"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Neverending Story!

I get so mad at myself. I wonder if there is a pill that will fix me.
Maybe I am imbalanced, that is why I do ridiculous things.
Maybe I have a disorder, that has not been diagnosed yet.
Maybe I should change my diet, I must be lacking some nutrient.

People are always so kind saying "Nita, it is because you have so much going on..."

Well, it just sucks to be me and loose track of all the bone head moves I do accidently.

Trust me, I couldn't make this up!

Another way to turn a 15 miler into a 17 miler!
Loose your KEY FOB!

Sometimes it is so painful I just want to cry.
I wanted to cry because I was afraid to tell Andy.
I wanted to cry because I didn't want to run another step, yet I was backtracking down the back roads looking for the little plastic she devil.
I wanted to cry because I was so thankful that Jama was still at Genesys. We met there to run. Jama was running 20 and I was running 14 or 15...Which ended up 17! I left Jama and headed to my car. Jama continued to finish her 20 miler. I called her and told her of my mishap. She finished her run while I backtracked and picked me up in route.
I wanted to cry because I NEVER found the little thing.

And to add injury to insult I was running with just a sports bra hoping, to get some sun. . I got more that I planned, I am BURNT!

The only thing that held the tears back was reminding myself, "The only thing that is the end of the world is the END OF THE WORLD."

Build a bridge and GET OVER it.
It was a marvelous day for a run. I had great company and a perfect route. We were not the only ones out there, we saw so much wildlife. The sounds in the elements made my heart flutter. Jama even discovered a small patch of violets.
And we saw several horses. Jama grew up with horses, this made her heart happy.
I LOVE being in the elements, the sounds, the sights and the smells, All the smells but mine. I was pretty ripe, I think my deodorant ran off at about 13 miles and I know my Versace was long gone!

17 miles.
Enough said.
Last weeks miles: 51



  1. Urgh, yeah: I know that feeling well. The voice in your head shouting what an imbecile (and worse) you are. Running's what I do to keep that sort of thing under control!

    1. Hey Stephen, You nailed it. I needed a run after that run! I was so mand at myself! Its great to hear that someone else hears those voices too!