are a few of his facts and tidbits:
  1. Almost word for word mapped out the course the same as Clint.
  2. Said it is possible to see you more than once on the course but your family is going to have to Hustle!!
  3. You will go around a curve and then the HILLS start! This is one of the only curves in the race because it is a straight course.
Two people who have ran Boston more than once and what an encouragement. Knowledge is Power. I feel more adequate in my head. I can try and prepare my body but you also have to prepare your HEAD.
Us runners really play some head games when it comes to our running. I feel better equipped.
I left Clints office and ran a couple errands only to meet at 1pm for another 6 mile run.
No pain...
Today instead..Encouraged, educated, & more equipped..
4 weeks from today...Boston...


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