"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Tempo Run

Tempo Runs; also known as Lactate Threshhold Runs. These runs help to improve your ability to hold a solid pave before having to slow down.
My tempo runs usually begin with a mile easy then 5-8 miles at a target pace then a mile cool down.
Some people will run their tempo runs at a 5k race pace or a 10K race pace or just comfortably hard.

Today, I opted for a target pace I wanted to achieve. I wanted to Up Chuck at my second mile. I hung on and noticed I had taken those first 2 miles to fast. I tried to scale down without falling down, yet keep my target pace.
I just kept thinking "Another mile down, only "X" amount to go."
I did a 7 mile Tempo run, 1 mile easy, 5 harder than I thought and 1 mile cool down.

Its been a LOOONG day. Every hour has been accounted for. It is days like this that I make more mistakes. Like losing my phone at Krogers. What a stinking nightmare.
Andy was able to track it to the Kroger Parking lot. I went back up there for the 3rd time and someone turned it in. I took more grief from Andy making fun of me then anything.
However, this mishap cost me over an hour of my run time. By the time I got home I only had an hour to run. Hence the dreaded Tempo RUN.

I was literally running ALL day. I left my house to RUN to Cross Country. Thankfully we were not running with the kids today, we were doing Time Trials.
I had to Run back home to make dinner, I didn't have enough time to eat it though. I did make some healthy blueberry muffins from scratch, probably why I didn't have time to eat.
Then I  had to Run back out to Run our adult running club.
I got 10 miles total in today.
No shower until 8pm.
Grateful for deodorant, body spray and perfumed lotion.

Boston Bombing. Today was the Anniversary of that horrific day. The day was perfect until it was hijacked by the chaos. The Boston Marathon in 2013 will always be a day of Overcoming to me.It haunts my youngest son. He was forever altered on that day. He overcame his fears and went back last year to support me as I ran the Boston Marathon my final time.  That day is Victory, a Day so many came together to support, encourage and Overcome the terror that framed that day. I am reminded of how grateful I am in that tragedy. Humbled. Not worthy. Blessed. Speechless.


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