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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Physical Therapy with Team Clint Verran

Today I had a 10am apt. at Clint Verrans Sport Medicine..Physical therapy. I did not go last week because my It band has been doing much better. But then my last long run I was struggling about the 18 mile mark. Pretty bad too.
A few days ago when I was foam rolling my IT Band I felt a knot. I thought I will try and work this out myself. Soo that did not work out so well. So keeping PT was my idea of insurance in case something happened before Boston. Good thing!
Today when I went in to see the team, "Coach Jackie" the Cheetah receptionist, Lisa the assistant and Clint..Speed racer my Physical therapist were all open. All three of them are runners. Jackie and Clint are crazy fast and I love to listen to them. But there was a new guy there today. He was job shadowing I believe. How lucky..I wonder if he knew how jealous I was. Usually when I go in I feel pretty below average amongst these super athletes but today when Clint introduced me to the new guy I felt special. He described my injury. and explained that I am relatively Ok but that I qualified for Boston and wanted to maintain their services "just in case". But then I got to listen to HIM..Clint Verran narrate and define The Boston Marathon,
 "...One of the oldest marathons", "It is more than just a marathon because you have to qualify.." " Less than 10% of runn
ers are able to qualify for Boston..." , these were a few of his statements.  For those brief moments I felt like an athlete. The last few weeks I have felt weak, frustrated, broken and handicap. I have felt far from capable,confident or competent.  Here Clint was reminding me that despite my injury I had not giving up. He was not verabally saying that but that is what I heard.
During my 30 minute appointment my It band was manipulated, stretched and rolled and I left feeling refueled and reminded that this is a big accomplishment for a Nobody.  So I have a nagging injury, it is not the end all. I am still running a dream come true. I am still going to run a race that I never in a million years thought I was capable. This is have more than a race to run but an experience of a lifetime. And I choose how I am going to define this expereince. I was reminded of this by my physical therapy office..This was not part of my treatment nor were they even aware that they had given me this little bonus. But they did.

This is Clint Verrans website. If you are a runner or a biker this is a great Physical Therapist office.



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