"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Running and Balancing Life

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
Albert Einstein

Some days I get up and look at my list of "DO's" and instantly get discouraged. I run all over trying to make ends meet, knocking off my list and it appears that TIME gets knocked off more than things.
As a mother of 2, I work part time, volunteer in my kids school and lead an addiction group every week at church. I am always on the go especially with both boys in sports all year long.

You will NEVER come to my house and see me in the afternoon watching TV. I have never even taken the time to figure out how to turn it on. I just don't have time. I often feel guilty just sitting down for 5 minutes to eat.
There is NOTHING different from my life than most of yours. We lead very busy lives and always feel like we can not manage all we need to do.

People always ask me how I find the time.
Well you do not FIND time you Make time.

And it is not always that easy. Sometimes I get very discouraged because I feel like my Wonder Woman cape is worn out and lacking power.
I get really disappointed in myself when I look at what other mothers do. The fancy homemade Christmas gifts, the elaborate Birthday cup cakes for their kids, the spotless homes all seem like a fairytale to me.
I have a hard time keeping the laundry basket empty, I often run out of milk, makeup is a novel concept and those of you that vacuum every day surely are amazing.
I so badly want to be that mom but I fail miserably.
"Kelli" a friend of mine and co-worker was chatting for a minute with me at work on Tuesday. I asked her if she had any New Years Resolutions. Kelli replied "Guess, Guess what they are."
I knew the first one right away from conversations 1. "Work out more!" She laughed  and had me continue to guess the rest of them.
2. "Read your bible more?.."
"Yup, and guess the last one." Kelli urged.
Not able to figure it out Kelli replied "Save more Money!"

Kelli is a new mother and an incredible mother. Finding balance to be all that we can be and do all we can do is a novel concept but not always realistic. "There is a season for everything under the SUN."

Often times people think that I run 6 or 7 days a week. I laugh wishing I had a dollar for every time people are surprised by my answer of 4 days a week.
There are times I find myself green with envy at those who are able to run 5 or 6 days. But then I have to remind myself that like "Kelli" this is just not my season.

How do I find balance between being a mom, a wife, a runner and working??
  1. Being flexible. Today it was MORE important to get Christmas shopping done rather than run for an hour. I decided 3 miles was better that nothing.
  2. Schedule it in. I try to find out how I can make 1 hour for myself. It is not saying that I put running IN FRONT OF my husband and kids. This is where the balance comes in. It may be getting up and sacrificing sleep and that warm bed. When my kids were very little I put them in daycare 1 day a week for a half a day and used that time to run and do errands. Let me tell you I heard about that! There was whispering going on about how I could put my running in front of my kids. I also would run pulling Alec in a wagon and Austin riding a bike next to me. They were not always easy runs or even fun runs but I made it happen. They were done runs!
  3. Just because I FAIL does not mean I am a Failure. I fail all the time. I decide what is most important and try to do that first. Sometimes I may get my run in but I didn't get a load of laundry in. Sometimes I get my run in but didn't make it to the dry cleaners. I just do the best I can do with all that I do. But sometimes we fall, just remember to get back up again.
  4. Priorities. Figure out what is MOST important and then go from there. While running is important to me so is my family. The reality is a week consists of 168 hours. 6-8 hours for ourselves should still balance.
Maybe you have no desire to run but can not figure out the magic equation for balance.
Expectations. Letting go of expectations and perfectionism.
Just do the very best you can with the fullest of heart and NO excuses.
Believe in your God given abilities.  Remembering you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.
Nothing is impossible with HIM.
You can do ALL things through Christ.
Do not look to the right or the left..

Distance: 3 miles
I ran outside in the slip and slide fest!

What tips do you have for finding the perfect balance?



  1. I think you have it right! People think I am crazy when I get up at 5 in order to get my workout in. First, I am an early bird, so no biggie there. Second, if I do that, then I am ready to go when my kids get up. Ready mentally, physically and actually refreshed because I already had my "me" time. I learned long ago that if I am to be a good mother, I really did need time for "me". That doesn't mean I sit and eat bon bons and watch TV! My me time is usually my workout time -whether it be running, stairmaster, yoga, etc. or just 15 min at the end of the day to read.. I think it's the release of endorphins, but I can just have a better day when I exercise. I am mentally ready to take on the challenges of motherhood/marriage/work/etc. I will admit that after my first child, I felt guilty when I got to go to the store alone! But over time I learned that if i didn't have just a few minutes of time to myself, I was not able to be the best wife/mother/worker that I could be. If we arent' healthy we can't take care of those we love. it's important to all of us caregivers - whether it's for children, spouses , parents, etc. YOU need to take care of yourself, then you can meet the needs of others even better. I used to be VERY much of a neat freak - yep, had to let that go more recently. Once in a while I still feel like just piling all the "stuff" in a box, but then I remember - if we spent all our time cleaning, then what are our children doing?? They want YOU, not a clean house, not cupcakes, not a fancy dinner. They want to spend time with you - to know you care in that way. phew, ok I can tell you more when we get to run tomorrow! yeah! hopefully the sidewalks are clear...

    1. Danielle..You need a Blog! Very well said. It is like us mothers are AFRAID to say we need ME time. It is as though if we say we need ME time then other mothers will think we are selfish or self centered. But like you said. We can have that time and not sacrifice being a mother or a wife rather sacrifice OUR time through sleep or whatever vise it is we choose to trade in. I notice often times when mothers give everthing they have to everyone else that as they get older they tend to get embittered, I have heard comments like "I sacrificed my WHOLE life for you..." Or "I gave everything up to give you everything."
      If you are flying in a plane and the airbags drops down due to a problem on the plane they first person you are supposed to put it on is YOURSELF. Like you said because You are No good to anyone else if you are No Good.
      Good stuff Danielle. I love your heart and you are an Incredible Mother, wife, friend and RUNNER!

  2. I love that - if I fail, I'm not a failure.. I'm writing that down!!!!

    It definitely is about MAKING time.. there never is enough time for ANYTHING it seems, unless you make it happen

    (I got my gift in the mail BTW ... thank you so much!! Awesome goodies!)

    1. Rebecca JO, Thank you~
      It seems like with the sky getting darker so earlier we loose time. We get complacent and laxidasive. Making time is the solution but not the easy one!
      I am glad that you got your gift. Enjoy~
      Thank you for following~