"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Unmotivated Monday

I was up all night. It was 1am and I was wide awake. Getting up at 6 am was hateful.  I jumped out of bed at 6:33 in a panic. AHH, late!

I couldn't move, the coffee wasnt working, my eyes wouldn't open and I actually felt like I had jet lag.

"Get the kids off to school and go back to bed."
"No, Anita,you will feel better if you go."
I agued back and forth in my head as I packed my gym bag and headed out.

I saw Jeff on the machines. I visited him whining about being so tired. He looked pretty rough too, this actually made me feel better. How does 1 hour steal your energy so much?
We chatted for a minute before I reluctantly headed to the track.

I wanted to run on the treadmill but thought I would probably fall asleep. The track would at least inspire me, challenge me..maybe..
I even thought I would just do some "Junk Mile". Go 4 or 5 miles at a turtles pace just to get it done. No sweat, no pain, no problem.

How the HECK did I end up behind "That Guy" again. "Stay with him Nita, he is running a clip slower, you can do this."
I was not breathing down his neck, honestly. I was a healthy distance behind him and of course he decided he was going kick it up.

At mile 3, I was counting my laps. I wanted to QUIT. Then I see this old timer. He is a regular with a cute smile and competitive spirit. He usually walks/shuffles on the track until you get near. He then turns his head, always looking for you and when you pass him, he picks up his pace and sprints past you!
I smiled at him when he discovered I noticed his strategy. I was barley sticking with "The Guy" in front of me. Sure enough, Here he came. He came up next to me and mumbled something. I turned off my ear buds and said "Ahh, you are going to make me work today!"
He replied "No, you are making ME work!"
Laughing now with a big cheesy grin I added "Today, just getting out of bed was WORK!"

As I was leaving the track, I looked at the Everlast Bag hanging and my mind took over. My shoes and socks were off. The cement floor was cold on the palms of my feet. SNAP! My foot hit the center of the bag. It felt so good. Again and again. "AHHHEEE" The breath released from my lungs as I felt the welcomed sting of the leather on the top of my foot. "Through the bag" I whispered to myself as I threw a roundhouse to the bag. SNAP! I loved the sound it made, I loved the way the leather stung, I love the power in my punches. Ahh. Love.

I only ran 4 miles. I convinced myself I would run when I got home with Alec.
I never ran another mile Monday.
I did however RUN the boys to Baumans Running store to get new shoes.

I had some money put away for MY running shoes and gave it to the boys and didn't buy shoes for myself.
Austin pitched a fit I wasn't buying him the shoes he wanted. He wanted them because they looked cool. Cool was going to cost me 130$.
"Austin, If you were going to be running CC, I would totally buy these for you, but you are doing the High Jump, I can not justify spending that. However, if you would like to add some of your own money then that is fine!"
He acted like a total 5 year old King Baby. I was mortified at the store, considering I know everyone that works there.
Alec picked out his shoes, I didn't even look at the price because I knew he was going to be putting in the miles on them. Alec's shoes ended up on sale, so we left with 2 pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of Feetures Running Socks.

It still wasn't enough for Austin. He was not done pitching a fit. Alec sat in the back grateful and quiet while Austin and I got in a heated grumbling match.
It was a good thing I took most of my aggression out on the punching bag at the gym because I was about to knock his teeth to the back of his head.
Don't call DSS on me, I took a mental step down and calmly replaced my back hand with words that hurt worse.
"Austin, Hand over your Phone, NOW, You are DONE."
He got a few more verbal jabs in then folded, handing his phone over.

Parenting. I hardly had the energy to run 4 measly miles, But come Hell of High water, you better have the energy to parent your kids!

He knew he was being a PUNK. He even said, "I know, I handed over my phone..."

My kids are my world. Without that phone, the boys were running through the house like bandits.
It was loud, it was chaos, but they were laughing, teasing, annoying each other.
Andy came in from work wondering what the ruckus was. He could hear them and me all loud from outside.
But they were being brothers. I wanted to pull my hair out as I finished making dinner but I tried to remind myself they were just being brothers.

We have a crazy family life. It is definitely not for most. Not very Beaver Cleaver-y. We play hard together. We tease each other, we all wrestle around and we are LOUD.
But at the end of yesterday, we are all curled up on the couches watching our recorded episode of Walking Dead. I of course am folding laundry like a mom and drinking my green tea in love with them all.



  1. You're an awesome parent; keep up the good fight, Anita! As you already know, we really do have to fight for our kids. - Ragen