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Thursday, April 9, 2015

2 Easy Lessons

I'm not confused. I'm just well mixed. Robert Frost

I am challenged in many ways. Many many ways. I believe that if you put on your best smile somehow that is the best recovery for mistakes, mishaps or my misfortune.

My first house was on Buckner Rd in Lake Orion off Clarkston Rd. I had a bike/run route that I used a lot.
When Lacey text me and wanted to go on an adventure on the Polly Ann Trail I was excited.
We had 12 miles to do.
Lacey said she looked at the map and the trail did a little "jog" but it picked back up again.

Lesson 1: NEVER keep SILENT. No one likes a "Know it all". We came to in intersection where the trail stopped. Without saying anything I let Lacey lead the way straight ahead. In my gut I knew we should have turned. I remembered this little 3 way intersection but I kept silent.
After about a half a mile I spoke up.
"Anita,why didn't you say anything?" Lacey laughed.
"Well, I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt...."

Sure enough within a mile caught back up on the trail.

Lesson 2: NEVER keep Silent! Lacey was letting me navigate our miles on my Garmin. I can not add and run. Heck, I really can not add at all.
We ran the whole morning in a light drizzle but otherwise really nice conditions. The problem was we were still running and it was going on noon. Something was not adding up right.
I even had us ADDING miles because of our mishap. In that mishap I turned my Garmin off by accident at 3.15 miles.
My runner brain must have gotten shut off too! I forgot about the 3 miles that we had already run and had us run another 6 miles out!
I turned a easy 12 miler into 15 plus miles.
Lacey says "ANITA, I couldn't understand why my legs were burning, it was only 12 miles..."
"Yeah, but it wasn't, it was actually more that 15 and I picked up our pace the last 3!"  I replied with a BIG SMILE!
"ANITA, I wanted to say something.."
OOPS, she should have said something!

I love our little adventures. The Polly Ann Trail was very flat and beautiful even in the fog and drizzle. We both agreed we would be returning soon.

Training TIP:
Two of the reasons Lacey was able to run 15 not  our scheduled 12.
1. We were running at a conversational pace.
2. We had taken a couple breaks, pictures, dogs chasing us, and getting lost.
This allowed us to not only add mileage, it also allowed us to finish strong.

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  1. Love it! When I first came up here to the Goulburn Valley about two years ago I explored most of the roads up here in my Asics. Yeah, one day that lead to "an easy 9 kilometres" that became a half-marathon!