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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

When your in Dog house

"It is Better to Ask Forgiveness than Permission."
This is my HUBBIES favorite quote......Now it might be mine..
"Anita, you are never going to change." I knew I was in trouble.
I KNEW a FEW things.
Tuesday, at work, Andy called me.
"Hey, I am running to the bank...." He continued to share his plans of the day with me.
I got a bright idea. "Hey, since you are going to the bank, will you stop by my work and get my deposit too?" I knew I may have opened a can of worms, I don't make deposits usually.
Andy confused replied, "What do you have to deposit?"  
CRAP, CRAP, Double CRAP, I knew he didn't remember. Of course, we had only talked about it once and it didn't go over well. This was a lot more then hiding a new pair of running shorts in the back of the closet and getting busted.
With my heart pulsing, I tried to flirt my way through my explanation. "You remember, I am registering for the Goofy Challenge.." I had my cutest voice I could come up with. I think I was even battering my eyes, not like he could see me of course. My hands were sweating...
I threw up in my mouth. I could tell I was in BIG trouble. I ran to the backroom to try all my verbal moves to get away with new running adventure.
Andy came to the salon (still angry) to pick up the 375$ I had saved for this race in Disney.

"It is Better to Ask Forgiveness than Permission."
We didn't talk to much about it. I am no dummy. The fire needed to fizzle out. Later that night he said "Nita, we need to talk, You are so stubborn, you are never going to change, You know, maybe I will just right you a letter."
My thinking: I am actually running this with my sister in law, Leeanne. Leeanne and my brother live in Florida. I am going down by myself for the weekend to run and visit them.
I am so excited. This is something that was on my bucket list. I honestly wanted to do the Dopey Challenge but it was almost two hundred dollars more. That would have been the straw that broke the camels back! I would be sleeping in the barn.

Goofy Race and Half Marathon Challenge: Half and Full Marathon courses through Walt Disney World® Theme Parks totaling 39.3 miles
  • Disney Characters and Entertainment on-course
  • Event Weekend Transportation for Walt Disney World® Resort guests
  • Family Reunion Area with live entertainment and characters
  • The Cool Down Party at Downtown Disney® (Sunday evening)

    Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge Participants Receive
    • Champion® Long-Sleeved Tech Shirt in Women's or Men's cut for the Marathon, Half Marathon and Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge* -
    • Special Goofy finisher medal, along with the Commemorative Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck finisher medals for completing the Marathon and Half-Marathon*
    • Official Event Guide*
    • iGiftBag
    • Personalized bib (Must register by October 06, 2015 for name to appear on bib)*
    • On-course and post-race refreshments
    • ChronoTrack B-tag timed race with live runner tracking sign up for friends and family
    • Personalized results website
    FLASHBACK: Andy and I ran the Disney Half Marathon in 2010. That was the year my LOVE for running was starting to take off.
    Half Marathon time: 1:57:49
    This is NOT a race RACE. It is a RACE to Have FUN. And I am SO EXCITED.

    BTW, Dopey challenge is already CLOSED along with Half Marathon, 5k and 10K. BUT the FULL is still open if anyone wants to run it with ME!!!



    1. You'll have a blast! I'm so jealous, but no way I can justify paying for that weekend twice. Since it's split, it's no worse than a full :D

    2. Michelle, I am so excited, have you done both, I could use some advice if so, where did you stay?? I have a million questions!

      1. I stayed at the All-Star Sports resort on-site. The All-Star resorts are the cheapest ones, and by staying on-site, Disney provided free transportation to and from the airport, and the expo and races.

      2. PS: In 2014, it was maybe $135 a night, and there was a big cafeteria with surprisingly good food choices for reasonable prices. Also 2 pools. The only time I left the hotel area was for the races :)