"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Monday, March 30, 2015

Urgent Care

 "Let not the foot of PRIDE come upon  me." Psalms 36:11.

Tuesday wasn't real busy at work. This was a blessing considering it felt like I had a herd of elephants dancing on my back. As the day progressed, so did the dancing elephants. I decided to leave early and go to the urgent care.
Only one problem. I took 600mg of Motrin and felt fine.
I left anyway.
I took advantage of the 2 hours I had. Feeling good with the monkey on my back, I did a couple errands before the pain in my lower back threatened normalcy.

Running Gear.
Running Gear gives 10% for coaches.
Lil mama bought new shoes! I am embarrassed to admit I have over 700 miles on my Brooks Transcend. I will add for 175$ they were worth EVERY cent. They held up like a champ.
I had to relinquish the idea of owning another pair due of cost. Buying those shoes did not go over so good last year. However, I changed my mind and bought them anyway! They had last years model and the only change was the color! And to make it a even better sell they had a different color than I had purchased last year, ADD to CART!
I also bought a new pair of britches. It was a hard pick, had a hand full of pants. I didn't want another pair of tights.  Coaching, I am very conscious of what I wear. Can't be to tight or too short. I know I have a 12 year old boy body and have nothing to look at, but I don't want to be uncomfortable questioning either.

I went from Clarkston to Waterford, to Fenton to get fingerprinted for coaching back to Holly then back to Clarkston Urgent Care.
The elephants were doing the Cha Cha on my kidneys.
No more hour long baths with salts and the jets on after long cold runs.

What sucks, Andy told me he didn't want me to run for 2 days. Being married to a nurse has some draw backs! He wants me to rest. I would rather go down a bannister with razor blades. I DON"T REST. I am way to A.D.D to chill.  Home all day... I have already washed toilets, bathrooms, floors mirrors, vacuumed, laundry is caught up, kitchen is spotless and candles are lit. There is nothing left to clean and its not even 11am. .
Megan from work checked in on me and was cracking up at my version of "Rest".

 I read Psalms 36,37 and 38 and did my devotional. I loved this verse: "Let not the foot of PRIDE come upon  me." Psalms 36:11.
I always try to relate verses to me. This verse is out of context but this is how it speaks to to ME . Pride says "Anita, take a couple Mortin and run, You will be fine."
"The FOOT OF PRIDE."...As a Runner, it reminded me to be humble, and die to self. Just because I can run doesn't mean I should run, UGH.

Flashback MONDAY: I went to Genesys Monday. I headed upstairs to stretch before I ran. This very attractive woman approaches me, startling me. "Hi, My name is Angela, do you know Jeff? He asked me to introduce myself to  you, I see you always running."
She continued to sing praises about me from Jeff. He is like Dad, in your fan club.
"Yes, Jeff is crazy, don't listen to anything he says about me!"
 Jeff was up there. He was so hyper. As I came downstairs, he headed in my direction. Before I even said "HI" I am laughing. We did a mile warm up on the track laughing about his weirdness. Jeff was complaining about how bad his shirt smelled.  He provides great material to tease.
I headed to the treadmill and he went to the Cybex. I had only a couple miles of my progressive run in when he walked over to me with a quirky look on his face.
"Man Anita, My shirt must REALLY smell, as soon as I got on the machine the lady next to me got off hers!"
I was laughing so hard that I had to grab the side bars.
The Mood was SET. I was on and popping. The music was rocking, the treadmill felt more like a dance floor as I ran and swayed and even busted out the guns not caring who was looking.
With a half a mile left, I saw Jeff heading over. I knew he was going too look at my digits and question why I wasn't running harder,faster.
YUP, He did. He did everything but push the buttons on my treadmill having me finish my 7 miler sub 7.
Shout out to Jeff. Friday is the Old mans Birthday! I am grateful for his friendship.

Sunday, I am running ROCK CF.
Post your  predicted time I will finish the Half Marathon.
I bought some goodies at Running Gear.
Person will receive Running Easter Basket.
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  1. I have no idea, but I'll guess 1:52 for your half. Hopefully, I've insulted you and you will run much faster to prove me wrong. I will look for you there as I am running the half too! I have low expectations for myself, but the cooler temps should help me.

  2. Tricky question, depends on if you are "pacing" someone to their goal, or running your own race : I'll say 1:40!

  3. 1:36:18. Unless you decide to take it easy and pace me, in which case 1:58:43 lol