"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rock CF Half marathon Recap.

You have to learn very quickly not to take yourself too serious if you are me. Laughing is a great tool that I have adopted for my not only being birthed into a series of unfortunate events but also for the constant mishaps, misfortunes and misdirection's I have performed.

This was my girls weekend with Danielle and it gave me multiple opportunities to screw something up.

Like forgetting my brand new running shoes at home.
Or poor Danielle's reservations getting messed up and not having a room.
Then to add a cherry on the top..
Finally getting a room in the middle of a bunch of knot head kids.

I LOVE kids. I work with them every week with bells on.
But being up all night listening to them talking about getting more weed, getting more high and getting more obnoxious was not giving me a loving feeling.

About midnight, my brains fell out. The Latino in me was burning, maybe it was my Napoleon Complex, regardless, I lost it.
Without thinking, half dressed, maybe even less, I opened our room door, stepped out and told them to keep it down.
I am not sure if I caught their attention because all I was wearing was a sports bra and a pair of booty shorts or they suddenly were convicted about their ridiculousness
but they acknowledged me...for about 5 minutes!

With no sleep, I was last to crawl out of the queen bed Danielle and I shared at our 6am wake up time.

ROCK CF Half Marathon.
Danielle and I, Love this girl!

Everything appeared to be falling into place perfectly:
  • The weather was sunny and 21!
  • Danielles shoes fit great!
  • We got what appeared the last parking spot at Gross Isle High School.
  • Getting our bib was a 5 minute process.
  • Port-o-johns were even easy to get in and get out of.
Danielle was short on words, I could tell she was nervous. I think Danielle wouldn't have been as nervous had I not given her a goal time of 1:40-1:45.
But she was a trooper. "I will do my best to stay with you, if I have to drop off, you go ahead."

I was so excited to see both Michelle and Anthony T at the start of the race. I was looking for both of them and they found me.

Pretty sure my eyes are closed! Michelle B

Anthony T and  me
The starting line was very organized. We positioned ourselves in the front.

Side by side we took off over the starting matts together. The sun was radiant, it danced off the water in front of us. I was so happy.

THE COURSE: Mostly flat until we approached mile 7, then the rollers began. Most of the course was along side the water. Seeing the sun come up with the water next to me made our 7:45 pace not so noticeable. You had to be careful not to get lost in the scenery or you might fall into a pot hole. The road was patched and stitched together with multi-colored asphalt. The winter was brutal to the island and the roads took a hit.

Danielle stayed with me until mile 9. She then slowly backed down, never really leaving me,  staying in my shadows.
Mile 10 was AWESOME. We ran through the hanger at the Pilot House. They had a band rocking it out. I got so stoked running through the little air field that I picked my pace up on that mile to a 7:35.
YIKES! "Girl, You better be smart, you still have 2 miles, AHH Dang..I ONLY HAVE 2 MILES LEFT, You got this!"

I found a guy to keep my focus on. I slowly began to close the gap. As I approached the 12 mile marker I found myself just about 4 feet behind him. I just was not ready to make my move yet.

With a 1/3 of  a mile to go we made a sharp turn, I let him go in front of me. I wanted to see the finish line before I attempted to pass him.
With the "Finish" a couple hundred feet in front of me, the crowds all along side of me, I made my move.
It was a crowd pleaser. The crowds were shouting when I made my move. The guy picked up his pace. "OH NO!" Now the announcer was getting involved in the excitement. I HAD to TURN them over stronger and faster. He could NOT pass me. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins like a lunatic. I picked my legs up and found a gear I didn't know I had.I BEAT HIM! I wanted to say "Good Finish"  to him but he was no where to be found.
I did see Brian from Dailymile at the finish though. That was a great surprise.
My Legs were still Jumpable! WTG Danielle on a PR!

Running In Danielles Shoes!

RockCF Half Marathon: 1:40:42
Course was about a tenth of a mile short. Great Race, Great volunteers.
The shirts and medals are very cool. I would do this race again!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Considering I have a infection, I ran in Danielles shoes, this is the first time I have ran hard at this distance since last spring, I surprised myself. My Body is healing, so thankful, God is Good.



  1. Awesome job!!! Great seeing you again!

    1. It was great running into you. I looked for you at the finish but never saw you. I am so glad that I ran this race, it was great!