"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, January 14, 2013

Potty Mouth!

Five for Five! Thought I would have fun and share 5 topics with 5 points!

"...Who can withstand his icy blast?" Psalms 147:17

Running in the COLD!
1. LAYER UP! 1st Layer absorb perspiration, moisture wicking, tight fit  2nd Layer, Hold the heat in, insulator, 3rd Layer often a jacket, something that can battle against the elements.
2. Remember if it is 20 degrees you will feel like it is 30..UNLESS there is a Wind Advisory..Check the "Wind Chill Index"!
3. HANDS, HEAD and FEET..Keep them covered!  You loose a lot of heat here.
4. If you stay warm running the you should run like normal. If you get cold... The body will react negatively.
5. Beware of ICE! YakTrax are a great and inexpensive covering for shoes for traction.

Why I HATE running in the COLD!
1. I never feel like I warm up.
2. Unlady like running..Alot of SNOT and SPIT! UGH!
3. Get confused easier...Funny I know!
4. Typically less sunlight..More Self Motivating!
5. My limbs freeze and it freaks me out.

Why I LIKE running in the COLD!
1. Love being in the elements..God Country
2. The air even though cold is Invigorating
3. I allow myself to slow down.
4. I don't stink as BAD!
5. Less traffic on main roads

5 Michigan Races in the winter to Race!
1. Run Like the Dickens Holly Michigan
2. Winterlaufe Frankenmuth Feb 2
3. Kahtoola Michigan Mountain run Feb 3
4. Frosty Oaks 5K 10K February 10th
5. CORKTOWN 5K March 10th

Distance: 7:02
Time: 1:01
Pace: 8:42
Temperature: 24 Degrees
Personal Emotion: Mellow.

Finishing this out with a funny story. Upon starting this new membership at GAC, "Paula" introduced me to a workout partner of hers "Natalie".  Natalie reminds me alot of me. She is high energy, kinda crazy, and is very expressionistic. HOWEVER..She has a trucker mouth. I don't know why but she really makes me laugh at the things she says...She is crazy!
I was on my way home from my run with less than a mile to go and I heard a HONK. I turned my head, smiled and waved. This is a common move for me because I often have NO Idea who they are and I am trying to be polite. Only this Black Jeep comes after me and pulls in a parking lot forcing me to acknowledge them.
Getting the ice off my eyelashes I discover it was "Natalie"
"What the F@*#?, Aren't you FREEZING?"
I tried to talk and discovered I COULDN'T! My jaw was literally frozen.  I still attempted to try.
"Hheyy yeahhI ammmmCoollddd..."
I felt like I had just had a stroke. I knew what I wanted to say, only it came out like I had a mouth full of JELLO."
"Natalie" Laughing at me then says " I thought that was you!  WHAT? Your out here running?? What I thought  'NO SH#@ ' 1 WEEK at the Gym AND YOU ALREADY QUIT!!"
I could hardly respond because my face was FROZEN but I laughed..All the way back home!


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