"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Friday, May 1, 2015

Its not just a SMILE.

In the last month my father in law and a dear friend from church, Steve have both had knee replacements.
I have been so encouraged by both of them in their journey to recovery. To me a smile speaks volumes.
Steve came in my salon today for me to cut his hair. Let me tell you, he has A HEAD of HAIR.
But he came in with this contagious smile. He has this soft spoken voice with a little southern accent.
Between his kind voice and blue eyes, you feel so comfortable you could share your deepest secrets. It is like a truth serum. The kind of attention that after you have "vomit of the mouth"  you are left thinking "OH my goodness, I can't believe I confessed that!"
Steve is a very Godly man, non judgmental and kind. Not your average Christian. No, Steve and his wife Gay, are definitely above average.
After he left, I had a few minutes to think. To think about who I am.

I am far from perfect, as a mother, as a wife and as a Christian.
I let you down and I let myself down.
But I get back up, wipe it off and try again.
I will forgive you and I forgive myself.

I smile, it hides my confusion, my hurts and my broken heart.
I look to you for a smile, your smile delights me, encourages me, edifies me, reassures me and heals me.
Don't mistake my goofy, giggly, flighty and flirty character for naïve, dumb or being clueless.
I am very very aware.
I process every look, every word, and every body movement, I just don't give you the satisfaction of knowing you are hurting me.

But that smile, those kind words, that look that shows love, it is the veil that covers all.
It is that smile that says, I am not dissecting your candor, I love you..for YOU.

Husky Road Runners, great group to encourage running I am part of.

Running the Numbers:
April total miles Ran: 266
This weeks total miles: 60
Long Run: Thursday, 22 miles with Danielle, Jama, and Lacey. These girls were incredible. Our route Lacey and Danielle chose, Huron Valley Trail.
Our average pace: 9:14
LONG RUN Ladies!
Thursday was our 1st XC meet I help coach. I had no idea how I was going to feel running around the course after them. As soon as the GO sounded, I was running. Like a lunatic, I chased those kids screaming "YOU RUN, Turn them OVER, GO GO!"
"NO Regrets, Dig in, Strong mind, Strong BODY!" I ran from the hills to the woods screaming, I raced down Husky Hwy right next to them shouting till my voice cracked. Tears welled in my eyes watching the kids see the FINISH and dig just a little bit deeper to the finish.
I ran like I was floating on air to the finish, to pick them up as they fell, to hold them as they cried, and to congratulate them on their victories.
There is nothing like watching others be victorious, to see others work hard and be champions in their challenges.
Alec, Ran great, Proud mama Proud coach.

Whether you are healing from knee surgery, or crossing the Finish line in your own goals, you just never quit, keep smiling and know...You never know who you are inspiring, who you are encouraging or who you are motivating.



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