"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Explaining Training~ When its more than just physical.


  1. The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.
  2. The action of undertaking a course of exercise and diet in preparation for a sporting event.

Around and around I went. The Track or The Mothership some call it is pretty awesome. 
As you enter onto the track there is a very large over head clock above you so you can see your time. The walls are decorated tricolored with decals of different runners along the outside wall. The inside of the track is where all the tennis courts are located.
As I went around and around so drifted my mind.
"What does it mean to TRAIN?"
"How is this any different than what I do on a daily basis?
"What is the difference between training and working out?

And so I thought....and I contemplated the differences..and I ran effortlessly as my mind searched for answers.

Many of us work out as a routine. To stay healthy, Active, Fit. Fresh.
Some of us Work out to stay slender or to get into shape.
TRAINING..Has a goal, has a deadline. It is in ADDITION to working out!
TRAINING SAYS "This is going to hurt."
TRAINING SAYS "You are going to have to sacrifice that Chocolate cake, fast food, late night or late morning and MUCH much MORE."
TRAINING SAYS "You have to be disciplined, committed, focused."

But then I got thinking even more....
Around and around I went...praying, seeking answers from God, asking for forgiveness and reminding myself what a mess I am.
And Around I went...
Training...Training much more than my body. Everyday I train my heart, my eyes, my mouth,my ears....
Every day, every hour, being conscious of what I look at, what I listen to, and what I speak about. It is work, it is hard and it hurts. I fall short so very often.
Dear God there are days it hurts soo so bad.
For weeks now it has been more hurtful than it has been in a long long time.
There were so many days I wanted to yell, I wanted to cuss, I wanted to be angry and let the whole world know.
So many days the pain and heartache of losing Ariel and all the chaos that came with it made me just want to throw in the towel. I wanted to quit fighting. I wanted to let it all just go. I wanted to go back to Egypt. Blow up on resentments and bitterness. I wanted to indulge on self pity and discontentment.
But God showed me that training does not mean we have to always train harder...sometimes we have to learn how to train smarter. Sometimes to go forward we have to go backwards a little bit. And it hurts so very very bad.
12 Minutes in the COLD PLUNGE!!

A vital part of training is taking precautions to PREVENT INJURY.

For Running:
  • Cold plunge
  • Rest
  • proper nutrition
  • stretching
  • Vitamins/Juice Plus for me
 For ME:
  • Protecting my heart
  • Let Go and Let God
  • Give myself some Grace
  • Try not to put myself in areas I may get distracted
 Around and around I went...thinking...seeking....purging...
Humbly reminding myself HE is not finished with me yet...And I have a long way to go...
But I have a Great Coach. 
I have a Coach that loves me more than I love myself.
I have a Coach that Believes in me.
I have a Coach that picks me up when I fall.
I have a Coach that trains me with Love and Discipline.
I have a Coach that knows my weaknesses...But supplies my strengths.
I have a Coach who gives me the ultimate Victory in HIM.
Distance: 7miles
Spin Class: 60 minutes

Rough night tonight. Missing Ariel. The songs we shared Or just remind me of her keep coming on the radio or through my Ipod. So much has happened and I don't have her to tell or show.
Yesterday "Trevor" called me. He was a friend of hers. I think we talked for 20 minutes. I Love hearing from those closest to Ariel. It is like speaking to her.
And Monday "MO" her best friend from High school came over for dinner. Like a puzzle we are trying to fit together sharing our best Ariel for one another we have. For a moment we smile, we even laugh but beneath the reflection of laughter lies space that can't be filled with any other piece but hers....



  1. i love how you refuse to let her go and grieve in your own personal way. i love how you are in touch with exactly where you are a the moment. i love how you train so smart. i love how you are so grateful for what you do have. i love you my cousin. Vince

    1. Vince, Thank you for your words and thank you for seeing where my heart is. It is a tough road as you know...grief.
      I know that you probably know more than most when you have been defined wrong.

      I appreciate you seeing my words for what they are. I have been not had that same grace with previous posts and have been very gun shy to share my burdens with losing Ariel.

      Thank you for loving me for ME.
      And I Love YOU.
      You are a good example of continuing to take care of yourself. You look great Vince!


  2. I liked and realized the coaches within our lives truly take us farther than we limit ourselves with grace and love. Thanks for the post ! really cool one.

  3. Thanks Sandeep. I had no idea what I was gonna say. I put music in my ears and God did the rest~ I appreciate you words, Nita