"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Not Obstacles, Opportunites.

We all have something we could complain about.
  • My stinking back has been out for over a week. I have a nice size lump on it that is questionable.
  • I have nagging blisters on 3 of my toes.
  • I am so sore from a silly game of junior high Sharks and Minnows FROM MONDAY!
I have a whole lot more if you wanna entertain my negativity and complaints.
The truth is I hate complaining as much as I hate listening to my own verbal blahh.

We all have circumstances that we can let create a life Less that Zero.

We are called to persevere. To not give in to the pity party. The Woe is ME. I like to call it "EEyore Syndrome"

Life is GOOD. Even in the BAD it is so Good.

It feels so amazing to laugh, to smile. Even in the middle of a $H#@ storm you have to try and laugh at the chaos or you will cry.
Then make others cry.

Because that's what we do in a pity party. We send out invites. We get all down trodden, poor me and sappy. We look like a sour puss and in our misery we have NO idea how many people RUN in the other direction. We cant figure out why we are ALL ALONE. Because NO ONE wants to be around a scrooge all day.

I was born a natural cheerleader. I will sing "Kum by Yah" and cheer you on, but not more than you do for yourself.

Suck it Up Buttercup
Moving real slow this morning. I packed my gym bag to get some dry miles in. I reached my arm around to my back to feel that lump still camping out. As I bent over to grab my shoes, I winced in pain. "UGH, I cant wait to go to the DR.s Thursday to find out what this is." I spoke to myself.

I looked in all corners for Jeff at they gym. I needed his humor this morning.
Disappointed I got on my favorite TM alone.
At mile 2, Here he comes with the distorted smile.
Jeff was dripping in sweat, it was so NASTY. He knows I HATE sweat. I told him the story about how Andy tries to rub his sweat on me while we run and I want to either puke or punch him!
He jumped on the TM next to me to walk off his spin class and harass me as I ran.

NOT Obstacles rather Opportunities.
We talked about how the kids ran hill repeats on Tuesday at XC. They were NOT happy. It was NOT FUN.
"Nita, you have to teach the kids how HILLS are NOT obstacles, they are Opportunities...." Jeff said as a coach himself.
He continued his thoughts on that. I loved it.

It all comes together RIGHT HERE.
Life is full of Hill's. Moments in our life that it just SUCKS. We are sucking wind, hurting and wanting to give up. We don't move pass that hill finding victory. NO, we take all that anguish and grief move on holding the "UGLY FACE" of defeat.

DUDE! I freaking just climbed MT Rushmore and LOOK at the View from the TOP!! Yeah BABY, take that!
That's right, quit being overcome my the mountains in your life and see the mountains you have CONQUERED!
Use them as opportunities to exercise strength, adversity, use them to help others, encourage those who are facing their giants. To Persevere.

Distance 8 miles.
Fun trip to ATHLETA. Finally spent the Christmas money "Paula J" gave me. She spoils me rotten.  I LOVE Athleta, Lil Mama wants EVERYTHING!  I will show you what I bought tomorrow.


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