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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pot O Gold Recap 2015

I LOVE this Girl, She makes me laugh, and I love LAUGHING!

MURDOCK. That was my mothers maiden name. I grew up with a family very proud of their Irish heritage. My grandma and mother both had the most beautiful Irish auburn hair.
My Uncle Danny always called me "Little Anthony Quinn" because I was born half Mexican half Irish.

Before I left the house I had my corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot and my Kilt on. I decided very early in the week I was going to wear my Sport Kilt to work. When I showed up at work all the girls were cracking up.

This was the first time I can remember that I would be racing the Pot O Gold on a work day. Wearing my running clothes to work was the smart choice because of time restraints. Irish Blessings permeated all day.
Being in character set the mood for the whole day. Megan and I had so many laughs.
"Nita, what are you wearing under your Kilt?" Megan was curious about if I was wearing my outfit to race in.
Me: "Well my underwear?"
Megan stunned: You don't have any shorts under there??"
Me: "Hmm, the thought never crossed my mind."
Megan was rolling laughing so hard, She has the best laugh too.
Megan:"What if someone sees your underwear?"
Feeling frisky I lifted the back of my skirt up showing off my bright striped boy short panties and replied "Then they are going to see MY POT O GOLD!"
Stunned, this pushed Megan over the edge, She was dying at my flashy drawers!

I headed to Flint solo. I was so nervous. I had no idea how my body was going to race. My last race was a crap shoot. Shorter distance hurt soo bad.
Old man Jeff calls me a "Wuss". He couldn't be more accurate when it comes to shorter distances.

The race had a great turn out. Lacy and her partner Holly were both there.
I forgot it was a gun start and started in the back with the girls. We were bobbing and weaving trying to get over the starting mat. I hung with the girls, only every  time I looked at my watch we were running a sub 7 minute pace. I knew I couldn't hold that. I put my ear buds in and decided I better just run my own race. I stayed behind them for about a mile and a half and slowly separated.
Andy had shot me a text telling me to run this 4 mile race in 28:40. I had no idea where he came up with that number but I was going to try like the H@%% to make it. "Run your Own Race ANITA"

I was sucking wind and wanting to barf up the food I didn't eat. I just finished mile 3 and was on the home stretch when I looked up this hill. I could feel my legs slooowwing down. I tried to find a good song, I tried to dig deep and I even tried begging God for a miracle.
THEN the MOTHER OF ALL Dirty tricks happened.
Lacey came up on my Left with a sneaky leprechaun grin, smiled at me, tapped me on the shoulder and passed me.
"You Little SHIT!"
I was just a second behind her at the finish. I was really laughing when Holly came over, I could tell that they had dropped my name to "Beat". This is the fun in racing!

It was a great RACE, A lot of fun. I was astonished at my time honestly.
  • Time: 28:48
8 seconds behind the time Andy gave me.
  • Pace: 7:12min/mi
  • 4th overall female
  • 1st in my Age group 40-44
  • 2nd in Masters.

HOW in Gods name was I going to run 17 miles tomorrow? I couldn't sleep. It was after 1am. 
I had to change my long run from Wednesday to Thursday because my father in law is having surgery in the morning. (His second knee replacement.)
Here is the magic in being able to run 5 days straight and 1 day after a race, are you ready for it?
SLOW AND STEADY  said the turtle.
We ran an average pace of 9:37 with walk breaks every mile. It was great. We actually did 18 miles, because we overshot our distance by a mile. We walked that last mile in. I am COUNTING it!

Love to hear some of your St Patties Races. What ones did You RUN?


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