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Sunday, December 15, 2013

HOKA Kailua Tarmac Review

Michiganders  have now been hurled with about 6 inches of snow.  Running has now come to painful elements.
Now we run in snow, sleet and slush.
We run with layers, yak trax, gloves, headlamps, hats and reflectors.
We consider 35 degrees a warm front.
I run with the expectation of getting flipped off at least once if I am running on the roads.
I also expect more than one driver to purposely slosh me with wet snow as I just smile and take it all the time pretending I am tough enough to shrug it off.
The warm summer breeze has long since been replaced by frigid winds that rip your face off all the while leaving your eye lashes frozen together and snot dripping into your mouth..YUM.

YEAH to WINTER running.

There are some days that I turn into a pussy cat. Today was one of the days. I have been battling illness for almost a week. Struggling with a clean bill of health and a lack of time I chickened out and hit the gym.

Maybe I didn't grow hair on my chest with bragging rights to a challenging Michigan run but I was wasn't grieving over it either!

I was entertained by all my secret running partners on the treadmills next to me. The music selection in my ears had me smiling and slightly dancing on the TM. I loved feeling my arms and legs bare rather than hidden deep beneath layers and layers.

The Rundown:
Distance: 7:01
Pace: 8:17

HOKA Kailua Tarmac
I am long overdue with my Hoka Review.
I love them. They are much more lightweight compared to the trails shoes. The Kailua Tarmac are more for road running. They allow me to have a faster stride with great cushioning.
Hoka sent me out the Kailua Tarmac a few weeks ago and I have really enjoyed running in all conditions and surfaces.

The Treadmill: They are lightweight and less bulky for not just running on the treadmill but also doing intervals and hills. They didn't get tripped up on me. Just walking in them they feel a little stiff but as soon as you get into a running pace they fit comfortably and supportively.

Dirt Roads/Trails: I felt more balanced in the Kailua than the trail shoes. This may be due to the fact that I am so short. They still gave all the support of the trail shoe without the bulk and beefiness. I had great grip with the  dirt roads and never experienced any blisters after a 20 mile run! I had a lot of room in the toes box so after over 4 hours in the winter elements not only didn't I get blisters but my feet never got cold either.

The Track: The Kailua running around the track rocked yet again! They took the curves with ease all the while hugging my feet inviting speed. Confidently I did some pick ups and was quite surprised at how airy they were during sprints. I am prone to blisters on long runs and speed work. I have gotten NO blisters at all from these shoes!

  • July 31, HOKA ONE ONE was awarded the Outside Magazine Gear of the Show award
  • Gear Institute awarded Hokas the "Best New Gear"

Does anyone out there run in Hokas One One? Why do You Like Yours?



  1. Sounds like an awesome pair of shoes!! It is 71 degrees here, going to wait till it cools down to run lol! Carri~A Running bee

  2. I've commented before that my husband loves the Tarmac! He is a heavy guy (Clydesdale??), and they really help his feel on the longer runs!
    I am sooo tempted to try a pair - but I am afraid if they don't work I'll be out $$. I run in Skechers GoRun and so far, they are the only shoes that have worked for my difficult feet. (I can't even run in the GoRun 2 because it no longer comes in wide! - bummer!) However, the shoes I have stockpiled will eventually be kaput and I will need to find a new model. Hoka One One will be my first choice! (I tried on a pair and Oh Baby!~)