"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, January 21, 2013

Calling All RUNNERS...

"There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path, Don't allow yourself to become one of them." Ralph Marston
There seems to be a lot of talk in the air: C25K, Training programs, 5ks, Resolutions, Goals....
Whether you are just starting and wanting to know where to start or you have been running a while: there is always something we are wanting to know or get refreshed on. 

I have been running for a while but there is always something new I learn. Often I learn that the things I thought I knew wasn't right in the first place. 

I love my running magazines. I get inspired, encouraged and motivated with each turn of the page. I have noticed my mailbox has not gotten a "Runners World" in a couple weeks. I went to 3 stores to pick one up. NO ONE sells them in the town of HOLLY!! 

Feigning for my reading fix I pulled out one of my old copies. It was like a new read. I know I am a bit forgetful but I seriously didn't remember this one at all.  This issue was a mini gold mine. 

I wanted to share my treasure with you!!
Runners World May 2012
  • "Know that your Designed to Run: Humans can run farther than Most animals!"
  • "Understand Discomfort: Running can be hard but don't call it pain, says Loftus. "Pain is getting burned by a stove, he says. Some discomfort can lead to improvements in fitness. Whats hard today will be easier tomorrow"
  • "Run What You Can: "Any amount of exercise is better than zero," says Jennifer Burningham, a coach in Portland Oregon."
  • "Be Flexible: "Don't be rule-bound by a rigid schedule," says Burningham, "instead make a weekly plan that works for you. and if you miss a day, don't freak out, just run the next day."
  • "Take the long view: Face it: "Your 40 year old body won't respond like it did in your 20's, "says Burningham. If your coming back from a layoff, you can regain your form-in time. Push too hard and you risk injury."
  • "Look ahead: "Get your torso to relax by focusing your gaze on the horizon," says Hand. Raising your eyes naturally straightens your posture making you run taller and engaging stability muscles from your core to your hips."
  • "Swing It: To increase your pace, speed up your arm swing. "Set your cadence with your arms-slowing down or speeding up the tempo like a metronome-and your legs will follow their lead."
  • "Keep Them Bent: Relax shoulders and arms by keeping hands at waist level, not pumping around your chest, says Hand. Bend arms at a 90-degree angle, swing them straight forward and backward, and relax hands."
  • "Rub Shoulders: There's nothing like hanging out with other runners, make plans to run together and it'll be harder to choose the sofa over your running shoes."
  • "Listen Up: According to a 2007 study in the journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, listening to music during low and moderate exercise diverts your attention from fatigue. Put your faves at the end of your play list to finish your run on a high note.
  • "Eat to Win: "Will power is sustained by your energy supply" say Baumeister. Nutritious food sustains muscles and determines , "Sugar provides a quick boost," he says. "Protein works over a longer period of time." 
  • "Beat the Growl "Every four hours, eat a meal of about 500 to 700 calories to maintain energy levels, says Nancy Clark, a registered dietitian in Boston. "If you stay fueled all day you won't be tempted to overeat at dinner."
  • "Stay Centered: Newbies tend to lean too far forward and take long strides that cause each footfall to act like a brake against the body's momentum, Run tall, look up, shorten your stride, and your center of gravity. This saves energy and reduces the impact forces on knees."
  • "Beef up your Butt: The weakest muscle in a beginners body are typically the stride-driving gluteus duo  of the maximus and medias (Blame your office chair). says Hand. Strengthen them with these moves:"
  • "Walking Lunges"
  • "The Clam"
  • "Stay Flexible: Your hams help flex the knee, absorb impact, and lift your feet."
  • "Build Strength: Shinsplints are caused by the overuse of the tibialis and soleus muscles in the lower leg. Avoid them by building you run time slowly, running on soft surfaces, and doing two daily exercises."
  • "Stretch Em Out: Your quads are the largest and strongest muscle group in your body because they control its heaviest bone-the femur. Stretch to relax them after a run."
  • "Take it Easy: Connective tissue like ligaments and tendons takes longer than muscles to adapt to the rigors of running. Increase weekly run time b just 10 percent a week to week to give your knees a chance to catch up to your muscles."
  • "Visit a Retailer: A Skilled, running-shoe salesperson will guide your selection after asking about your running habits- how much you plan to run, the surface you'll run on, your injury history-and evaluating your pronation ( the way your foot rolls after it impacts the ground)."
  • "Get Measured: " A properly fitted shoe should leave a thumbs width of space between the nose of the shoe and your toes to accommodate foot swelling."

The Rundown:
Distance: 6 mile
Pace: 1st 5 miles TM at 7:45 1 mile cool down on track
Time: 38:
Comments: Cold Plunge was drained.

Some great little nuggets in there. Hope you were able to find a little something. If not what would you like to know??


  1. Hey nita its becca lol was board and read your blog glad I did. I've been thinking about getting started again on my normal work outs then running like I did before but I forgot what got me motivated before and had me keep doing it. Guess what I wanna know is how do I get up and moving and have energy again lol and 10 years ago how did you do it with the boys? Wish I could go back to before I stopped and not have stopped. Love you

    1. Becca, so happy to see you on here. In order to get up and moving you have to change routines. You have to want it so bad that you go to bed early..And promise yourself you will get up.
      You Will get up because YOU are Worth it.
      You Will get up Because YOU will Feel Better.
      You Will get up Because Your Body and Mind will thank you later.
      You have to want it, yearn for it, fight for it...Because it is important to YOU!!
      The biggest Challenge isnt Running or working out...It is YOU.
      Fight Yourself, your mind and then You will find yourself doing what you want to do and loving it and yourself!
      Don't think of it as "Stopping" Just Pausing...Get back at it Becca!!
      I love ya, Aunt Nita

  2. Anita,

    Thank you for these inspiring posts. I wanted to know about waking up and go for the run without hearing to the mind (such as, its okay to miss today..im tired, it is cold out there..)

    1. Thank You Sandeep,
      You are very kind. Give yourself some grace, January is a great time to not take missing a day or two so serious! There is always tomorrow, and running outside in this could be a whole lot worse than missing a day~
      Thank you for your comments.