"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, March 15, 2015


"When a man says I Cannot, He has made a suggestion to himself, He has weakened his POWER of Accomplishment that which otherwise would have been ACCOMPLISHED."

There is a section of downtown Holly that is pretty narley. Going old school with my vocabulary. As I ran past a couple houses it was like I was caught in a time warp. I felt like it was 1981. The warmer it gets outside, the more smells become distinct.
There sits a house on Saginaw St. Before I even approach it, the odor hits me like a bad flashback. How do I go from 41 to 9 years old?
The stench was so pungent that it regurgitated bad memories. I recollected the stale beer smell stained in the carpet mixed with dirty dishes. I could see the tiny kitchen with 20 year old un-kept linoleum from my childhood. The house reeked of mold, it  was mixed with dysfunction and chaos. The carpet was stained with undisciplined and filth. On a windy day, you can get a whiff of reefer, but today I didn't get that. The  stench was enough that I was able to connect the dots back 3 decades. My memories revisited the stale coffee on the stove in a nasty saucepan, burnt.  I saw the Playgirl magazines under the bed, hardly hidden. A joint rested in a metal bean bag ashtray which was sitting on the cigarette burned coffee table. I wanted to march in that house and back hand the dysfunction in there.
But I ran past the house, hoping I could outrun those terrible memories. However, I visited them all with gratitude, memorizing every detail like it was yesterday.

The last few weeks I have been doing tempo runs. I had waited to hear from Jama. She invited me to run 15 miles with her and Ken H.
15 miles was not on my agenda, however I did tell her I would love to run some of it with them.
After running 4 miles, I checked my phone hoping I would have a message from her.
I DID! She was wondering where I was. I texted her back but didn't hear from her.
Just as I was heading to Elliot Rd I had a brain fart. "Turn around Anita, I bet they are coming this way."
Ken H., Jama, Andy J. and I, trying to all squeeze in 1 pic!
I love the moments of me being BRILLIANT! Here they came, Jama, Ken and Andy J. I was shaking like a puppy.
I waved my arms in the air, expressing my excitement.
They were running at a very disciplined pace. About 9:50. The problem with this pace was I could do it, even after running 17 miles on Thursday. It was very comfortable, this comfort was like the devil in disguise.
I lagged back with Andy J as Jama and Ken chased each other several meters ahead of us.
Andy offered me to go ahead of him but I replied, "No man left Behind!"
Andy J. and I trailing behind, Jama and Ken so far up you cant even see them!

I looked at my watch, 9, 10, 11 miles and we were not back to 7 Lakes yet. Home was over 4 miles from 7 Lakes. They were still running in the park.
When we arrived at the park, I said, "I am almost at 12 miles, I may be calling Andy to pick me up!"
I waved them off and thanked them for a great run.
I never called Andy to rescue me.
Because we were at such a conversational pace it made it easy on my body. My body, legs, feet still loved me. It was one of those runs I felt like I could run all day. Easier said them done of course.

Distance: 15.40
Fastest Mile: 8:02
Average Pace: 10:01
Recovery: Smoothie: Muscle Milk, Pineapple juice, mandarin oranges, frozen fruits and ice.
45 minute brain less bath, it may have even been an hour.

My Training Reminder.
I go all in. I feel like I I need to be out of breath and exhausted. Running with the group today was a great reminder to CHILL OUT.
I will be running 6 days straight, this is more than I normally do.
 I have to run smart. Eat smart, or just EAT. Roll, stretch, and smile!

I came home Saturday night with the boys from dinner around 9:30 at night. This little package was under my pillow! Some of my goofie FAVORITES. You have to really know me to know I LOVE Multi colored pens. I only like to write with Blue ink, multi colored pens and I really prefer sharpies, fine tip. Love my chocolate and a PINK Whistle for Coaching!! I have wanted a PINK whistle forever!!
A little Piece  of me~


In Closing, I am reminded today, I am a Overcomer. I am not a product of my past. I reminded of my past to feel gratitude at its fullest. I have no bitterness, I know that everything has a purpose and that God was preparing me, He knew what I could overcome.
Ask Yourself, Have you used your Darkest Moments to grow from? or Have your Darkest Moments Overcome you?
Anyone else have a trigger that sparked a Vivid Memory?? Good or Bad?

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