"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, Who is in you, Whom you have received from God? ... So use every part of your body to give glory back to God..." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Sunday, December 29, 2013

DOOM! Reviews

I could see the hill of doom almost a mile back. Before I had even left the house I could see that climb up Belford rd. It haunted me. This is about a half mile incline at mile 3 that I always dread.
I was already winded and looked at the hill that looked more like a mountain and wanted to cry. I questioned why I was even out running today. Yeah, it was a heat wave with almost 40 degrees out but I was having a hard time catching my breath and had no energy.
"Maybe I will just walk up it today." I thought.
 "I do not even think I can walk up it" I argued with myself.
"One step, Anita, Just One step at a time. See how you feel and just move forward." I told myself.

There were so many voices in my head. My body felt good. My knee pain even went away from the first mile. But I was so weak and whiny. I had no watch on today to pressure me or make me feel worse than I already did. There is nothing worse than a tough run  to look at your watch and realize that you are struggling and really slow.

I have to talk out loud to try and coach myself. "Let's Go, UP UP UP."
I looked at the top of Belford keeping my eyes on the blinking lights. My mind was rescued by some crazy thoughts that had nothing to do with running but fueled me unknowingly up to the top.
Laughing out loud I kept repeating "I DID IT! I DID IT!"
Somehow I made it to the top without stopping.

I have a 10 mile route I do but I do not like. It is relatively flat until you get to mile 3 where the rollers come in.

I do not think I am much different than most of you. I could have so easily allowing BELFORD RD to keep me home.
I couldn't see Belford from my house but I could see it from my experience. I remember the pain of that hill. It is the hill of DOOM.
Maybe for you the DOOM is Cold Weather.
Maybe for you the DOOM is ICE.
Only You know what your Doom is that prevents you from getting your run in.

I DID IT. And not only did I feel great about doing it (Not great about running it) but I felt so accomplished. I was very proud of myself for not quitting. It wasn't nearly as bad as I convinced myself..it was still bad though!
I didn't get as many running gifts as usual but what I did get were all very practical.
One of the things I really was hoping for that I didn't get was some race registrations. Those are always a fun surprise. I did renew my plates and got my park pass for 2014. This is the best gift I get for myself!


SmartWOOL socks: LOVE! I wore them in 22 degree weather and my feet never were cold. They come up higher on the ankle keeping that dreaded bare spot warm also. I had these on my wish list. Alec bought them for me!
Nike WINDBREAKER: Another LOVE! I got blasted with the wind for almost 4 miles of a run last week and my chest never felt the effects like my face did!

Love to hear some Goodies you received.
Happy Running


  1. SmartWool is the only sock I wear! They keep you warm in the winter and wick away all the moisture in the summer. They have different thicknesses and lengths, and they're all good!!! :)

    1. Michelle. I really loved them. I was concerned that I would ruin them in the wash. I read the directions but was still a skeptic. They washed up great! I think I am going to have to get more. It is good to hear that they are still nice to wear in the summer. I was thinking they might me to much. I will have to check out more pairs. Thanks Michelle~